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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Ramush Haradinaj  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 9:30am-10:01am CET

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other cops are willing to pay so much so it's a sad reality but it's a new the new normal in the premier league and i think the question is even no longer about when will the new record be said it's about by how much ok this is all affecting germany obama youngs the latest big name to leave germany why is the bonus league struggling to hold on to its star stars is it all about the money it is that's a simple as it is money is tempting and i think when i mean the sort of money that is a primary club can offer for a player that's like the bundesliga can't keep up if you know you know it's like the sort of money that the benghazi about can offer it's peanuts compared to the new creative use that the primary can offer and i'm talking about for example when a mid table team like evatt and for example when they can't win they have a big operating budget because of t.v. rights then. you have your answer right there ok and this is a national debate that's been sparked as a result of this will be we'll be talking about the future i'm sure a limited hockey thank you very much for that live. well the court of arbitration
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for sport will give its verdict later today on the cases of thirty nine russian athletes banned from the olympics for life the athletes appealed their bans and hearings last week they were disqualified from their events and in some cases stripped of their medals after an international of the committee investigation into state sponsored russian doping the athletes hope to be cleared in time to compete at this month's winter games in south korea. the german astronaut alexander gast is going through the final preparations for his next mission to space at the end of april hill embark on the horizons mission to the international space station this will be his second time aboard the i assess and he'll be taking charge of the orbital lab for half a year w's yuri for shadow caught up with him at star city the russian space training center thirty kilometers south of moscow. these spacesuits aren't fall
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lightweights invented the scales at around ten kilograms each once in space and ensure that alexander guest and his crew mates sergei prokofiev and syriana and chancellor can survive in a vacuum which it will be the first time a guest will serve as commander on the international space station is not my end there are much of it this is the same space suit i wore when i landed last time you can still see traces of sort for my exit from the capsule i'm one of the few lucky ones allowed to train in my own spacesuit i'll get a new one for the next flight it's tailor made for me and ready to go. from i'm right. and this is the view and xander guest had on his first space flight. in twenty fourteen of the geophysicist became the thirty german to fly to the international space station during his next mission horizons the crew will conduct about eighty experiments some
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a new others guest performed on his first flight. this fits in with his own it'll be a little like coming home and i've spent around six months of my life there and have nice memories from the last time i'm really looking forward to this for. the training center in the so called the star city near moscow is steeped in history generations of cosmonauts and quite a few astronauts who went back to tear star city of this once top secret town it was built during the space race between the u.s. and it is obvious union a trip to star city today is a journey of the past the present and the future of space exploration. the immediate future of space research belongs to these three astronauts to ensure their flight on the sixth of june goes smoothly they're doing takeoff blending and docking exercises in the reconstruction of their original so you space capsule. to
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the ground control staff has installed some system failures to simulate up to twelve breakdowns a day. any one of them could be fatal if undetected and left on result that's why the astronauts say the viets face of the training is the most difficult demanding intense concentration and to rapid decision making capacity. from by system is a cruise missile we know this involves more of a risk than traveling by train. but we're not flying this mission just for fun it's for scientific experiments. we're doing space research for the greater good and that's why i'm prepared to take this higher risk. sequence again. forty years after the first spaceflight by a german alexander guest will be the first to german commander on the international space station. the horizons mission will take off from the baikonur space launch
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facility in southern kazakhstan vase some. live from berlin we're going back to space there we're going to leave you with some more images of a moon that transfixed no it's enjoy. org .
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have you. been. moving. from. the to. the from the. from the. constant little bit.
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it's known. how wonderful and not only fifty years. before it would happen if there were learned more snow on. the climate would go haywire. a horace scenario a world without snow to morrow to do in thirty minutes on d w. those values of germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something
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hinders us we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters p.w. made for mines. and i am a flower. yes i'm beautiful i've heard it before and it never grows old. i'm worshiped from my looks and my scent my looks but here's the thing. life starts with me. you see i feed. every fruit comes from me. everybody taito me every kernel of corn me every grain of rice me me me me i know but it's true. and sometimes i feed their souls.
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i am their words when they have none i say i love you without a sound. i'm sorry without a voice. i inspired the greatest of them painters howitzers pattern makers i've been amused to them all. but in my experience people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower. because their life does start with me. and it without me.
