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this is d.w. news live from berlin at this year's grammy awards in new york a white rose with the fashion accessory of the evening. confronting it sexual harassment recording industry as a night of politics and music on the awards from the ceremony belonged to bruno mars he took home six grammys are also coming up a shocking report that german auto makers funded diesel emissions tests on schumann's raises more disturbing questions about the country's car industry the
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testing took place after volkswagen had already admitted to manipulating emissions systems. as the islamic state terror group pulls back in syria and iraq many of its recruits are returning home to europe look at the danger they now hold. and the chinese filmmaker documenting the dark side of the recycling business to watch some of these children have been surrounded by garbage since they google children exposed to harmful substances and toxic fumes most of the garbage comes from overseas but now china has banned almost all imports of plastic waste from abroad. i'm serious almost comical to have you with us all the stars of the music biz descended on new york city for the industry's annual grammy awards the surprise winner of the night was bruno mars who beat out. tough competition the likes of jay
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z. and kendrick lamar to take home six awards but music was not the only item on the bill following the lead of the golden globes many participants and attendees war war white roses as a visible show of solidarity to the times op movement confronting sexual misconduct in show business. bruno swept the grammys this year with six wins including record and album of the year for twenty four k. magic and song of the year for that's what i like he gave a heartfelt speech as he accepted his award and you know those songs were written with nothing but joy and one reason and for one reason only and that's love and that's all i wanted to bring with this album and hopefully i can feel that again and see everybody this and everybody moving but it's mons went into orbit rappers kendrick lamar and jay z. were left down on earth leaving the hip hop community without a win in the coveted album of the year award the man had to take consolation in
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just five prices for his album down and single humble but this year music wasn't the only thing sent to stage with sexual misconduct allegations rocking other areas of the entertainment business music industry figures showed solidarity for the times up and me two campaigns by wearing white roses and pop singer cash who has spoken out about being a survivor of sexual abuse herself deliver top powerful ballad praying. with. the. singer gentleman a gave a rousing speech that pulled no punches silence us we offer you two were it's times . the we say times that the pay inequality times up for discrimination time's up for harassment of any cause and time's up for the abuse of power because you see it's not just going on in hollywood it's not just going on in washington it's right here in in our. these grammys were all about women raising their voices
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to call time on sexual abuse. i had another eventful grannie's day mark as there was following all of us for all of it for us and mark thanks for joining us what stood out to you well i think as we saw in the report at the top of the show a very highly charged performance from cash with the resistance revival chorus a band of women a chorus of women behind all dressed in white to suborn like color for the evening as you mentioned earlier but her performance was extraordinary highly charged not least because of her ongoing and protracted legal issues with the former producer dr luke who she had accused of sexual harassment and so on that was a clearly amazing performance but alongside that outside of the venue on the hudson river itself where you too surrounded by water with the incredible backdrop of the statue of liberty politically charged to you know
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a song that sort of with directed at donald trump and also perhaps a little almost to that punk heroes the clash with this sort of reverse side london calling on the thames feel the other surprises of the evening bruno mars winning this thing the board six awards six awards kind of unexpected because the hot tips were on kendrick lamar and jay z. to win you know jay z. didn't win i think it's all in kendrick lamar came away with a clutch of awards but not you know the victor of the night as others might have thought he would be so bruno mars sweeping the board in germany also had a when germany did indeed have a win with croft back to sort of paraphrase them they are the bottles and they're looking good some many years after the groundbreaking success in electronic music that one of the few german bands to really break out beyond the country's borders and and impress the world with a visionary music they played some sellout. concerts in the last four or five years
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and this award for best dance and electronic album with the three d. three d. the catalog which was the catalogue of these life performances that were so highly praised and beyond all of the music in their chain it does seem like really the white roses stood out just like at the golden globes the political statement absolutely i mean this really was almost not the grammy awards it was almost the meet to awards. many many white roses being supported by female celebrities and male celebrities to as we saw in the report it's interesting the organizers of the of the white rose campaign have said that they chose the white rose because. it's it symbolizes or stands for hope sympathy and resistance but it was also the symbol that was used as the movement in the thirty's by safety schol and her and her companions and they called it
