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i think it's only the beginning of this song. starting february first. visited every news coming to live from berlin police have released the russian opposition leader alexina volley after the outspoken kremlin critic was arrested after making a short appearance and answered coolly rally earlier today a police raided nouvelle news office more on that coming up plus another day of heavy fighting in syria is out for in the region turkey claims
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a diplomatic success in its offensive against a u.s. backed kurdish militia. and swedish ikea founder of our camper others died he turned a small scale mail order business into a global furniture empire and became one of the richest men in the world in the process. i'm sara harmon welcome to the show it's good to have you with us. russian authorities have released the opposition leader alexina volney he was detained earlier in the day after he made a brief appearance at a moscow protest one of dozens of rallies held across the country of all things expect to be charged with a public order violation which could carry up to twenty days in jail of only and his supporters are calling for a boycott of the march eighteenth presidential election he's been barred from
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running against putin doing previous convictions fraud conviction fraud and a volley has always maintained is politically motivated. aleksei now vonnie violence scuffles as his supporters try in vain to pull him free from police who arrest the opposition leader and president vladimir putin's most prominent rival. huddled into a bus and taken away from protests that he told. the gazans but it did suffer a thousand tons out in mosco one of dozens of really spin held across russia authorities say demonstrations are illegal to protest us want to boycott of what they say would be a break to presidential elections this march expected to extend president putin script on power now vonnie response from standing. yes i want russia to have an elected government and not
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a pretty appointed one i'm sick of going to protests but i'll still go as long as i live in ways that the other way russia's isolation itself more and more from the world is making demands but we're not living in a country that can dictate anything. i want to changes within government to be possible because the zon history now has been there for too long. the finnish police raided they had courtis and t.v. studios belonging to alex a no vonnie interrupting a live program saying they were looking for a bomb. police also detained some of no vonnie stuff during the raid. so it's unlikely the wave of protests can stop flooding me approach and being really likes it alex i know vonnie supporters want at least to discourage russians from voting in the hopes of undermining the ballot with a low turnout one hundred fifty w. horace bought me a drunk sorts joins us now from moscow maria drag you were at a protest so they wanted to say. well so i would i think it was remarkable it
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tournament young people were there was a lot of police in the streets around to our scarce crew and pushkin square protesters knew their colleagues she not only was arrested in the after you they did not back down they showed no sign of fear today's protests were small compared to some anti-government protests that russia's seen in the past do not only supporters have a chance of actually inflowing this upcoming influencing sees me this upcoming presidential election. or they've been very much what you mean by influence not only in it's just we'll be able to change the result we know that president putin is going to win the next crystal elections approximately seventy maybe eighty percent of russians are going to vote for him but corruption is a big issue here in russia resonates very strong and you shouldn't forget that the vast majority of russians make no less money than
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a couple of years ago and yet this is not going to change and we will have discussion of the weeks to come. more sanctions coming from america so if the financials nation situation good russia is going to deteriorate if people are making even less money in the months to come they will blame somebody for that and this is going to be disappointed all right near george soros reporting there for us from moscow thank you very much turkey's president roger terror one as valid to quote clean its entire border with syria of terrorist ankara's nine day offensive against the cornish why page a militia in syria shows no sign of letting up turkey has demanded that the u.s. pull its troops out of the northern syrian town of man badge turkish forces n y p g clashed again over the weekend. turkish troops are advancing with their heavy equipment because it's militia why b.g. which controls the area south of the turkish syrian border and which ankara calls
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terrorists to put up strong resistance but turkish troops have now king their first military success so. i spoke with the commander this morning and as of now four hundred and eighty four terrorists have been neutralized that the operation continues. and parser is about to fall after that place is taken will advance with even more determination turkish backed troops have been trying to capture the strategically important hill for days the good news for them came on sunday ankara wants to prevent the kurds from gaining long term control of the border areas the president sees the white b.g. is an extended arm of the outlawed p.k. k. party in turkey which washington has designated a terrorist organization for the us the white b.g. is an ally in the fight against the so-called islamic state turkey's advance towards men beach was provocative washington has its own troops stationed there but
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an end to the offensive is not in sight. just deters though that injure oblasts and which we have previously cleared of terrorists one hundred thirty thousand brothers have returned and settled back into their homes. now we're doing the same thing and. step by step will clean our entire border with syria of terrorists and make sure our brothers who have been living in our country for years to return to their homes. the syrian human rights observatory says at least forty four civilians have been killed the numbers couldn't be confirmed but the price for the offensive will be high paid by the frights as as well as the innocent. here's a look now at some other stories that are making news around the world right now the film's star and activist angeline there's no lee has called on the international community to find a solution to the crisis in syria chile made the plea during
