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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2018 7:00am-8:00am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin a white rose was the fashion accessory of the evening at the grammys and a statement. on. confronting sexual harassment in the recording industry the rest of the light belonging to bruno mars who took home six awards also coming up. u.s. tax kurdish forces in syria trying to fend off an overwhelming turkish military says it has captured the strategic heights as of widens its incursion in syria
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we're live in istanbul. and the bonus legal leymah coups and cement their grip on the second place with the sensational leon belly among the stores again. also a look back at the life of a k. as founder of our comp rod he turned a small scale mail order business into a global furniture empire calm progress died at the age of ninety one. farming the sahara meet the people helping to feed refugees using a new agricultural technique. i'm dr thomas great to have you with us these stars of the music business descended on new york city for the industry's. grammy awards the surprise winner of the
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evening bruno mars who beat out big time competition changes e kendrick lamar to take home six trophies but music wasn't the only item of the evening following the lead of hollywood's golden globe awards many stars wearing white roses as a sign of solidarity with the times up movement confronting sexual harassment and show business. equality was the buzz word at this year's grammys after a sea of black at the golden globes for film and t.v. earlier in the month it was show time for the stars of the music industry lady gaga prominent among them sporting white roses in solidarity with the time's up and me two movements the gang sexual misconduct yeah i've got my white rose i feel that it's so important that all of us you know in all of the different industries especially musicians we have such a voice in the world people listen and i think we're all in this case we all want equality and respect you know in behind closed doors closed doors so we're all
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standing together kendrick lamar took the rap cats agree winning best rap album foot down and the best music video from humble. bruno mars to the record of the year award with the twenty fourth a magic and song of the year for that's what i like and canada's alessia car started out by making you tube videos in her bedroom now she's won the grammy for best new artist. and adrian kennedy from the culture and a spa and arts desk is with us now here in the studio good morning adrian good morning can you tell us about some of the standout moments musically for you in what was a very politicized ceremony. it's been a very long night it was overran it went on for hours i think it was a very political night it's true there was a lot talk ahead. the show about whether there would be
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a need to moment whether the grammys would get political they did get very political a lot of white roses in evidence as you said and you could say that might be taken as just a token gesture but it went a lot further than that jenelle more naik took to the stage and gave a very dignified and moving speech she said we come in peace and we mean business she said to those two of those who would dare silence us we offer you two words times up and then came out as you saw an astonishing performance flanked by other high profile female things all dressed in white echoing the white roses and of course they should remember the song that she sang directory addressed ledged abused the music producer and back when she first met these allegations the world was much more skeptical about them so a lot of changed over the last in
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a lot of layers to this evening what about the surprises all eyes were on jay z. but but he wasn't them out of the night was a know it was supposed to be the big night of hip hop the only real question was whether it would be jay z. or kendrick lamar who would get the top prize is they were that sue with the most nominations but i think what happened possibly is that the hip hop vote got splits and bruno mars' who is very very popular in the industry. up on the outside lane and took away six grammys and we saw it was all those white roses out there are throughout the evening during you know many of the performances as well can campaigns like this really rain in and fight sexual harassment in the music industry well jenelle manet also talked about women and men coming together to create safer work environments and. pay and this will be getting more women
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into the industry now you probably think and i know i certainly did if you think about it is probably just as many high profile female singers as male singers the shocking situation is actually that. top charts songs twelve percent are written by women and songs only two percent juiced by women so i think a big part of what has to happen is to get more women into the industry and that will help the situation enormously ok especially on the producing side of things adrian kennedy for us this morning from the culture and arts this thanks very much like it was stricken with some of the other stories making the news right now the russian opposition leader lex in a volley has been freed from police custody after he was arrested at a protest rally in moscow he faces up to thirty days in prison if found guilty of