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a symbol of purity and innocence in the face of evil so whichever way you look at it it's a potent symbol and one that kind of recognizes the earthquake that's going through the entertainment industries at the moment. it's important to say i think as well that while women front the bands. to nuff i don't think people behind the scenes powerful figures behind the scenes the producers the managers the people who are pulling the leaves of power and today with the first woman artistic director of the vienna radio symphony orchestra us conductor taking the helm it's kind of high time that the more progressive music industry had figures like her work in the music industry. culture reporter mark asked her with all the highlights from sunday's grammy awards in new york mark thank you very much thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world russian opposition leader alexina volly has been freed from police custody after he was arrested at a protest rally in moscow new delhi faces up to thirty days in jail if found guilty
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of calling an authorized demonstrations his followers hit the streets in a number of cities calling for a boycott of the upcoming presidential election finland's president sally need nice job has been reelected in a landslide victory that saw him receive sixty two percent of the vote in the first round of voting a runoff the former finance minister has been a highly popular president since he took office in two thousand and twelve he ran as an independent with no affiliation to the conservative national coalition party he once charitable. time lapse video of a volcano in the philippines suggests it could be close to a major eruption the government has put people near the my own volcano south of manila on high alert tens of thousands have fled many to government shelters. all right yes i'm a shocking new revelations in the diesel emissions scandal kristoff so many troubling news indeed reports say german carmakers commissioned
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a test that exposed to menstruate hazardous gas found in diesel fumes and apparently these tests took place in twenty sixteen after the does a good scandal broke but only now have become public now the test saw twenty five healthy young people inhaling nitrogen dioxide in various amounts over several hours and a study funded by car makers fox wagon by more and b.m.w. now an industry that's already facing pressure over possible bans of diesel vehicles from inner cities has come for granted with another big p.r. crisis how do you like my new car isn't days old they're all saying in two thousand and fourteen this v.w. commercial set out to prove just how clean diesel was with the help of a white scarf they out clean it is around the same time twenty five healthy young people were taking part in a series of tests for several hours a few times a week they had to breathe in the pollutants nitrogen dioxide the tests were
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commissioned by the european research group on environmental health a body funded by com a cause v.w. diamond b.m.w. and pumped supply ambush and the results were a relief nitrogen dioxide the study concluded had no negative effects on people an all clear for diesel and a snub to the world health organizations research its conclusion was one of the different namely that diesel emissions cause cancer of the human tests are a new low point for comic has they follow the revelations last week that monkeys were forced to inhale cull fumes in two thousand and fourteen something v.w. has since apologized for in two thousand and fifteen the emissions scandal showed v.w. had spent years manipulating its vehicles nitrogen dioxide output the comic i had hoped to leave all that behind it but these latest. suggest that that is unlikely any time soon. all right let's break this story down some more with derek williams
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from david w. science at our financial correspondent then you know cold and frankfurt derek let me start with you here why would car makers want to know how much nitrogen dioxide can be emitted before people get sick isn't this already you know. everybody knows obviously that this stuff is toxic in the high concentrations but the problem is is that we all like driving cars and cars produce this stuff especially diesel cars produce this stuff so the question then becomes not is it toxic but at what concentrations does it become toxic and that's actually if you'll forgive me that's where the tire meets the road because the car industry obviously has an interest vested interest in keeping that as high as possible whereas health regulators like the w.h.o. have an interest in looking at the real healthy health issues involved and so there's a battle that goes on probably in the same way that it went on with big tobacco and the and the cancer question how much is too much what is going to be toxic then you
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know over to you companies testing the impact of hazardous gas on human that sounds like a horrible headline what do people way you are make of this. well it certainly sounds like a horrible headline chris self and i guess it just reflects how important for the industry is to keep the diesel still running but i very interesting actually volkswagen is one of the strongest performers here at the blue chip index true they that's because. i actually got a very positive report from one of the biggest banks here in germany saying that most likely shares will go up so even though we are dealing with a very strong euro at the moment shares of augsburg up with one point two percent and also in the case of diamond they are also up with a quarter per cent at the moment and derek let me come back to you i mean were these tests legal for once and secondly there's obviously an ethical point in it i mean should people inhale potentially toxic gas for scientific reasons while the
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head of the institute who performed this this research came out today and told us cause he said that germany's ethics commission signed off on it in two thousand and sixteen and that the that the nitrogen dioxide concentrations in the study were comparable with those that were used were comparable with those that are found in everyday work in environment situations and that they were the test subjects were exposed to them for three hours and they had no health effects whatsoever and he also then concluded that interview with the press and that his study had nothing to do with the diesel scandal because it happened obviously before the use of scandal took place and how about the fact that these tests were privately funded by big corporations i mean if these tests are necessary and if they're taking place shouldn't they be conducted by regulators well as i said they are conducted by regulators and they're also this is this is how lobbying works and it's not only in the car industry but in
