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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is the deadliest come to mind from bonnie let's go right to our correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by the telescope thirty dollars political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in because i'm about the prospective cancer t.w.p. spread faster and. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history spying on talents but so poor in education opportunity
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and freedom this makes it special difficult for an independent journalists i see many of the younger promising germans who are now making names for themselves all over the. song live get along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom in a sense is life experience of the day you can visit but your car coming back from the. mining industry in florida and i work at you know but.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin separatists in southern yemen are on the advance against government forces and dozens of dogs as they seize control of these strategically port city aid our people coping with this escalating conflict will have a report from inside the war torn country also coming up. the head of the f.b.i. clashes were. president trump over a controversial memo due to be released today by the white house republicans say the document shows and trump the basis by this rather than the justice department
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democrats say it has been doctored. and sky watchers around the world enjoy a rare spectacle a blue moon a blood moon and a super moon coming together during a lunar eclipse is creating an incredible celeste you'll show. also on the program get ready for takeoff german as wrong alexander dares goes through the final preparations for his next mission our reporter caught up with him before he blasts off. and waving goodbye to the bonus league of us here dortmund's p.r.m. right to balmy on makes his long awaited transfer to arsenal the deal cost a cool sixty four no. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show separatist forces in yemen have surrounded the
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presidential palace in the southern port city of aden high ranking government ministers are inside that building at this hour it is another blow for yemen's internationally recognized government now for three years has been battling who's the rebel forces backed by iran the emergence of an arms separatist movement in the south now in aden has added a new dimension to this conflict we have this report from the port city. smoke rises over the port city of aden after heavy clashes a new front in the in many civil war has opened with separatists poised to take over power at the presidential palace they're fighting for an independent republic of south yemen as it existed before nine hundred ninety. these militants say they're ready to sacrifice their blood and soul for the south yemen's war has spread to the south this rare footage shows scenes of the gulf city
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before the conflict escalated earlier this month. aid was long considered an anchor of stability in a country that has been devastated by civil war. gas supplies are low and drivers often have to wait hours in filling stations that are still open. the prices have risen rapidly. sometimes even maybe someday soon the u.s. would then can get. into here because that because the crowded all sorts of people can barely afford food inflation is rising rapidly so markets are mostly empty. had a container of oranges that used to sell for six thousand rio now it's ten thousand and a container of kiwi fruit went from forty eight hundred rio to seventy five hundred . a lunch lots of outcomes. very few people can afford
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such prices now jobs are rare work goes unpaid corruption is thriving frustration with government is palpable many people are unable to get by on their own. i had a ruse distributes food supplies to the poor a human rights lawyer by trade she founded an aid organization with help from volunteers. and i felt i had to help people in need especially in war i feel connected to my country but we don't have enough donations and workers to support our efforts. to make. health care has been hit hard by the crisis as well this child has the measles others have come with cases of cholera and diptheria at most a refugee children from the north who weren't vaccinated now their diseases are spreading here. is a lot of problems yet it is a shortage in our financial support for the ones we don't. another what did it is
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and think it is the total number of the bishop who came to visit. people in the south of yemen hold heba i had a roots in high regard they say they've been neglected in repressed by the government over the years. now is the north suffers under the strain of war and poverty she's campaigning for independence for the south and lobbying for prisoners labeled as terrorists and detained for months without charge. and had i think you know we had them at the end there's been an independence movement here since two thousand and seven again by the end of the regime has been repressing and torturing separatists there were no political parties in the south before then people came together and joined the movement and their demonstrations were brutally suppressed . by the roosters paying a high price for her political engagement she receives death threats but she feels a commitment towards her father's legacy he was
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a famous human rights defender who was killed in one nine hundred ninety. nine iraq . my mother tried to dissuade me from studying law she knew that i wanted to follow in my father's footsteps and she didn't want me to face the same fate. if you have to. it's a dangerous mix of poverty and anger that are inciting people against the government and fueling the southern independence movement now even the south of yemen is gradually plunging into chaos. i'm joined now by russia move from save the children in sana yemen russia thanks so much for being with us this morning you know the situation in aden we're hearing is the tearing rapidly can you tell us more about what's happening in the south of the country. this is the twenty eighth of january clashes heavy clashes erupted between the south and transitional council
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and forces affiliated to the government of yemen president had. as a result many people got killed as many others were wounded and there are different difference as stories about the numbers nothing has been confirmed yet and unfortunately human hospitals work on it for emergencies or for urgent intervention to bring in trauma can surgical kits and agencies were unable to bring and this is a poor two issue this is why we're kind of afraid now the number of. people will even increase now after today is earth day so yesterday and today we received reports from our team there that it's been quiet but there is kind of tension in the air like people are afraid maybe this is a quite this before the storm there is a seventh sign of uncertainty and it's very unclear what's going to happen and our
