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tv   Arts.21 - From Tehran to Los Angeles  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 5:30am-6:01am CET

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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance now to start this city's after war starting march tenth d.w. . hello and welcome to our twenty one coming up on the show. painter georg bassinets turns everything on its head with great success. doing it with us got it but what all those who have to sit before the vehicle and we wish him a happy eightieth birthday. this young woman is making a splash on the german rap scene. german know
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how and iranian tradition cross cultural architecture. but first the trees colors helped launch the black lives matter civil rights movement in the u.s. now she's telling the story of how she became an activist. many african-americans still face every day discrimination and violence. president trump fans the flames of racism making derogatory comments about african nations and calling crime a black problem. the american melting pot could be about to boil over even though there was a black president in the white house for eight years briefly at it seemed like racial tension was consigned to history. patrice connors often feels like a stranger in her own country. she's experienced discrimination based on nothing other than the color of her skin. she grew up in
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a poor neighborhood of los angeles you don't know when your child that you're being discriminated against but you know what it feels like so i know that i felt. sad and felt. humiliated that we were sort of put in a category as a community that we would be surveilled and punished. for being black that's what that's what it was like today patrice carlos is a well known figure she's received many awards for heart activism. she's a co-founder of black clients matter a movement against police violence and systemic racism founded in the wake of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager trayvon martin. in twenty thirteen the man who murdered him was acquitted and not still to.
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a year later when a policeman in ferguson missouri shot and killed michael brown another unarmed african-american and wasn't even indicted a wave of protest under the banner of black lives matter swept the country so. we rallied together we mourn together and we will go home and make sure everybody knows that ferguson everywhere we developed black labs matter as i were spots both in love for black people but also response and range for the ways in which our sense that has treated black people. the nine hundred sixty s. all martin luther king jr become the face of the civil rights movement in one nine hundred sixty three he led the famous march on washington when thousands demonstrated for civil and economic rights for african-americans and an end to racial segregation. nine hundred sixty eight he was assassinated in memphis by a racist. fifty years on what remains of martin luther king's dream
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african-americans still second class citizens it certainly has found that way to patrice carlos. she and her siblings were raised by a single mother. my mother is very ashamed of being poor she had no access to. and she. you know she had to work three jobs my mother is the real hero because it was her sacrifice that allows me to even do something like black lives matter patrice carlos has written a book that's a journey into a world unfamiliar to most white americans she tells about more than growing up poor she describes the daily humiliations and accusations by police and she takes us back to the time when the first bush administration launched its war on drugs the treaty sent her community experienced it was
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a war against the poor and people of color. we don't have. alleyway it was our park and the outline for us what we're all everybody over asked people you know but i have a lot to put your pockets out but the shirt. and they were stopped at a friend's back then were children eleven year olds twelve thirteen year old patrice describes experiencing law enforcement officers as the enemy searching her house on a regular basis criminalizing her friends and relatives her mentally ill brother was imprisoned rather than given psychiatric treatment her father also spent half his life in jail prison guards humiliated those who visited him for patrice it's all part of a racist system and it fuels her activism have been deeply impacted by growing up in poverty and deeply impacted by overpolicing and over there my neighborhood and my community. and i'm deeply impacted by having some of the course's people in my
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family be taken from me be abused humiliated be tortured by the state. patrice has plans for the future of black lines matter forty regional organizations now work locally to find police violence and racism it's a young ambitious movement in which a lot of white people are also active and which opposes the forty fifth us president donald trump who patrice doesn't refer to by name but by the number forty five. more than black people who show up for black lives that are back when we when we free black people when we really deal with the issues that plague black communities and we take a hard look at our bill the new policies and practices and we transform this government with the ground for everybody else to get a little bit more free and when we all come together to fight for black lives we get something like forty five many people find the current political situation in
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the us depressing activist patrice colors inspires courage. and of course we've got much more up our sleeves look for us on facebook under g.w. culture. german painter georg basil it has turned eighty years old but he shows no signs of slowing down his specialty is a topsy turvy view of things. something's not right here. there we go that's how it should be.