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calling on all through his demonstrations his followers hit the streets in a number of cities calling for a boycott of the upcoming presidential election. at least one soldier has been killed and ten wounded in an attack on an afghan military academy in kabul authorities say wanted tireder blooms of up three others were killed now this comes two days after a suicide bomber killed more than one hundred people in the afghan capital time lapse video of a volcano in the philippines suggests it could be close to a major eruption the government has put people near the mayon volcano sounds of minnow on high alert tens of thousands of flood the area many government shelters. turkey's president juan has vowed to quote clean his country's entire border area with syria of those he calls terrorists ankara's nine day offensive against the
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kurdish y p g militia inside syria shows no signs of letting up turkey has demanded that the united states pull its troops out of the northern syrian town of mon be turkish forces and kurdish ones clashed again there over the weekend turkish troops are advancing with the heavy equipment the kurdish militia wide p.g. which controls the areas south of the turkey syria border and one hundred calls terrorists have put up strong resistance so far but turkish troops have no games their first military success so far is i spoke with the commander this morning and as of now four hundred and eighty four terrorists have been neutralized the operation continues. and is about to full after that place is taken will advance with even more determination turkish backed troops have been trying to capture the strategically important hill for days the good news for them came on sunday. and pro wants to prevent the kurds from gaining long term control of the border areas
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there one sees the white b.g. as an extended ome of the p k k policy which washington has designated a terrorist organization for the u.s. the y.p. g. is an ally in the fight against the so-called islamic state turkey served runs towards men bridge was particularly provocative says washington has its own troops stationed. but an end to the offensive is not in sight though you're yars that there is there that. which we have previously cleared of terrorists one hundred thirty thousand brothers have returned and settled back into their homes. now we're doing the same thing in africa step by step will clean our entire border with syria of terrorists and make sure our brothers who have been living in our country for years or turn to their homes. the syrian human rights observatory says at least forty four civilians have been killed the numbers could be confirmed
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but the committal don't let the price for the offensive will be. paid by the fighters as well as the innocent. well how long will this offensive last for more let's bring in correspondent erin jones covering the story for us from istanbul dorian how much is turkey been expanding this incursion and what areas are under its control right now. well turkey is claiming strategic victory with the capture of but this did come after eight days of intense fighting the deployment of turkish special forces at the end five taught by strikes and this just underlines the kind of resistance turkey is facing in spite of its overwhelming firepower and this going forward is expected to be the problem turkish forces with the free syrian army are expected as they go further deeper into aspirin at the moment progress has been very slow they are claiming
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a number of strategic villages have been captured but their operations have been hampered by very heavy rain which is led to many of the tanks getting bogged down and also hampering airstrikes but now they are for cost a week or so a very good weather and we expect to turkey to ramp up its operations this will only lead to growing humanitarian concerns humanitarian groups all warning of growing numbers of civilian casualties on critics mrs is saying this is terrorist propaganda claiming they are taking all steps to minimize civilian casualties ok now ankara has been demanding that the united states stop arming the kurdish forces and that it pull out its troops supporting them and. that's a just a few hours by car from where the worst of the firings happening right now house the united states responding to those calls. well i mean it's very difficult to understand listen from one christmas effect if they say that they have have received this commitment from the national security adviser of the
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u.s. president that the u.s. will end its arming of the wife he kurdish militia a key demand of turkey but the united states haven't confirmed this conversation and this underlines the lack of trust between these two nato allies and this underscores this crisis between the two nato partners and going for we've heard from the turkish deputy prime minister saying we don't know who we're dealing with washington they say one thing and do the other on the ground the u.s. general votel who is in charge of the u.s. forces in mom bitch he has said that there is no not only gender to withdraw u.s. forces this will lead to growing concerns in nato that a possible clash could be imminent between turkey and the u.s. given the fact that there are turkish forces very close to where the u.s. forces are deployed how is this new front durian affecting the fight against islamic state inside syria. well that's a big concern from washington they say that the eyes being taken off the ball a real concern of all allies involved in this conflict is at the feet of
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experiments they they say that they have scored major victories islamic state is down on the ground but the fear is that this ongoing intervention by turkey could allow the islamic state to regroup reorganize and strike back during jones thanks so much for that update on the turkish deployment in syria where yemen's government has accused separatists in the south of that country of an attempted coup deadly fighting there exposed a deep breath between allies trying to defeat rebels who control the north. at least a dozen people including civilians were killed and more than eighty wounded as yemeni separatists or government troops in the southern city of aden the forces had previously been on the same side in the three years civil war between the saudi backed government and toothy rebels in the north of yemen aligned with iran government forces are determined to head off any rebellion in the south. there's no
