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this is you know a news line from berlin kenya's leading opposition figure stages a mock inauguration in the nation's capital tens of thousands turn out to witness or rylan the biggest challenge to the newly installed government will in symbolic protest spark more deadly unrest after kenya's disputed election we'll get an update from nairobi also coming up ireland will hold an abortion a vote the prime minister leads to push to liberalize the country's restrictive abortion laws and a referendum planned for may well that while lawmakers are pushing for
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a vote on this divisive issue right now. can beat hamper proof bottles that can be opened by the end of the word world anti doping agency is looking into a possible security breach that could compromise thousands of drug tests just weeks before the winter olympics kick off. of iraq thanks for your company everyone kenya's opposition leader raila a dinka has taken a symbolic presidential oath of office at a mock inauguration ceremony in nairobi while the attorney general called it an act of treason a date that has disputed the election results since last august while the supreme court ordered a rerun last october which he boycott it calling it a sham. all right well after the ceremony royal adiga
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updated his twitter profile to call himself president of the republic of kenya well in a tweet showing him the mocking argue ration adiga described himself as graciously accepting the mandate granted to us by the kenyan people kansans gathered in the kenyan capital to support opposition leader roy. since early this morning supporters have been assembling in a nairobi park. is an important day for us and out come one time i don't want to miss our show we. are. not allowed to this will be a summer here and the left all presidents as well because. the police initially used tear gas to disperse the crowds. new a dangerous ice in an oath of office and an improvised swearing in ceremony and
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pronounced himself the people's president he also used the opportunity to denounce a regime he says was brought about by election rigging. it's has sorry field day for the first time kenyans have taken the decision to reject a dictatorship government that came through the ceiling of votes. shortly after the speech didn't get disappearance kenya's attorney general has threatened to charge him with treason which could lead to capital punishment president who can yasser his reelection is widely recognized internationally despised low voter turnout has had three private broadcasters shut down to prevent a live transmission of the events present a very very difficult process if you cannot have the right information center and the petition but the good thing is that you have social media which are not used and there is a very. big to get information audience because mainstream media has always been comports it remains a candidate despite the turn of events in the kenyan capital over the past few
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months more than ninety kenyans have been killed in election related disputes. all right catherine i'm wondering is covering the story for us in nairobi a catherine set the scene for us how did this mock inauguration in the middle of the capital happen. well it started out with throngs of people coming from especially could barrow which is one of the opposition strongholds and also far and wide they all came to the central park who park to just see this inauguration take place. before the inauguration did take place there was some skirmishes between protesters and police but we did see police restrain themselves compared to the protests that we've seen over the last couple of months and off to the swearing in. said that you know this is the beginning of the end of electoral injustice and this is the beginning of the next children's forms what he
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means by that when you get to see so that's what we saw and then when you spoke when we spoke to some of the people on the ground off to the swearing in they said that they're willing to work with the previous government is a joke you know the previous government referring to now the ruling party but the country seems divided because if you look at the ruling party strongholds this saying that this could be the end of right loading and his legacy given that it seemed like a sham because it was important to note that he wasn't in the presence of his running mate. or two of the principals which showed that maybe nasa is a house divided however. said that there will be an explanation as to why the principals were not with him and why he was standing alone but the support his supporters seem to not really mind that he would he took the oath on his own all right well let's talk a little bit about the government's response how to there go down with that. well
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the government has responded in two very contradictory ways in the sense that the police did restrain themselves we have had reports of police killing at least close to one hundred people if you if you look at the kenya national human rights commission report but then other human rights organizations say that over the past couple of months more than two hundred people have been killed in protests including ten children so today we saw some restraints which seems like the government with almost compromising but then we saw the shutdown of television stations including the affiliate station cakes yen which is one of the strong local stations they have been shut down and you know until now people are asking why are we not seeing why are we not seeing this news on or why are we not having news or information on our t.v. screens so people are questioning the government's motives in that in that sense because that saying that if the government can get the media then when no different
