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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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extraordinary. to. watch on sunday oh more than double dog cost more to the. city to every news coming to warren from berlin a controversial us none know one thing that the f.b.i. behaved badly. iran's president donald trump for of the memos released just spine objections from senior f.b.i. officials will take you long to washington as the showdown between america's
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president and his intelligence community heats up. also coming up gunshots in ca latest clashes between migrants leave people sort of french players are blaming longboard games for the violence the country's interior ministry says its own president said the french port city is a magnet for people trying to reach britain illegally. causing joy in south africa as almost a thousand miners are rescued they were pulled to safety after being trapped below ground here more about their harrowing thirty hour ordeal coming up. plus a special four from the most a more than three months after the murder of an anti corruption journalist t.w. meets with local residents who are carrying on her fight against organized crime.
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i'm sarah harmon welcome to the show it's good to have you with us we begin in the united states where a controversial memo that's critical of both the f.b.i. and the department of justice has just been released speaking at the white house u.s. president donald trump confirmed that he had declassified the document it alleges the f.b.i. applied bad evidence get a warrant to spy on a member of his campaign during the twenty six thousand election of a memo was created by republicans and the house of representatives based on classified information the u.s. justice department and the head of the f.b.i. lobbied unsuccessfully to block it's really. all right here's more of what trump has been saying about this memo and its contents i think it's terrible you want to know the truth i think it's a disgrace what's going on in this country i think it's a disgrace the memo was sent to congress it was declassified congress will do whatever they're going to do but i think it's
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a disgrace what's happening in our country and when you look at that and you see that and so many other things what's going on. a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse than that. are for more let's plan our correspondent caroling issue more in washington carolyn of this memo alleges that there is anti trump bias of the f.b.i. whatever dence is that based on. well the report claims that some of the information that led to the f.b.i. surveillance for a member of adult trumps a presidential campaign in the year two thousand and sixteen was information financed by the clinton campaign so the financing by a third actor of the document that led to the f.b.i. surveillance and didn't have a knowledge of this this is what the document shows and this is the only evidence actually of these four pages that i have few in front of me the memo in advance
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being heralded as something of a bombshell do you think we're going to see resignations arising in the wake of this memo well democrats fear that document made the attempt to discredit the inquiry into trying campaign links to russia which is being led by a special counsel robert muller and we should point out that last year trump fire the director of the f.b.i. mr cole me a month ago the vice president there actor of the f.b.i. mr mccabe resigned so now democrats and also independent experts who are not attached to any party suggest that the white house could use this memo to fire mr rosen seen the current deputy attorney general and they could replace him with a more friendly person in order to underestimate the whole investigation the russia there and of course the one who's leading this investigation mr mohler all right so those memos just come out how are democrats responding to the allegations that are
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contained in this memo that the f.b.i. acted in a partisan manner. well they're saying they're the democrats that this whole process has been ignoring the rules of our democracy and in fact if there have been made changes to this memo before it went to the white house it would indeed be undemocratic this document or this document the memo was supposedly changed after it was released by the house intelligence committee and therefore the white house has now released a document that has not been passed by the u.s. congress and this breaks indeed of course the rule of a democracy yes f.b.i. agents the f.b.i. agents association has reacted that's an organization a union of a former f.b.i. agents and they say the f.b.i. special agent has not and will not allow parties and politics to discreate us from our solemn commitment to our mission also republicans have been reacting in
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a similar way that has been also reacting to sound by we already heard republicans the vast majority of them say there is nothing important in this document and that the whole memo thing has been politicized. carolyn issue more reporting for us there from washington thanks very much. well let's turn now to some of the other stories that are making news around the world the united nations says that around ninety people are believed to have drowned off the coast of libya after the boat they were in capsized three survivors said most of those on board were from pakistan more than two hundred fifty people have died in the last month trying to cross the mediterranean most of them headed for italy. police in kenya fired tear gas at opposition protesters after they barricaded a main road in nairobi protesters are demanding that kenya's three main t.v. channels be allowed back on the air in compliance with the high court order government shut the channels down on tuesday after they planned to broadcast the
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mock inauguration of opposition leader raul odinga. the father of three young women who were abused by larry nasser tried to be. discreet doctor in court randall margrave's had asked the judge for five minutes alone with nasser she refused and then more graves lunged toward nasser as you saw there he was tackled by gore words or phrases hundreds of years in prison for carrying out decades of sexual abuse on members of the u.s. gymnastics team. police reinforcements several arrived in the french port city of kabul a after fierce clashes broke out on thursday night between migrants more than twenty people were injured at least four are in critical condition with gunshot wounds serves as a gateway to britain and many migrants camped out there in hopes of stowing away in trucks that are bound for england. desperate migrants pitted against each
