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arms against children. this is deja vu news live from berlin on the ackles approval ratings are sinking the german chancellor faces a public losing patience after a drawn out wait for a new government many see her as the default choice machall deliver a hope for coalition a last round of make or break talks are this weekend also coming up. saving the
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children of islamic state fighters we follow a man hoping to retrieve his grandson from an iraqi prison and save him from childhood behind bars. and poland backs legislation making it a crime to claim polls were complicit in the holocaust israel has sharply condemned the move saying no law would change the facts. i'm brian thomas a warm welcome to the show on just over half of germans thank chancellor on the macro should stay on at the country's helm but polls indicate her approval rating is sinking more than four months after germany's national elections she still has not managed to form a new government and germans are losing patience the numbers while they are even worse for her potential coalition partners the social democrats germany's largest
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center left party is looking at its lowest approval ratings ever. germany's social democrats need to regroup they're still the second largest party in parliament but their standing has been flagging since the party's poor election results last september the latest polls suggest if people voted now chancellor angela merkel's conservatives would score thirty three percent of the vote far ahead of the s.p.d. which would get only eighteen percent and that's just four points ahead of the far right alternative for germany party which would score fourteen percent the business friendly f.t.p. would score ten percent the greens and the left party eleven percent each the center left s.p.d. recently agreed to formal talks with chancellor merkel's conservatives with the aim of forming another grand coalition public opinion on the prospect is mixed and to this means a standstill nothing will get done it's
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a lame compromise thing for i think it's crucial for germany that the two parties unite me i was hoping for a different result. less than half of those polled forty six percent approve of a grand coalition government fifty two percent disagree but just over half still think chancellor merkel should keep her job fifty one percent of german surveyed felt good or very good about the chancellor remaining at the helm while forty six percent had a less favorable opinion of her leadership as a head i would have liked to see a change but you convinced support the chancellor that we have no other choice. both parties will meet this weekend for further talks but even if they're successful in forming a coalition there's not much enthusiasm for it on the streets. ok let's break down the numbers now with our parliamentary correspondent simon young good morning simon . ackles ratings eroding steadily she is though still at fifty one percent should
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she be word i think she should be you know angela merkel feels like the default chancellor rather rich the really you know the german leader of the future doesn't she and i think she is a bit nervous that this grand coalition of social democrats and conservatives won't come together because if it doesn't very likely they'll be new elections and although the assumption has always been that she would lead her party into the next election increasingly people are saying you know well how the new ideas and the renewal of the conservative camp come from angle americal and you know maybe some people are beginning to say perhaps angle a medical policy forever ok if there's some questions about on the macro as the default there has to be some questions about the s.p.d. is the default partner for the conservatives you know they're looking at their their lowest ratings ever they're facing
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a rebellion among their youth wing what's behind the steady decline for the social democrats well i think there's a number of factors of course it's more difficult for social democrats to appeal to a wide sector of the electorate in an industry in the economy that is increasingly north industrial it's increasingly a service economy and so on they have their roots in germany's industrial past and that's part of it but you've also got to take into account they've seen hugging the conservatives closed for too long in successive governments and that of course means that social democrat ideas just don't get the so. profile they don't get the same media coverage you have angle a medical taking credit for policies like the national minimum wage which the last government introduced a social democrat idea implemented by angle of medical the social democrats don't get the credit and of course the other thing they're rather weak leader monte
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marshall see a lot of conservatives make the same argument that they're being moved by the s.b. too far to the left and both parties are meeting up today to resume their coalition talks what's it looking like will we see a new government by march as some people are suggesting well how it was that these protected coalition to swell the one hundred days of the. would rather since the elections bill that under days. they would end on sunday people are saying us probably not going to happen because there are still too many areas for the groups to discuss might be a couple die sometime next week they could do that don't forget the social democrats have said they're going to put the final coalition deal to their full membership four hundred fifty thousand people about will get their chance to say whether this deal can go ahead and whether a new grand coalition can come in ok that is a huge question mark out there isn't it after the seals hammered out by the two
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parties and so as to be approved by the s.b. date yeah and there's no no certainty at this stage she said you've got a left wing and a youth wing within that party very unhappy the concessions from the conservative side have not been sufficient there's not enough social democrat ideas in the deal as we've seen it so far so it hangs in the balance as to whether this new coalition the old coalition again can can be sealed simon young as ever simon thanks very much for being with us. now to the story of children living in a world of terror and violence boys and girls growing up under the brutal rule of so-called islamic state in the mideast some were born there all those were brought over by parents who joined us as fighters all as the jihad is lose ground what happens to these children as follow a german man is trying to rescue his grandson it is a journey into the unknown the man who has asked us to call them in for him is en