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difference between the huth isn't anyone else who rebels against a legitimate government no matter who they are left right south east if they're not with the government and they're an enemy of the entire country. the complex conflict has devastated yemen already one of the region's poorest countries long running un backed efforts have so far failed to bring peace. the latest fighting in aden subsided after the prime minister ordered the troops and sent government troops back to barracks. this is the news still to come on the show in sports labor couzens leon bally has been one of the business leaders standout players this season we'll show you how he helped his team this weekend. over to christophe now in an ongoing slump in the u.s. dollars values raises questions will remain the world's currency the world's leading currency brian for example is one of those questions the dollar crawled up
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from lows on monday but struggled to pull ahead from six straight weeks of losses and there are conflicting messages coming from u.s. political leaders on what the value of the greenback should look like treasury secretary stephen the new sat at the world economic forum in davos last week that a weak currency would help us trade balances in the short term presidents donald trump shortly after said he favored a strong dollar now the prolonged slump of the greenback means the euro is gaining in value since mid december the euro has gained six percent against the dollar hitting one twenty five last week the highest level since the end of twenty fourteen and that is raising eyebrows among currency experts the president of the european central bank mario draghi for example saying last week the recent volatility in exchange rates represents a source of uncertainty which requires monitoring and i have an expert's opinion of
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what they want to make of a stronger year and a weaker dollar here next hour. five states has joined poland condemning an expansion of the north stream gas pipeline through the baltic sea meeting in waltz over the weekend u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said the pipeline would leave central europe vulnerable to russian pressure now the north stream two pipeline starts in russia and travels underneath the baltic sea bypassing poland and other baltic countries completely now russia's gas problem is a lead member of the consortium planning to build the pipeline it also includes two major german energy providers and a former german chancellor gad shura is the nord stream board member promoting the project. russian natural gas is set to flow through a stream to the german baltic sea port of move kron at the end of next year former german chancellor gerhard schroeder heads the project. we need the gas and it's the
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cheapest that we can get anyone who understands energy policy knows that. should it rejected criticism that the pipeline would allow the kremlin to cut off eastern europe's energy supply. obviously there are fears in the baltic and poland for historical reasons but that cannot shape today's policy because these countries are members of nato and the e.u. they have all the security they need. he said nord stream two has nothing to do with moscow's political ambitions and virtuous because it's a business project it's simple six major energy firms are coming together to invest billions and they are bearing the risk and no one else would you. should accuse the us of having an ulterior motive.
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a ploy of what's happening right now has a political dimension especially from the united states because why should our gas supply options face sanctions. it's simply because the americans want to export their shale gas export on board but that's more expensive than russia's siberian gas the former german chancellor has been working for years with a subsidiary of russian state owned oil firm gazprom says an energy alliance with russia makes political sense. we know from our own history that there was always peace in europe when things were going well between countries especially when it comes to germany. and russia. and of course things can go badly too when it is off and so germany has an interest in bringing about change through trade. but the west still has sanctions against moscow because of its
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involvement in ukraine wants to see them lifted. his and soon it's quite clear that these sanctions hurt germany first of all that's based on one economic institutes of concluded so my advice to the next german government whoever it may be is don't focus on confrontation but on cooperation especially with our biggest eastern neighbor oh. it was father to billy our and the founder of one of the world's best known brands now in. founder of swedish furniture giant ikea has died at the age of ninety one he turned a small scale mail order operation into a business global business empire and despite being listed as the world's world's richest person one time he remained
