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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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i think it's only the beginning of this sort of human machine starting february first on t w. this is do w. news live from berlin police have detained kremlin critic alexei vonnie at a rally in moscow it comes as russia's opposition kicks off a day of nationwide anti putin protests the police are out in force across the russian capital as opposition activists gather for a mass demonstration volleys offices were also raided early sunday also coming up.
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another day of heavy of heavy fighting in syria up for in the region turkey claims a diplomatic success and its offensive against a u.s. backed kurdish militia. and the sights and sounds of carnival in venice as millions of revelers come out to party among the city's story ten hours. on my own schwager welcome to the program russian opposition leader alexei i know danny has been detained by police as he was on his way to an anti putin protest in moscow these images show police arresting now bonnie as he made a short appearance at an anti-pollution rally in moscow just a short while ago the opposition has called for protests in over one hundred cities to support a boycott of the presidential election in march social bonding has called a farce. vonnie himself is banned from running due to
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a previous fraud conviction that he says was trumped up now he has turned all his campaign offices into what he calls protest offices and for more on this let's talk to our correspondent emily sure when in moscow emily great to see you now we know that nobody has been detained other any more details available right now. you. know unfortunately only knows that he was on his way to pushkin square which is right behind me until about five minutes ago there were a lot of protesters here they've only just moved on as they say they want to go towards the kremlin and i knew was on his way here apparently he was shouting. that putin is the thief when he was arrested and in a way that's not surprising because as i walked here along to a sky a street which is the street that he wanted to have these protests on. where the protests have been taking place there was police every five meters so it seems that
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they were perhaps ready for him at any point along this main street. now as you said the protest was just there and they're moving now towards the kremlin what can you tell us about the situation are things tense or are they under control. well. things were tense up until about a half an hour ago i would say because along this main road which is just to the right of me there were huge police vans lining the road police standing there and there were huge crowds of people on pushkin square now as you see people have sort of started moving on in a way it seemed that people were waiting for some kind of an escalation perhaps waiting for the police to react there were only around fifteen arrests in the whole of moscow according to one monitor so things have stayed rather peaceful and for that reason perhaps protesters have decided to move on and go for
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a walk as they say. and protest along this main road now that we're seeing some pictures also from moscow but we know that moscow is not the only place where these protests are happening today actually dozens of cities in russia they are taking part what are people calling for at these demonstrations and do you feel like with the political situation right now will this have an effect at all. well the slogans that i've been hearing here in moscow have been things like putin is a thief down with the czar. and so on so people are really accusing putin as inner circle of corruption which is an accusation that he has leveled at him as well there are protests today in over one hundred cities across russia there have been around one hundred eighty arrests according to recent figures across the whole country so things have remained rather peaceful whether this will have an effect is
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another question ultimately in russia most people do support bloody me. putin he's running for a fourth term now and it's likely that he will win and that that the majority of people basically think. that that's fine and and aren't necessarily in favor of what me is doing here calling for a boycott. emily sure when moscow thank you very much for being on the scene for us . in turkey says it has assurances from washington that the u.s. will no longer arm the kurdish y.p. g. militia in syria has also reiterated demands that the us pull out troops pull troops out of the northern region of the northern syrian town of monday's turkish n y p g forces clashed again on saturday and chorus pushing ahead with a military operation aimed at cleaning up the kurdish clearing scuse me the kurdish militia from the turkish border area.
