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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is do w. news live from berlin afghanistan suffers yet another terrorist attack at least eleven soldiers are killed as jihad destroyed their military academy in the capital kabul the so-called islamic state claims responsibility also coming up a shocking report reveals that german automaker's funded diesel emissions tests on humans and monkeys the phrase as more disturbing questions about the country's car
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industry. good. morning. prizes and the politics at this year's grammys in new york as female musicians confront sexual harassment in the recording industry on the awards front the night belonged to bruno mars he took home six grammys. plus a plane among the plastic the children of the world's garbage dumped on their doorstep is just one reason why china has banned the import of any more waste. and handball gets new european champions at the final in zagreb spain see of sweden to lift their first ever title in the competition. i'm serious almost got to thank you for joining us at least eleven soldiers have been killed in afghanistan after. gunmen attacked
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a military academy in the capital kabul reports say there was a gun battle between insurgents and soldiers at the base after one of the attackers blew himself up some fifteen soldiers were wounded authorities say the jihadists did not manage to enter the military academy the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack the third in couple in recent days. and we can talk to journalist i hear cut deary he is on the line from a couple to here thank you for joining us the third attack in kabul in recent days as we just said why are we seeing such an off take in violence in the capital. won't i would say it shows this failure of the afghan security forces i know that that the afghan government is quite busy with the laming in neighboring countries for such attacks but it literally shows that the senior security officials they are not just a couple of all over ensuring this pretty over capital where we are at least five million people are living there people are really horrifying people are really fed up and the people are taking other actions like you know they are planning protests
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to ask the senior security officials to sit down yesterday for example the three the security minister they appeared in a press conference one of them was saying that no one is comfortable to replace them which is quite funny and shameful because that literally shows it is being you know afghanistan is now the security is being led by a small legal people who are incompetent so why have security forces been so on able to stop this surge of violence. well because they did a problem is the afghan government is so busy these days with city politics and internal politics you know politicians accusing each other of you know what is happening as what they call is a conspiracy theory so that's why they for get higher and more more important priority which is issuing the security of people so that is why that has been idling to be honest for example in kabul alone we know that at least more than
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twenty terrorist groups operate so how could they operate while we have the excuse me why we have to use any intelligence. the intelligence services soldiers and asians here and we have got our national security forces we have got the spatial forces we have got commandos and we have got international forces here but unfortunately still people on a daily bases a big spirit and such terrorist attack this is quite shameful and that is a massacre that all comes as the indonesian presidential who we doto has been actually visiting a couple is this a failure by afghan intelligence to prevent this attack during his this is exactly exactly let me remind it thoroughly and suggest that he was declared as a morning ceremony of like one hundred twenty people who were killed and massacred and then today they called it again a declared a public holiday achieving little telling people the afghan government was telling people that it's the mornings but the reality was that just they wanted to keep all
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the roads and the streets and the so that they could welcome and receive the indonesian president but all of a sudden this happened and i'm sure the indian asian prison was surprised too because it is not the first sign that you know high profile people come to afghanistan and such attacks take place as so that was a total failure people you know today have everywhere all the votes were blocked even though you know there was so much restriction and preparations for ensuring that they couldn't avoid one attack would you can see the outburst of people on social media if you all of them all right journalists are here penury reporting for us from couples to here thank you very much. was a mistake may have claimed responsibility for the latest attack but it has been almost completely defeated on the ground in syria and iraq that means many of its fighters are returning to their home countries what kind of threat to such battle hardened veterans post of their hometowns and places like germany france making
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many communities nervous earlier return is trying to reintegrate in society are reluctant to be identified and city councilor he owns there knew some of them personally and asked them to share their stories with me nobody was willing to speak with many of them came back with a huge feeling of shame. to show that to show their name or to refer to be on t.v. to say i went there and i was a fool and they came back there are some exceptions laura persone was all over t.v. in two thousand and sixteen publicizing her book about being an islamic state militants bride in syria she decided to escape when her four year old son was taught to behead a teddy bear as shown in this jihadi propaganda now because so many occasionally visit schools as part of the belgian government's anti radicalization efforts but she declined our multiple requests for an interview summer attorneys have other motives for staying in the shadows those are the ones that were there and towards
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the muslim community they don't want to see that they are back and to be they don't show any feeding off of shame. or more frustrated about the fact that. the. losing. but you know here. that's how returning he killed l a fortress seems to feel set free after receiving a suspended sentence for three also wrote a book and publicly praised islamic state he said his only regret was coming back we couldn't speak with him as he's in prison on unrelated charges sources tell me returning is and their families are urged to keep a low. filed by belgian authorities but they're not the only ones i'm told the brother of a belgian fighter gave a television interview a couple of years ago with his identity disguised but islamic state supporters found him and beat him up very badly a warning to others to keep quiet local communities are figuring out how to deal
