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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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craig i think it's only the beginning of this. sort of human machines starting february first w. this is d w news live from berlin police have detained a russian opposition leader alexina vonnie the outspoken kremlin critic was arrested after making a short appearance at an anti putin rally earlier today police also rated now bombings office also coming up. another heavy day of fighting in serious offer in the region turkey claims a diplomatic success in its offensive against a u.s. backed kurdish militia. and seven goals really are in the bundesliga between
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table toppers fire munich and hoffenheim could the variance opposing sides bring another upset. my ass waiter welcome to the program. russian authorities have detained opposition leader an outspoken kremlin critic alexina vonnie according to news reports he is expected to be charged with a public order violation that could mean up to twenty days in jail police arrested nobody after he made a brief appearance at a moscow protest one of more than one hundred rallies planned across the country the opposition is calling for a boycott of the march eighteenth presidential election which is certain to extend a lot of my putin's eighteen year grip on power has been barred from running against putin due to a previous project fraud conviction that he says was trumped up.
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alexina valmy violence counsels as his supporters try in vain to pull him free from police to arrest the opposition leader and president vladimir putin's most prominent rival hurdled into a bus and taken away from protests that he called what was was this several thousand turned out in moscow one of dozens of rallies being held across russia authorities say the demonstrations are illegal the protesters want a boycott of what will be rigged presidential elections peace march expected to extend president putin's grip on power and a volley is barred from standing. at the bottom is that it's playing lawlessness that they're not allowing a valley to run in the elections there's no democracy here putin makes me sick. that was in earlier police raided the headquarters and t.v.
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studios belonging to alexina valmy interrupting a live program the saying they were looking for a bomb police also detained some of the valley staff during the raid. though it's unlikely sunday's protests will stop president putin being re-elected alexina valmy supporters won at least to discourage russians from voting so the pollies undermined by a large turnout was out earlier i spoke with data is only sure when in moscow and asked her whether the protest being held today around russia are likely to have an effect as the country gears up for the presidential election in march. ultimately in russia most people do support bloody mir putin he's running for a fourth term now and it's likely that he will win and that that the majority of people basically think. that that's fine and and aren't necessarily in favor of what viney is doing here calling for
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a boycott turkey's president recha tayyip erdogan has vowed to quote clean its entire border with syria of terrorists it's a sign that there's no end in sight to us so far nine day offensive against the kurdish y p g militia in syria turkey has demanded that the us pull its troops out of the key northern syrian town of mon be it turkish forces and y p g clashed again over the weekend and cars operation is aimed at clearing the target the kurdish militia from the turkish border area. say saturday's fighting concentrated in the northwest of the african region in this video could his fighters target took a small arms fire activists say turkey is making slow progress on the ground. president richard sipe added one brother just supporters just over
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a week into the campaign he claims turkey has inflicted heavy casualties on the time that means. three hundred ninety four terrorists have been neutralized. and we have twenty motss from the free syrian army and our military. the figures a disputed and cannot be verified in the pen and the turkey took journalists close to the front line in syria on saturday he approached militia watch over territory they've controlled for the past two years overlooked by white p.g. positions on a nearby hill. chickasha to the re continues to show why p.g. forces with support from the turkish air force more and more turkish tanks are heading into the region as the offensive enters its second week to he looks set for the long haul. kurdish demonstrators in cologne had hoped
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their protest would draw attention to the human cost of turkey's military operation in northern syria many of them have friends and family there and say they fear for their lives. they came from across germany united against a turkish military offensive in the kurdish elder. this is. her family or from the affected area that civilians are being killed the murder and hatred have to stop it's not rice. turkish troops syrian fighters have led a week long offensive in raging german kurds the use of times made in germany has added to their anger. that's why it's so awful to know that my own government is providing weapons that are being used against my people. go to stern was born in germany it's her home but her thoughts are very much with
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her family and our friends her friends and relatives have been following every development on the news. communication with them has been difficult. there's no connection directly to melt. on the dollar so much with guns not just right on the border we can see into turkey the troops also have other weapons it's not only. they've been shot at i can hardly leave their heads there's a scared for their life and. for in two years ago with his father and two sisters his mother was too ill to join them she stayed behind with his two younger siblings and up location with german immigration authorities for the family to be reunited was denied a few days ago the family's home and our friend was bombed. our own two in the morning from turkey landed in her bedroom. shot see my
