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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2018 9:30am-10:00am CET

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comes to the fans the humans on seeing the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. a name is jenny paris and i work a d w. opportunity prosperity optimism that's look power of global trade global three thousand. this week on global three thousand we head to vietnam a nation suffering increasingly from the effects of extreme weather what are local people doing to cope bolivia is estimated to own around harf the world's reserves
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of lithium can this new white gold offer hope to the desperately poor nation and but first we go to italy where human traffickers come forcing more and more women into prostitution. human trafficking is a highly lucrative business and it's often linked to forced labor it affects women men and children. the international labor organization estimates that human trafficking is worth at least one hundred fifty billion dollars a year. the majority to surface is made from forced sexual exploitation the remainder through illegal work for example in households or on farms. in two thousand and sixteen more than forty million people were believed to be living in slavery and women and girls make up seventy percent of them. nigerian women have
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a decades long history of being smuggled over to europe many by italy the u.n. says there's been an almost six hundred percent increase over the past three years of potential sex trafficking victims arriving in italy by sea the majority of them from nigeria. the italian city of tour and because the people traffickers gateway to europe. from here criminals distribute their sex slaves to the continent's brothels and curbsides women lured here with lies about the good jobs supposedly waiting for them more than nine thousand were smuggled into italy in twenty sixteen alone the princess khan has made it her life's mission to free as many of them as she can cause they want bad news but i think the speech that. they give them my. marriage before me off is.
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we have to have mines maybe most of that bank groups so all they would be afraid to . maybe. get. interviewed for. her first approach of the evening. princess has to be careful the pimps don't notice her. out walked for two yes day after this woman says she's been working here every day for two years when her children are older she says she'll finally be able to get away now princess warns her to always use condoms and she says she does go to the mall with the. local. go to barbara. princess and her husband alberto run the engine p a m which tries to help those forced into the sex trade if you like this desperate nigerian woman who tells princess about her pimp
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a woman this is what up with this if you've not said before little friend so who saw this they should be in a song called all of us little so i'm so shock was i didn't know an old joe and hank so phoned i didn't have any choice often since really. it's not immediately clear if this woman will risk fleeing her. clutches. those who do take the plunge can find protection in one of the secret refuges the b i am runs princess visits the women constantly. the best part is when. they want to. go back. to look. as if prostitutes. having to do the. ac and iommi live in one of the refuges the two friends are safe here but isolated
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and they miss their freedom still it's worlds away from prostitution or the horrors they suffered making their way here through libya. i was arrested and somehow read once so the people i was the everything and the beats missed me with rod sometimes the sick dugongs and what's in those in the night everybody up at the time eleven slave one day wake you need to get going and continuing his. dang god i let's day cross i came to eastley when i came much force it was sinless beta. still trying to get over the pains i funded that it was even worse because i have to use my body to make the money. princess has first hand experience of that having been trafficked to turn herself. fortunately she met her husband alberto and now they lead
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a happy family life she left nigeria when she was twenty three she had hoped to work as a cook in italy instead she was sold to an unknown woman. they first did it took me to the streets. i started crying when i went to the back of the does when i started asking got well why do you send me here i close my eyes open again i thought it was the dream then i saw that it wasn't a dream it was reality so literally took me back to the house the one said you have to be my money because that money if used to return my money. so she broke my head with the hero of the shoe and when i came back from the hospital that was when i know that it is very serious
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. you know it was. most six to eight months. i was lucky to myths there are bits of who can listen to me and also find solutions to my battle. it's no coincidence that turin became a human trafficking hub. in the one nine hundred eighty s. nigeria opened a consulate here the people traffickers were quick to take advantage of it to organize visas for their victims it was the beginning of a brutal business. sometimes princess and alberto take young women who haven't yet fallen prey to traffickers on a special tour of the city. showing them the realities of street prostitution. i don't even put out there so good in a good seat. be our guest star walking. remember that i
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was there one day. this night. this evening's two passengers can barely grasp the idea that women just like themselves are being openly marketed here on the streets like meat. this is a fate princess wants to save as many women from as possible and although human trafficking is still on the rise she says she'll never give up. the. smart phones laptops tablets electric powered vehicles like hybrid electric cars and electric scooters all of them dependent on rechargeable batteries demand for battery powered vehicles is