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german painter georg basel it's started inverting his paintings in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine his works appear abstract but aren't to this day nobody has tried copying his unique style of which he is unabashedly proud. i love the idea and i can hardly believe it came from me anymore i had this idea when i was totally unknown my peers my competitors called it a gimmick but i think it's a great way to paint pictures that are unlike anything done in the past or unlike what others do. before. has also created sculptures during his sixty years of working as an artist to be d.m. group one of his most famous works is on view in the garden of funded by a letter. retrospective features some eighty paintings and ten sculptures on loan from renowned our collections. himself hasn't seen some of his works in decades
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he's one of germany's most sought after artists but. i was quite anxious before the exhibition i didn't know if all the artworks would live up to expectations in this fantastic museum with all these visitors. it's all i had a really bad feeling and possibly a guilty conscience. if you will but now that the works are on the wall i have to say well done. what will. puzzle it is certainly confident and rather successful this year there will be exhibitions dedicated to him in paris berlin and at basil's found us on by earlier. but he isn't universally loved either he's also produced some provocative art and expressed controversy all opinions. his motto is that without controversy there can be no success. and everybody likes to show off everyone likes getting applause but applause subsides quickly that art is discarded swiftly if it's conformist or mr.
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bacile it's was born hans-georg karan in one nine hundred thirty eight in the village of deutsche positives which inspired his pseudonym. his one nine hundred sixty three work big night down the drain created an uproar when it was first exhibited in west berlin was taken to court and accused of showing pornography for depicting male genitalia the scandal made him instantly famous. so it's kind of because the major scandal i mean who is lucky enough to be on the front pages of all the papers. is nine hundred sixty s. series the heroes addresses the horrors of world war two which he personally experienced as a child. his work depicts dejected looking individuals and scenes of destruction the eagle germany's heraldic animal nosediving again and again garrick basel it
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says works have dealt with germany's past. bussell it's certainly likes to provoke. this sculpture presented it in one nine hundred eighty venice be an ali and seemingly giving the hitler salute also stirred controversy because he knew of some of you can't just sit around on a couch. you've got to keep moving having to defend yourself gives you drive. a portrait of his wife. and many soft portraits. his upside down images form a large part of his. marking funder curated the show together with bartlett's he dismisses rumors that basil and secretly paints his works right side up and then simply presents them upside down. the best buy's is so that it's easy to prove if you flip a reproduction of these paintings around you'll notice that its composition falls
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apart and. the picture only walks upside down in often called. buzzwords his latest works painted upside down of course are also on display for the first time but he's now focusing on physical decline and the theme of finality . he spends two hours a day working in his studio. written before my works of become so large that i can't paint on the wall even the smallest drops trickle down i work on the ground on all fours or what holds for. puzzle it says he gets bored if he doesn't paint germany's most controversial painter is passionate about his art as ever. now more cultural highlights picked up on our radio.
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she doesn't take herself too seriously and has attitude and self-confidence in spades. the new queen of german rap sassy savvy a real rough time. she's just dropped her first album with a major label it's a breath of fresh air and it's testosterone driven world of rock. talking heads and. she is the alter ego of ranya chocolate she grew up in a rough part of hamburg and began up looting. videos she made herself to you tube in two thousand and twelve she soon became a social media star but i. was
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a saying damn i think now she's playing with the big guns and they'd better get ready if they think this girl is just arm candy she'll put them in their place because. they're. shimmering gold glamorous exotic stuff clumps paintings are steeped in sensuality and mystery is probably the best known art nouveau artist of all time the off on terror leader of the vienna secession the art world is currently marking the one hundredth anniversary of his death but although his work is now hugely popular it was not without controversy in his lifetime. he began his career as a decorative painter but provoke an outcry in viennese high society with work considered pornographic not only his work was scandalous his private life was too clipped believed in free love and had countless affair often with the women who
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modeled for him. and they included wealthy socialites such as a dale of lost power the lady in gold today it's one of the most expensive paintings in the world. must have claimed died in one thousand nine hundred one hundred years on his work has lost none of its sheen. value to fast follow and this one except only trolling is a bit this isn't great at present at texas and. the middle which awfully close those children's classic which has sold over five million copies worldwide it's been turned into a cartoon before but now the very first live action film based on the book is out starring catalina how far as the little witch. who longs to go to the annual value poor kid's night party. i see one let's listen
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to that side malevolent science i'm just happy to see all human life that is nothing extreme that i am but if. you just love it because it may seem. like it. if only it were that easy. to believe. that a delightful film with a feisty heroine based on a much loved book pure box office magic. german architecture is in demand around the world including in iran but how is modern and sustainable construction possible in the face of political hurdles you make use of know how and tradition. tehran megalopolis home to an estimated fifteen million people and
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a lot of new buildings that architecture really aren't much to write home about much of the city's historic architecture has been raised and there are a few public spaces tehran poses a major challenge to urban planners. we must say that now it could take sure that depends on the historical iranian architecture not just forms the concepts and the we try to. combine it with modern architecture. coming mirren has been working with fulton mark from the award winning firm in mark and partners for twenty years . the first jointly realized building is the new exhibition center in tehran. margie's or not it takes the largest eastern architecture because of this