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with people who return though boarded just north of brussels many youths left this suburb to join us mayor has been to has taken a personal interest in them he visits them in prison to make sure they understand their choices he warns them that after their release they will be under constant scrutiny but that's not all he tells them the second thing i said is when you are free you are a free man you have had your punishment. you have to write a new that you and all the opportunities to do to give you all the opportunities to reintegrate and opposed to. want to gives us an example of how his city supported one return he committed to being a law abiding citizen by being completely transparent about the situation and the informant the employer was ready to give him a chance after all the information that we have got was transferred to another employer the same thing on the housing site. that man is still a success story two years later but there are more i guess followers being groomed
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peter van astin one of the best known researchers of the belgian jihad movement says he sees no decrease in pro jihad language on social media how strong is their influence well basically with. the next that that happens afraid however the belgian government appears a bit more optimistic than. it has reduced to the national terror threat level meaning an attack is no longer considered probable but rather unlikely. our correspondent brussels teri schultz sent us that report and she joins us for more hi terry good to see you know europe was expecting a huge wave of return eased after the so-called islamic state was defeated in many regions but so far not a lot of them have come back yet where are they. will that's true europe was told this that this would be the biggest security threat for years to come that an exodus was on its way and it's been just
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a trickle so what does the word is believe in you know the information is patchy is that most of the hardcore isis fighters have either been killed on the battlefield or don't want to come back literally would rather die there some of the other ones have come back without telling they've sneaked back in they have passports in some cases it may not have even known they left so in any case the fighters that we know of who have returned or are in very small numbers and many of them have been women and kids carry for those who have returned how is the communities that they come from how of they reacted and has there been an effort by authorities to reach out to those communities well belgium learned a lot being found two of you know unwittingly housed the perpetrators of the attacks in paris and brussels and there has been a lot more outreach to communities but when it comes to the issue of these fighters i was told by many people in different communes that there is not a lot of federal outreach a lot of help of yours to figure out what to do with them but it doesn't seem like
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that program is on a fast track except in communities like the one i profiled involve border for example so terry that's in belgium what about on the european level is there a common policy on handling fighters who have returned. there's not each government is basically left to do what is the what it thinks is best and some of them do put people directly in jail belgium is one of those that tends toward that response there are other countries like denmark even germany where there's a little bit more discernment between what that person might have done on the battlefield which is hard to prove but there's a call for a more uniform treatment of these returns because of course if they come back and they're not handled in a very careful way they just cross borders so there's a state by and by all european countries that there is a more uniform way of making sure that anybody who is released does not pose a danger to society views teri schultz in brussels for us terry thank you for your reporting for. now to some other stories making news around the world
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paris is on alert for flooding today as the river send a swell to four meters above if usual levels the river flowing through the french capital reached nearly six meters this morning water levels are not expected to begin receding before tuesday after weeks of heavy rain hit the area the floods have already caused damage in a number of towns finland's president sally needy student has been reelected in a landslide victory to some steve sixty two percent of the vote in the first round avoiding a runoff the former finance minister has been a highly popular president since he took office in two thousand and twelve he ran as an independent with no affiliation to the conservative national coalition party that he wants chaired you know ten western tourists have been charged in cambodia with producing pornographic images they were arrested after pictures emerged of people imitating sex acts at a party in a resort town. you're watching d.w. news still to come prices and politics at this year's grammys in new york as female
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musicians confront sexual harassment in the recording industry on the awards front the night belonged to bruno mars he took home six grammys. but first superfluous repulsive absurd and an inexcusable some other words that are being used today in reaction to this story that's come out of a newspaper reports that the german car giant's finance toxic emissions testing on humans as well as monkeys the aim was to give diesel a good name and secure a valuable tax breaks but the plan backfired. how do you like my new car isn't days older also in two thousand and fourteen this v.w. commercial set out to prove just how clean diesel was with the help of a white scarf they out clean of them around the same time twenty five healthy young people were taking part in a series of tests for several hours a few times a week they had to breathe in the pollutants nitrogen dioxide the tests were
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commissioned by the european research group on environmental health a body funded by call makers v.w. dime led b.m.w. and pumped supply of bush and the results were a relief nitrogen dioxide the study concluded had no negative effects on people an all clear for diesel and a snub to the world health organizations research its conclusion was rather different namely that diesel emissions cause cancer the human tests are a new low point for carmakers they follow revelations last week that monkeys were forced to inhale call fumes in two thousand and fourteen something v.w. has since apologized for in two thousand and fifteen the emissions scandal showed v.w. had spent years manipulating its vehicles nitrogen dioxide output the comic had hoped to leave all that behind it but these latest revelations suggest that that is unlikely but just anytime soon. now we've got.