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this is deja vu news wire from berlin separatists in southern yemen on. are on the advance against government forces dozens of died as they seize control of these are teaching port city. how are people coping with this escalating conflict we'll have a report from inside the war torn country also coming up. ahead of the f.b.i. clashes with president trump over a controversy over memo due to be released today by the white house republicans say the document shows and bias in the justice department democrats say it has been doctored. also on the show getting ready for takeoff german
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astronaut alexander gas goes through the final preparations for his next mission into space a reporter caught up with him before blastoff. i'm brian thomas a warm welcome to the show separatist forces in yemen have surrounded the presidential palace in the southern port city of aden high ranking government ministers are inside that building it's another blow for yemen's internationally recognized government for three years it has been battling who the rebels backed by iran the emergence of an armed separate movement now in the south of the country in aden has added a new dimension to this conflict we have this report from the port city. smoke rises over the port city of aden after heavy clashes
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a new front in the in many civil war has opened with separatists poised to take over power at the presidential palace they're fighting for an independent republic of south yemen as it existed before nine hundred ninety. these militants say they're ready to sacrifice their blood and soul for the south yemen's war has spread to the south this rare footage shows scenes of the gulf city before the conflict escalated earlier this month. adan was long considered an anchor of stability in a country that has been devastated by civil war. but. gas supplies are low and drivers often have to wait hours at filling stations that are still open and. prices have risen rapidly. sometimes even maybe someday sat near you as we pan and get shoot to get here
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because that because the crowded all sort of people can barely afford food inflation is rising rapidly so markets are mostly empty. i had a container of oranges that used to sell for six thousand rio now it's ten thousand and a container of kiwi fruit went from forty eight hundred rio to seventy five hundred . but about them on a lunch lots of albums. very few people can afford such prices now jobs are rare work goes unpaid corruption is thriving frustration with government is palpable many people are unable to get by on their own he but i had a ruse distributes food supplies to the poor a human rights lawyer by trade she founded an aid organization with help from volunteers. and i felt i had to help people in need especially in war i feel connected to my country but we don't have enough donations
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and workers to support our efforts. to make. health care has been hit hard by the crisis as well this child has the measles others have come with cases of cholera and diptheria most a refugee children from the north who weren't vaccinated now their diseases are spreading here. is a lot of programs there it is a shortage you know our financial support for the ones we don't. another what did it is and think it is the total number of the bishop who came to visit. people in the south of yemen hold he the idea rusin high regard they say they've been neglected in repressed by the government over the years. now as the north suffers under the strain of war and poverty she's campaigning for independence for the south. and lobbying for prisoners labeled as terrorists and detained for months without charge. and i think you know we had then look at the end there's been an
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independence movement here since two thousand and seven again but the end of the regime has been repressing and torturing separatists there were no political parties in the south before then people came together and joined the movement their demonstrations were brutally suppressed. by the roosters paying a high price for her political engagement she receives death threats but she feels a commitment towards her father's legacy he was a famous human rights defender who was killed in one nine hundred ninety. nine even up to my mother tried to dissuade me from studying law she knew that i wanted to follow in my father's footsteps and she didn't want me to face the same fate when i am able to live if you can manage to get it. it's a dangerous mix of poverty and anger that are inciting people against the government and fueling the southern independence movement now even the south of yemen is gradually plunging into chaos. earlier i spoke with russia muros from save
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the children and yemen's capital sana i asked her about the situation for people caught up in the fighting in a. this is the twenty eighth of january clashes heavy clashes erupted between the south and transitional council and forces affiliated to the government of yemen and president had. as a result many people got killed as many others were wounded and there are different difference as stories about the numbers nothing has been confirmed yet and unfortunately human hospitals work on it for emergencies or for urgent intervention to bring in trauma cases surgical kits and agencies were unable to bring in this support which this is why we kind of afraid now the number of. people will even increase now after today is earth day so yesterday and today we
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received reports from our team there that it's been quiet but there is kind of tension in the air like people are afraid maybe this is a quite this before the storm there is a seventh sign of uncertainty and it's very unclear what's going to happen and our staff are locked at home or in bunkers they aren't able to deliver they are able to do their work so it's almost impossible for us to do our lifesaving work in yemen and in the humanitarian assistance ok well what about in other parts of the country in sana where you are where the fighting has also been going on. i mean isn't on it's kind of like more quiet now but it's again like if one part of the country is under this kind of violence or escalation the other cars get paralyzed because they're all of connected somehow so for.


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