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from uganda there were no different from ethiopia and that's a big concern right now briefly if you can catherine give us a sense of the mood in kenya are there still a lot of people out there are contesting the outcome of the election well now it's a matter of which president do you follow so we have two presidents we have a president of the people and we have the officially placed president a president who kenyatta so but then the people who are saying that who can yes or should be the first to start dialogue because that's the only way to move forward otherwise if it continues like this it will be a country that is more divided than it was before we're going to want our reporting from nairobi kenya thank you. russia's president has criticized the u.s. decision to release a list of rich and powerful russians as potential targets for sanctions allowed a report in such a move could damage international relations as
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a whole as prime minister dmitry medvedev made the list as well as dozens of ministers a newly one hundred oligarchy the release comes in response to alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential campaign and the cia has warned meanwhile that it fears russia will interfere in this year's u.s. midterm elections. are going to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. catalonia as parliament has postponed a vote to formally reelect the separatist leader carlos put him on as the region's president while the speaker said the vote would be postponed until they had quote legal guarantees for put your month's immunity faces a rest if you returns to spain and is currently in self imposed exile in brussels belgium. romania has sworn in its first female prime minister amid a wave of anti corruption protest. becomes the third head of government within
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a year the european union has criticised new legislation which opponents claim will make it harder to prosecute high level corruption. as many as one hundred fifty stranded skiers have been rescued from a broken down chairlift in austria armed forces helicopter the vacationers to safety from a mountain in the southern state of starry up there were no reports of any injuries . ireland will hold a referendum on reforming the country's near total ban on abortion the country currently has some of the world's strictest abortion laws prime minister carr says he will be campaigning to change the legislation an irish parliamentary committee recently recommended allowing abortion up to twelve weeks into a pregnancy poll suggests the majority of irish voters are in favor of reform. all right i'm joined now here in the studio by d.w. news journalist jennifer collins so good to have you here with us jennifer abortion
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laws in ireland arguably are a very divisive issue where is this current push for a referendum coming from well i would say there's always been a fair level of pushback against arlen's abortion laws but i would say the catalyst for this big push that we're thing was that in twenty twelve when thirty one year old indian dentists. died after complications after being refused a abortion and an irish hospital she presented at seventeen weeks with. a septic miscarriage i was told early on in the process even though she'd request an abortion that that wouldn't be possible because there was. the doctor's hands were tied and a nurse informed her that this was a catholic country and after that there was great when the news broke and the movement that were thing that has culminated really in the past here to protest massive protests in the streets of. oakland all over the country people around the
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world and it's kind of stemmed from the spots but the pressure on the irish government to put forth this referendum so these current laws have a very significant effect on women's health in ireland oh yeah absolutely and women in cases where in the womb the child been diagnosed with a fatal vehicle of the mother she if the child the where maybe will not live after very long after the. after labor day cannot access an abortion so even for medical reasons not even for medical if it's there and if the if the mother's life is in danger a true suicide at suicide or for health reasons then it is possible but even in those circumstances though there is legislation for that it's very difficult for doctors to assess those situations so it's really difficult for hours from most women that are resort to travelling to britain for abortions they do so and it hasn't every year but in that case they have very little aftercare they might have
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to go alone because there's still the law to shame around the issue of abortion or and and there are many women in crisis pregnancy who cannot access abortion they don't have the money to go abroad so they have two halves are named bush and also you know or have the baby in twenty fifteen arland have a referendum on the same sex marriage majority of irish people voted in favor now we're going to have a referendum on abortion these topics were of course a very contentious in irish society are we so witnessing a change a sea change happening in r.l. and i think it's kind of affected i would say in the ninety's when the catholic church which was extremely powerful influential institution in orland was rocked by a fairy's of scandals surrounding child sex abuse and also revelations about treatment of married mothers and their babies the mother and baby and ever since then we've seen more and more people fall away from the church and we had. divorced her from them in the ninety's and then the marriage equality referendum just
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a few years ago and know this is kind of seen as shaking off the last vestiges of catholic church influence in orland right to jennifer collins thank you so much. all right here in germany the country's two main political parties have made a major breakthrough in their negotiations to form a new coalition government. conservatives and the social democrats have reached an agreement on where unions for refugee families all refugees already in germany will be allowed to bring their families to join them but there will be a limit on how many can do so while the w. met one man who hopes his wife will be allowed to join him from syria cousin hasn't seen his wife since he arrived in berlin to doff years ago he came to germany with three of his brothers cousins wife who is alone a libyan and has requested entry to germany on the grounds of family reunification she hasn't yet had a response. i hope my wife can come here