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a famously frugal character. aged just seventeen founded a mostly mail order business called ikea five years later the company began to sell furniture with its first dedicated store opening in sweden in one nine hundred fifty eight ikea's international expansion began in the one nine hundred sixty s. . the concept was simple straightforward scandinavian design self-assembly and practical packaging even. if we're interested in manufacturing our furniture is designed to be easily manufactured and that keeps costs down not. compromised and ikea i've had an important impact on the living environment of millions of people the furniture lines billy and eve are practically standard in many homes today they're almost four hundred ikea stores across the globe come proud was a times a controversial figure. in one thousand nine hundred ninety three he moved to
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switzerland for tax purposes ikea later became a registered find based in the netherlands and today still has a complex business structure. it remains privately owned and come proud was among the richest man in the world. he faced scrutiny when it was revealed that he had supported neo nazi groups this led to a boycott of ikea compound later apologized. the ikea founder spent his last years in sweden after moving back home in two thousand and thirteen to be closer to his family. and brought us back with sunday's bonus thing actually a lot of action a was there christophe one of the been asleep a surprise clubs the season leverkusen was home sunday against mines looking to maintain their red hot run in the league and they did just that maintaining their grip on second place for patience was the name of the game for labor couzin coach heiko hellacious his side struggled to make any impact in a frustrating first half with opponents' minds happy to sit back in despair and
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have to captain a spend they went close because the lowry is header was as good as it got for the hosts before the break. made accusing needed something special and they caught it from a familiar source neon bailey curling in from twenty yards sounds his eighth goal of the season the jamaican like his team just can't stop scoring at the moment bailey's effort was so good fellow winger union branch tried to carbon copy but without the same success. no matter because the three points were secured midway through the heart formulate accusing man judio to notch e-file the lower rio in the box penalty when doubted the rest from the spot to do it finished they victories and hold on to second place. and this weekend second encounter featured some local rivalry as hanover involves forget where it
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all and over went into that match with plenty of confidence but wolfsburg were determined to spoil their rivals afternoon. hand over his nicholas has been red hot lately and the home faithful were ready to see him take it to the will spur defense and he got his chance when cameron straggler took a corner in the thirty fourth minute. group tried to head home but the ball deflected off victor a seaman's head and wide of the net. and over also wasted other chances and vosburgh made them pay units molly firing a rocket from about thirty yards out one of my best shot had so much firepower that philip china had no chance of stopping it. in the waning minutes hanover pushed for the equaliser but could only send it crashing into the woodwork i'm the toe
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billie's forward unlucky after some pinball in the box and that's how it ended hanover wastes the opportunity to inch closer to the european spots while vul sport puts a much needed space between themselves and the relegation zone. to handball now in spain have been crowned european champions after defeating powerhouse sweden it was fifth time lucky for the spaniards after losing four previous finals they had to fight hard and dig deep for that title is what happened. sweden played a fast paced game just as they had in the semifinal against denmark and they got off to the better start with a strong performance from goalkeeper. and fast counterattacks making it six four. but spain stayed composed changing up their attack and were only two goals behind at half time then the experience spaniards turned the match around by their care
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making it twenty fifteen and at the back keeper stamp it was hard to beat. the swedes were lacking the strength to stand up to the aggressive spaniards in the second half with their passing errors leading to many easy goals for spain the final score twenty nine twenty three sweden went down in defeat. and after losing four previous finals spain were finally the european and bowl champions. it's to poland now where planned legislation on nazi war crimes was broader sharp rebuke from the israeli government a new draft law would make it illegal to blame poland for any atrocities committed on its soil by nazi germany during the holocaust this would include a ban referring to concentration camps in the country including auschwitz as polish death camps the president before actually being signed into law but it's already
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provoking a major diplomatic rift prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel has demanded that poland retract the proposed legislation. we have no tolerance for distorting the truth for rewriting history or for holocaust denial so yesterday i voiced my forthright opposition which i'm sure is shared by all of the cabinet ministers to the law passed by the polish parliament regarding the holocaust stuff befell our people on the soil of poland. while like to let you know that the. israeli prime minister has said that over this weekend late sunday that there would be discussions between israel and poland on this issue. still to come on the show we have plenty more news ahead for you including the news that china is the take in millions of tons of plastic waste from
