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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin at this year's grammy awards in new york a white rose was the fashion accessory of the. confronting sexual harassment in the recording industry it was a night of politics and music on the awards front the ceremony belonged to bruno mars who took home six grams also coming up. the latest in a series of attacks in the afghan capital at least five soldiers killed his job as
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a strike near a military academy in the capital kabul islamic state claims responsibility. and as islamic state pulls back in syria and iraq many of its fighters are returning home to europe will look at the threat they pose back home. and handball gets a new european championship at the final in zagreb spain sees off sweden to lift their first ever title in europe competition. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show the stars of the music industry descended on new york city for the annual grammy awards last night and the surprise winner of the night was bruno mars who beat tough competition from likes of. xeon kendrick lamar
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he took home six awards was not just about music following the lead of the golden globes participants sported white roses as a visible show of solidarity with movements confronting the culture of sexual harassment and show business. bruno swept the grammys this year with six wins including record and album of the year for twenty four k. magic and so on with the if and that's what i like he gave a heartfelt speech as he accepted his award and you know those songs were written with nothing but joy and one reason and for one reason only and that's love and that's all i wanted to bring with this album hopefully i can feel that again and see everybody did sing and everybody movin but it's man's went into orbit rappers kendrick lamar and jay z. were left down on earth leaving the hip hop community without a win in the coveted album of the year award the man had to take consolation in just five prizes for his album damn and single humble but this year music wasn't
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the only thing sent to stage with sexual misconduct allegations rocking other areas of the entertainment business music industry figures showed solidarity for the times up and me two campaigns by wearing white roses and pulp sing a catcher who has spoken out about being a survivor of sexual abuse herself delivered her powerful ballad praying. sing a gentleman a gave a rousing speech that pulled no punches silence us we offer you to our times. we say times that prepare you know quality time's up for discrimination time's up for harassment of any kind and time's up for the abuse of power because you see it's not just going on in hollywood it's not just going on in washington it's right here in our industries where these grammys were all about women raising their
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voices to call time on sexual abuse. to afghanistan now and at least five soldiers have been killed there after gunmen attacked an army post close to annoy her academy in the capital kabul reports indicate there was a gun battle between. augusts and soldiers at the outpost after one of the attackers bloom so far some tend soldiers were also wounded authorities say the attackers did not manage to enter that north her academy so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility it's the third attack in kabul in recent days. for more i'm joined now by law. he is the head of tolo news t.v. in kabul thanks for being with us this morning on short notice why is kabul facing so many attacks right now two reasons one is because the united states government for president trying to get as an announced a new policy for afghanistan which means more pressure on caucus on the taleban and
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they are seriously trying to resist second is that we are just went to your season meaning that there is less fighting and more pressure in big cities like call home and this is. certainly not a new trend but this year we see more bloodshed and the one today. i live near a bomb and the one to two days ago which killed more than hundred people in central kabul ok that was a very serious attack you know what our security service is doing right now how are they responding to. all attacks indicate major security is shortcomings the national unity has. to provide security in the strategic locations like egypt to the town like downtown kabul where. it's very crowded during the day and the fact that the taliban.
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can even trying to get into a very fortified military installation like the one today suggest this is all our home or security service. head of tolo news in kabul thanks very much for that. now for some of the other stories making the news this hour russian opposit opposition leader alexina volley has been freed from police custody after he was arrested at a protest rally in moscow he faces up to thirty days in jail if found guilty of calling on authorised demonstrations as followers hit the streets in a number of cities calling for a boycott of the upcoming presidential election. german carmakers are reported to have commissioned a test that exposed humans to a gas found in diesel fumes twenty five healthy young people and held nitrogen dioxide in various amounts over several hours in a study funded by car makers v.w.
