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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CET

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this is due to every news coming to long and from berlin and they still need more time to make or break negotiations on forming a new government in berlin are over yet germany's biggest parties have extended their deadline and will return to the negotiating table on monday our political correspondent will tell us about the sticking points. also on the show israel begins issuing due for attention notices to thousands of african migrants the government says if they stay they won't be permitted to work and could face in
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prison. and diplomacy on ice as the joint north and south korean hockey teams take to the rink in a friendly against sweden this was their first match before this week's winter olympics so was it a friendly or a frosty start i'm doubt coming up. i'm sara harman it's good to have you with us germany's biggest political parties say they need more time for what they're calling a decisive round of talks over forming a new government the two sides had set a deadline for today but now say they'll resume the negotiations on monday an agreement would move germany a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats but there are still sticking points including health policy. or political correspondent kate brady is at the social
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democrat headquarters in berlin where the negotiations took place kate the talks are going into overtime what does that tell us. well clearly despite all of the progress that we saw last week in areas such as climate and education and also with that refugee policy there are still many obstacles to overcome here but at the same time of course it shows that none of the three parties involved in these talks are ready to give up just yet so last clinged while the general secretary of the s.p.d. came out earlier and said that negotiations had ended for tonight and they'll resume tomorrow so let's take a listen to what else he had to say. it's got a good mind just now in top level talks we've decided that there are policy issues we still need to talk about where the parties are far apart so that we need detailed concentrated negotiations so we've jointly decided that we won't be
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talking to the night instead we're back here at ten tomorrow to concentrate solidly on continued talks and press on with our deliberations. are as they've given themselves the night off their meeting back up tomorrow what topics are still causing trouble here. was the main obstacles now live really in social policy more specifically with those limited work contracts in germany and also with health insurance reforms now the c.d.u. in the c.s.t. the two conservative parties in these talks have ruled out any sweeping changes to that health insurance system which is something that the s.p.d. are demanding so that really could be a deal breaker in these talks it could be a deal breaker does that mean grand coalition talks could still fall apart in a coalition would fail. without doubt even with the negotiations continue in tomorrow there's nothing to say that we'll see
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a grand coalition deal on the table of course that's a scenario that chancellor angela merkel definitely doesn't want to see as an she'd only be left with the choice of leader in a minority government which is ruled out on several occasions or we might even see snap elections here in germany all right a lot can still happen that's political correspondent kate already thanks very much . under the thousands of groups of protesters in athens against a potential deal with neighboring macedonia over that country's official name of greece's opposed its neighbors use the name macedonia since it became independent from yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred one athens has said it suggest a territorial claim on its own northern province of macedonia but now the chair side have been working to find a solution the greek government signaled a willingness to compromise on the matter a move that many in greece don't like. either.
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they came in their hundreds of thousands from the cities from the countryside united to say that macedonia is and always will be greek you know they will sit and i will support this until the end of macedonia is greek my so they've sold us out and now the people have risen up all out in the streets for this. these greeks object to the x. yugoslav republic of macedonia calling itself the same name as greece is northern macedonian region a region once home to ancient ruler alexander the great they say it implies a territorial claim the greek government has been trying to broker a compromise with the country of macedonia over the name which has brought protesters onto the streets among those addressing the crowds was the world renowned composer mickey's teradata kiss. very much if we must not agree with this falsifying of history. one of the greek government seeks a deal with its neighbors these protesters insist they should be no compromise.
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to cyprus where conservative incumbent nikos understand cods has won the country's presidential election he was up against left wing candidate style frost ma last with all the votes counted on sociology as one with fifty six percent left wing backed maal us has conceded defeat the economy and reunification talks are the main issues malas blamed on a saucy audi's for a breakdown in last year's peace talks between the greek majority south of the island and the turkish occupied north cyprus has been divided since of turkish invasion in one nine hundred seventy four. here's a look now at some of the stories making news around the world a polish opposition group has demonstrated outside the president's residence in warsaw urging him not to sign into law a controversial bill on the holocaust the bill would impose jail terms for suggesting that poland was complicit in nazi crimes israel and the u.s.