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staff are left at home or in bunkers they are unable to deliver they are able to do their work so it's almost impossible for us to do our lifesaving work in yemen and in the humanitarian assistance ok well what about in other parts of the country in sana where you are where the fighting has also been going on. i mean is going on it's kind of like more quiet now but it's again like if one part of the country is under this kind of violence or escalation the other cars get paralyzed because they're all the connected somehow so for us we are in santa here but we depend a lot on an agent in terms of our supplies so we're just here to new reports a shortage of medical supplies and essential treatments for children suffering from color of and in syria vaccinations are not their. main medications
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are not there so now and with adam being a bit paralyzed it is impossible for us to carry on our assistance in sanaa in the data and sudden other parts of the country because one part is now paralyzed that's what's happening in aden right now ok what are you hearing about the combatants are they taking any steps to protect the civilian population from the worst of the five . well i haven't hit anything but when i can say here well look i'm patting parties all fighting warring parties they have a moral obligation to stop this conflict and to protect civilians children and women are the most vulnerable victims of this conflict and they know they have done nothing to deserve their say they have all the right to be protected to be treated to receive treatment to be fed to go to school and of course to live
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a normal life so so as i sat there is again there is enough of this fighting this hasn't helped anyone and is not going to help anyone or was going to do is increase the suffering increase the number of people in the knowing that now already over twenty two million yemenis are in the need for humanitarian assistance ok well with so many people in such desperate need what's your immediate focus right now over the next days and weeks. mediately right now we're looking into supporting those affected by the recent clashes in the n.h.s. that there are many people who are displaced there are many children who are already displaced from other fires in the country and who had info for seeking refuge and now they are displaced again the already traumatized they were receiving second social support were child friendly spaces so now what we are going to do is
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to increase our child psychosocial support to these children. displacements. families and children who have to leave their houses and see how can we support them whether by doing this food assistance health care nutrition. at the same time increase our support in other parts of the country russia thanks so much for that good luck to you and all your efforts russia as well as from save the children and salma. we're turning to the united states now where the f.b.i. has clashed publicly with president trump for the very first time condemning a push by congressional republicans for the release of a controversial memo this document claims that the f.b.i. and the justice department abused their authority to obtain a surveillance warrant on the trump campaign democrats say the release of the memo
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is an attempt to discredit the probe into allegations of russian meddling in the election a memo is expected to be released later today. and that's right. as donald trump leaves the chamber following his state of the union address on wednesday the muffled exchanges caught on camera. a republican congress man can be heard saying let's release the memo trump replies don't worry one hundred percent can you imagine that this president received. the memo written by the republican house intelligence committee chairman devin nunez outlines alleged surveillance abuses by investigators looking into ties between russia and the trump campaign republicans claim the document shows anti trump bias at the f.b.i. but the agency says it's inaccurate. democrats say trump's insistence on publishing
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the memos is a place and attempt to derail a wider probe into his dealings with russia. we know obviously the partner justice and the f.b.i. feel that this is extraordinary reckless step to take because the information hasn't been veteran house speaker pull ryan says republicans are right to push for the memos release there may have been milf eason's at the f.b.i. by certain individuals and so what we want is all of this information to come out so that transparency can reign supreme and accountability can occur will be the f.b.i. director christopher ray appears willing to stand up to the president who hand-picked him for the job just months after firing his predecessor. trump himself as told to say c.h. the memo vindicates his concerns that u.s. law enforcement agencies conspired against him. now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour a train carrying dozens of republican lawmakers has collided with
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a garbage truck killing one person in the vehicle this incident occurred at a crossing near charlottesville in the u.s. state of virginia it's not clear how it happened chartered train was taking lawmakers to a republican retreat. poland senate has passed a controversial bill making it illegal to choose the country of complicity of crimes committed by the nazis during world war two israel has condemned the bill saying poland is attempting to rewrite history the u.s. says the legislation could hamper open discussion about the holocaust. bolivia is reeling from severe flooding caused by record rainfall the floodwaters swept away homes and damaged bridges some residents had to wade through deep water to bring their animals to safety authorities say someone has a twenty thousand people have been affected. this is the still to come on the show angelina jolie rallies to protect roe hinge refugees from sexual violence we'll
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tell you the new strategy she's pushing to better shield women from rape and wars of choice. all in iraq mosul was a symbolic city in the fight against so-called islamic state john a sees that in two thousand and fourteen using brutal punishments to crush any opposition the iraqi government regain control six months ago with an all out siege that left mosul in ruins years of occupation and war have left its inhabitants struggling to rebuild shattered lives. thousands of children fight to survive among the ruins of mosul many are orphans most a traumatized by the brutality of the so-called islamic state and by the fighting which freed the city. money so there are no jobs i had to leave school to help feed my family.


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