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a religious affairs and ethics order. martin this is a real ethical topic to talk to you about you know how bad the outcry is when lab animals they used in skin products for example rabbits and rats and that we're talking about humans and monkeys i mean it really is quite absurd in this day and age there is no ethical dilemma here i mean in the sense and at the limits what emerges when you're not really sure what way to go because you have very strong reasons to do one thing and to the direct opposite here there is no question this is just a bit of an outrage and what is quite notable is to this actually did receive the human the human experiment which happened in germany i mean the monkey experiment happened in the us was approved by back in university medical school at the explored. and i think well this is something that we do not understand i mean i read i read the conclusion that takes that takes a protocol demand which is first i mean first if there is any conflict of interest
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i think that anybody that's not understand that as research unit that has essentially been set up for the sake of the fending industry. is not itself a reliable source of information in that industry or the products of an industry so that it's a first question the other issue is that although the monkey story is a lot more detail aiding because it clearly it's outrageous just to think of these animals defenseless being locked up in a chamber. would exhaust fumes the story with human subjects is a lot more interesting because it actually supposes that in fact there was that there was consent when we do not know we for these were people that were actually you know financially strained were actually deciding themselves essentially to receive harm because of reasons that were of course completely extraneous to just their own witnesses who would put their hand up something like this in their in their right mind but often get paid for these sorts of studies yes indeed you are and this is extremely problematic of course in a situation which you have people with needs is study certainly
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a problem what does it tell you about the extent to which companies will go just to get. expert companies quite simply cannot be trusted on matters of the public good i mean for the simple reason not that they are evil but for the simple reason that they have conflicting interests with the public good the company interested in the bottom line the public is interested in the good in cases like this one we see actually that these two interests collapse so the legal issue is really not there it's not an ethical dilemma there is a question of a complete lack of regulation but as was said i mean in the previous episode we've basically just cut them loose and let them go on doing their business thank you very much for your insights my pleasure. now sunday night saw the credibility of the music world gather in new york for the sixtieth the grammy awards at the industry's showcase event it was a night of a powerful and colorful performances with white roses and the fashion accessory of the evening as musicians showcased their support for the need to win time's up.
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more of the grammys now we have karen helms that from our culture to ask elizabeth show over at our social media desk we've been following all the reactions for us today good to have you both karen let's start with you so this was a night of music and politics absolutely things were definitely a lot more political than they've ever been in the past and i think that's a trend that we'll see continuing in the support for the need to in the times that movements was reflected in those white roses that's course a flower that historically stands for hope peace and resistance of course and a lot of the stars turn up in very monochrome outfits sort of black but also white which has a strong soucy action to the women's movement so interesting also was that it looked like it was going to be the evening for rap to bask in this in the limelight and. you know jay z. went in with eight nominations kind of went in with seven and it was pop dance man bruno mars who obviously came into still there thunder jay z. went home completely empty handed and kendrick lamar had to settle for five and so
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i think the hip hop community probably has a bit of a. pic with bruno mars obviously won all three of the big album best song and the album of the year and he kept his speech pretty general it was really more all about the joy so let's have a quick look at that and here it is some of music from his wedding album. to me probably looking at the very first right now. thank you to the first time our band watching you guys i love you all with all my heart and this is for the fans thank you. for i love bruno mars so i don't promise. i will salute me also there's plenty of
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a particular guy and so obviously very very upbeat i mean the kind of stuff that people want to listen to in troubled times i absolutely listen let's come over to you know what has been some of the chatter there on social media. well for me lots of hip hop fans of course complaining about the fact that bruno mars won among others the best album of the year beating of barricade reply maher and jay z. i also think that he got a well deserved a trophy there but really the highlight of last night's performance a very emotional moment was by singer. she performed at one of her latest songs it is called praying and just to give our viewers some background catch i had been gauged in a long legal battle with her former producer dr luke she had sued him saying that he had sexually and also emotionally abused her she had lost that case and so she was forced to continue working out with that produces so the song praying is really about the whole nightmare that she had to go through and we can listen in to that