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says knowing that he's one of many refugees hoping to reunite with their families. and. for him and many others of bringing relatives here although the german government says refugees of a civil war are expected to return home at some point and already a borders the right to a family reunion for most refugees two years ago mention pro-union a familiar people need to be with their families we have to look at this situation from a humanitarian perspective it's not right for people to be separated from their spouses and children for years at a time this is a humanitarian issue one hundred. family reunification has been one of the main conflict points during coalition talks the conservative parties feel that too many refugees are coming to germany now they have agreed with the social democrats to allow small number of refugees to unite but their families there will be a new law and summer negotiators announced jones of thousand more not fresh we have
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agreed on month thousand people per month we've also agreed on the possibility of allowing people in for humanitarian reasons in cases of hardship especially where children are involved the new law will make family reunification possible can. with of the slow will help us on a just wife remains uncertain in any case he's convinced that returning to syria is not an option there's nothing left for him to do but wait for the authorities to decide and keep in touch with his wife every day via the internet. he watching you know we news is still to come that terror proof bottles that can be opened by hand and used doping tests on athletes and the revelation comes just weeks before the winter olympics we'll talk to one of the people who exposed a potentially serious security breach. but first of the american government can't provide appropriate health care maybe the private sector can ban that's
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a vacuum they could sell it's the biggest push we've seen so far for better health care in the u.s. online retailer amazon warren buffett's berkshire hathaway and j.p. morgan chase teaming up to offer american stuff quality health care at a reasonable cost the three c.e.o. who say the new company will be independent and free from profit making incentives initial focus will be on technology that provides simplified high quality and transparent. shares in health care companies took a big hit in early trading on the new york stock exchange ending at the threat the new entity poses to existing healthcare structures in the u.s. . and let's go over to the stock exchange where you are standing by for us yes good to see there this is got to be a pretty or could set a pretty amazing president considering that it's usually governments that look after this sort of thing or are meant to take care of this sort of thing the american system of course not being as solid as what we have here in europe.
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well it's a big announcement and the u.s. health care industry is one of the most expensive in the world americans roughly are spending about three point five trillion dollars that's a three and twelve zeros per a year on their health just twenty sixty and we saw another increase by almost five per cent meaning that roughly twenty percent of u.s. g.d.p. gets spent in the health care industry so there is certainly a need to bring those prices lower we don't know one hundred percent how this new idea is going to work we're talking about the technological solution what the companies try to offer here meaning it could be some form of an health insurance but just that's just guessing at the moment we don't know all the details yet and we're just talking about three big companies here in huge companies that that but
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what would it mean for the broader health care industry. those three companies they're employing altogether more than a million people even if not all of them was than the u.s. but we could see quite some pressure on the traditional health care industry and we saw the stocks partly getting hammered from pharmaceutical companies from drug stores for health insurers so it's a big push and a lot of pressure on the traditional health care industry amazon by the way is thinking about going into the pharmaceutical business anyhow so there could be a lot of changes coming up very interesting story yes quarter thanks for the update fox has fired the executive who admitted responsibility for diesel emissions tests on human beings and monkeys the comic has announced thomas stake who is in charge of public relations and sustainability has been relieved of his duties the firing
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to be w.'s chief lobbyist has been termed the first consequences of the scandal which was revealed on monday or friday rather the new york times reported the research is false ten monkeys to inhale diesel exhaust in twenty fourteen. w. deila and b.m.w. funded a research group that studied twenty five human volunteers inhaling nitrogen dioxide . the european union has given member states ten days to clear the air it will sue britain the czech republic germany spain france italy hungary romania and survive if they don't present new plans to lower pollution four hundred thousand europeans die prematurely from poor quality every year. the air is thick and germany's major cities air pollution is way over acceptable standards in mind metropole of mary is including munich stuttgart and berlin and the e.u. commission is fed up it says the seven years since the standards were adopted was
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enough time for germany to mend its air polluting ways. and to face off such a longstanding fate as to take serious action. in the view that the growing legal process will continue all member states to add to this this life threatening problem with the aegean sea that it deserves the european commission estimates four hundred fifty thousand people die prematurely each year in europe due to the effects of air pollution clean air is not a mockery but the german environment minister is pushing back she says her country has done a lot heating and industrial plants have been modernized fine particle pollution is no longer a problem except in stood guard the main issue in germany is nitrogen oxide but that also has been considerably reduced to an average of five percent last year nitrogen oxide is emitted primarily by diesel engines the environment minister does