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western country every year but no more a ban has been imposed on porting waste so what are those countries now to do with all that plastic waste. and also coming up on the show they want to call a biassed now that the terror group is in retreat where are its fighters going some are returning to their home countries here in europe we'll look at the danger they pose back home. and don't forget you can always get news on the go download our africa google play more from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as for push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that app to send us photos and videos. and we're back after a short break. driverless
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think it's only the beginning of this. cycle or schuman machines starting february first on t.w. . welcome back your date of your news live from berlin our top stories this hour pop singer bruno mars has swept the grammys winning all six music awards he was nominated for and white roses are recurring theme as many stars as play them in a show of solidarity against sexual harassment. and turkey has seized a strategic outpost from kurdish forces in syria pressing ad with its cross border campaign against the us backed kurdish militia the. also called islamic state is facing a major setback on the ground inside syria and of course in iraq as well now some
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say it is close to defeat and that means many of the fighters who flocked to join us are returning to their home countries many of them from europe so how are these countries dealing with the returning to harvests how much of a threat do they pose here in europe or brussels correspondent terry shoals fall their tracks to belgium the country where all yes manage to find the most terrorist recruits in europe. this park in antwerp was a hotspot for islamist recruiters and luring young belgians to battlefields in syria and iraq now some of them are headed back making many communities nervous earlier return is trying to reintegrate in society are reluctant to be identified antwerp city councilor he shown on their news some of them personally and asked them to share their stories with me nobody was willing to speak with many of them came back with a huge feeling of shame. and they don't want to to show that want to show
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their name will do to be on t.v. to say i went there and there was a fool and they came back. there are some exceptions laura persone was all over t.v. in two thousand and sixteen publicizing her book about being an islamic state militants bride in syria she decided to escape when her four year old son was taught to behead a teddy bear as shown in this jihadi propaganda now persone occasionally visit schools as part of the belgian government's anti radicalization efforts but she declined our multiple requests for an interview some are attorneys have other motives for staying in the shadows those are the ones that were there and muslim community you don't want to see the back and to be obviously don't show any feeding off of shame. for straight that the fact that. he's losing. here. that's how returning he killed bella for three seems to feel set
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free after receiving a suspended sentence for three also wrote a book and publicly praised islamic state he said his only regret was coming back we couldn't speak with him as he's in prison on unrelated charges sources tell me returning is and their families are urged to keep a low profile by belgian authorities but they're not the only ones i'm told the brother of a belgian fighter gave a television interview a couple of years ago with his identity disguised but islamic state supporters balland him and beat him up very badly a warning to others to keep quiet local communities are figuring out how to deal with people who return their boarded just north of brussels many youths left this suburb to join us their homes blown to has taken a personal interest in them he visits them in prison to make sure they understand their choices he warns them that after their release they will be under constant scrutiny but that's not all he tells them the second thing i said is when you are
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free you are a free man you have had your punishment. you have to write a new that and all the old. unities to do to give you all the opportunities to reintegrate in a post of a i want to gives us an example of how his city supported one return he committed to being a law abiding citizen by being completely transparent about the situation and we informed the employer who was ready to give him a chance after all the information that we have got the most uncertain of them troy . the same thing on the housing side. that man is still a success story two years later but there are more i guess followers being groomed peter van listing and one of the best known researchers of the belgian jihad movement says he sees no decrease in pro jihad language on social media how strong is their influence well basically will only know when the next that that happens
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are afraid however the belgian government appears a bit more optimistic than ben most again it has reduced to the national terror threat level meaning an attack is no longer considered probable but rather unlikely . ok that is for now let's talk about the overall threat level though with fabi unfun the mark our expert on security issues and terrorism good morning fog and first off what kind of numbers are we talking here how many job is to returning from the fronts in syria in iraq to europe well some five hundred five thousand have traveled from europe to the war zones in the middle east iraq and syria. roughly one thousand two hundred have already returned when you look at germany it's a number of one thousand. people that travels or islamists that travel to syria and iraq to join the islamic state and from these people three hundred roughly or a third have returned one hundred fifty have died already in the war zones but there's still
7:36 am