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dialer and b.m.w. twenty sixteen the same research body also carried out some other studies on monkeys. turkish president much of tire aired on has vowed to clean out what he's calling terrorists inside syria's border region with turkey ankara's offensive against the kurdish why p.g. militia inside syria shows no signs of letting up and in creasing the pressure on the kurds ankara has demanded the united states pull its troops out of the syrian town of where it's been supporting kurdish forces. turkish troops are advancing with the heavy equipment because it's militia wide b.g. which controls the area south of the turkey syrian border and we're going through calls terrorists have put up strong resistance so far but turkish troops have moved into the first move through success so. i spoke with the commander this morning and as of now four hundred and eighty four terrorists have been neutralized the
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operation continues. is about to full after that place is taken will advance with even more determination turkish backed troops have been trying to come to the strategically important hill for days the good news for them came on sunday. and pro wants to prevent the kurds from gaining. long term control of the border areas there one sees the white p.g. as an extended ome of the p.k. k. policy which washington has designated a terrorist organization for the us the white b.g. is an ally in the fight against the so-called islamic state turkeys or drones tools men bitch was particularly provocative since washington has its own troops stationed. but an end to the offensive is not in sight though your notice that there is they're going to close out. which we have previously cleared of terrorists one hundred thirty thousand brothers have returned and settled back
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into their homes now we're doing the same thing in africa step by step will clean our entire border with syria of terrorists and make sure our brothers who've been living in our country for years to come return to their homes. the syrian human rights observatory says at least forty four civilians have been killed the numbers could be confirmed but there can be little doubt that the price for the offensive will be hard paid by the fighters as well as the innocent. well as long as state is facing major setbacks on the ground in syria and that means many of its fighters are returning to their home countries at least five thousand of them came from europe what kind of threat to such battle hardened veterans pose to their hometowns in places like germany france britain and other countries the largest single group of foreign fighters is from belgium or brussels correspond teri schultz followed their tracks. this park in antwerp was
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a hotspot for islamised recruiters luring young belgians to battlefields in syria and iraq now some of them are headed back making many communities nervous earlier return east trying to reintegrate in society are reluctant to be identified and torp city councilor he shall mounseer know some of them personally and ask them to share their stories with me nobody was willing to speak with many of them came back with a huge feeling of shame. and they don't want to to show that look to show their name to work to be on t.v. to say ok i went there and i was a fool and they came back. there are some exceptions laura persone was all over t.v. in two thousand and sixteen publicizing her book about being an islamic state militants bride in syria she decided to escape when her four year old son was taught to behead a teddy bear as shown in this jihadi propaganda now because so many occasionally visit schools as part of the belgian government's anti radicalization efforts but she declined our multiple requests for an interview some are attorneys have other
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motives for staying in the shadows those are the ones that were there and muslim community you don't want us to to see the back and to be obviously don't show any feeling of shame. about the fact that. he's losing. but yet here. that's how return for tree seems to feel set free after receiving a suspended sentence for three also wrote a book and publicly praised islamic state he said his only regret was coming back we couldn't speak with him has he's in prison on unrelated charges sources tell me returning is and their families are urged to keep a low profile by belgian authorities but they're not the only ones i'm told the brother of a belgian fighter gave a television interview a couple of years ago with his identity disguised but islamic state supporters
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found him and beat him up very badly a warning to others to keep quiet local communities are figuring out how to deal with people who return their boarded just north of brussels many youths left this suburb to join us mayor has been to has taken a personal interest in them he visits them in prison to make sure they understand their choices he warns them that after their release they will be under constant scrutiny but that's not all he tells them the second thing i said is when you are free you are a free man you have a mission and. you have to write the new that and all the old. you need to. do to give you all the opportunities to reintegrate and opposed to. want to gives us an example of how his city supported one return he committed to being a law abiding citizen by being completely transparent about the situation and the informant the employer who was ready to give him a chance after all the information that we have got terms transferred to the
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employer the same thing on the housing site. that man is still a success story two years later but there are more i guess followers being groomed peter van astin one of the best known researchers of the belgian jihad movement says he sees no decrease in pro jihad language on social media how strong is their influence well basically we'll only know when the next that that happens are afraid however the belgian government appears a bit more optimistic than. it has reduced to the national terror threat level meaning an attack is no longer considered probable but rather unlikely. spain have been crowned european champions after defeating sweden in handball it was fifth time walking for the spaniards after losing four previous finals they had to fight hard to dig deep for this title here's how it all went down. sweet him
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played a fast paced game just as they had in the semifinal against denmark and they got off to the better start with a strong performance from goalkeeper mikhail and fast counterattacks making it six four. but spain stayed composed changing up their attack and were only two goals behind at half time then the experience spaniards turned the match around. making it twenty fifteen and at the back stabbing was hard to beat i the swedes were lacking the strength to stand up to the aggressive spaniards in the second half with their passing errors leading to many easy goals for spain the final score twenty nine twenty three sweden went down in defeat. and after losing four previous finals spain were finally the european handball champions. to give your manner of our top story at this hour.
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mars has swept the grammys winning all six awards he was nominated for and white roses were a recurring theme this many stars displayed on the show of solidarity against sexual harassment in the entertainer. and i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us. but. i think the biggest favor to all the best goal we've got all the action. right here. is the whole of german football here period every man. going to sleep every weekend here on w.


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