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a visit to those that tory refugee camp in northern jordan the desert camp is home to about eighty five thousand refugees from neighboring syria. during president foreign fighter steinmeier has praised jordan for taking in hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees during a visit he told the jordanian king abdullah that germany had huge respect and admiration for the country's cooperation in the refugee crisis germany were recently moved troops from turkey to jordan following a diplomatic route and a stepped up military and development aid to the kingdom in recent years. in yemen the separatists in the southern port city of ogden have seized government buildings after fierce clashes with forces loyal to president abdullah who knows where dozens of people have been killed or injured yemen's prime minister accuse the separatist of melting a coup in is serving as the temporary government base species level they control the capital sanaa. african heads of state are in ethiopia's capital addis
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ababa for the annual african union summit the two day meeting is headed by rwandan president paul kagame may is taking over as the union's chairman african leaders are also expected to make a joint statement condemning the us president donald trump's reported swore on the state of the nations. like many african countries in the open are struggling to keep up with a growing population and a staggering wealth gap our correspondent catherine wando sent us this report. this sleek train could be in a wealthy country like germany but it's actually in a discovered ethiopia local journalists and takes us on a tour of the city states this four hundred seventy five million dollar light railway was built with the help of china it began operations in twenty fifteen and could not come at a better time. for the us later because if you see the fuel for the tax year for taxes it would be the it was the transportation
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the. speeding through the city you notice the numerous construction sites with a g.d.p. of seventy two billion dollars it especially its capital city is growing rapidly. but it's we've got growing over the last. fifteen years but still as you can see that order goes to. waiting to be replaced with the new good. or the growth that's also been growing fast. it takes about fifteen minutes to get from the central station to mentally the old days about. as we make our way through the area you can't help but notice the traditional ethiopian attire all handmade ethiopia hopes to build its cotton and textile industry and increase exports by one billion dollars. and this is slowly becoming africa's textile industry hub.
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if european has over the recent years opened up its text out industry to foreign investors but if you look you'll find factories like these where people are still using traditional methods to make textiles. it is a practice dating back centuries and the skill hundred down from generation to generation twenty eight year old a yellow rope bell hopes the government keeps young people like him in mind as they expand and modernize the industry the end result is impressive and the men here take pride in their handiwork ethiopia is determined to spur economic growth however the gap between the rich and the poor is still worrying citizens want the government to make sure the growth is inclusive. the thirtieth african union summit was officially opened here in the capital now the session was opened by president paul kagame who is the chairman of the african union now center stage is the issue
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of anti corruption and how countries can fight corruption using frameworks and institutions but the highlight of the day was the discussion on african union reforms in his new mandate president paul kagame is looking to see that the african union is more independent as it stands seventy four percent of its budget is funded by the e.u. and the us there is a hope that this could reduce to fifty nine percent by two thousand and eighteen. but also another issue that was on the agenda was integration and how african people can have free movement of goods people and also a single airspace market the african youth population stands at more than seventy percent present porker government called on the youth to be more involved in development in their individual countries. they swedish ikea founder of our contract has died at the age of ninety one he turned a small scale mail order business into
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a global forrester empire ikea's first department store opened in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight today the company has more than three hundred stores around the world aged just seventeen environ. a mostly mail order business called ikea five years later the company began to sell furniture with its first dedicated store opening in sweden in one nine hundred fifty eight he has international expansion began in the one nine hundred sixty s. . the concept was simple straightforward scandinavian design self-assembly and practical packaging. we're interested in money an important impact on the living environment of millions of people the furniture lines billy and eve are practically standard in many homes today there are almost four hundred ikea stores across the globe. compromised was a time's a controversial figure. in one thousand nine hundred ninety three he moved to switzerland for tax purposes ikea later became
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a registered find based in the netherlands and today still has a complex business structure. it remains privately owned it was among the richest men in the world. he faced scrutiny when it was revealed that he had supported neo nazi groups this led to a boycott of ikea come proud later apologized. the ikea founder spent his last years in sweden after moving back home in twenty thirteen to be closer to his family. but his forces before we go spain are the new european handball champions in the final in zagreb croatia the spaniards beat sweden by a score of twenty nine to twenty three scandinavians got off to a better start with the strong performance from goalkeeper make a couple grand and fast counterattacks but spain stayed composed changing up their attack they were only two goals behind it have time to experience bangers trying to match around the sharp passing attack and outstanding work from their keeper had
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stare but losing four previous finals spain finally the european champion. and that's state of the news at this hour you're up to date the bonus league is next was not her win stay tuned for all the sports action coming right up. but the way the contest notes that was kept filled the school at the get take a look you can. take this through those until he doesn't. begin to notice them in. d.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.


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