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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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recycling. transport to the line find out what you can do today at retail the lines out all. business to you wus live from bunting it's really a no shock a drive by shooting spree in the city of much outside leaves at least six people wounded police believe the attack may have been racially motivated twenty eight year old italian national is now in custody for the latest from much outa. also coming up. the super bowl fever takes hold of minneapolis where the new england
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patriots and philadelphia eagles off the pairing to do battle americans are going to screw surprise. time at home for good to have you with us in italy at least six people have been injured in a drive by shooting in the city of much a twenty eight year old man is now in custody all of the victims were foreign it's heating authorities suspect the attack may have been racially motivated. it was an attack in broad daylight police say a man they've identified as an italian national drove his car along this road and opened fire on passers by several were wounded and at least one victim is listed as being in a serious condition some of the injured were standing in front of this bakery the owner says she's shaken by the violence. shot right through the window of my bakery
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i'm really not well something like this isn't easy for someone of my age i need to leave. today. reports of police confirm they've taken the suspect into custody he is reported to have draped himself in an italian flag and yelled long live italy when he was arrested. and we're now joined on the line of by journalist francesco torme from the public broadcaster to care who's at the hospital in much out o. where the injured have been taken francesco what do we know about the conditions of those injured. ok there are at least fake injuries and why no damn serious condition may undergo a surgery and. in the next hour. maybe he will undergo does surgery sanchez the have you been able to find out more
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information about the stuff that. has spiked. cassady as a young man who was a candidate. in the last a local election enough move in here. for an orderly ride tween and teen a grand talkie here. and as you had when he was captured made. and vanish it was taken to prison he was captured now i'm hearing that one of the main squares here in might happen because a minister minniti minister of the town and got a man back to take out of the area in an hour whore house for an hour to meet the local authorities. as you may understand very.
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much indeed and that is for us then because just last week we understand a much as we also saw the murder of an eighteen year old woman that is there any link. well. there is maybe improbably racial motivation and. now we have knocked sure if there is a link between the two. block walk we can see that probably. carry bull drive by shooting was a racially mocking beetroots because the old with people who have been shot for near and from africa from particularly from nigeria and and. as you know far as we know the man who shot. wound to. the carrying the flag captured
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all right journalists bunches scotoma in much ought to thank you a russian by now has been killed by syrian rebels off they shot down his fighter jet that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights among the string group says the plane was shot down over syria's northwestern province of syrian militant in the area told reporters that the pilot parachuted down and was shot and killed russia along with syrian government allies has been told getting rebels in the region. now some of the other stories making news around the walls u.n. experts say north korea is flouting sanctions on oil and gas and is supplying weapons to syria and me and that report also says pyongyang is illegally exporting commodities like coal and steel millions of dollars in revenue. archaeologist any gypsy say they have discovered a four thousand four hundred year old today the pyramids of giza they say it likely belonged to the female priest called had a pet he was
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a senior officials of the royal court present will paintings depict in hunting and fishing scenes. now deacons find memos driving a wedge through u.s. politics publicans according it proof of bias against president donald trump democrats say it is misleading and intended to discredit the ongoing russian investigation when it comes off the charm allowed the release of the memo which accuses the f.b.i. and justice department of abusing their power to spy on one of his aides during the twenty sixteen election campaign. donald trump has long had a frock relationship with the f.b.i. . and special counsel robert muller's investigation into the trump campaign's possible collusion with russia has also been a constant thorn in the president's side. donald trump has accused the f.b.i. and the justice department of skewing the russian probe in favor of democrats interests and against those of republicans on twitter he said they were
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politicizing the investigation. and now a controversial memo is the latest salvo in this conflict drawn up by republicans and released over the objections of the f.b.i. and justice department it alleges antitrust bias at the nation's top law enforcement agencies. a committee led by republican lawmaker devin newness voted to release the memo which says the f.b.i. used improper means to spy on trumped campaign aide carter page. not surprisingly democrats take another view. the top democrat on the committee that voted to release the memo says it's meant to undermine miller's investigation. the point was to selectively declassify information so that it would support a narrative favorable to the president a characterization that trump rejects he's defended his decision to allow the memos release the memo was sent to congress it was declassified congress will do whatever
