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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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news still to come a shocking report reveals that german automakers funded diesel emissions tasks on humans and monkeys it raises more disturbing questions about the country's car industry the testing took place after volkswagen had already admitted to manipulating emissions systems. that story and more with christoph cove are coming right up. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you use papers with official information as attorneys i have worked on the street for many cancers and their problems are always the same point to the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption weak on the floor to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the human sense even right to fools who have decided
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to put their trust in us. my name is jean paris and i weren't. caught up in toxic fumes while german carmakers apologized for using monkeys in exhaust tests reports now are saying companies including fox wagon and pursues also commission tests that's all humans inhaled toxic gas that's also on the program the u.s. dollar stops its weeklong decline against the euro but what will the future of the world's most important currency look like we'll get an expert's view on that. this is a business welcome. reports a german car makers commissioned
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a test that exposed humans to a hazardous gas found in diesel fumes the set up saw twenty five healthy people inhaling nitrogen dioxide in various amounts over several hours and the study funded by car makers. and b.m.w. now an industry that's already facing pressure over possible bans of diesel vehicles from inner cities is confronted with another p.r. problem. that you like my new car isn't days old in two thousand and fourteen this me w. commercial set out to prove just how clean diesel was with the help of a white scarf they out clean it is around the same time twenty five healthy young people were taking part in a series of tests for several hours a few times a week they had to breathe in the pollutant nitrogen dioxide the tests were commissioned by a company called the european research group on environmental health funded by
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carmakers. b.m.w. and parts supplier barsh the tests concluded normal much region dioxide emissions had no negative effects on people and apparent all clear for diesel and the snub to the world health organizations research its conclusion was rather different namely that these little missions caused cancer the human tests are a new low point for carmakers in the admissions crisis they follow revelations last week that monkeys were forced to inhale curfew is in two thousand and fourteen something v.w. has since apologized for in twenty fifteen the emission scandal showed you had spent years manipulating its vehicles microbes and dioxide output the carmaker had hoped to leave all that behind but these latest revelations suggest that's unlikely at least any time soon. now for more on the story from d.w. science joins me in the studio welcome derek good to have you why would car makers
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want to know how the nitrogen how much nitrogen dioxide is actually hazardous to people how much they can have before they get sick isn't this no one already well obviously it's not that nitrogen dioxide and high concentrations is very toxic it's a poison and certain certain groups of certain professions are actually in danger and but but the problem is the went whenever you run into health issues like this it's a question of what are we. all exposed to on a general level on a daily level and when you get into into lower concentrations then things become tricky at what point does something really become dangerous for your health and of course you've got on the one high side you've got health regulators like the w.h.o. trying to regulate and decide who is who is who's in danger and how much is bad for us and on the other side you have industries for example the car industry saying. more is better because that means they're going to be able to produce cars more cheaply right i mean the car industry funded this study this controversial study
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the results were there was no harm but the head of the organization to did the study said the results were only partially significant for example because they couldn't be applied to the entirety of the population well that's that's true i mean if you if you in any test in any testing situation and a case study like this if you take twenty five healthy young adults and you submit them to particular levels of a gas that you know in high concentrations is toxic they're obviously going to have it's not going to the effects that it's going to have on them are not going to be the same as that's going to have on an eighty year old it's become very very clear that nitrogen dioxide even in lower concentrations can pose a health risk and for it for things like lung disease and asthma there's no question about that but the question is is where are those levels and other response to this study of the revelation that humans were used and it has been damning we have a german government spokesman saying that emissions tests on animals monkeys were
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that matter and people are in no way justifiable and obviously there's an ethical point here i mean should people and potentially toxic gas for scientific reasons this is this is you have to that's kind of the only way to make process progress and in a situation like this you're going to have to eventually look at what does this do to a to human being for me the bigger ethical question here was not really what happened with the humans because they were informed probably about what was going on in the test and they they they made a decision that even went through an ethics committee in germany which had the final say on whether or not it would be able to be conducted the test with the monkeys is for me a much worse test to shut up a monkey in a in an airtight chamber with a v.w. and let it run for four hours that for me is almost even a bigger ethical dilemma now funding for these tests came from big corporations b w dimer be. m.w. will these revelations change anything in the way research is done. whenever you
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have opposing interests industry and health organizations you're going to you're going to have these kinds of problems it's not something that's going to be resolved overnight especially the question of how much gas and how much of this nitrogen gases is bad for us is not going to be resolved even now even though we have evidence that it isn't good for us because the problem is is that we like our cars and internal combustion engines in particular diesels produce it in large amounts the question of how we deal with that as a society longer term whether we move to immobility or other options is one that has to be addressed both by society and by this industry they're growing from v.w. science thank you so much. and we want to bring you another story from currency markets that is the u.s. dollar crawled up from lows on monday but still struggle to pull ahead from six straight weeks of losses and there are conflicting messages coming from u.s.
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political leaders on what the value of the greenback should look like going forward now treasury secretary steven nugent said at the world economic forum in davos last week that a weak currency would help us trade balances in the short term but on thursday he backtracked saying he fundamentally believed in the strength of the dollar u.s. president donald trump also said he ultimately favored a strong green bag now the booming u.s. economy should be pushing the dollar up instead it is tumbling since mid december the dollar has fallen six percent against the euro falling to around eighty cents the lowest level since the end of twenty fourteen you can see it right there and that is raising eyebrows among currency experts the president of the european central bank mario draghi saying the recent volatility in exchange rates represents a source of uncertainty which requires monitoring earlier i asked karsten unionist chief economist at sapphire sarrasin bank if he thought u.s.
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officials apparently talking down the value of the dollar was a break of tradition. absolutely it would be a break from tradition and it's not encouraging what they what they do they soften with this administration i have the impression that they're not really aware of what they're commonly cation is doing they seem to believe that they can make statesman to lie the us finance and finance minister did and reserve reversing them the other day that is not how we used to communicate it in these markets all what we expect from central bankers and governments and it's definitely not to doing any good for the world economy and to the financial system stephen newton says he feels that he was misunderstood giving that cold at a low u.s. dollar would be beneficial to the u.s. economy at the same time his remarks provoked stark criticism coming from the
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european side are we entering a currency war. i don't really believe that we enter currency war because for war for you need credibility and that is something that the us ministration and yes finance minister is that is lacking for exactly the reason that he was understood he made an obvious remark that he shouldn't have made he wasn't aware that us finance ministers do not call now and county movements lightly and he was not aware that they had a lot of agreements in the in the parts to try to prevent the accounts the war that so easily could have pushed the world economy after the great financial crisis in even deeper depression this is why we have all of these agreements that we why we have all of these statements from the g. twenty and and so on that we do knowledge into these.
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pretty periods currency wars whatsoever but carson of the same time we see the u.s. government sort of prepping up for warfare we see that taxes are being slashed in competition with other countries regulation is being slashed in competition with other countries what do you make of that them. well there was an interesting remark by president rogge of the c.b.s. lost last thursday so one thing that he was also worried about is the international relations that seem to deteriorate the spirit of cooperation. in other words that we had and that has the economy together this is a danger that we face if important countries because you
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me first agendas cost you news chief economist at sufferance ericsson bank thank you for your thoughts. and that wraps up your business update here on g.w. for now i'm crystal cobra thanks for keeping me company for more on the latest business stories don't forget to check out our facebook and twitter feed and of course there's always the web site that's dot com slash business i'll be back here with a fresh update next hour. and now here's a look at how markets are trading her. how to. try.
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