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performance by keisha there. and sumi a lot of people were moved by that really powerful performance powerful message and that is what they are sharing on social media i can show you a couple of comments that we have come across here u.s. actress america ferrera saying use thought up and use your voice long before there was a massive culture shift and movement to support you you helped create this culture shift thank you for your fight for your beautiful artistry and for this stunning performance i know there's a debate about whether it should have won a grammy she was nominated for that song in that category best pop solo performance alongside lady gaga who was nominated for the song million reasons and now the
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award went to ed sheeran for his song shape of you and you see lots of people complaining saying that this is a very simple song about it here in making meeting a girl at a club and they say that the recording academy is being a little hypocritical not giving that award to more meaningful and deep songs like the one by kisha all right liz apologies to our viewers i think we're having some trouble pulling up those tweets there but coming to you what do you make of the me too movement that we saw then again reflected at the grammys last night after this wave of resistance at the golden globes where do you think we could see this had well and pick up on those two words that list just use the cultural shift and i think the critics specked obviously a certain lip service to be paid to the issues on the grammys and i think that expectation comes ahead of ahead of all of the awards ceremonies coming up obviously the oscars first and foremost but it has to be said you know at the at the golden globes the women spoke out but the men didn't so at this instance on
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sunday night the men were actually a lot more demonstrative at the grammys so that's perhaps an interesting and interesting change i think the performance that we just saw there by castro is symptomatic of what we can expect to see coming you know there's a lot of contradictions and we just saw those those those videos of. marzan a lot of contradictions within the music industry obviously were sexist and i saw it in the songs and video have been somewhat their bread and butter for many many years so it's very hard for that industry to do an about face and yet there were also a lot of disappointments on the women's side there was only one woman that actually won in one of the larger categories so there's a lot of criticism out there that that the grammys are possibly you know starting to look more progressive on the surface but there is definitely a lot more work to be done and definitely you know rapper logic can also make very very political statements so that they're grasping at that chance to use this as a platform i think we can expect to see a lot more about if there was also an award for germany in all of this is
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absolutely cuffed the pioneering electro band from if they won the grammy for the best electronic album and that was for their album three d. the catalog for that was put together. by. with a bunch of retrospective performances that they did. a few years ago where they performed in in museums. three d. catalog those guys before of them won the grammy for lifetime achievement back in two thousand and fourteen so this was going to be this was a nice nice talking to a really good store a cold. storage vent and they went on that tour and played in places like the new york museum model of modern art and here that's you know going to definitely huge hugely influential guys already since back in the seventy's all right well congratulations there's a cost wreck as well and all the winners are at the grammys and are we have karen hopes that a culture editor and also lose show at our social media desk both of you tracking
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of the grammys force thank you both very much pleasure. now moving on you're watching news a still to come on the program there's a new european handball champion after spain down sweden in a dramatic. it's final exam grab on sunday. but don't forget you can always get deja vu news on the go download our out from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that to send us your photos and your videos. while the fins are often seen as dour reserved and quiet of his impressions also bolstered by statistics finland is one of the globe's highest annual number of suicides according to the world health organization and in the dark winter months a significant proportion of its population falls into depression that's what makes
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a discovery that fans are keen karaoke singers all the more surprising as this report shows. you can't make it big on the big stage then maybe it's time to try the karaoke bar and here in the finished capital helsinki just like in most major cities around the world plenty of places for one to be singers to shine. and even and supposedly quiet places like this one in finland libraries are often seen as cultural centers and some are trying something different. than the. reward for good. it's very popular it's i think it's an insult in some foxes to rule this. one mountain not so you have to book worry
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already we have a warm room for this song called so it doesn't really bother other customers this libron a helsinki is the only one of its kind to date for the singers here karaoke is more than just a way to pass the time south on days i did. you never showed too much emotion the singing was always good to be able to express your feelings yet at the time was a lot of us i love singing i love singing and it's a great opportunity to meet so good friends here i think. so let me ask you. in some places there's even karaoke in the bathroom the on the. right you're watching news we'll have much more coming up in the next thirty minutes.