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have strongly criticized the proposed law. ecuadorians are voting in a referendum on whether to prevent unlimited presidential reelection polls indicate the motion will pass and block former leftist president rafael correa from returning to power president lenin moreno proposed the referendum amid a political feud with korea. thousands of people have protested in the north or syrian city of afrin against a turkish military offensive they say is killing displacing civilians launched its so-called all of branch offensive in january against kurdish y p g fighters in north or syria turkey regards them as terrorists set on gaining territory. to continue the operation despite rising casualties amongst its own military. turkish troops have seen their bloodiest weekend since the offensive began turkish officials say thirteen of the country's troops have died and fifty seven have been
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injured but they say the offensive is a success. order that you don't pay two hundred twenty three terrorists have been annihilated we've taken the hills now we're on our way to a free and it's not much further we'll be there soon. in the city of a three there's little trace of the fighting happening several kilometers away but some of the injured are brought here more than one hundred fifty civilians are said to have been treated so far the numbers from both the turkish and kurdish sides have not been independently verified. the air raids and artillery attacks in the area are causing civilian casualties in every age group we're doing what we can to treat everyone. but. the. boy cries for his mother his left leg has been hurt a relative says the cause was a turkish grenade he claims that injured the boy and killed his mother.
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on sunday several thousand residents marched in central i three. they're calling on the international community to intervene and put an end to turkey's offensive. or israel's began serving deportation notices to tens of thousands of people from eritrea and sudan who've been seeking asylum hundreds certain lines outside the immigration authority officers to reach renew their visas but the israeli government wants them to leave and is offering them money and plane tickets to an unnamed african destination if they stay they face imprisonment tanya kramer reports. to keep make a fair to say home country every tree and more than twelve years ago and sought asylum in israel now his future is once again uncertain because he's facing possible deputation the stores are always very sensitive especially for me
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personally in the for my community the people i love because. of like deportation an unlimited credit for time in imprisonment so very tough here at the ever train community center the new government policy is on everyone's mind their choice go to prison or take a free plane ticket a payment of almost three thousand euros and leave for third country. but over the past years israel has recognized only ten people as refugees to keep never received a response to his aside a request. no minimus sometimes we want to require sometimes infinity or sometimes cancer and everything but their most person. really and i left my country because of danger so i know i'm a refuge that's why you came here and it's fair to ask proper picture between two
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thousand and six and two thousand and twelve about thirty eight thousand asylum seekers from every trade and sudan arrived in israel why the egyptian sinai peninsula then that route was closed by a border fence ever since there has been a fierce public debate in israel about the asylum seekers speight human rights activist warned their safety cannot be guaranteed if they are deported we're talking about less than forty thousand people immigrants asylum seekers in israel who seek asylum in a land of eight million people this is less than half a percent of the israeli population so our first question to the government is why can't israel absorb those people give them shelter or allow them to build their lives here this is so much less than other countries have to deal with many asylum seekers ahead here in a detention center in the desert in the south of israel. this have settled in the southern neighborhoods of tel of being
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a poor area of the city why some residents support the migrants many plame them for advice in crime and want them to leave. call these are foreigners infiltrators it is impossible to live like this all our infrastructure collapsed the sewage system education welfare everything all the budget is going to what's there if you will feel like those is very it is who want to help them right rabbis from the diplomats holocaust survivors and pilots are calling on the government to stop the potations plans the state we are obliged to deal with refugees and with asylum seekers as we would have liked the european countries and the usa at the time to have treated jews refugees who tried to save to save those souls running away from persecution and from extermination.
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to cutis worried about his safety if you step over to to a third country he says a should pray at the door of the small chapel he wants to stay positive but given the choice to keith says he would rather go to prison than be said to know the country. all the first ever one pick women's hockey team consisting of players from both north and south korea has ramped up their preparations for the p.r. chung winter games side took to the ring together for the first time in a friendly match against sweden the twenty two player squad featured for north korea it's. it's the most talked about team at this year's winter olympics the combined north and south korean women's us hockey team done their skates for the first time in front of three thousand fans in incheon former olympic silver medalist sweden lined up against them for the historic fixture.
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korea showed a lot of thoughts. and the crowd went wild when they slaughtered. be . but see it was it's not swayed uncomfortably prevailing is three one victory is. well the combined team is saying by many is a step toward storing relations between north and south korea not everyone has welcomed the news. rallies were held outside the range protesters tearing up posters of the north korean flag. and the country's leader kim yong. one way to convince the skeptics could be a link to glory korea kicks out the film shine campaign against switzerland on february tenth. and when this they go with pablo foley elyas is coming up after the break with a roundup of all the latest european soccer action there are plenty of chances
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goals and flaring tempers as hamburger took on hanover amber are in desperate need of points down at the bottom of the league table find out in two minutes how that happened. and that sort of news you're up to date i'm sorry army here in berlin our whole team thanks for watching and have a great weekend system. earth . to millions of species. we're saving. google. tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action of global ideas the multimedia environment series on w.


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