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i am. this is the w. news live from but it us president donald trump releases a controversial memo alleging collusion between investigators and his political opponents. but democrats say the memo shows the f.b.i. had good reason to monitor a top trump age during the presidential campaign also coming up. right here i am. a. courtroom
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drama at a sentencing hearing for disgraced us dr larry now after the father of three of his victims is tackled off to lunging at the former gymnastics position. than super bowl fever takes hold of minneapolis where the new england patriots and philadelphia eagles are preparing to do battle for american couples greatest prize . winner. five hundred home free good to have you with us now we start with breaking news from a city where police have said they have arrested an italian man following a drive by shooting that wounded several people in the central city of much outta people say all victims of black foreigners in the attack appears to be racially motivated they said the man had an italian flag wrapped around his neck when they detained him local media reports he shouted long live italy before surrendering to
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the police the city says the situation is now back on the control. to other news now an id cost of five memo is driving a wedge through u.s. politics republicans are calling it proof of bias against president donald trump democrats say is misleading and intended to discredit the ongoing rush or investigation when it comes off the trump allow the release of the memo which accuses the f.b.i. and justice department of abusing their power to spy on one of his aides during the twenty sixteen election campaign. if donald trump has long had a front relationship with the f.b.i. . and special counsel robert muller's investigation into the trump campaign's possible collusion with russia has also been a constant thorn in the president's side. donald trump has accused the f.b.i. and the justice department of skewing the russian probe in favor of democrats
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interests and against those of republicans on twitter he said they were politicizing the investigation. and now a controversial memo is the latest salvo in this conflict drawn up by republicans and released over the objections of the f.b.i. and justice department it alleges antitrust bias at the nation's top law enforcement agencies. a committee led by republican lawmaker devin newness voted to release the memo which says the f.b.i. used improper means to spy on trump campaign aide carter page. not surprisingly democrats take another view. the top democrat on the committee that voted to release the memo says it's meant to undermine miller's investigation. the point was to selectively declassify information so that it would support a narrative favorable to the press a characterization that trump rejects he's defended his decision to allow the memos
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release the memo was sent to congress it was declassified congress will do whatever they're going to do but i think it's a disgrace what's happening in our country. now with us in the studio is richardson who's been following this story for us good to have you with us ken now at the heart of this memo is the allegation that the f.b.i. used improper evidence to attain a warrant to spy on one of trump's aides what is this then maine for relations that say between the f.b.i. and the white house well this has been a very rare public split between the nation's top federal law enforcement agency and the president of the united states and to understand what's really going on with this memo you need to take a step back and see it in the larger context of special counsel robert muller's investigation into russia meddling in the twenty six elections now let's take a moment to remember what this memo actually says it alleges that the f.b.i. abused its power to spy on
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a close aide of donald trump and obviously for the republicans and for donald trump this is proof of his long standing says to the suspicion of intelligence agencies that they've been out to get him that they had something against him that was biased democrats of course see it quite differently they've said that the information that was released in this memo was selectively cherry picked to make this case for the republicans and that it was dangerously incomplete that if you just viewed the memo on its own it would not paint a clear picture of what actually happened so there's no clearer way to see how this has split down partisan lines than to look at the committee itself they voted to release it voted straight down party lines the republicans said release it the democrats said don't but it was majority republican house intelligence committee and so it was fairly strong and early you say we actually spoke to raul. he's a former assistant director at the f.b.i. he served with the bureau for thirty years under robert mueller and he told us how
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spy warrants are actually usually handled so let's take a listen to what he had to say well i think there's much more going on here in fact when the f.b.i. goes before he flies a judge to remove its root. it's over here or it's over his it's review authority. they have to make the case that they got something substantial in the previous period the previous ninety day period that's all of moved from this three page summary we already have the democrats who are surprisingly in support of the f.b.i. usually it's the other way around we already have reports from the democrats that this is cherry picked information that it's false and it's inaccurate so i would be interested to see what the democrats have to say the difficult part here is for the f.b.i. we're talking about classified information in a classified process so i don't think we're going to see the f.b.i. come out and rebut the these allegations point by point. this is clearly
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a very tricky issue but what do you make of what had to say and i mean did the f.b.i. act improperly in this case you know we've got the former assistant director at the f.b.i. here explaining how warrants are usually handled the f.b.i. is concerned that was in line with the democrats in the justice department that usually there is more information than what we are seeing that was released in this memo but after all this back and forth that's had washington on the edge of its seat over the past week the memo that they actually released did not appear to contain all the details involved appeared to actually undermine the miller probe which is what the democrats what the democrats feared i mean there is no smoking gun we saw inside the memo that the guy carter page we saw in the previous report who had been spied on that warrant was approved four times by a judge we saw that was actually signed off on by trump's own hand selected deputy attorney general and so it's interesting that both sides made such