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not want to ban driving with diesels but force automakers to take responsibility for reducing their emissions you have to put a pledge to cut microkernel excited pollution from the approximately five million days old vehicles in germany by names of software rush states that's already been done for about half of a car the other half will have to be updated by the end of twenty eight teams. and it has to go up dates for a few but that's not good enough for the european commission germany now has until the end of next week to present measures were quickly bringing pollution down to e.u. standards if these are deemed insufficient the commission could take legal action after he used top court. bant get joins us from brussels ben how are they going to actually achieve that in particular germany because it doesn't even have a government right now. the german is not going to achieve anything with the measures presented here today because they are only. effective in the mid or long
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term and the commission asked for short term measures that came nothing hendrik the environment and vironment of the minister was more or less empty handed she said she personally would say that the carmaker refit the cars was fitted on something that that to make it more efficient but that would be very costly and so far the german government has denied to do that and this bill be part of the coalition talks and we don't know what the outcome will be so far the german government protected car makers from these costly solutions and we have to wait until the new government is there and then we've got all the other countries and you're mentioning mentioning the costs there if if they're all going to get sued maybe that's the cheaper option bad. but the court in luxemburg is not stupid of course this will be affected in they would see what the economic advantages and
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disadvantages and then the find of it will be hefty if it comes to a fine this is a very long procedure which takes at least two years but if the fine comes it will be a talking about billions of euros and that would be not be paid by the car makers directly but by the german government and this is why the government has all its interest in not to have a fine because then they would spend taxpayers' money and they have to get it back on the comic somehow so normally in the normal procedure the threat of a fine is enough to make states change the policies and that is what the commission is hoping for in this case ok and i'm hoping for it to roll out say a lengthy process there's been they get points out a costly one too thank you very much. for clearing cleaning up sports then i wish one is more to tackle the world anti-doping agency says it's looking into a possible security problem with the bottles that are actually being used for drug
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tests that's after a lab in cologne told the organization of the bottles could potentially be opened manually the international olympic committee says it's concerned by the findings. they're meant to be tamper proof but the sample bottles is said to be easily manipulated the revelation first reported by german journalist. comes after the bottles were examined at the anti doping happen cologne the lab found the bottles could be opened manually when frozen this sports lawyer is furious he says testing at next month's winter games will be floored. in south korea where we can forget it because the head of germany's olympic movement has urged the world anti-doping agency to act. in the coming days to clear out this matter and if you'll pardon the pun they need to plug the hole in these tests once and for all and. the problem dates
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back to sochi in twenty fourteen russia success at the home games undone by evidence of state sponsored doping the man who provided that evidence former director of is now in hiding in the united states among his allegations the security service the f.s.b. was ordered to break into sample bottles. and russia have consistently denied state sponsored doping but these latest revelations raise questions about the security of samples worldwide. well earlier we had the opportunity to speak to investigative journalist ohio suppled he helped discover this potential security flaw and here's what he had to say about how easy it is to manipulate some of the sample bottles. it was
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a very very easy read two steps a first step we want to check if sample bottles i talk about some proposals from two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen are easy to falsify that means to copy that worked we succeeded to do that by then finally so it was very easy to manipulate the process even with that method but then danger we said ok let's try to see if it works a different way because we have received information from secret informants said to seize a new generation of bottles is. it possible to open and exactly that we did in seventy two hours put them in the fridge and after seventy two hours according to the information we received from and from a secret source it was able easily able to open them without any other big problem . what they're reporting to boxing know when to go off can and salleh commando about us have set
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a date of may fifth or their middle weight world title rematch all last september is about between the pair ended in a controversial drop off going from kazakhstan is unbeaten in thirty eight fights and we'll be putting three of his titles on the line of artists of mexico has lost just once and his career. oh right before i let you go and remind you of our main headline right now a breakthrough on the contentious issue of refugee says taken a germ these two main political parties closer to forming a new coalition government they've struck a deal on reunifying refugee families a key sticking point in the talks and kenya's opposition leader rylan has staged a mock inauguration in the capital nairobi this symbolic ceremony challenge president kenya who kenya has government.
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