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a wide variety of industries wherever there are health issues at stake regulators and industry are going to clash and this is a protracted fight that still hasn't ended yet and daniel let me come back to you in frankfurt what are the next steps here. well we already had reports coming that the board members of all expiring have apologized for doing those tests on monkeys we haven't heard any statement from them yet regarding those tests being done with humans we are expecting this morning a statement by the president of the federal state offer lower sex in the remember that this state is still holding huge portions of volkswagen so yeah there's going to be lots of more investigation and it's going to be interesting what those are going to bring at the end. up in frankfurt and very graham's here in the studio thanks to both of you. now at
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least eleven soldiers have been killed in afghanistan after gunmen attacked a military academy in the capital kabul reports say there was a gun battle between insurgents and soldiers at the base after one of the attackers blew himself up some fifteen soldiers were wounded authorities say the jihadist did not manage to enter the military academy the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack the third in kabul in recent days. well earlier we spoke to look full head of tolo news t.v. in afghanistan and we asked him why couple was coming under so many attacks. two reasons one is because the united states. president trying to get as the downs a new policy. which means more pressure on pakistan the taliban and they are seriously trying to resist second is that we are in this whether to proceed meaning
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that there is less fighting more pressure big cities like kabul and this is certainly not a new trend but this year we see more bloodshed and the one today which was what we are. at the one to two days ago. hundred people in central kabul meanwhile the so-called islamic state is facing major setbacks on the ground in syria and iraq some say it is close to a seat that means many of the fighters who flocked to join i asked are returning to their home countries many of them came from europe so are those countries dealing with them how much of a threat to they still poles are brussels correspondent teri schultz followed their tracks to belgium a country where i asked managed to find the most terrorist recruits in europe. this park in antwerp was a hotspot for islamist recruiters luring young belgians to battle fields in syria and iraq now some of them are headed back making many communities nervous earlier
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return ease trying to reintegrate in society are reluctant to be identified and city councilor he shown owns their knew some of them personally and asked them to share their stories with me nobody was willing to speak many of them came back with a huge feeling of shame and they don't want to to show that up to show their name or to work to be on t.v. to say i went there and i was a fool and they came back. there are some exceptions laura persone was all over t.v. in two thousand and sixteen publicizing her book about being an islamic state militants bride in syria she decided to escape when her four year old son was taught to behead a teddy bear as shown in this jihadi propaganda now because so many occasionally visit schools as part of the belgian government's anti radicalization efforts but she declined our multiple requests for an interview some are attorneys have other motives for staying in the shadows those are the ones that were there and muslim
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community you don't want to see the back and to be obviously don't show any feeding off of shame. about the fact that. he's losing. but you know here. that's how returning he killed ella for three seems to feel set free after receiving a suspended sentence for three also wrote a book and publicly praised islamic state he said his only regret was coming back we couldn't speak with him as he's in prison on unrelated charges sources tell me returning is and their families are urged to keep a low profile by belgian authorities but they're not the only ones i'm told the brother of a belgian fighter gave a television interview a couple of years ago with his identity disguised but islamic state supporters found him and beat him up very badly a warning to others to keep quiet local communities are figuring out how to deal
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with people who return their boarded just north of brussels many youths left this suburb to join this mayor has been to has taken a personal interest in them he visits them in prison to make sure they understand their choices he warns them that after their release they will be under constant scrutiny but that's not all he tells them the second thing i said just then you are free you are a free man you have had a mission and. you have to write the new that and all the old. unities to do to give you all the opportunities to reintegrate and opposed to. want to gives us an example of how his city supported one return he committed to being a law abiding citizen by being completely transparent about the situation and the informant the employer was ready to give him a chance after all the information that we have got instant hurt another employer the same thing on the housing side. that man is still
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a success story two years later but there are more i guess followers being groomed peter van listing and one of the best known researchers of the belgian jihad movement says he sees no decrease in pro jihad language on social media how strong is their influence well basically i will only know when the next that that happens for free however the belgian government appears a bit more optimistic than venice it has reduced to the national terror threat level meaning an attack is no longer considered probable but rather unlikely. you're watching news a new european handball champion spain downs this weekend in a dramatic final in soccer on fire. but first at the beginning of the year china banned almost all imports of plastic waste from abroad china was not only the world's biggest producer of plastic products it was also importing millions of tonnes of plastic waste for recycling beijing gave only six months