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rising rapidly. and that's why lithium compass and the light metal is an ascent. element kinds of batteries the nickname. in two thousand and fifteen the price of lithium was almost seven thousand dollars per tonne since then it's almost tripled it's found in abundance in chile argentina. has been slow to exploit its extensive reserves try three thousand five hundred meters above sea level inside. the well. the only salt flat is the world's largest beneath the crust is a pool of brine containing the world's largest known deposit of lithium an estimated nine million tons of it. the metal is a resource of immense value and could have a huge impact on the economy of bolivia currently the poorest country in south
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america. big trucks and other heavy equipment are now crisscrossing the otherwise pristine white surface. new extraction facilities are under construction in this fragile ecosystem. at the moment evaporation pools cover just one half of one percent of the salt flat this is still a pilot project but the bolivian government has approved plans to open a larger area of the salt flats for lithium extraction. the brine is pumped into the pools in the first one heavier metals are left behind as the water evaporates. the remaining water is then pumped into the second pool and so on. the pool contains the lithium which is very light but not yet pure. ten years ago the bolivian government declared lithium extraction
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a national priority. at this small plant at the edge of the salt flat the state lithium company produces marketable lithium freed from magnesium and other impurities in a complex process. the pure of the lithium the better for use in lithium batteries and rechargeable lithium ion batteries. lithium has become a hot commodity. the entire world lost after it. began to get the idea that our industrial plant will go into operation soon it we have the technology we're just going to scale up a lot so we can sell lithium around the world. only. the current facility produced twelve tons of pure lithium carbonate over two months six for china and six for russia it sells for the equivalent of ten thousand euros
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a tonne made in bolivia. for bolivia this valuable natural resource could prove a stroke of luck electric powered cars and smartphones currently rely on lithium ion batteries the socialist government of president evo morales has pledged to develop the country's lithium industry with bolivia calling the shots. foreign investors and companies should play a smaller role as possible. everybody here at the plant from the boss to the drivers is proud to be involved. it's an honor to be part of something that might one day bring enduring prosperity to our country or spend a little because it creates jobs because we are going to grow fast. you know the cia had a teacher at school who said one day the whole world will talk about us read up on him not because of our silver mines but because of lithium he said we would make
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batteries here one day said to be honest we all thought he was a bit crazy but now that i'm working here i understand the process of industrialisation depends on our commitment and on our hard work bill says of the industry in the motel in a sort of. bell and the riata is responsible for safety at the plant lithium has created a thousand jobs here staff at the plant work for two weeks and then have a week off she's taking the bus home to part of c. it's a four hour ride. we visited there there's a lot to see. at an elevation of over four thousand meters the city is one of the highest in the world since colonial times it's over and ten mines have made its foreign owners rich and its workers sick it's been reported that hundreds of children still work in the mines. many bolivians fear that foreign
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companies well again try to take control of their country's natural resources. out of the most of my city is poor despite its natural resources. now we have a second chance this time with lithium which we call white gold but. we hope not just to extract it but to develop an entire production chain and process it ourselves. as a nation we want to do it on our own terms. with any. outside of town as a factory for rechargeable lithium batteries it's a major step forward for the country. now it's looking for international partners to help develop the industry without them trying to take control. bolivia has passed a law that says foreign firms may retain no more than a forty nine percent stake in any joint venture. was
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being we're looking for a partner with experience who is also able to keep up with the rapid innovation in energy storage technology. that's our strategic goal. we want to be involved not only in supplying batteries for electric cars but also renewable energies. and here you know of course there's a lot of foreign interest in the huge deposit of lithium in the salt flats of all uni china is particularly keen. a state owned chinese engineering company is already here it's building a plant to make potassium chloride fertilizer. and the plant happens to be close to the lithium pools. it is a. new is favors. but if a measure from my friends and. also from five. to.
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because of the victim resources here is more named sixty percent of total in the war but it has nothing to do with buderim. i didn't get you from beijing you know from our head office. what i was to the twentieth century live here might be to the twenty first if electric cars continue to take off the metal could be a source of great wealth for now bolivia is trying to ride the lithium wave and hoping to tap it stores. ok we change. today we need to global team from back in a fast so the seventeen year old lives in the capital of the west african nation.
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through bone on my name's bare trees cabaret and i live in what you do i have a big brother tree big sisters and a little sister that. gets . warmer by my parents were farmers but major road construction work meant they lost their land boys now they don't do anything anymore. for you. leave him i like going to school because we learn lots there and because all my friends of the. we never get bored listening.