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other. in this case africans mainly from eritrea versus afghans. the most serious fighting broke out at a food distribution center shots were fired but it's unclear by whom one man told the w. there are tensions over access to people smugglers who arrange passage through the channel tunnel to england that appears to be fueling group rivalries the need to grow as a. place if you see black people he said go buggies our area but this is an inference we don't know how. easy of police for us to be stopping. off to the brawl police sent reinforcements and france's interior minister was on the scene as well he said smugglers were growing more sophisticated despite police efforts to get rid of them. with us there may have been some unpremeditated events in the
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past but now we see that there are gang leaders who gather others around them says these are the networks we need to dismantle. but most people hoping for a ride across the channel are in a kind of limbo waiting for a break that never comes exposed to all kinds of weather and conflict. headed. you know. that will come to him in hit. correspondent yarmulkes was in cali here's what he had to say. really desperate situation for the microphones here in the city of a jury in the night they try to hop onto a truck to the u.k. during daytime they try to find some rest find some shelter and find some food and the concern here really is that they're either found by police and have to move once again or they're even afraid now that the aid agencies that come and provide them with food in the future are no longer allowed to come and meet them so really
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fear of the police but also now since the latest fascist fear of violence from other micron's there's a fight for the best places to get on to all of the fees trucks that has started in the city of now the decision by the government not to provide any official shelter has created illegal small camping sites the big jungle of kelly has been replaced by small jungles all over the industrial complex of cali. not just there almost one thousand miners in south africa are now safe and sound after a traumatic thirty hours trapped below ground they were left stranded after a storm knocked out power preventing lifts from bringing them back to the surface. the end of this workday came with a new sense of relief these miners were trapped underground for thirty hours and. mr miller. no one knew when they would get back up safely from up to fifteen
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hundred meters below ground my children. in every way they view we had this from the news the miners were pulled up one by one in a lift powered by a generator no serious injuries were reported but conditions were difficult and things could have ended differently. i think. mine unions say the incident reflects ongoing safety problems they're calling for an independent investigation. last october the investigative journalist ethnic
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khurana it was murder and malta in a car bomb explosion three men killing but the fight against corruption on the island is far from over. reports. history and beauty but behind the fortresses and thick walls of ancient malta the island and is riven by conflict and scandal in this if journalist money media is fighting for the legacy of duff and the couple. was murdered reporting on government corruption. it's a mixture of responsibility and good will because we're left her pretty much alone responsibility because the work needs to continue so yes i do feel that my colleagues. i think the government has never been more under pressure than it is no . on october sixteenth last year the bomb blew after daphnis car few hundred metres from her home. shortly after the police arrested three men small time
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underworld figures who are now in jail awaiting trial. jonathan ferris is a former police investigator i believe that these three people these three individuals. are a lot of the man that did a short of a check you're sure they just did the application and that fit for the government and prime ministers of miscount the case seems ever lost its urgency and investigations into political scandals can have consequences johnson ferris was fired from his job in an anti-corruption taskforce they didn't want me to guide my team to dig more of a definition of. humanity is on his way to platens the private bank it's secret dealings and links to figures in the maltese government where part of one of the last big stories investigated. the murder journalist well it's a banquet one hundred clients are under their colleagues many of them that we know
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from politically exposed persons in azerbaijan. even more now why would the royal family over there by. join me the bank account and more probably because they are talking about illicit money being laundered. people more aware shocked by the murder and appalled at the string of scandals three months later a small group of women activists tried to engage the public in their fight for justice and change they come regularly to the site of the bomb attack to canton ohio a person a journalist was murdered was assassinated because of what she knew and because of what she said and if this isn't a sign for the rest of us to shut up then i don't know what is and that's the last thing that you know you can't take away our freedom of speech. monreal lives in a village near the capsule balata he's well aware that he can't hide in the small
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island and he too feels the climate of intimidation the mafia state is a state where the infrastructure the institutions of the state appear to service the interest of. justice and yes we do have that. small group of people trying to bring change to malta but they're facing strong resistance from local powers underneath the picture perfect surface lies political intrigue and corruption thanks for watching. germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something henderson says we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w made for my.


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