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consciousness of them are about the iranian eastern architecture we have few difficulty to have it into action and. defining and understanding each other. the new exhibition center combines functionality with historical elements in iraq in. easy iran is a country where poetry still thrives and which has a long architectural tradition. it's one from which we've learnt a lot but with them. to buy in from admitted there was a competition to build the exhibition center and the first phase is now complete. we highlighted a persian architectural tradition and it's astonishing how modern this appears when it's transposed to the present day. the
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roof structure reinforces the historic gaullist on palace in tehran. well the underground station for the new center is inspired by. the seventeenth century pavilion with forty columns and is fun. but. the architects most recent project has taken them to hamburg. where there's a master class for iranian and german architecture students. together there are developing plans to repurpose the disused airport in central tehran. it's a wonderful opportunity for these fledgling urban planners and a boon for the city as well. i mean. the fish people would never have worked together for. different cultural area. it's
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a bit different to drop the whole we have too much. scale you go to. an architecture you really. wish you knew not to take a look a bit too far inside syria and they did. and they did it in just three weeks. at first we came in to this question is how what are the main. what are the main pictures of iranian architecture what are the main types of iranian architectures and then we made all these diagrams to understand the hierarchy's and structure of the iranian architecture in comparison. to the western architecture the main idea of the project was sunken garden and i think one leaves this the open space because everything in one is all so small and get together. and willing it's. in recent decades tehran has been witnessing unchecked modernisation urban planners
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are hoping one thousand new town developments under construction across the country will ease congestion like coast care to eighty kilometers from the capital the station is still a work in progress the theater is already finished. up to one hundred twenty thousand people will be able to live here. germany is providing urban planning support. a top priority is sustainable use of water and energy. all. germans have a lot of experience in the fields of architecture and open planning and especially sustainable use of resources including technology for recycling wastewater. if germans put this know how to disposal it will be most welcome.
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to the port city of chubby har in the south of iran is also getting a facelift the plan is to boost tourism here. again partly thanks to technology transfer from germany. but there are many obstacles to overcome. to iranian iranian born architect based in hamburg drafted a design for a new stock exchange in tehran based on state of the art green principles. he lamented there are two elements to this design one of them is the wind catcher integrated into the building and the other is the water features on the ground floor. comes out through the ground floor the wind catcher flows through the building and out through the terrace. the building is ventilated in a completely natural way one that's been used for hundreds of years you see this system in the town of yes. there are lots of wind catchers in use there. we've reinterpreted them for the modern era. however how to
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tehran is design only came in second the winning design is a relatively conventional skyscraper it's not bad but it doesn't have the same green credentials. the problem was financing. that's hard to believe in iran a country with such extensive oil reserves there were other issues to the scene one isn't there to lift up the weekend storms to cons of the various forms of economic sanctions against iraq. to some extent it's not possible to install elevators because of sanctions against certain manufacturers for example the tehran metro didn't have an escalator for ages because of sanctions. these days a lot over sanctions target architecture like. iran is in flux. but architects and urban planners have little scope to alter its political direction. they simply have to adapt to circumstances.
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tehran is an amazingly impulsive city it's bursting with energy there's a construction boom underway but it's just incredible comparable perhaps to moscow say or is terrible and germany is barely aware of it it has to be said and germany has specific associations with iran that aren't exactly positive but in architectural terms there is huge potential. for it in there. is if it isn't easy to break into the market even though there's a lot of construction going on. yeah not the only reason we still work in iran is because we have stamina and we're here for the duration. we're convinced that things will change it's cold war conditions will change they'll have to think
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of the recent things always change it but when it for the long haul we'll get that as well i've. just put into action between east and west so in every field the human activity tinking called the loss of the engineering ever reaching can be useful because it is useful for the movement and because of that it is useful for all of us. that's all from arts twenty one for now. next week the beat goes on with diego pinera and his combination of jazz some not
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and tango. it'll really get you moving. see you next week. blah but. the but the but the but. the but
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tells us stirring stories. it makes us laugh. and cry clench tremble and smile. images of the emotion. of the magazine every weekend on d w. it created a milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and persecution. it underwent a bankruptcy and restructuring. but it's still turning out films today. germany's biggest and oldest film company. cinematic history from
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the german empire to the present place. the pioneers the visionaries and the business of. one hundred here so far starting february eighteenth. the international olympic committee has rejected a request to allow fifteen russians to take part in the pyong china winter olympics it comes after their life bans for doping were controversially lifted by the court of arbitration for sport last week. germany's biggest political parties have extended a decisive friend of coalition talks chancellor angela merkel's conservatives on the social democrats had hoped to conclude the negotiations at the weekend but sticking.


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