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names in business and they're trying to change the way health care works in the u.s. will have more in our business that would then face your comment go right up. and i will see you at the top of the hour with more news. when i'm trying. to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news events. and d.-w. make snap part of. this because it's available thousands of hometowns resorts and
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cruise ships worldwide. have you found sign on the subject or that sure c w your room you can reprice to d.w. dot com travel quids. four hundred thousand europeans die prematurely from m. pollution every year the e.u. gives member states a last chance to tackle the problem or face massive fines. corporate america makes the biggest joint push for better health care in the united states. and who can make the bed a cup of coffee man or machine. i've been fizzling let's do business the european union has given member states ten days to clear the air it
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will suit britain the czech republic germany spain france italy hungary romania and slovakia if they don't present a new plan is to lower pollution. the air is thick in germany's major cities air pollution is way over acceptable standards in mind metropole of neri is including munich stuttgart and berlin and the e.u. commission is fed up it says the seven years since the standards were adopted was a nuff time for germany to mend its air polluting ways. and the face of such long standing favors to take serious steps in and in view that the legal process will continue all member states to add to this this life threatening problem with the agency that it deserves the european commission estimates four hundred fifty thousand people die prematurely each year in europe due to the
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effects of air pollution clean air is not a much higher rate but the german environment minister is pushing back she says her country has done a lot heating and industrial plants have been modernized fine particle pollution is no longer a problem except in stood guard the main issue in germany is nitrogen oxide but that also has been considerably reduced to an average of five percent last year nitrogen oxide is a minute primarily by diesel engines the environment minister does not want to ban driving with diesels but force automakers to take responsibility for reducing their emissions you have to put a pledge to cut pollution from the approximately five million days old vehicles in germany of software updates that's already been done for about half of a car the other half will have to be updated by the end of twenty eight teams. and have to be updates for a few but that's not good enough for the european commission germany now has until
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the end of next week to present measures more quickly bringing pollution down to e.u. standards if these are deemed insufficient the commission could take legal action at the used top court. bant i think it joins us from brussels bet how are they going to actually achieve that in particular germany because it doesn't even have a government right now germany is not going to achieve anything with the measures presented here today because they are only. effective in the mid to long term and the commission asked for short term measures that came nothing. and very mentally minutes that was more or less empty handed she said she personally would say that the carmakers sort refit the cars with filters and something out that to make it more efficient but that would be very costly and so far the german government has denied to do that and this bill be part of the coalition talks and b.
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don't know what the outcome will be so far the german government protected car makers from these costly solutions and we have to wait until the new government is there and then we've got all the other countries and you're mentioning mentioning the costs there if if they're all going to get sued maybe that's the cheaper option bad but the court in luxemburg is not stupid of course this will be affected in they would see what the economic advantages and disadvantages and then the find of it'll be hefty if it comes to a fine this is a very long procedure which takes at least two years but if the fine comes it will be talking about billions of euros and that would be not be paid by the car makers directly but by the german government and this is why the government has all its interest in not to have a fine because then they would spend taxpayers' money and they have to get it back on the comic somehow so normally in the normal procedure the threat of
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a fine is enough to make states change the policies and that is what the commission is hoping for in this case ok and i'm hoping for two for all our sakes and lengthy process there has been very good points out a costly one too thank you very much. fox has fired the executive who admitted responsibility for diesel emissions tests on human beings and monkeys the comic has announced to us stake who is in charge of public relations and sustainability has been relieved of his duties the firing if you don't use chief lobbyist has been turned the first consequences of the scandal which was revealed on friday the new york times reported the research is false ten monkeys to inhale diesel exhaust in twenty fourteen. b. w. dima and b.m.w. funded a research group that also studied twenty five human volunteers inhaling nitrogen dioxide. it's the biggest push ever for better health care in the u.s. online retailer amazon warren buffett's berkshire hathaway and j.p.