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for fear of adding one turkish intellectuals funny repression and tyranny. in the new brave refugees it's completely different than this time this could emissions supporters. so this is the brain of tutti coming to germany. flying from turn to german exile in forty five minutes on the double. beats. of step before. it's all about the still lives inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us in the inspired by distinctive instagram or others at g.w.
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starting february first on t.w. . welcome back you're watching give you names our top story at least eleven afghan soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military academy in kabul the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility and mark the third major attack in the city in present days and pop singer going to mars what the grammys winning all six awards were. nominated for and white roses were of recurring theme has many stars displayed them in a show of solidarity against sexual misconduct. now to the growing problem of how to deal with the world's waste at the beginning of this month china banned almost all imports of plastic waste from abroad it's not only the world's biggest producer of plastic products it had also been importing millions of tonnes of plastic waste for recycling beijing gave only six months warning that it was going to impose the ban on that one country scrambling to find alternatives to sending their plastic
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garbage to china more now on what the ban means for the world and the impact all that waste from abroad has had on china. so these chinese children have little to look forward to each day they spend most of their waking hours between plumes of smoke and mountains of plastics so their families are now livelihoods by sorting wastes these scenes are from a chinese documentary. one too long spent many years filming small chinese garbage dumps in this haunted by what he witnessed. the away which i have a quarter of my arm i couldn't bear to see her grow up in such a horrible environment some of these children have been surrounded by garbage since they were born i don't want kids living in rubbish every day. this is the dark side of the recycling business. the families sorting the trash are exposed to numerous health hazards including toxic fumes and harmful substances some of the children here don't go to school thanks what's not recycled often ends up
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elsewhere in the landscape polluting the groundwater as a result animals. some of the mountains of garbage catch fire. pressure area the stench here is horrible it's almost impossible to bear. but what else can we do. with the air is no good the water is no good. the only thing that's good is the money. while shooting his film one to learn made another discovery most of the garbage comes from overseas. so for a while one day for my research i was at a massive garbage dump and had a province when i took a closer look i saw the packaging from the us japan germany france and i realized
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that i was looking at the garbage dump in the entire world. until the beginning of the year more than half. of the world's waste was sold to china when also shot footage in the us where waste was the six largest export to china germany has also been exporting several hundred thousand tonnes of plastic waste annually to the far east. but now in an effort to protect the environment and its own population china says it no longer buys so-called foreign waste. your had a year without that. this is good for the environment. and it is urgently needed. of course it will also lead to a lack of role materials such as paper and plastic to. where i do it yourself now china itself is producing too much waste but environmental awareness is
3:34 pm
increasing modern recycling and incineration plants are being built in many locations as a result other countries are stuck with twenty four types of waste banned from import to china. before there was and there i would see how that countries such as germany britain the us all the european union should all think about how to solve their waste problems. instead of relying on the world market and simply export water treated here. when john also sees change many of the recycling plant he visited has since been shut down the filmmaker says the conditions at this garbage sorting facility in beijing are satisfactory. meanwhile his film has won several international awards for one to learn the import ban is good news and will contribute to solving china's environmental problems. we also hope that people in industrialised countries will see the facts and hear the truth film and that they
3:35 pm
give more attention to this issue. lang lang is no longer allowed to show his film on china's strictly controlled internet but he's convinced his work has contributed to a positive change in china's ways to lead activities. right ben is back now with currency confusion in the trump administration definitely there are mixed messages coming from the us sumi on what the value of the greenback should be the dollar crawling up from lows on monday but struggling for political from six straight weeks of losses at the world economic forum in davos last week treasury secretary steven maneuvered said a weak currency would help the u.s. trade balance in the short term on thursday he backtracked saying he fundamentally believed in the strength of the dollar will still be off the president donald trump said he ultimately favored a strong dollar the booming u.s. economy should be pushing the dollar up instead it's been tumbling as so many other
3:36 pm
