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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2018 12:15am-12:30am CET

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standing working our goalkeeper our pal stirabout after losing four previous finals spain will finally the european handball champions. and that's it for me that means my colleague matt herman will be out after the break with the latest round of bundesliga soccer action where a labor prison are hoping to solidify their grip on second place watch what happens next. but in dortmund leipzig a bigger favorite team so we've got all the best goals we've got all the action the job is go home the german football share the experience everybody. in this league of every weekend here d w. it's all about the stories in so. it's all about george chance to discover the
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world from different perspectives. join us inspired by distinctive instagram hours at g.w. stories on topics each week on instagram. hello and welcome to the point just like here on d.w.i. matter and i'm ready for our sunday conversation on match day twenty one for a conversation you need guests which we have former member goalkeeper richard goltz is with us here in the studio as well as our very own jonathan crane let's take a look at what is coming up in the show. you know teams in second place about hard this season in the bundesliga since matchday ten each want to. in turn had failed
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to prevent labor to isn't break that curse on match day twenty. and it is homicide both turn to clear out his walker as a struggling short dark fire their coach after a run of just three points collected from their last eight games. well leading up to the season plenty of teams were being bandied about as potential runners up to byron munich dortmund finished strong last season leipzig their club on the rise if you want to go on a limb maybe shall go with their young hot shot coach just about nobody picked laver cousineau but here we are the vax alpha are riding high and have what might be the player of the season in leon bailey on sunday they squared off against minds with a chance to solidify their grip on second place let's take a look. patience was the name of the game for lave accusing coach heiko hellacious his side struggled to make any impact in a frustrating fast half of the parents' minds happy to sit back in despair and
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after captain bender went close because the laurie's head was as good as it got for the hosts before the break. maybe because in needed something special and they got it from a familiar source the on bailey curling in from twenty yards sounds as a goal of the season the jamaican like his team just can't stop scoring at the moment. but with so good fellow branch try to carbon copy but without the same success. no matter because the three points were secured midway through the heart formulate accusing managed to not see filed the lowry or in the box penalty when doubt that the rest from the spot to do it finished may because and hold on to second place.
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well it's time now for our sunday conversation here on the bonus league on d w with me this week are richard goltz a former the goalkeeper with hamburg in fribourg and been a sleeper reporter jonathan crane richard i am going to start with you leverkusen looked very very steady at the moment do we all underestimate them before the season. probably we did but every. really good team a lot of high potential experienced players and they only need a coach who brings in the right direction yeah i mean what else can you say jonathan about the fact that this team is so hot is it mostly down to. and if it is how long can they hold on to this spectacular player a lot of it is down to the on by the i mean leverkusen have got a lot of strength and depth but bailey has really been the standout player for the last couple of months and the good news for they've accusing fans he has come out now after the match and said yeah i'm going to be here until the end of the season
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of course from that leaves the question about next season but i think for now les because i will be happy that he stays obviously another goal for him today they can't stop scoring that's now twenty five bring this league. they've scored at the club record and of course goals come into the season we know how tight it is that the top may make all the difference goal difference could come into play right goals galore for leverkusen not so many goals in our other match on sunday stick around you two we've got to move on to cover that one the second encounter was one of the good old fashioned local rivalry where bragging rights for a certain portion of lower saxony were on the line as hanover and valborg squared off as the home side with a inform striker hannover went into the match with plenty of confidence but what sport were determined to spoil their rivals afternoon. kind over as nicholas has been red hot lately and the home faithful were ready to see him take it to the ball sport defense and he got his chance when cameron straggler took
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a corner in the thirty fourth minute i would try to head home but the ball deflected off victor or siemens had and wide of the net i had over also wasted other chances and made them pay units molly fight. in the waning minutes had over pushed for the equaliser but could only send it crashing into the woodwork i could tell goalies forward on lucky after some pinball in the box and that's how it ended hanover wastes the opportunity to inch closer to the european spots while both sport put some much needed space between themselves and the relegation zone. right the match day twenty conversation continues i'm here with jonathan crane and richard cults the former baathist goalkeeper let's talk about one year old clubs hand over they did lose today but they're still
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a four points off of the european places you know this transition from what it's like it's five to the top five has gone so smoothly what's made it go so well for them i think. it was only an accident going down in the second one this nigga. typical middle class. with an excellent coach one year old teammates under us is a friend of mine and he's he's really good because he's a. worker and he has a lot of social competence good relationship to his team and. that's why he's a local hero is that. for me especially i think i'm stronger opposition they can catch him on the break i think i'd be very disappointed with the result today because it's a match they really are. when if they are going to prison for those european prices but as we know it's all so close up there isn't it yes indeed it is also close down
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at the bottom and that's where we want to turn to the big story that emerged this sunday morning another coaching change in the bundesliga as stuttgart fire their coach honest vul for after a terrible run of results let's give you a few more details the. last season fall for celebrated as a hero for bringing still got straight back up to the bundesliga but this season hasn't gone to plan and the defeat to shout was the final straw. plus account for a solution after the press conference i talked to harness in the dressing room as we discussed everything in great detail with a lot of emotion soon. discreation enjoying the talk has said that he had the feeling that things weren't right by sophists wife and and he said he had doubts he was getting through to the team and should not win the puts into shock. well reported they name a new coach within the coming days. and are considered the favorites for the job.