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in other activists say saturday's fighting concentrated in the north west of the african region in this video could his fighters target took a small arms fire activists say turkey is making slow progress on the ground. president richard typepad rather just supporters just over a week into the campaign he claims turkey has inflicted heavy casualties on the chinese. three hundred ninety four terrorists have been neutralized. and we have twenty motss from the free syrian army and our military. the figures are disputed and cannot be verified independently to journalists close to the front line in syria on saturday he approached militia watch over territory
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they've controlled for the past two years overlooked by white p.g. positions on a nearby hill. so the shot to the re continues to show why p.g. forces with support from the turkish air force more immoral to accuse tanks are heading into the region as the offensive enters its second week to he looks set for the long haul. kurdish demonstrators in cologne had hoped their protest would draw attention to the human cost of turkey's military operation in northern syria many of them have friends and family there and say they fear for their lives. they came from across germany united against a turkish military offensive in the kurdish shelled enclave of afrin. and this is. her family or from the affected area that civilians are being killed the murder and hatred have to stop it's not rice. turkish troops syrian fighters
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have led a week long offensive in raging german kurds the use of times made in germany has added to their anger. this rise it's awful to know that my own government is providing weapons that are being used against my people. to go to stern was born in germany it's her home but her thoughts are very much with her family and our friends her friends and relatives have been following every development on the news. communication with them has been difficult. there's no connection directly to melt box on the dollar so much for guns not just right on the border we can see into turkey the troops also have other weapons it's not only . they've been shot but you can hardly leave their homes there's a scared for their life the. syrian flag for in two years ago with his
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father and two sisters his mother was too ill to join them she stayed behind with his two younger siblings and up location with german immigration authorities for the family to be reunited was denied a few days ago the family's home when our friend was bombed. our own two in the morning from turkey landed in her bedroom. in one of. my brother was asleep and my sister was playing on her mobile phone and. our mother was also asleep. brother was killed instantly his sister lost both her legs and remains in intensive care along with her mother who was seriously injured so. at first i couldn't believe my brother had been killed. he was seventeen years old and just a civilian. wasn't
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a fighter. he was just a regular person to. the families who are still in shock they spend a lot of time looking at photos and videos uploaded by their neighbors in syria. i live here but i want to be able to visit my family i want to see them alive. for many years before the war started in syria she spent her holidays helping with all of harvest those days are a distant memory now the chances of being peacefully at home with her family once again appear almost impossible. in the ethiopian capital addis ababa african heads of state are gathering for the annual african union summit reforming
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the african union will dominate the two day meeting headed by for wanton president paul kagame who is taking over as the union's chairman african leaders are also expected to make a joint statement condemning u.s. president donald trump's reported slur on the state of their nations. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world spain's constitutional court has ruled that catalonia fugitive ex-president carlos pushed him out must be present in the regional parliament to be allowed to form a new government supporters have been considering electing him to loan us president without having him return from exile in belgium. afghan officials say the death toll from saturday's bomb attack in kabul could still rise at least ninety five people are reported killed so far more than one hundred fifty injured with some in critical condition the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.
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protesters have clashed with police in honduras after the country's president was sworn in for a second term. was narrowly reelected in november after the supreme court ruled he could run again the opposition do not accept the result accusing the government of fraud. swedish ikea founder in a calm proud has died at ninety one he turned a small scale mail order business into a global furniture empire he has first department store opened in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight and today the company has more than three hundred shops that also serve delicious meatballs across the world. hundreds of revelers lined the narrow alleys and bridges a venice on saturday at the start of the carnival two weeks of fun before the rigors of lent the forty days a fasting that precede easter the venice carnival is one of the oldest in the world the feast mass falls and concerts go on until february thirteenth.
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the circus was the theme of this year's opening parade so of course there were plenty of animals. on the tightrope walker who managed to avoid an early bus in the canal venice is carnival madness first began one hundred years ago but it was bound at the end of the eighteenth century the modern revival only dates from nine hundred seventy nine. like the poser like you're out of your life so far so good we enjoyed hearing on it we had a great time. the face musk's in the parade are a relatively cheap way to enjoy the carnival but doing a full round of poses must bulls and concerts requires deep pockets with each ticket to cost hundreds of euros us around three million headedness descend on venice every year to join in the fun it's something to remember joining the samba lens that follows straight afterwards. and onward to sports news now in
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tennis roger federer has won the australian open after defeating ma until it in a five set thriller in melbourne the swiss a secure his twentieth grand slam singles title after the a nail biting showdown which saw croatia's chair that fight back twice to even the score federer held his nerve in the decider however to secure a comfortable six one final set when federer is the first man to win twenty grand slam titles. and don't worry we haven't forgotten about the bundesliga but hammond will be up after the break with all of the action from saturday's games league at leaders byron took on hoffenheim inside they haven't beaten in two years stay tuned to find out what happened and here's a spoiler for you there was no shortage of goals. ever get you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push
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