economies recover since mid december the dollar is falling six percent against the euro falling to around eighteen cents the lowest level since the end of twenty fourteen and that's raising eyebrows among currency experts the president of the european central bank mario draghi said last week the recent volatility in exchange rates represents a source of uncertainty which requires monitoring we asked constant junia's from safir sarrasin bank if he thinks u.s. officials conflicting comments on the dollar are a break with tradition. absolutely it would be a break from tradition and it's not encouraging what they what they do so often with this administration i have the impression that they're not really aware of what their comedy cation is doing they seem to believe that they can make statesman to lie the us finance and finance minister did and reserve reversing them the other
3:37 pm
day that is not how we used to communicate it in these markets all what we expect from central bankers and governments and it's definitely not to doing any good for the world economy and the financial system and it's a very sensitive market indeed the world's biggest ever digital currency theft now a major japanese crypto currency exchanges lost about four hundred million dollars in digital assets after a hack attack conject says hackers stole any m. tokens from its platform on friday it's among the top ten crypto currencies in the world by market capitalization the company says it will use its own states to reimburse the two hundred sixty thousand people affected by the hack it's not yet known when they'll get their money back. that you like a good coffee live in london listen to this the u.k. has departure from the e.u. could threaten the very future of the way you start your day is they don't use
3:38 pm
because it must. in central london speciality coffee shops have sprung up everywhere in the smallest of spaces. and even in former public toilets for coffee lovers like me this is very lucky bought my this comes on and after bricks it. it takes some skills to prepare a really good coffee. the attendant has the special sharma former public you right . here every portion has weighed the temperature and the pressure of the water must be strictly controlled. as well as the stability of the middle five. everyone who works is a coffee professional. eliza's from italy as are many offer barry stuff friends. everywhere you going you'll find that the working here. is kind of the you know his family outside of italy his. life without
3:39 pm
a european there is just absolutely unthinkable for the attendance customers. it would be a living nightmare yeah mixed goat every bit good if british barristers can develop european flair but we also treasure i europeans here i'm a very disappointed about taxi small shops already find it difficult to find the right people. kathleen in london has won international prizes behind the counter many australians and eastern europeans. he has some english people applying for jobs says caffeine's owner peter george smith but nevertheless he's still worried about bricks it you're going to need a pool of people to keep working and it's proven in the facts it's proven insisting that it the industry is growing at a certain rate we need a certain amount of people to fill those spots or there's going to places that will close it's not just the owners of small shops that are worried at present one of
3:40 pm
the biggest chains more than half of their staff are e.u. citizens from outside the u k. president has warned that only one in fifty people who apply to their company is british and that they would not be able to fill all the vacancies just with british workers there is no extra training for british tourists but the fest for coffee in the u.k. seems massive and the us artisan coffee lovers are hoping that even this will continue to be able to enter the country even after breaks it. it's time to get back to you know in the philippines most active volcano or beyond the country's president. has visited all but a province where tens of thousands of people have been displaced by that active volcano mount my own it's been a jack ting lava and ash for the last two weeks geologists say there could be a major eruption within days. the philippines most active volcano is at it again for weeks now mount my own has been spewing
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a white hot cocktail of gas and volcanic debris down its flanks complicating matters nonstop brain is mixing with the volcanic ash and rock that's resulted in fast moving much flows which have damaged roads and could potentially sweep away entire settlements. more than eighty thousand residents have fled their homes and are living in temporary shelters which are quickly getting overcrowded food and other supplies remain adequate but concerns are growing over health and hygiene conditions. in britain story unfold if people want to help i hope they give us water because it's so hard to get that here and it's not enough we have to wait in line here. authorities have cordoned off a nine kilometer danger zone around mount my own but that hasn't stopped defiant farmers from tending to crops and livestock that they depend on for their
3:42 pm
livelihoods. whole villages are living in evacuation centers sometimes they go back to be homes to feed around in malls and then they return to the evacuation centers their life at the moment the government is bracing for a possible three month long emergency in the areas around my own more rain is forecast for the coming week while another ecological challenge is being confronted by refugees who have been living in camps in the sahara desert in algeria for more than forty years displaced by war they already had very little the arid climate has made it even more difficult to grow food most people living there rely on international humanitarian aid to get by but aid workers have recently introduced a low cost farming technique that could provide long awaited relief. this mark camp in southwest algeria is cold and stormy in the wintertime and
3:43 pm