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well wolf is out somebody will be in good guard i have to say when i got a push notification on my phone this morning i was shocked does this strike you as premature jonathan yeah i would say the same thing initially when i read about this i thought that seems a bit strange in terms of timing but you hear. talking very very talking about. the night sounds like a relation britain regulation should break up it's not it's not you it's me and i think you know how does it almost except think that maybe this was a bit beyond him so when you put it in that context perhaps it was the right decision is just going to be very difficult now for the incoming manager and a couple of days left in the transfer window to kind of stop there and. they're still have got the experience that. at the back we're going to need those players to step up i think they'll be ok that they're only a couple of wins away from the table so you know it's not all gloom at the moment the way it goes this year in the bundesliga we did have another coaching change
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last week hamburg they hired another one of your old teammates richard this one is sorry. about yes knowing him as a player as a teammate if not as a coach what kind of personality is he going to bring across to this team. i think there's no difference between the player and the coach he's a hard worker to every coach is hard working but he's. he's doing a mall and. he's fearless and brave. this is what what the team needs in this moment. i mean you bring up feel isness bravery these are things that we associate with maybe his coaching mentor felix mugshots but hanover what they lack is quality sometimes is he going to be able to bring a better sort of playing style. to this team this would be the most important factor. in you yes and. you can't and if your.
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if you want to blame the team you can say they are not playing football but. it's should be better must be better because they don't have a really good chance if they play like the like based on. last week's put you on the spot because i know you're a former hamburg player i don't want to put you on this particular spot jonathan is hemmer going to stay in the league this year. i think the record stay in the league is i think the writing has been on the wall for a very long time even from the start of the season is largely the same school the narrative or the relegation last season and the mad come help keep them up. is on the sidelines because different celebration of the start of the season i think hollaback you know i'm afraid to say i think it's an inspired choice maybe that's what they need because as you say he's a. is no nonsense approach it's going to be
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a fight but i think it's a fight to fight for them. her age twelve if you have thinking any more hopeful thoughts about hamburg yes i'm sure i'm sure that they. would get that and. i don't know why but i'm sure all right all right to take it from the man who seems to know something richard goltz former hamburg player and jonathan crane of sports it was great having you with us for this edition of the bundesliga we're going to. leave you with some of the best images from sunday's action from me and the rest of the team here in berlin business to make somalia. thanks.
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to. enter the conflict zone my guest this week here in kiev is stateless he's a former president of georgia a former regional government in ukraine i'm hanging over him multiple allegations of criminal activity in his mikail saakashvili once the dawning of the west for spearheading the rose revolution in georgia that has you know made too many enemies and run out of road. the folks. the folks. in good shape. can affect anyone aneurysms. arteries in the brain or abdomen that ball can be life
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my guest this week here in kiev is stateless he's a former president of georgia a former regional governor in ukraine and hanging over him. of criminal activity and a three year prison sentence for abuse of power. once the darling of the west spearheading the rose revolution in georgia in two thousand and three but has he no made too many enemies and run out of road.


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