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route iraq he wants to bring back his grandson who was born an i.a.s. territory and is now held in prison together with his parents. said economic thinking at it children aren't responsible for their parents do definitely not the children suffer months or years in prison this is a necessary evil he said. in the abbey and he had straight to the german consulate . the plot according to the iraqi government i will be able to stay here for a week and spend time with the child every day so he can get used to me. get out of the city and. in the past weeks germany's government has been making efforts to bring back children of german i.a.s. supporters for humanitarian reasons iraqi officials support this move there are dozens of cases some even involving older children the question is could they pose
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a threat in the eyes of the islamic state they were future fighters security officials have issued warnings. and of the fastest user can see there is a risk that these children come back brainwashed that they are ordered to carry out attacks so we have to consider that these children could be ticking time bombs souness's putting can on them david let's have undercutting the kid doesn't cut it at least children aren't happy as they have victims in the first place victims of the circumstances and of their parents who brought them into a war zone and exposed them to indoctrination and also has its top. parents such as those incarcerated in iraqi prisons reporters from german broadcasters and the avidity and the daily newspapers the dutch insights on were able to meet with three german women and their nine small children one lady agree to an interview. on the do you look at i.a.s. critically by now. that's
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a list you don't want to comment on that instead of talking about the terrorist groups atrocities she preferred to discuss her children who she wants to go to germany we have altered her appearance in the stronger. when that six zero there are a hundred and six women and children living together in a room that is roughly one hundred square meters there's only one toilet and not a square meter is empty. there are much as is everywhere and most children a sick i mean they play with awful cats they collect bottle caps and use them to pay with cash. back to ybor him he is the first family member who with the help of the german government is able to bring a child of i.a.s. members back to germany on the condition of a d.n.a. test he saw the taller in prison twice before taking charge of him the child's mother agreed to her son's departure he's fourteen months old now and apart from stories he didn't know his grandpa at all now he has received his german passport
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and is allowed to board the plane it remains to be seen how his past will affect him in the future all he knows is war and prison. he will be examined by doctors in germany i think with love and compassion you can succeed in anything but. the grandfather has brought in friends and family to help his grandson settle in and turn a victim of bias terror into a survivor. now to some of the other stories making the news today the elder son of cuba's late leader fidel castro has committed suicide state media say sixty eight year old fidel castro diaz balart was receiving treatment for deep depression is death comes just over a year after that of his father. led cuba for over half a century following the revolution in one nine hundred fifty nine. some eight hundred people have been injured after
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a vehicle caught fire and crashed into pedestrians in shanghai china police are calling it an accident they say the driver of the band was smoking while transporting gas canisters garver cargo then ignited the driver also consciousness . russian president vladimir putin has welcomed the court ruling that overturned olympic doping bans against dozens of russian athletes he said the ruling confirmed that the majority of the athletes were clean but added that russia needs to continue its fight against doping russia's government denies the existence of a state sponsored doping program. and russians have been marking the seventy fifth anniversary of the red army's victory at stalin drop a military parade was held in that city known today as volgograd the battle between the soviet union and nazi germany is considered turning point in world war two. all polish lawmakers have passed a holocaust a bill that has been sharply attacked by israel parliament voted in favor of
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legislation that makes it a crime to claim poland or its people or complicit in nazi war crimes ruling party says the bill is needed to ensure the polls are recognised as victims of the nazis . a foretaste of the fallout from the new polish holocaust bill israel's ambassador leaving a meeting with the speaker of the senate in a hurry not making nice. the vote in the polish senate was decisive fifty seven in favor twenty three against two abstentions but it may not be the quick fix the government would like. paul and as long struggled with the legacy of nazi run death camps on its soil like auschwitz birkenau where more than a million jews and others died poland was one of the countries most affected by nazi atrocities and many here feel they've been unfairly branded as villains and it hasn't gone down well when american politicians among others referred to polish
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death camps for many years history has been falsified it has been presented in a false way we did this for the poles for our dignity and truth. but the bill's passage comes on the heels of holocaust commemorations at auschwitz even though poles weren't in charge of death camps on their territory some poles helped the nazis in their goal of killing all of europe's jews many fear that the new bill will brush this history under the rug. what does this say to jews who killed. the polish people he surely does this out of the wars and what are they telling you my family my great grandmother i do know dozens of others of my family members with the idea that all of this didn't happen there's been strong international pushback to the senate bill the u.s. state department has expressed concern about the repercussions this legislation