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brother was asleep and my sister was playing on her mobile phone. of a mother who was also asleep. brother was killed instantly his sister lost both her legs and remains in intensive care along with her mother who was seriously injured so. at first i couldn't believe my brother had been killed. he was seventeen years old and just a civilian. he wasn't a fighter. he was just a regular person. so. the families are still in shock they spend a lot of time looking at photos and videos loaded by their neighbors in syria. most of all i live here but i want to be able to visit my family i want to see them
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alive and not. just on hasn't been to offer him for many years before the war started in syria she spent her holidays helping with all of harvest those days are a distant memory now the chances of being peacefully at home with her family once again appear almost impossible. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in yemen separatists in the southern port city of ogden have seized a government building after fierce clashes on sunday with forces of president of the robot months for. dozens of people have been reported killed or injured prime minister accuse the separatists of mounting a coup adena serving as the temporary government basically built a battle for control in the capital. afghan officials say the death toll from saturday's bomb attack in kabul could still rise more than one hundred people are reported killed so far at least two hundred thirty five were injured some in
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critical condition the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. sweetish ikea founder. has died at ninety one he turned a small scale mail order business into a global furniture empire and his first department store opened in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight and today the company has more than three hundred shops that also serve delicious meatballs across the world. african heads of state are gathering in ethiopia's capital addis ababa for the annual african union summit fighting corruption and reforming the union our top goals of the two day meeting headed by rwandan president paul kagame who is taking over as the union's chairman african leaders are also expected to make a joint statement condemning u.s. president donald trump's reported slur on the state of their nations. and like many african countries ethiopia is struggling to keep up with a growing population and
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a staggering wealth gap our correspondent catherine sent us this report. this sleek train could be in a wealthy country like germany but it's actually in a disk of about ethiopia local journalists and well and takes us on a tour of the city states this four hundred seventy five million dollar light railway was built with the help of china it began operations in twenty fifteen i could not come at a better time. for. that of us played a big role to reduce. fuel for the taxi and for the masses it would be the only person in the cross corporation picking. speeding through the city you know just the numerous construction sites with a g.d.p. of seventy two billion dollars ethiopia especially its capital city is growing rapidly. but this weekend or over the last. two or fifty years but still as you can see that or dosis.
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waiting to be replaced with the new building. or the growth it will be growth because. it takes about fifteen minutes to get from the central station to mentally expire the old days. as we make our way through the area you can't help but notice the traditional ethiopian as hire all handmade ethiopia hopes to build its cotton and textile industry and increase exports by one billion dollars and this is slowly becoming africa's textile industry hub. if european has over the recent years opened up its text out industry to foreign investors but if you look you'll find factories like these where people are still using traditional methods to make textile. it is a practice dating back centuries and a skill hundred down from generation generation to. twenty eight year old
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a yellow rope bell hopes the government keeps young people like him in mind as they expand modernize the industry the end result is impressive and the men here take pride in their handiwork ethiopia is determined to spur economic growth however the gap between the rich and the poor still worrying citizens one the government to make sure the growth is inclusive. and in business they going to run away legal leaders by an edict hosted hoffenheim they guess were unbeaten against by and in their last three meetings could their coach mastermind another upset. popham hi i know a thing or two about piecing by nagas many sided ones who the last three encounters including earlier this season but then the man forty two years now guzman sr pine case was inch on the opposite page crankcase musta feared the worst as hoffenheim came roaring out of the blocks it was just two minutes on the clock when the searching says canaveral was held in the box no doubt about the penalty but not
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risk it was poor the police had to visitors mark was on hand to finish the job. reawakening for by and in their right back yard and things were about to get worse mabrey online to hoffenheim from by sharing his parents' clout what they're missing a few nails off just files minutes. off a no even a to go head start isn't enough to be by especially with robert levy just leaving the line if it holds up to tennessee with his eighteenth season. by ed we're rocking and starting to smell blood red bow its head was like reach a shock around the box he had in his first league goal in four years all square with a match barely a cool through the way three. stage level until the break but after that by and feeding frenzy he's determined that the champions in front of the first time
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and then moments later not sure if it out made it for. brian's poor start now all but forgotten and there was still time to sounders but it's a wrap so it's in the brains yet stuff and time strike i putting his accounts to his knew. it watching data from berlin mark coming up at the top of the hour thanks for joining us. still in spain. the world over information provided. means they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter are up to date in touch. follow us.


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