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boys your legs there see you one. i want to be a lawyer because there's so much injustice. and there aren't enough people defending the rule of law i think. would be fun to see that there's. like a happy when everyone around me is happy because when they're happy they also do everything to make you happy. they're doing. a lot of politicians in some countries only care about their own
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personal interests. and then they don't care about the rest of the people who work. for federal whereas i thought. well i don't travel very much but from what i read about other children i think that in other parts of the world they really suffer it being especially street kids if you don't mend it don't some of them get really badly exploited. this week. this week in our global ideas seriously rough to vietnam a nation suffering from ever more frequent bouts of extreme weather flooding storms
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heat waves and cold snaps rural regions are particularly hard hit leaving local farmers struggling to protect their crops the coastal province of quite been. is regularly hit by storms can it do to adapt to extreme weather the challenges are many especially given the country's high population density our reporter cast and she headed there to find out more. clearly did not miss one of the country that had most. serious impacts of climate change especially the fact that this come. two thousand and seventeen in vietnam we have the six things come to the country.
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and come from local area that's what i understand. happened walking and happy life . in a specially with the poor people that dispenses group i think that that's the group they need the support. the people who live in this they have their income mainly depends a lot on the. condition and some fishing. and they have a small garden but the women they also lack of knowledge and skills that knowledge and use. that they will that's why we support their women. whole gogol's. thanks to the project i've learned
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a lot about taking care of fish like what kind of food they need to feed the baby and what to feed the adults i've also learned how to keep them healthy and i have to treat illnesses this project helps create jobs also. my fish at the market and that means income for my family while. i was grew up in the village. for me the most important thing here is the people i'm really committed to. that we're friendly and open. we stick together and we help each other.
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oh villages hit by natural disasters every year we reckon with one or two typhoons every season as well as one or two major floods with all the strains of levee winds was even more problems than in the coastline is receding swallowing up our land some land same time sand invades our homes in the fields where we grow our food. the only. way. we're planting lots more tree we're restoring the forests to try to mitigate the impact of climate change. the forest creates shade and a kind of climatic buffer. it serves as
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a wind break and stops the soil from drying out. the trees help clean the air of and reduce greenhouse gases. during the typhoon season the forest helps prevent it . drifting in from the coast to the village. little from the fury of the storms. this really is. a model of. the villages in vietnam as well because. in this you see the role of the communities in the. forests in the climate change response and they understand about the eco system services that they will get from this mogul.
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you're a perfect vietnam in my. view the. economic development costs. in fresh and also. our nature. will be protected. and people can also live very friendly with the environment and for the local people to have a better life have a good income and enjoy their life and. that's all for today but we love hearing from you so do drop us a line with your comments right to. facebook see you next time until then take
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a. opportunity prosperity optimism that's look power of global trite global three thousand. by. few. the be. the best the been. the best
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. and the be. kewl. where to store germany's nuclear wastes experts are searching for any disposal site that will be safe for a million years for done such a place even exist just how much it all small the may contribute to my brother's technical problem upon ourselves. exposing the myth of safe disposal of the nuclear waste line. in fifteen minutes on d w.
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this is the governor has come to live from but it could go right to our correspondent he is in central istanbul i'm joined by the show a couple of years political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the perspective closer. faster. oh dropping bombs on civilians. more troops the situation escalates there is no longer enough for schools. ruthless calculation military leaders were joke the extent of the past because technological progress comes with the conflagrations massacres discussion her coming from good to her wrong starting february third on g.w. . are you up to speed on the latest technology. know when it may be time for an upgrade. or become part of the future
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become the most exciting war. i must say a word so i have created a new sense on the new organ and of design my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use my implants on a daily basis that optimize the sherman body and to connect people more effectively . i. i hope that this will make us more ethical persons if we have a greater understanding for each other. what would life be like as a cyborg how far would people be willing to go goods and services at the end of the day these technologies can be used against us and what effect will it happen society does the human race really need an upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this. cyborg of human machines starting february first on d w.
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this is deja vu news live from the catalog parliament votes in a new government today and could elect a fugitive president separatist leader carlos bustamante faces arrest if he turns up for that vote setting up a standoff that could reignite the spanish region's separatist crisis also coming up. look who knows who or.


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