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could have on poland's strategic interests and relationships including with the united states and israel. hand israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was even more forceful. under no circumstances will we accept any attempt to rewrite history or limitation on truthful historical research to become law the bill must still be signed by poland's president meanwhile security has been increased at the israeli embassy in warsaw amid fears of protests by nationalist polish groups. they were happy to be joined now by susanna from the amsterdam school for heritage memory and material culture she's been doing research on contemporary european memories also a polish citizen good morning to you thanks for being with us today israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying this legislation is trying to change history and deny the holocaust is that right now it's not right it's not denying the holocaust
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but in fact denying a very important part of its reality. they were researching the golden harvest young girl sent it and i'm going to introduce the concept of i refer to this of the holocaust can you repeat. of the holocaust refreeze of the holocaust ok and this concept actually refers to a reality of encounters between the jews and. jewish local population which was decisive for the fate of many of the of the victims of the holocaust wasn't there for the professor because of the holocaust wasn't there for the poles the case of poland who actually tightened the world around the ghettos who. denounce digitals who murdered very often and actively participated in the last face of the holocaust which was the face after the equation of that at the end when some of the extermination comes actually already ceased to operate and hunt for those in hiding
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and that they can probably a lot of more. jewish victims of the holocaust survivor how important is it to understand the peripheries of the holocaust to understand the holocaust in its totality i think it's crucial because we have to remember that the holocaust did not play out in social that vi came in all countries throughout europe in friends in italy in norway in sweden of course the. activities the policies vis of the occupier whether the country collaborated officially or not were crucial for the ways the holocaust played out ok now the polish president andre do does says he was flabbergasted by netanyahu his response you called it a violent reaction you know if this bill signed into law by poland's president how do you see it impacting polish and israeli relations i think it's clear by now that the relation between poland will be. affected by what is happening and not only
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with israel we have a very decisive very strong reaction from the state departed us state department we also have ukrainian diplomats and politicians reacting to to the below so it's not only about polish israeli it reacts relations but also about broader position of poland. other european and western long western countries but i think that's the whole debate centers actually about the diplomatic and political dimension of the bill but we should focus more on how it will affect scholars how it will reflect affect the public debate on the holocaust in poland and also for our europe. there was honestly a bong from the ems from school for heritage and memory speaking with me earlier this is the news live from berlin still to come on the show a crusade against corruption in malta more than three months after the murder of an
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investigative journalist e.w. meets local residents continuing her fight. because officer now disappointing results out of a four germany's biggest bank that's true at least john prine the c.e.o. of dodger bank wants to paddle the message of recovery but for twenty seventeen dodge a bank reported losses of five hundred twelve million euros it's the third consecutive time in recent years that the bank's bottom line is in the red so what's going on at germany's biggest lender well for one got a major image problem just in the past days u.s. authorities find a combined eighty million euros for market manipulation before and had already paid out billions after a series of scandals related to its mortgage business c.e.o. john crime took over and twenty fifteen there's the man in the hope of turning the bank's fortunes around but three years in crying as only posted losses still doj is
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reportedly planning to pay out almost a billion euros in bonuses this year that do i or from the german government which urged the bank to consider what impression that would leave among the public not for more let's bring our correspondent daniel cope who's that of banks headquarters daniel half a billion euros of losses for deutsche in twenty seventeen break that number down for us. those are certainly numbers that also shareholders won't be happy about at all as a first reaction let me also tell you chris of that shares of daughter bank have been dropping by five per cent this morning already at the blue chip index dax in general is saying that they feel that they are on the right track that the main reason why we are seeing those rather bad numbers at the moment is because of rather low interest rates and also because of the tax reform in the united states
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in the first statement the bank is reporting that without that tax reform they would have been even in the plus with nine hundred million nine hundred million euros the biggest problem for the bank also their investment banking mostly because of a lot of volatility off the market in general i can tell you that mr crying will be facing here most likely very tough questions later during this press conference now as we've heard dodger has been facing numerous problems what do people there in frankford think how's the old john cry and dealing with these issues. well they're actually rather disappointment when he came into office he was coming with a lot of promises all the also the reconstruction of the bank has been taking quite some time now they are also having problems with their biggest shareholder h. and a from china they are holding almost ten percent off of the bank and now we are hearing that h n a might have been problems with with their might be running out of