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they're going to do but i think it's a disgrace what's happening in our country. while staying in the us where there has been more courtroom drama in the sentencing hearings for disgraced gymnastics dr larry nasa a father whose three daughters were abused by nasa launched across the courtroom in an apparent bid to attack the former nasa is been sentenced to hundreds of years in prison for decades of sexual abuse. my mind immediately thought of all the time when i was thirteen just a kid and i'm more than listening to his girls evidence was too much to bear for this father larry nasser abused all three of his daughters ask you to say i would ask you to guard the sentencing. to grant me five very much like the life this is going to be but. i have a gentleman that i had that is that there are no sooner i kid you give me one
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better look at you you know that i can't do that that's now college he goes that's right q i think you can keep larry nasser has admitted to sexually assaulting underage girls while working as a sports doctor including for the u.s. national gymnastics team more than two hundred accuses have come forward and the fifty four year old has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison. run by margrave's has since apologized for the incident the judge says the father will not face charges. was not with football and saturday's games in the bundesliga now where by munich have continued their dominance with a convincing win against minds the chasing pack will fail to keep up with the shock
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of losing to but they haven't and they've accused and dropping points and if i book although a further draws. and there are still three more games to come this match day. and we haven't forgotten dortmund they played on friday and quickly forgot about the departure of a star man here and the obama young of the strike was sold to all still jaring the weak but replacement load signing machine made a dream debut on friday night the twenty four year old belgian strike a school twice and assisted in other words don't mean defeat to cologne through to the victory says don't win cruel all the way back into the champions league places . jamaica is famous for its reggae lightning quick sprint is and its bobsled as the caribbean item first at a bobsled team to the winter olympics in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight so iconic was the team that a film was made about and it was called cool runnings now the jamaicans are in the limelight and they're sending their first women's team to the winter games in junk
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chang. germany the finishing touches of being made yasmin fun lots of victorian and pushing keri russell a meticulously preparing they don't want to be mia participants we are what we call the underdogs no one really expected us to qualify for the olympics and we did no one expects us to perform well and we will goal is to be very competitive and do our best and i think that will give us to create this result very well. yasmin kerry in ordre had a brief but successful stint enough let's fix the code through for coach sandra curiosus those are ideal requirements the former olympic gold medalist thinks a jamaican is one of the favorites to the games. just minutes jasmine is a very good pilot she's also great at implementing things we have created our own language and we understand each other. to make
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a qualified with ease and the timing was perfect. exactly thirty years ago the country sent their first bobsled team to the winter games they even made a hollywood movie out of it. does lee stokes was part of that epic team. try to give them what they need or what their. experience which is. good for them is for the first time i've seen it before. sled is called cool bolt the jamaican sprinter usain bolt coach curiosus hopes it'll be just as fast but i'm holding my breath this is worse than when i was a pop's. maker of pumps and already have a battle cry very. early.
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saying with the in him picks in the. international olympic committee says it may allow thirteen russian athletes to attend the games after their lifetime bans for doping offenses were overturned decided to hire a special panel to assess the athlete's cases on an individual basis now this comes after the court of arbitration for sport nullified the lifespans of twenty eight russian athletes on thursday the i.o.c. will have to make a quick decision the game's of course imputing chang start in a week's time. for american football now and in sunday's highly anticipated super bowl clash five time champions the new england patriots will take on the philadelphia eagles thousands of fans have already descended upon minneapolis and the host city has been very active trying to keep fans busy before the big day. the super bowl is truly something for the census and this super bowl funfair is this close as some fans will get that's because you have to have deep pockets for
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the full n.f.l. experience most fans have no chance of buying tickets. ok i know that six thousand votes but some of the fans arriving in the host city will tell you that even with a ticket in hand there's no peace of mind. thought all week we're going to smash tom brady by double digits tell us about four thousand dollars or more tickets yesterday now below where if you know what your money's on the line your life. back at the funfair fans got a feel for what it's like to be a footballer to have the chance to test a kicking and throwing skills opinion on who will take home the trophy on sunday however remains divided. but everybody tells us with lot of egos and everybody that has like this made of impact but you know what we've come to overcome so many different steps paths are going to win there are six. super bowl rings. whether
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your patriots or eagles fan. the l.a.p.d. have the knowledge. most will agree that the entertainment value is always on point. this is the w. news live from bali and i'm at all free more coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime head to our web site do you call thanks your company it's easy. to learn german with. any time any place.


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