a number of five hundred that came from germany where the authorities don't know when or if these people will return to europe ok so the current numbers we're working with are one thousand two hundred jihad is from those fronts there are now here in in europe what kind of a security threat do they pose you know are they armed do they have explosives what do we know about their threat to us here. it's difficult there are different types of returned yes but authorities are mostly worried of those men who are ideologically indoctrinated militarily trained in those terror of chems of this law. state these people pose a big threat and they could potentially attack people here in europe or even organize bigger terrorist attacks the majority of those people that return still hold their islamic views their radical views people belief but then again there's also a number of people that are disillusioned that are even purified and they can on
7:37 am
the other hand held the authorities being important witnesses on the scene on other give information on other return is for example ok when i look at the fighters who've been heavily indoctrinated they've been expertly trained they have battle experience we don't know if they do or do not have weapons with them here in europe why not simply imprison them and remove that threat from society many are imprisoned but these numbers are not as big as the numbers of return is are but that is of course good ups a safe option but on the other hand it's not that easy to actually prove the involvement of these people in fighting in terrorist planning in the islamic state area because information from these places is pretty rare and hard to prove their their involvement their participation so it's not always easy but what you can be
7:38 am
sure of is that these people are on the radar of authorities now so they're heavily observed they are offered sometimes deregulation programs and they're watched that's for sure but not everyone will end in prison ok what about the motivation for these individuals you know they're born and raised here in europe they have a lot of opportunities already one would imagine before they become radicalized what drives them to join us. all of them you can say are were in touch with salafist ideologies they were in mosques they attended seminars they had friends they were in chat rooms where they were getting closer and closer deeper and deeper into this ideology of the salafism and then many of these people believe that it's just the right thing to do to join this islamic state to move into this caliph in syria and in iraq others also say that they were months of age by the war
7:39 am
in syria that they wanted to fight assad and all of these people you can say had crisis personal difficult situations they were jobless in the separation so a particular time in their life where they thought well it can only get better let's do this ok so not just the jihad is a threat a security threat here in europe also we've come to know that their wives and even their children as we saw in our report have become radicalized what kind of threat they pose the children and the wives. the wife's are pretty new on the. authorities now of lately only just begin to warn the wife could pose a threat to europe and to the society as well they are very often even deeper into their ideology very much rooted in this religious belief they also are quite good in networking they have built networks already in the college but also they're
7:40 am
capable of extending these networks back in europe and many of them brought kids with them from the war zone they either went there already pregnant or they got their pregnant and returned with kids and different age groups often very small kids and these kids they are at the same time traumatized but by what they have experienced but they're also they were drilled in terror of chems they were in the quranic schools where they already learned the ideology in a very early age and these kids pose a big threat when they grow up when when they rest in this ideology so there is social rehabilitation a big issue and there's certainly a lot of work for not only security services but therapists as well for all these people involved in the marc are exposed to the issues in terrorism thanks for being with us. well there's still much more to come here indeed of you news including the
7:41 am
following story driven from their homes by war and living for decades in a refugee camp in the desert in the sahara meet the people helping refugees to farm because i have. well at the beginning of this year china banned almost all imports of plastic waste from abroad china was not only the world's biggest producer of plastic products well it was also importing millions of tons of plastic ways for recycling beijing and gave only six months warning that it was going to impose the ban that left countries scrambling to find alternatives to sending their plastic garbage to china in a moment i'll be talking to an expert to find out what that ban means for the world first this report on what the impact of all that waste from abroad has been having on china. so these chinese children have little to look forward to each day they spend most of their waking hours between plumes of smoke and mountains of plastics
7:42 am
so their families are no livelihoods by sorting waste these scenes are from a chinese documentary. one too long spent many years filming small chinese garbage dumps in this haunted by what he witnessed. in a way i have a daughter of my own i couldn't bear to see her grow up in such a horrible environment some of these children have been surrounded by garbage since they were born i don't want kids living in rubbish every day. this is the dark side of the recycling business. these families sorting the trash are exposed to numerous health hazards including toxic fumes and harmful substances some of the children here don't go to school. thank you what's not recycled often ends up elsewhere in the landscape polluting the groundwater as a result animals fall ill. some of the mountains of garbage catch fire.