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money pretty much and that could be of course a very big problem for the bank as well also when you look at the share price development of the bank during the last a year it was losing more than ten percent. they hope reporting from deutsche bank headquarters or come back to you throughout the day thank you so much for the moment daniel. u.s. tech giants have also presented their latest results apple and amazon both announcing record quarterly profits google parent company alphabets bottom line looked much less rosy the company boasting and net loss of three billion dollars here's more. it's all signals go for the titans of the new economy retailer amazon posted its first billion dollar profit that's a remarkable change for a company that says shoot profits until now reinvesting all its income into new
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high tech ventures like a supermarket without cash registers. for the company's new headquarters in seattle founder jeff bezos said the alexa voice assistant had well exceeded expectations ok jeff. meanwhile google parent alfabet said its profits would have been up but it chose to pay a one time charge of almost ten billion dollars to bring cash back to the u.s. under the new tax reform there. and her results for apple to sales of the i phone may have dipped slightly but c.e.o. tim cook called it the biggest quarter in the company's history saying the flagship i phone ten had been in sales projections. continues to struggle with corruption after the murder of an investigative journalist brian has a story that's right christoph last october one of those most prominent journalists . was murdered by a car bomb or killing shocked the nation and drew international attention to
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government corruption three men have now been charged with her murder barbara vai's all sent us this report from malta. history and beauty but behind the fortresses and thick walls of ancient malta the anant is riven by conflict and scandal investigative journalist money media is fighting for the legacy of dufner. was murdered reporting on government corruption. it's a mixture of responsibility and good will because we're left her pretty much of the responsibility because the work needs to continue so yes i do feel that my colleagues movie i think the government has never been more under pressure than it is no. on october sixteenth last year a bomb blew up in daphnis cars a few hundred meters from her home. shortly after the police arrested three men small time underworld figures who are now in jail awaiting trial. jonathan ferris
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is a former police investigator i believe that these three people these three individuals . are a lot of the men and they did a short of a trick here should they just pick your shit and that's it for the government and prime ministers of miscount the case seems ever lost its urgency and in malta investigations into political scandals can have consequences johnson serious was fired from his job in an anti-corruption task force they didn't want me to guide write them to dig more of a definition of. money deal is on his way to platters the private bank it's secret dealings and links to figures in the maltese government were part of one of the last big stories investigated dafna covered. the murder journalist well it's a banquet one hundred clients a hundred of our colleagues many of them that we know from politically exposed
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persons in azerbaijan and. even more now why would the royal family over there by. john me the bank account more probably because they are talking about illicit money being laundered. people more aware shocked by the murder and to paul that the string of scandals three months later a small group of women activists tragic engage the public in their fight for justice and change they come regularly to the site of the bomb attack to canton ohio a person a journalist was murdered was assassinated because of what she knew and because of what she said and if this isn't a sign for the rest of us to shut up then i don't know what is and that's the last thing that you know you can't take away our freedom of speech. monreal lives in a village near the capital violet he's well aware that he can't hide in the small island and he too feels the climate of intimidation the mafia spirit is
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a state where the infrastructure the institutions of the state appear to serve as the interest of crime. the interest of justice and yes we do have that. small group of people trying to bring change to malta but they're facing strong resistance from local powers underneath is the picture perfect surface lies a political some of intrigue and corruption. let's get you a reminder now of our top story this hour a new poll indicates just over half of germans thanks to stay on at the helm of the country and her hope for coalition partners the social democrats score their worst ever approval ratings are coming in at just eighteen percent. this is the interveners live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being with us this morning a website. laundry
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international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week understand kurdish fighters being attacked by turkey and terrorists or are they reliable allies in the fight against islamic state and do they need and deserve the west's help that's our topic country just.
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next. lights camera action the best time of our show the coal mine mountains. where the human dominated french are. no names for trillions more drama the fabulous mountains or some stone wall first. touch it essential i'm much a mother sounds general please find me someone to dublin. it's an underground more against crime. more and more young men are being gunned down in the slums of nairobi by the police. there were more than three thousand such killings last year alone one of the victims was nineteen year old brian friends and neighbors tell us what happened why it was brian killed extrajudicial
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killings when my rogue reporter on the job. coach of british. tour linked to news from africa and the world tour link to exceptional stories and discussion from the use of these events and what with sandy deputed comes from the tree top join us on facebook g w a for guy. hello and welcome to quadriga operation all of the press that is the rather ironic name that turkey has given to the military offensive it's currently waging against kurdish fighters in northern syria president out of one says he's simply following up on the defeat of islam.


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