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do you have respect for the altitude. because that's the biggest problem i've never run a three thousand meters you can tell you get out of breath faster when you climb some stairs and often come to the races hosted by a british organization. well security is something the race organizers we have to take very seriously especially given we bring some international runners here it's really a race for the local people but as soon as you start bringing internationals in then we need to you know way up the risks of as you can imagine so keeping the race low profile we don't publish that kind of thing is is very important these two girls have also registered which is pretty unusual in afghanistan they're from the local area. some of my relatives think women shouldn't run marathons but why not tell you about this event in that box where they get those that was. a high enough that it should be taken for
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granted one of the reasons why we're running is to make a statement you can and i wash the participants gather the following morning it's friday and therefore the day of rest there are around two hundred fifty runners including more than one hundred women and they can't wait to get going. among them is needle for a student. of your own that time goes oh i wasn't allowed to go out of home but now that's going to run so it's a very different the race is co-sponsored by free to run an international organization that empowers women and girls in conflict affected communities feel like this is the not make it now maybe they don't know yet how it feels and the excitement among the women and girls here is incredible they need space to express themselves to see platz our finance a house of torment as is they're happy to be given this opportunity. it's nice to
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see the boys and girls running together here joins the gym eating it is that laos not just us or thailand candace. running against daunting resistance something this man knows all about charlie from britain has an artificial leg it's something that i was in the news. all those years ago so to say here and say it now is a. it's it's a bizarre emotion it's it's incredible it's sad to see them gone and i don't know i guess the history is it's causing the world so that's what it is despite the freezing cold and thin and everyone's extremely motivated this is from scott in his five degrees were very excited we hope will make it and getting under six specs and with that extra. the race begins to shoot. bomb youngness consider taliban fruit its population as tolerant the only intimate dating thing here is the challenging but beautiful course. the spectators cheer for the runners from other
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countries. but most of all for the local women taking part. to. the highest point is at three thousand meters the course takes the runners through picture perfect landscapes that lessen the pain in the lungs and the legs at least a little. but that won't fall halfway through the race there's a refreshment stop and there's trouble the second placed man is accusing the front runner after cheating saying he took a car for part of the course he can't prove it and has no chance of catching up any more and so he gives up. again this morning. after almost three hours andrea rise at the twenty one kilometer mark. he has to take
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a breather before setting about the return run. a short while later the first run across the finish line much to the joy of the locals the when that is an afghan nobody is talking about cheating anymore the victor enjoys the hero's reception. the jolly finishes in second despite his physical handicap not told so makes him the best foreign participant. he had been to her. and finally under a arrives at the french he has reached his goal by running a time of under six hours he's satisfied that was the toughest race i've ever run the altitude is indescribable as if your lungs are being torn apart every step is torture but somehow i managed and now now i'm happy. as among the last to arrive but she's happy she kept going despite severe stomach pain but i am happy says at least i finish it and also it might soon. team member which
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i was trained game one of them to come first. another photo with greetings to friends back home and be doing will be recommending they visit by me on the don't have to run a marathon if they come here after all. mazar e sharif in northern afghanistan the country's third largest city is famous for its blue mosque the son in law of the prophet muhammad is set to be buried here there's another special thing about this mosque now something that never would have happened under the taliban. it's just after seven o'clock in the morning like every wednesday the pot belongs to these young women for two hours. setting the pace is need of the young woman who recently ran the marathon she organizes the local women's meet.
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running gives me energy and i'm feeling free with tranny when a running saying feeling that i'm free and have i have were right like a man so i'm here we are like a equal with men. joining the training sessions the poc remains closed to visitors and measure by the local authorities to protect the runners quite a lot of people in mazar e sharif consider women doing sports as islamic as a western perversion but that doesn't scare these young women. on the contrary i enjoy the feeling of freedom when i run through the park and i said as i am. after the training session the women start their daily lives some live more than an hour's drive away they've worked hard to save up the money for the taxi.