7:43 am
pressure area the stench here is horrible it's almost impossible to bear. but what else can we do. the air is no good the water is no good. the only thing that's good is the money. while shooting his film one to learn made another discovery most of the garbage comes from overseas for. one day for my research i was at a massive garbage dump and had a province when i took a closer look i saw the packaging from the us japan germany france and i realized that i was looking at the garbage dump in the entire world. until the beginning of the year more than. half of the world's waste was sold to china when also shot footage in the u.s. where waste was the six largest export to china germany has also been exporting
7:44 am
several hundred thousand tons of plastic waste any lead to the far east. but now in an effort to protect the environment and its own population china says it no longer buys so-called foreign waste. your heart of it without that your logic. this is good for the environment. and it is urgently needed. of course it will also lead to a lack of raw materials such as paper and plastic. where under. now china itself is producing too much waste but environmental awareness is increasing modern recycling and incineration plants are being built in many locations as a result other countries are stuck with twenty four types of waste banned from import to china. because there was and there i would see how other countries such
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as germany britain the u.s. all the european union should all think about how to solve their waste problems. instead of relying on the world market and simply export water treated here. when john also sees change many of the recycling plant he visited has since been shut down the filmmaker says the conditions at this garbage sorting facility in beijing are satisfactory. meanwhile his film has won several international awards for one to learn the import ban is good news and will contribute to solving china's environmental problems. we also heard that people in industrialized countries will see the facts and hear the truth are off film and that they give more attention to this issue. lang lang is no longer allowed to show his film on china's strictly controlled internet but he's convinced his work has contributed to
7:46 am
a positive change in china's waist related activities. ok so where does the world go right now with all of us plastic waste no one wants to have with me in the studios thomas all the mars closely involved with this issue is from an umbrella organization for germany's waste disposal industry thomas welcome to the show this morning first off you know when we look at china it pulling out of this deals not taking the west's waste anymore where do we go from here yeah yeah absolutely wyatt so china has some paused to eight to nine million tons on plastic waste mainly from the u.s. and japan. five million. millis we million charmin is six hundred thousand six hundred thousand sets the main axe paul . to china. yeah we get to question so let me tell
7:47 am
you that we're with you know possible replacements are some countries that could potentially replace china not instance amount of course you do have an increase is special in countries next to china like thailand like malaysia i assume for worst economic conditions. like in china but quit using the plastic pallets and bring it to the china plastic industry cause say still need material but the do not want to waste those falls the ecological problems were just out from china no but they are now in malaysia in thailand perhaps of bangladesh in countries like the us ok how much economic sense does it make to you know take this plastic waste put it in container vessels send it then to these asian countries does that make sense economically first of all you must be a well you have just so they are containers coming with scoops from china into the
7:48 am
us into your boat without a clue for it's cheaper for you to know about so you bustle quizes worldwide and to contain a boat so it's it's the really cheap to transport waste in empty containers. whether it's waste paper or waste plastic to china so it makes sense economically instead of sending back. containers we send them full of plastic waste full of paper waste up you know when we look at these images from around the world of these huge masses of plastic at sea and just getting a grip on that is it realistic to talk about recycling plastic can we do that you're you're from the industry that's the main problem of course you can recycling plastic but only good plastic to make it simple and you have a will if you look and into your garbage you have contaminated plastic quiz food
7:49 am
waste and things like that and so it does not recyclable what is good plastic for example polio fiends or bottles was of empty bottles things like that polio as elaine says bottles that's good plastic easy took a sight of but all of which you have mixed with or as a waste when. difficult if you have combined it with. things like that were difficult to recycle and therefore what we have sent to china is a bad plastic not so good forms therefore i will understand chinese politics it's an eight us you talked to us you will send plastic what you have sent us waste ok. that's extremely difficult so one hundred percent recycling it's lucian so it's an illusion but it can work better if people actually separate out their garbage the way they're supposed to or am i mistaken to points first of all you need a better design of products so it's that it's easier to not mix together as free
7:50 am
for. compounds to get in one pocket and the second has a better separation on waste and that's difficult because you have it says megacities where you have to collect twice a day. once a week so that's the difficulty but of course we as consumers have to work on it as well as a put uses of goods ok as someone who's been in the industry for so long are you optimistic if you have you seen progress over the years. it's only possible if you do not condemn ways to energy and that's the difficulty is that some politicians says recycling is the only way and sets not only way you have will you have to combine ways to energy to get recycling then you can be optimistic and you will have also optimistic cause sees the whole matilde will become more
