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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2018 2:00am-2:16am CET

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this is. from berlin tonight the most anticipated speech by u.s. president donald trump since he took office his first state of the union address the president of america first and make america great again is expected to celebrate a robust economy and a rolling stock market and he's expected to call for congress to act on immigration we'll bring you a preview from washington also coming up kenya's presidential power today the opposition leader staged his own presidential inauguration is violence in the
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country now inevitable and the tamper proof bottles that can be opened by hand and they've got the world anti-doping agency up in arms just weeks before the winter olympics thousands of drug tests could suddenly be compromised. i bring golf it's good to have you with us in just one hour u.s. president donald trump will do something that he's never done before and much of the world will be watching. trump will deliver his first state of the union address laying out his government's agenda for the year we want to take a look at two of the key issues that he's likely to address tonight on trade it's america first during his speech at the world economic forum in davos mr trump said that the american economy remains his top priority and that the nation is open for
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business but america for years does not mean american alone when the united states grows so does the womb. immigration and the future of the so-called dreamers will be the other key issue the president has suggested that he's open to protecting the seven hundred thousand children of undocumented migrants who live in the u.s. illegally in return the president wants the senate to approve billions in border security funding and that includes of course funding for the wall let's go now to washington to our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena she's on the story for us tonight good evening to you alexander so we've got now if i'm looking at the clock just under an hour before the president will enter that joint session of congress there to deliver his first state of the union address what can we expect.
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the white house says that we are going to see a very optimistic brides and unifying speech and the white house has actually released excerpts from the president's speech and he is indeed going to talk about a new american dream that there has never be been a better moment to start living the american dream he is going to say to call on the of both parties the democrats and republicans to come to go over to get behind his very ambitious infrastructure plan and he is also going to say that he is extending an open hand to work with members of both party to protect the american people he's also expected to tell tease it she's meant among them of course his tax reform he will try to convince his audience that all americans from all backgrounds of all incomes are benefiting under his presidency and he is also
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expected to talk about national security north korea and volleyed said the fight against the so-called islamic state always in the we know the state of the union addresses are opportunities for presidents to reach across across the political aisle and to build bridges between both parties are we going to see the u.s. president president all drawn tried to do that tonight. well i think that from what we know so far he's going he's going to try to do that and when we look at his speech last year his address to congress which was technically not the state of the union address he can deliver a very successful speech when he sticks to his script the problem is however that we are certainly going to see a lot of skeptical faces in the audience many critics say that what they have seen during his first year in the white house has been
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a very divisive president and that's is the reason for many democrats to boycott this state of the union address and there are a lot of bets or. people asking are we going to see twitter drop or are we going to see teleprompter drop but at the end of the day the question is what do the american people want to see and hear. i think that they want to learn what is on the president's political agenda what are his next steps towards trying to achieve and why what challenges their nation is facing and according to polls the americans wants to hear about the topics that matter to them of course and it is economy jobs but the problem will be as i said whatever people across the country which is a very divided country are going to believe the president's words you know is
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a big question tonight maybe we'll have an answer in about ninety minutes from now our washington bureau chief and xander phenomenon the story with us tonight we will check in with you a little bit later alexandra thank you. all right joining us here in the studio tonight maybe to help us draw the story out for a global audience is time's barker tyson is program director and fellow at the aspen institute germany and he also worked in the state department it's good to have you here at the big table with us here i mention the state department because foreign policy is one is one part that trump could talk about tonight right but there's also the big elephant in the room and that is russia do you think that he's going to mention russia he you know he doesn't he still has not admitted that there was russian meddling in the election of twenty sixteen what will he dare even mention the word tonight well there's a lot of news kind of swirling around the collusion question the russia question
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the most investigation right now we have the resignation of mccabe from the f.b.i. we have the release of this non sanctions list which the chairman of the foreign relations committee in the duma called basically the phone book at the kremlin which didn't impose any new sanctions right and then of course we have this five day time limit to release this memo which the g.o.p. in the house actually drafted which is currently classified which he has to make the call on but i don't think that russia will get much mention in this speech because you know it will put the president himself on the defensive and if it does get a mention it'll probably get mentioned in the context of two areas one the need to build up the u.s. military which is clearly a point that he wants to make and to the need to liberalize energy exports which is another agenda item that he wants to really push so those are the two places i think you could meet you could see russia mentioned but i don't think he's going to respond defensively to allegations that he colluded during the campaign and what