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needle father who's studying medicine normally goes to the university but she has a day off today she's taking care of the business she set up she produces footballs a few dozen a day she sells them to wholesalers and employs elder brother and also women from the neighborhood. i tried to make opportunity for the other girls to rent and. when i learned the idea about this company i was thinking about the. housewife that they need money and they are not able to work outside of their home so this is a big opportunity for them to can work at home. faster lives with their family she's the youngest of five siblings and her mother's pride. they often talk about need a fast marathons she's completed several to date she's
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a pioneer in afghanistan. a mother's nervous every time because she's scared of extremists. as viewed only at. the during the marathon and a stranger came in handed her an energy drink nobody knew the guy i was scared he would poison her fortunately she never even tried it you don't let you them get them so the publisher yes we just need a father wants to run another marathon next year not for the first time she's received death threats the names of the patients that we got an anonymous car a man was angry about. how could she run with foreigners and with men he said she deserved to die it isn't then having money a short while later fans back in kabul not just a runner but as a student at the prestigious american university. in condos
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not far from mazar i sharif word has spread that the best bread in town is available here the queues are long in the mornings some of the people are just curious not because the bakery is the talk of the town. a nice omits on our way to the afternoon shift. she's the boss and wesson book. condo's is conservative and that's why this bakeries a minor revolution. it employs exclusively women. there's no other bakery in the country like it not yet. an isa hopes other women will soon copy what. women bake for their families at home so why shouldn't they make that their work we want to encourage women to leave the house and become active outside of it you know as a more system in. the bakery is supported by german development aid which paid for
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the equipment and the initial salaries the women work very hard managing to bake up to three hundred flat breads every hour and they sell almost all of them to. make sure maybe it's because we put so much effort into it take the best quality flour and we only used good retinae such an. audit committee just. these women desperately need the income on their because they're widowed or because their husband's income isn't enough. but they also pay a price some have received threatening letters there are regular reports from other parts of the country that women have been killed simply for pursuing a job. there's criticism of the bakery and
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condos too particularly from religious hardliners. according to the qur'an women a strictly prohibited from working outside their home so they should stop it once the taliban gets the say here again all this will be over anyway. and indeed the taliban have tried several times to retake this city of two hundred thousand people ever since that you part of the german military. there are security checks at all the entrances to the city and that hasn't stopped the taliban from entering the city several times and spreading fear and terror. the police insists that it's over and the women bakers don't have anything to fear. in the way i think that the americans damage the taliban quite substantially in recent
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weeks with aerial attacks that. they're not getting their hands on this city and no he will make. projects like the women's bakery show this progress as if nothing was . done we found the bakery abandoned with no sign of the start of word in the neighborhood is that they fled. for their lives with no idea why business was going well maybe they got scared because of the security situation because there was so much criticism from fundamentalists. a few days later they cannot jia opens up shop again. her boss quit for family reasons she says but she and the other women will continue. even though she adds she always has an easy feeling on her way to work.
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my parents are scared someone could hurt us i don't feel one hundred percent safe. but when i see the other women and reenergized and i know what we're doing here is important. here. the next day the bakeries going to be full again not least because there'll be three men working here two at the women's request for protection conducts doesn't seem quite ready yet for a business run soley by women.
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save sumptuous comes from. the creation of. the eccentric design it was matted over twenty years ago. now the world's not just design she would respect it has been painted. with many of his famous friends in attendance. the last significant thirty minutes d.w. . believes. the scars on. the pain still tangible. the surface for god. the four cities edged by the more. they have survived the two they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here.
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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . a new beginning in peace time more the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness cities after a war. starting march tenth on t w. this is d.w. news live from berlin life suspensions reversed for dozens of olympic athletes
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accused of doping twenty eight russians have their own lump a lifetime bans revoked by a sports arbitration court they're cleared to compete in next week's winter games. also coming up ahead of the f.b.i. clashes with president trump over a controversial memo due to be released today by the white house republicans say the document shows the anti trump bias in the justice department democrats saying it's the doctor. and facebook users are spending millions of hours the last song on the site but could that actually be a blessing for the social network. i'm sumi so much got to thank you for joining us thirty nine russian olympic athletes have successfully overturned their lifetime bans for doping offenses the court of arbitration for sport and all the sanctions originally handed down by the
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international olympic committee twenty eight russian athletes have their lifetime bans revoked and have been cleared to compete in the winter games which start next week now eleven others received a reduced ban they will be able to compete after the olympic games in south korea. and we have a limo talk you from didn't you sports with us for more on the story why have these bans been overturned so more than anything this throws us all into a state of confusion. but let me break down to you the decision by the court of arbitration and one thing needs to be made clear from the get go that from the beginning their mandate was not to determine if systemic doping took place instead they were tasked with finding out if an individual athlete had doped and upon texting all the information analyzing it.


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