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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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darkness city's after war. starting march tenth. this is. from berlin tonight the signs are clear the dividing lines deep in a battle of the f.b.i. versus the white house the intelligence agency says it has grave concerns about the accuracy of a secret memo on the russia investigation but the trump administration wants the document released in plans to do so tomorrow also coming up german lawmakers
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approved new regulations to reunite asylum seekers with their families or unions will resume in august but there will be a cap on the numbers and poland backs controversial legislation making it a crime to suggest poles were complicit in the holocaust the move has angered israel we'll hear from these i mean visa said. i'm bored coffin's good to have you with us we begin in poland the lawmakers there have backed a controversial bill criminalizing anyone who suggests that poland or its people work implicit in nazi war crimes under the bill people who speak of polish death camps for example could receive a three year prison sentence poland's ruling party says that the legislation is needed to ensure that poles are recognised as victims of the nazis the move has
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caused outrage in israel which calls it an attempt to rewrite history. the vote in the polish senate was decisive fifty seven in favor twenty three against two abstentions but it may not be the quick fix the government would like. paul and as long struggled with the legacy of nazi run death camps on its soil like auschwitz birkenau where more than a million jews and others died poland was one of the countries most affected by nazi atrocities and many here feel they've been unfairly branded as villains and it hasn't gone down well when american politicians among others referred to polish death camps for many years history has been falsified it has been presented in a false way we did this for the poles for our dignity and truth. but the bill's passage comes on the heels of holocaust commemorations at auschwitz even though
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poles weren't in charge of death camps on their territory some poles helped the nazis in their goal of killing all of europe's jews many fear that the new bill will brush this history under the rug. what does this say the jews. in. the polish people he saw. and what others tell you my family my great grandmother i do know dozens of others of my family members who died did that all of this didn't happen there's been strong international pushback to the senate bill the u.s. state department has expressed concern about the repercussions this legislation could have on poland's strategic interests and relationships including with the united states and israel and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was even more forceful. under no circumstances will
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we accept any attempt to rewrite history or limitation on truthful historical research. to become law the bill must still be signed by poland's president meanwhile security has been increased at the israeli embassy in warsaw amid fears of protests by nationalist polish groups. earlier we spoke to rabbi marvin hier he is the founder of the simon visa and whole center which is a jewish human rights organization and we asked him for his reaction to the bill because it's a bad piece of legislation because it gives them they have totally absolved happy people who walk around the streets say see it was totally the germans it was doesn't state is polish and the senate is polish and the seventh is during the war even in the it in the years preceding the war was known fact.
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and it was in the lead in one city or one town that should be knowledge by today's polish government we very much welcome the fact that the polish government today is friendly with israel we don't we do not want to hide that fact we acknowledge it i happy about it but at the same time you can't rewrite history and falsify history by giving a very high mocks to the brightest people on the hill they acted toward the jews during world war two. and that was read by marvin hier there speaking with us earlier this evening to the united states now where the f.b.i. has condemned plans by the white house and house republicans to release a secret memo tomorrow the memo alleges that the f.b.i. abused its surveillance powers where it when it investigated donald trump's presidential campaign the agency contests the documents accuracy while democrats
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say that its release could undermine investigations into russian interference in the twenty six thousand election. the stories. that were part of. a quick exchange overheard after donald trump state of the union speech on tuesday night the us president reassures a republican lawmaker that he has every intention of putting out the memo that's polarizing washington. if you. just press the memo was commissioned by devon yunus chairman of the republican house intelligence committee and it describes alleges surveillance abuses by f.b.i. and justice department officials looking into possible ties between the truck campaign and russia investigators are accused of failing to disclose that their probe was partly based on research financed by hillary clinton's campaign republicans claim this shows anti trumbo bias at the f.b.i.
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they're calling for the memo to be released. there may have been milf eason's at the f.b.i. by certain individuals so it is our job in conducting transparent oversight of the lead of the executive branch to get to the bottom of that sunshine is the best disinfectant and so what we want is all of this information to come out so that transparency can reign supreme and accountability can occur but the f.b.i. has warned against releasing the dossier in a rare public rebuke we have grave concerns about material admissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memos accuracy for their part democrats claim the memo cherry picks and i only classified information in an effort to discredit the russian investigators in lead by robert mueller. this is not about the facts this is about and there it is that the chairman wants to put out misleading narrative to undermine the f.b.i. undermine the department and ultimately undermine gentleman tensions between the
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trump white house and investigators has been mounting days ago the f.b.i. his deputy director andrew mccabe quit and now an open confrontation looms between the head of america's top domestic intelligence agency and the administration. or we're going to go to washington now and pull in chris faulkner he is a republican political strategist chris good to see you again you know we've got the white house saying that the president wants to release the memo to morrow can you maybe explain to our audience why that he wants to make that memo public is the purpose to undermine the robert moeller investigation. no of course that the purpose here is to make sure that the public has complete faith in total trust in the f.b.i. since a lot of love and almost no federal agency has been more instrumental in keeping americans safe than the f.b.i.