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about north korea so if you look at the foreign policy agenda you have four issues that he's going to really hit and there are already some excerpts of the speech coming out and you're seeing very very muscular language north. korea iran taking credit for defeating isis and counterterrorism and china and you know the north korea peace we're already seeing some pretty pretty heavy rhetoric talking about that he's not going to make the mistakes of past administrations and he's not going to dither that's going to come in the context of the china discussion where you have the good the bad and the ugly the good is they do want to work with china because china is kind of the linchpin for the north korean regime the bad of course is trade you know he's been pretty heavy in the campaign he was pretty heavy with anti china rhetoric because of you the trade issue which is going to be a big issue in twenty twenty eighteen and the ugly of course is climate change which will get no mention you know we understand that the speech will highlight and i'm quoting here the new american moment and reading that you immediately think of
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ronald reagan right it's dawn in america again is he trying to invoke that sense of renewal that you know we associate with the one nine hundred eighty yeah definitely i mean you know up until this past campaign up until twenty sixteen the most optimistic candidate always won i mean that was the pitch that you made you know to make america needed to be that shining beacon on the hill and he's trying to capture that lightning in the speech the question is can he turn around the rhetoric which you know in his inauguration was about american carnage you know now he's putting on his salesman hat which is what he's very good at doing branding selling and he's going to have to sell that to the american people you know that's right we've gone from american carnes year ago to what we're hearing is the new american moment tonight for having to find out if that's what happens so i said barker it's good we will be checking in with you later on thank you president trump
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state of the union address starts at two am u.t.c. that is nine pm eastern standard time in the united states and you can watch it right here on d w if you can't watch live television you can watch it on live stream it d.w. dot com. i let's take a look at other stories from around the world political turmoil in kenya the government has outlawed opposition leader while a national resistance movement now we came after odinga took a symbolic presidential oath of office at a mock inauguration ceremony in nairobi has disputed the country's presidential election result since last august the supreme court ordered a rerun last october of boycotted that saying it was a sham. all right now after the ceremony mr adding a day to his twitter profile to describe himself as president of the republic of kenya and in a tweet showing him at the mock inauguration he described himself as graciously
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accepting the mandate granted by. people. thousands assembled in the kenyan capital to support opposition leader while. supporters have been gathering in houla park since early this morning. it's an important day for us and out come on time i don't want to miss our eight cell we are with it because this is the very obvious that the citizens of this country are not allowed to this will be a summer here and the let's all presidents as well the police. the police initially used tear gas to disperse the crowd. wanted to use this occasion to denounce a vision he says was brought about by election making at noon he was cited an oath of office in a mock inauguration and pronounced himself the people's president. today it's a historical day in our country of kenya he said kenyans have decided to remove
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themselves from the dictatorship that came about through feldstein and. shortly after his speech disappeared kenya's attorney general has threatened to charge him with treason which could lead to capital punishment the government has denounced the opposition as a quote organized criminal group despite international recognition of president who took an election amid low voter turnout he had three private broadcasters shut down to prevent a live transmission of the ceremony wasn't affecting the ministry that was the right information center and that was just what a good thing is that the media which are now using that is a very. big. get information out of this was mainstream media has always been a compromise. the situation remained calm despite the turn of events in the kenyan capital over the past few months more than ninety kenyans have been killed in election related to speech. could drug tests used to qualify for the upcoming
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winter olympics be invalid the world anti-gay doping agency says that it's investigating a report that tamper proof bottles used in doping tests could be potentially opened by hand the international olympic committee says it wants clarification soon. they're meant to be tamper proof but these sample bottles are said to be easily manipulated the revelation first reported by german journalist. comes after the bottles were examined at the anti doping lab in cologne the lab found the bottles could be opened manually when a frozen this sports lawyer is furious he says testing at next month's winter games will be floored. in south korea where we can forget it because the head of germany's olympic movement has urged the world anti-doping agency to act. we. can only ask in the coming
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days to clear out this matter and if you'll pardon the pun they need to plug the hole in these tests once and for all. the problem dates back to the fourteen russia success at their home once again undone by evidence of state sponsored. the man who provided that evidence former director of is now in hiding in the united states among his allegations the security service the f.s.b. was ordered to break into sample bottles. and russia have consistently denied state sponsored doping but these latest revelations raise questions about the security of samples worldwide. and the top story that we're following for you u.s. president donald trump is preparing to deliver his first state of the union address
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join us for a wide coverage of that address starting at nine pm eastern time in the u.s. that is three am here in berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour when that special coverage begins. to. make your smart t.v. even smarter than w. bush months. what you want what you want to. update. extraordinary. you decide what's on. sunday no w. just smart t.v. .


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