extremely dry all year round. but here is feeding her goats she's got the usual provisions with her a handful of cardboard her animals don't normally get anything else because there is nothing else. the goats are scrawny and sickly and provide a little milk milk that sewell leak and her family desperately need they too are living on a very poor diet and have been for the last forty two years since they fled from the war in their homeland. says works for the algerian operation of the united nations world food program that people here rely on their food supplies but knows their help is not enough. cause the people here are malnourished we can only offer them a completely unbalanced diet it's totally lacking in animal protein accounts in
3:44 pm
particular. talent brahim is another refugee who was born here in the camp the algerian government has made it possible for him to finish his schooling and to study agriculture now he's trying to secure better food supplies for himself and his companions it didn't take him long to find out it's not easy so we did some producing. but we faded. through that. got we don't have you luckily talib is skilled at hydro culture this involves plants growing not in soil but instead getting their nutrients from water this method requires far fewer resources than traditional farming methods in fact contra can cut water consumption. ninety percent experts at the world food program are enthusiastic about this concept. is responsible for innovation at the w p which
3:45 pm
financed a test facility. at least saw an amazing increase in milk production the animals that were fed on this freshwater supplied two hundred fifty percent more milk than those on what we might call normal rations. and yet hydro culture is technically demanding complicated and expensive is that really the right solution for a refugee camp in the middle of the sahara. has managed to develop a low tech facility it's cheap enough for anyone to be able to afford it already there are thirty in these camps soon there will be two hundred the u.n. world food program wants to install hydro culture and refugee camps around the world. brahim is happy and proud he's producing fresh food for his twenty
3:46 pm
five goats every day. they repay him with more milk and meat the basis for a healthy diet for his family at last when. in handball spain have been crowd european champions after defeating sweden it was a lucky fest try for the spaniards after losing four previous finals to fight hard to dig deep for the title take a look. sweden played a fast paced game just as they had in the semifinal against denmark and they got off to the better start with a strong performance from goalkeeper mikhail apple a green and fast counterattacks making it six four i thought spain stayed composed changing up their attack and were only two goals behind at half time then the experience spaniards turned the match around far right doubted by their hair making it twenty fifteen and at the back keeper opposite stab it was hard to beat
3:47 pm
i the swedes were lacking the strength to stand up to the aggressive spaniards in the second half with their passing errors leading to many easy goals for spain the final score twenty nine twenty three sweden went down in defeat. and after losing four previous finals spain were finally the european handball champions. to football now in sunday's bundestag action leverkusen took on minds hoping to solidify their second place spot in the standings they have been one of the surprises the season here's how they do it. patience was the name of the game for labor accusing coach heiko hellacious his side struggled to make any impact in a frustrating trash talk of the parents' minds happy to sit back in despair and after captain bender went close because allow our ears head was as good as it got
3:48 pm
for the hosts before the break. maybe accusing needed something special and they got it from a familiar source the on bailey curling in from twenty yards sounds is a goal of the season the jamaican like his team just come stop scoring at the moment. but we're so good for union branch try to carbon copy but without the same success. no matter because the three points were secured midway through the hof formulate accusing man judio technology filed the lower rio in the box penalty went down to the rest from the spot to make an issue make accuse and hold on to second place. time to bring in matt herman from d.w. sports to talk about the weekend's going to sleep action hi matt leon bailey was really responsible therefore that for the leverkusen win on saturday how
3:49 pm
responsible is he then for the resurrection of this team i think he's very responsible for it actually this is a player that really brings the full package to the bundesliga he showing that this season he has great speed he has great skill on the ball and he's got something else he's got something that you might call audacity this is you saw that curling free kick curling long distance for effort last week he scored from eleven meters out the back point this is a player that you know is basically feeling a lot of confidence right now and feeling very confident has his skills he's feeling like he's on top of the league and he's trying things and sometimes when players try things unusual the other teams. simply isn't ready for it i mean he has eight goals this season that that's actually all the goals he scored in the bundesliga he came in the winter transfer window last year and it took him a while to sort of settle in but he's got you know eight goals this season five goals in his last five games and he seems to really mesh well with his supporting
3:50 pm
cast guys like you like kevin fall like vance and if leverkusen can keep that group intact for a while they could be a very good team in the years to come the only thing that's a bit tricky is we on bailey might be too good for the bundesliga or too expensive in probably the medium term future ok speaking of too expensive for the other star that we keep hearing about is obama and from dortmund their star striker we've heard a lot about his action on and off the field how close is he'd to joining arsenal in the premier league well if you believe some of the major media outlets here in germany which is to say kicker and build who generally have very good connections to dortmund the deal is very close for example. was supposed to testify in the trial about the dortmund bombing today. you know is out sick i think you might have a doctor's appointment in london today with you know getting ready for his move to arsenal basically a lot of things needed to happen before this move could go through and it really