7:51 am
expensive for the industry if we go to electrical mobility that's another question cove in this case c.z. of all material for plastic waste for if you would ok so there's a lot of interconnectivity a lot of recycling using it is energy all of the gather thanks very much thomas over myer from the german wasteful weasel industry being with us today thank you well another ecological challenge is being confronted by refugees who've been living at a collection of camps in the sahara desert in algeria for more than four decades now displaced by war they already had very little and the arid climate they live in has made it even more difficult to grow food and animal fodder most people living there rely on international humanitarian aid just to get by but aid workers have recently introduced a low cost farming technique that could provide long awaited relief. this mark camp in southwest algeria is cold and stormy in wintertime and extremely
7:52 am
dry all year round sue a leak but here is feeding her goats she's got the usual provisions with her a handful of cardboard her animals don't normally get anything else because there is nothing else. the goats are scrawny and sickly and provide a little milk milk that sewell leak and her family desperately need they too are living on a very poor diet and have been for the last forty two years since they fled from the war in their homeland. says it to police works for the algerian operation of the united nations world food program that people here rely on their food supplies but knows their help is not enough. people here are malnourished we can only offer them a completely unbalanced diet it's totally lacking in animal protein and calcium in
7:53 am
particular. talent brahim is another refugee who was born here in the camp the algerian government has made it possible for him to finish his schooling and to study agriculture now he is trying to secure better food supplies for himself and his companions it didn't take him long to find out it's not easy so we did some. work but we fail. to do that through the. amounts of what we don't have. luckily talib is skilled at hydro culture this involves plants growing not in soil but instead getting their nutrients from water this method requires far fewer resources than traditional farming methods in fact can cut water consumption by ninety percent experts at the world food program are enthusiastic about this
7:54 am
concept. meena sure is responsible for innovation at the w f p which financed a test facility. it's nice to be in that we immediately saw an amazing increase in milk production the animals that were fed on this freshwater supplied two hundred fifty percent more milk the nose on what we might call normal rations i think. and yet hydro culture is technically demanding complicated and expensive is that to relieve the right solution for a refugee camp in the middle of the sahara tala brahim has managed to develop a low tech facility it's cheap enough for anyone to be able to afford it already there are thirty in these camps soon there will be two hundred the u.n. world food program wants to install hydro culture and refugee camps around the world tala brahim is happy and proud he's producing fresh food for his twenty
7:55 am
five goats every day. they repay him with more milk and meat the basis for a healthy diet for his family at last one. or change of pace that we're off to venice it is getting a head start on this year's carnival season the italian lagoon city kicking office calendar of events with a water parade along one of its main canals a full week ahead of the official opening the theme of this year's venice carnival festivities the circus hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected of course to flock to the carnival hotspot which is famous for its masquerade balls. your minder now of our top stories this hour pop singer bruno mars has swept the grammys winning all sorts of words he was nominated for and white roses were a recurring theme as many stars displayed in
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a show of solid. already against sexual harassment you got the state of the news live from berlin we're back with more at the top of the hour thanks for being with us. the move. move move. move. move move move. move move move. move move. move. move move. move move. move. move. move move. move move. move. move. move move.
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move move move. move move. move move. koku driverless cars move shutdowns control programs thomas machine manufacturing little small substance so much no such thing as what is true for came from the invention of machines you can tell it honestly is the last invention that humans will ever need to make humans a discontinued line when wilma shows take over. germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much. we can do better and if something
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hinders us we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w. made for mines. i am a flower. yeah i'm beautiful and i've heard it before and it never grows old. i'm worshiped from my looks my sent my looks but here's the thing. life starts with me. you see i feed people. every fruit comes from me. everybody taito me every kernel of corn me every grain of rice me me me me i know but it's true. and sometimes i feed their souls. i am
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their words when they have none i say i love you without a sound. i'm sorry without a voice. i inspired the greatest stuff the painters poets pattern makers i've been amused at them all. but in my experience people underestimate the power of a pretty little flowers. because their life does start with me. and it without me.
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in. the state of your news live from the land and attack on an old story and slip. leaves a number of people dead in kabul after a gun battle and insurgent reportedly blew himself up outside a prestigious military academy in the afghan capital so-called islamic state is claiming responsibility. as his longer state her group calls.


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