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that everyone believes it's very much likely true that ninety nine percent of the folks the f.b.i. are doing their darndest to keep everyone safe and to protect our country from any threats for the rest of the concern is here there may have been a few bad actors a few folks with a partisan angle with a very unfortunate politics bent to their views were involved this investigation in unfortunate making the rest of the f.b.i. look bad what is it is it worth really then his memo hopefully we can clarify that yeah. let me if i could chris let me just interrupt and ask you i mean because it's where is their birth is it worth the going this far and igniting what a lot of people are calling a piece of political dynamite to be we've got reports coming in that even the head of the f.b.i. chris ray who was appointed by mr truong himself. is prepared reportedly prepared to resign tomorrow if that memo has information in it that is damaging to the f.b.i. . i've not heard those reports and familiar with director
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raises status with that he's going to resign or not but what's important in congress is providing its role spelled out of the law in terms of oversight for the government agencies carter says providing its oversight yes there are those that absolute don't want this memo released because it's going to show again that there was no collusion between president proclaim being in the russian government. releasing these documents this kind of transparency is good for everybody any time that we're trying to conceal documents conceal information it's only going to lead to more public distrust of the government our agencies which at this time we simply can't have what you and i can we can't be sure of what is in the document because we haven't seen the document sure you're agree with me on that and we also have a lot of members of congress on capitol hill who have come out and said that they want the memo released and they haven't seen the memo either what do you make of the claims that mr newness himself the man who authored this memo that he altered
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it and that the copy that the president has is different from the copy that the other members of the house intelligence committee have. or i'm sure sherman is is not an idiot he knows full well if there was any alteration that it's quickly quickly going to become public because of there might be if if people are saying this there might be two actual copies of this report it's unlikely this is the case i did not familiar with the original documents i don't know if it's been altered or not we'll see in this again this transparency this move to release the memo will clear up any any confusion or concerns that people have about this issue. i've been trying to explain to a lot of our viewers who've written in asking about what the president was overheard saying after the state of the union address earlier this week saying that telling members of congress yes i'm going to release the memo now he said that on
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tuesday evening and he had not seen the memo at that point so doesn't it make then the the motivation the motive of the president doesn't bring it into question if he hasn't even seen the contents that he's willing to say yes i will make it public. i'm not aware of exactly what the president said to members as he was leaving the chamber after the state of the union but what is clear whether it's this president or any president for that matter if there is insinuation of wrongdoing especially something as insidious as closure with a foreign government and we have evidence that clearly refutes that that shows that there was no interference in our democratic elections then of course he's going to want to get out there you want to restore the american people's faith in the integrity of our elections and this is a clear way to do that. republican strategist chris faulkner based in l.a. but he is paying us a visit in our studio in washington tonight chris thank you very much we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. thanks rob. well here in germany
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lawmakers have reached an agreement on the contentious issue of reuniting refugee families the new plan allows the close family members to join asylum seekers here starting this august but their numbers will be limited to a maximum of one thousand per month now the deal is part of a larger plan to end months of deadlock between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats as they seek to form a new coalition government. that asylum seekers made their voices heard outside the german parliament it could be a very long time before many of them see their family again in march twenty sixth in the german government halted family reunions for hundreds of thousands of refugees with so-called subsidiary protection is that as less than full asylum. family
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reunions for this group were set to begin next month thursday's vote delayed that until august but is then set to restart on a limited basis germany's green party was sharply critical it's that the safety and well being of families was paramount. at issue here is whether families will be reunited with their children will be able to get on planes and be brought safely to germany that's the core question this coalition needs to address that's the core question for this country. under the new law beginning august first up to one thousand family members per month will be allowed to join their relatives in germany the far right f.t. party firmly opposes any admission of refugee family members into the country. isn't that of millions of them we believe that family reunification should not take place in our country but in protected zones in syria where most parts are peaceful defeated. the two parties behind the deal hailed their agreement as
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a success. you're up to date with the news on the back of the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope you can join us that. from. climate change which. waste. pollution. time for. africa people and projects that are changing for the better it's up to us to different ski could be an easy. w.


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