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warning it was going to impose a ban on that left country scrambling to find alternatives to sending their plastic garbage to china a report now looks at the impact of all that waste from abroad that it's had on china so these chinese children have little to look forward to each day they spend most of the waking hours between plumes of smoke and mountains of plastic. their families are no livelihoods by sorting waste these scenes are from a chinese documentary. one spent many years filming small chinese garbage dumps he was haunted by what he witnessed. the away i have a daughter of my arm i couldn't bear to see her grow up in such a horrible environment some of these children have been surrounded by garbage since they were born i don't want kids living in rubbish every day. this is the dark side of the recycling business. these families sorting the trash are exposed to numerous
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health hazards including toxic fumes and harmful substances some of the children here don't go to school. what's not recycled often ends up elsewhere in the landscape polluting the groundwater as a result animals. some of the mountains of garbage catch fire. the stench here is horrible it's almost impossible to bear. but what else can we do . the air is no good the water is no good. the only thing that's good is the money. while shooting his film one to learn made another discovery most of the garbage comes from overseas it's far away and one day from my research i was at a massive garbage dump and had
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a province when i took a closer look i saw the packaging from the us japan germany and france and i realized that i was looking at the garbage dump it put the entire world up. until the beginning of the year more than half of the world's waste was sold to china when also shot footage in the us where waste was the six largest export to china germany has also been exporting several hundred thousand tons of plastic waste annually to the far east. but now in an effort to protect the environment and its own population china says it no longer buys so-called foreign waste. your hard to know without that your logic. this is good for the environment. and it is urgently needed. of course it will also lead to a lack of raw materials such as paper and plastic to. where under.
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now china itself is producing too much waste but environmental awareness is increasing modern recycling and incineration plants are being built in many locations as a result other countries are stuck with twenty four types of waste banned from import to china. before there was and there i would see how that countries such as germany britain the us all the european union should all think about how to solve their waste problems. instead of relying on the world market and simply exports ing them water treated. when july and also seized change many of the recycling plants he visited have since been shut down the filmmaker says the conditions at this garbage sorting facility in beijing are satisfactory. meanwhile his film has won several international awards for one to learn the import ban is good news and
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will contribute to solving china's environmental problems. we also hope that people in industrialised countries will see the facts and hear the truth or off film and that they give more attention to this issue. twenty lang is no longer allowed to show his film on china's strictly controlled internet but he's convinced his work has contributed to a positive change in china's west related activities. dan ball now in spain have been a crowd of european champions after defeating sweden it was a lucky fifth try for the spaniards after losing four previous finals they had to fight hard and dig deep for the title here's what happened. sweden played a fast paced game just as they had in the semifinal against denmark and they got off to the better start with a strong performance from goalkeeper mikhail apple green and fast counterattacks making it six for i but spain stayed composed changing up their attack and were
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only two goals behind at half time then the experience spaniards turned the match around far right debbie by their hair making it twenty fifteen and at the back keeper i pod stabbing was hard to beat. the swedes were lacking the strength to stand up to the aggressive spaniards in the second half with their passing errors leading to many easy goals for spain the final score twenty nine twenty three sweden went down in defeat. and after losing four previous finals spain were finally the european handball champion i. the international paralympic committee has announced that russia will be barred from participating at the young chang winter paralympics in march the i.p.c. announcement was made on monday in bonn the organization did however say that it would allow some thirty five russian athletes to compete as neutrals
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a similar policy has already been implemented by the i.o.c. for the upcoming winter olympics russia was barred from competing following allegations of widespread state sponsored doping dating back to the two thousand and fourteen sochi winter olympics. are modern our top stories at this hour pop singer bruno mars has swept the grammys winning six awards white roses were occurring many stars display them in a show of solidarity against sexual misconduct. and at least five afghan soldiers have been killed in an attack on an army post in a couple the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility it marks the third major attack in the city in the recent days. thanks for watching good up you were back at the top of the hour.
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school because. ruthless calculation military leaders want to extend the mask. technological see the color green shoots of massacres. starting february third on d w. hello and welcome to yet another edison of eco at africa your environmental magazine votes to you by d w time most of the case here by they would share a money coming to you from nairobi kenya and joining me is my colleague mel it's out from nigeria hello n.c. i have a little call.


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