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morgan chase teaming up to offer american stuff quality health care at a reasonable cost the three c.e.o.'s say the new company will be independent and free from profit making incentives the initial focus will be on technology that provides simplified high quality and transparent care shares in health care companies took a big hit in early trading on the new york stock exchange hinting at the threat that you entity poses to existing healthcare structures in the u.s. . and let's go over to the stock exchange we're going to go to standing by for us yes good to see there this is got to be a pretty or could set a pretty amazing president considering that it's usually governments that look after this sort of thing or to take care of this sort of thing the american system of course not being as solid as well as what we have here in europe. well it's a big announcement and the u.s. health care industry is one of the most expensive in the world americans roughly
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are spending about three point five trillion dollars so that's a three and twelve zeros per year on their health just in two thousand and sixty and we saw another increased by almost five per cent meaning that roughly twenty percent of the u.s. g.d.p. gets spent in the health care industry so there's certainly a need to bring those prices lower we don't know one hundred percent how this new idea is going to work we're talking about the technological solution what the companies try to offer here meaning it could be some form of an health insurance but just that's just guessing at the moment we don't know all the details yet and we're just talking about three big companies here in huge companies that that but what would it mean for the broader health care industry. those three companies they're employing all together more than
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a million people even if not all of them was them the u.s. but we could see quite some pressure on the traditional health care industry and we saw the stocks partly getting hammered from pharmaceutical companies from drug stores or from health insurers it's a big push and a lot of pressure on the traditional health care industry amazon by the way is thinking about going into the pharmaceutical business anyhow thought there could be a lot of changes coming up very interesting story ends quarter thanks for the update the eurozone is out of the woods a source of uncertainty for so long but clear evidence today a common currency area has managed to shake off the shackles of the debt crisis the eurozone is a joy to its best year in a decade twenty seventeen economic growth of two and a half percent that's despite breaks it and is thanks to a resurgent france and spain. it's
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a colorful optimistic as madrid fashion week the message saying is that. the only. the economy is last year by three point one percent despite the catalonia crisis but looks can be deceiving unemployment is still high many jobs are limited and poorly paid especially in tourism. overall the economy in the euro zone grew by two point five percent in two thousand and seventeen the strongest increase in a decade even outpaced the u.s. where estimates point to growth of two point three percent. france's economy expanded by one point nine percent twice as much as in the previous year but even in the second largest economy in the eurozone off to germany all that is not gold from held back by the biggest national debt in the. machines are on the
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march robots artificial intelligence applications of more and more low level service jobs and now that even includes the profession of barista at least one coffee shop in tokyo. has mastered coffee making the robot up to five cups of drip coffee at a time customers of tokyo a first buyer ticket with a q.r. code printed on it. and gets to work. for minutes later he's served a freshly brewed job. the manager is more than happy to save on costs and labor starved japan with its rapidly aging population. sawyer performs the work of five people. study by running the cafe with fewer
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people we can increase productivity and serve delicious coffee at a reasonable price. he's the ticket to mark he says that will help keep the price of a cup of coffee low it's currently causing three hundred twenty yen about three dollars the robot coffee shop is part of a trend in downtown tokyo. also operate three hotels. robots run the check in desk instead of humans. as their business with. the to. prevent. the to. the to.
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the touch. the to. the to. the to. global demand for. a movie has plenty of this alkaline metal. batteries for cell phones and. one of the poorest countries in south america but libya has the biggest reserves hoping to get rich but foreign investors want a slice of. three.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful lobby challenging those in power asking tough questions for monday. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting the keep players on the ground in the senses of our coaching through the rhetoric holding the hostages fast approaching. complex song confronting the powerful gone deep dug. in and talked to. the deadly storm to be minutes away. so a satellite phone is your life like there's no way more extreme want to build a bomb. in this man's foam would be a joke get a replacement hoff way around the world within thirty six hours and. run where it
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was finished allowing climate change scientists. to continue fighting research that will benefit us all. that's the power of global trade and d.h.l. making it had. the . opportunity prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand brought to you by d.h. o. . this week on global three thousand we had to vietnam a nation suffering increasingly from the effects of extreme weather what a local people doing to cope bolivia is estimated.


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