3:51 pm
dragged on arsenal are a team who are known for haggling a lot of price and they certainly did that the price that most folks are saying is somewhere around sixty sixty five million euros quite a lot of money and also all the teams involved in this deal needed to have replacements so you know obama is going to arsenal arsenal decided well maybe that's one striker too many so we're going to sell route to chelsea and then chelsea said well we have one striker too many so we'll sell our extra striker over to dortmund on loan so all these pieces have to fall into place before they see it happen if you believe it should happen today i also want to ask you about. their coach. was there. a knee jerk reaction because they're not in acute danger of relegation well i think it was sort of a knee jerk reaction because anytime you have a team coming up from the second division of the first and have a young coach who doesn't have a lot of experience there's going to be bumps along the way but on the other side of that you know how does both apparently told his boss. over the weekend that he
3:52 pm
wasn't sure he was reaching the entire squad anymore which is always a very bad sign for coach and second of all i think they really are in pretty acute danger of failing to use their only three points off of the relegation playoff spot and you know this is not a very good team basically most of the major purchases they made this summer were guys like andreas back holder bob stuber. winter mario gomez these are kind of like twenty eleven all-stars so. it's going to take some doing whoever comes in all right matt harmon from d.w. sports matt thank you for your analysis. now the international paralympic committee has announced that russia will be barred from participating at the winter paralympics in march that move stems from allegations of widespread state sponsored doping dating back to the two thousand and fourteen sochi winter olympics the i.p.c. did however say it would allow some thirty five russian athletes to compete as neutrals similar policy has already been implemented for the upcoming winter
3:53 pm
olympics. and tennis roger federer has been showing off the latest trophy in his collection the world number one claimed a record twentieth grand slam title at the australian open on sunday beating. a thrilling five setter. at the ripe old age of thirty six victories still taste just to sweet for roger federer when he held this trophy this time last year many thought it was a one off the last hurrah for the sport's greatest this with star is enjoying a written a song in the major titles racking up. still a little bit of a. bit confused that it's all over that i was able to do it and reached number twenty number six here i can't believe i was able to defend my title you know after all this after all these years i could do it again that's very special and. i don't know maybe this was going to take take longer to sink in i'm not sure
3:54 pm
fifteen years separate federer's first major title at wimbledon in two thousand and three from his most recent the ponytail may have gone but his hunger for success hasn't wanted to say is a big thank you and. that's it really a lot of people just get over like this but of course i hope i can back up again that. ephedra keep playing the way he is you wouldn't bet against seeing him on the same piece of lawn in twenty nineteen. a reminder now of our top stories at this hour at least eleven afghan soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military academy uncomfortable the so-called fourth and white roses where a recurring theme is many stars displayed them in a show of solidarity against sexual misconduct. you're watching from berlin more at the top of the hour with leyla rock all of you with a furry frolic in the chinese city of c.n.n. pandas there are enjoying the second snowfall of the season.
3:55 pm
older well the savage. but the. old life moves and since we've no place to go. let it snow let it snow let it snow. and it just shows siren news bob and i thought mr long for. the lights turned to leave them alone let him know you smoke. when we finally is good night. long just call. news old news. all the way home all day long. and the fire is still. there might still.
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me this is the only nice immigrant bio scheme for jurors or dealing with any and then i killed many civilians. coming including my father why the official i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind of. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. whatever we begin to the day will effect get out of sea or turn up a sphere. increase of that faberge or. twenty fifty they have to start by starting to decrease the amount of c o two are there now this is actually not a hard problem it just takes will however there are very important economic interests to. oh and a lot of coal who own
3:59 pm
a lot of oil and are doing everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen we have to cart them by ready for food grow being brought all the way to grow a lot of the adorable solar wind i'm optimistic that. we're not totally that say excuse. me. this is you know the news live from berlin more carnage in kabul another terrorist
4:00 pm
attack rocks the afghan capital the latest in a wave of attacks at least eleven soldiers are killed after suicide bombers and gunmen struck a military academy in kabul the so-called islamic state claims responsibility is also coming out a shocking report reveals that german automakers.


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