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a big case of it when really there was not such clear evidence and what we actually saw released all right you don't use claire ritchson following every twist and turn of this continuous developing story thank you. well saying in at the u.s. where there's been more courtroom drama in at the sentencing hearings for disgraced gymnastics doctor larry nasa now a father whose three daughters were abused by a nasa lunged across the courtroom in an apparent big to attack the former doctor nasa has been sentenced to hundreds of years in prison for decades of sexual abuse the judge has said the father won't face charges for the attempted attack my mind immediately thought of all the time when i was thirteen just a kid and i'm more than listening to his girls evidence was too much to bear for this father larry nasser abused all three of his daughters you're saying i would ask you to guard the sentencing. to grant me five democrats the right this is
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the time. i have a gentle back i that was that was nelson i kid you give me one look at you you know that i can't do that that's now hello there goes the rice was thank you. i thank you. larry nasser has admitted to sexually assaulting underage girls while working as a sports doctor including for the u.s. national gymnastics team more than two hundred accuses have come forward and the fifty four year old has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison. randall margrave's has since apologized for the incident the judge says the father will not face charges. now some of the other stories making news around the wall venezuela's ruling party has given its backing for president nicolas maduro to stand for reelection
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a pro-government national constituent assembly would early elections and allow the socialist leader to seek another six year term in response to a new sanctions over human rights concepts. the former lead singer of the motown a group the temptations denis edwards has died he passed away in a chicago hospital just one day before his seventy fifth birthday edwards sang some of the group's biggest hits including papa was a rolling start. japan's a space agency has launched what it says is the smallest rocket ever to send a satellite into orbit a three stage rocket is only fifty centimeters in diameter it deployed a tiny nano satellite that will take pictures of the earth and gather other data. so sports news now and in the bundesliga dortmund have quickly forgotten about the departure of star man here and marry obama young the striker was sold to all snow
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last week but replacement loan signing machine but surely a made a dream debut on friday night the twenty four year old belgian striker schooled twice and assisted another as top and defeated cologne three to the victory elevates dortmund opt to second in the bundesliga. all right now jamaica is famous for its reggae and lightning quick sprinters and it's ballplayers the caribbean island first and a bob sled team to the winter olympics in one nine hundred eighty eight so iconic that a film was made about them now they're macon's again in the limelight they're sending their first women's team to the winter games in junction. and over move germany at the finishing touches of the pilot jasmine family to victoria and push to carry russell on meticulously preparing they don't want to be mia participants at the games we are what we call the underdogs no one really expected
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us to qualify for the olympics and we did no one expects us to perform well and we will there are goal is to be very competent of our best and i think that will give us to create this result they would do well to very well jasmine kerry and audra had a brief but successful stints in athletics coach sandra kiddie asses those are ideal requirements the former olympic gold medalist even thinks the jamaican trio are one of the favorites at the games just minutes and is it jasmine is a very good pilot she's also great at implementing things we have created our own language and we understand each other for students. to make qualified with ease and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. exactly thirty years ago the country sent their first bobsled team to the winter games they even made a hollywood movie out of it the stokes was part of that epic team and continues to
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play a key role. i try to give them what they need to what i have experience which is is is good for them is for the first time with usually i've seen it before . that is called cuckold and you guessed it after jamaican sprinter usain bolt coached he asked his hopes he'll be just as fast if you but i'm holding my breath this is worse than when i was a bobsled. team to make op pumped and already have a battle cry. there is an outfielder it's always brings out early. to american football now and in sunday's highly anticipated super bowl clash five time champions the new england patriots will take on the philadelphia eagles thousands of fans have already descended upon minneapolis the host city has been very active trying to keep fans busy before the big day. of.
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the super bowl is truly something for the census and this super bowl funfair is close to some fans will get that's because you have to have deep pockets for the full n.f.l. experience most fans have no chance of buying tickets. six thousand roads but some of the fans arriving in the host city will tell you that even with a ticket in hand there's no peace of mind. thought all week we're going to smash tom brady by double digits tell us for four thousand dollars or more tickets yesterday down below weren't you know what your money's on the line your life. back at the funfair fans got a feel for what it's like to be a footballer they had the chance to test a kicking and throw. scales opinion on who will take home the trophy on sunday however remains divided. but everybody tells us both float off eagles and everybody has to has like this native mpeg but you know what we've come to overcome so many
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different steps to. see you soon more news coming off. putting. such. utter. legalese in the lead letelier lead cut costs was.


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