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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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the berlin wall is long gone that is you can relieve our focus today. this is g.w. news live from berlin belgium on high alert today as the trial gets underway for a top terror suspect the charges relate to a shoot out before his capture he is believed to be the sole surviving suspect in the two thousand and fifteen paris attacks. also coming up israel begins issuing deportation notices that thousands of african migrants the government says they
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could face jail time if they were fused to leave. germany two biggest parties missed a weekend deadline on talks or form a new government but negotiations resume today with impatience growing what is holding back on the americans' hopes for a coalition. and a stunning super bowl upset fans go wild after the philadelphia eagles defeat the new england patriots to win american football's biggest prize for the very first time. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us reports that a top suspect in the two thousand and fifteen paris attacks still refuses to break two years of silence as he goes on trial today in a belgian. arrived at the palace of justice in brussels earlier this morning his first appearance in public since his arrest is believed to be the sole surviving suspect of the terror attack and paris that left one hundred thirty people dead.
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today's session will focus on a shootout with belgian police that led to his capture. the end of an international manhunt on the eighteenth of march twenty sixth seen belgian special police capture one of the most wanted terrorist suspects in europe the man believed to be the only surviving suspect of the paris terror attacks that just four months before this police raid had left one hundred and thirty people dead. a french citizen born in brussels in september one thousand nine hundred eighty nine his current trial is focused on the shootout that led to his capture but the real focus of investigators is whether he played a major role in planning and executing the attacks or was he merely a low level follower. to learn more we spoke with a former member of the french secret service klugman he had spent decades
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researching terror networks between europe and the middle east and he says the evidence is clear. a descent make you feel some kind of so that islam is a central figure and the only survivor not counting supporters in syria or iraq without up to slam they would have been no pirates attacks on the thirteenth of november or the brussels attacks of march twenty second. it was up to slog he brought the terrorists into the country in small groups who rented their hideouts and the vehicles that they used to be going to kill even vive would wreak. investigators worked intensely to locate up to and he started making mistakes in the end he had almost nowhere left to hide. his appearance from could you tell by day the house searches interrogation research large scale surveillance operations all of that steadily reduce the circle of people that could trust them and feels
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after his arrest of the slum was taken to a maximum security prison near paris and since then he has said nothing his lawyer spend money. described as a small time criminal who's too stupid to plan a conspiracy in one interview by re says up does alarm has quote the intelligence of an empty ashtray. and obviously family has also tried to reinforce this line of defense one of his brothers says of the salon lost his nerve and intentionally failed to set off the suicide vest he was wearing the care experts say it's all part of a deliberate defense strategy since some children can deaconesses but not suicide vest which they say he didn't use today we know two important things that had too technical faults and that's why it didn't go off. plus one have to slums computer there's an e-mail in which he complained about the equipment and demanded better stuff for the next time but they are pushing for him of all material he was
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involved from start to finish not someone who was frightened to the core and most of all he said it because the silicon. observers expect cell adele salaams lawyers to do everything possible to cultivate the idea that he was a small fish the start of his trial will mark the accused first public appearance how he behaves will say a great deal about how the trial against him for the paris attacks will unfold. israel has begun serving deportation notices to tens of thousands of eritreans and sudanese who have been seeking asylum there hundred certain lines outside the immigration authority offices on sunday seeking to renew their visas but the israeli government wants them to leave and is offering that money and plane tickets to an unnamed african destination if they stay they face imprisonment. kramer sent us this report. to keep this home country every tree or more than twelve years ago
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and sought asylum in israel now his future is once again uncertain because he's facing possible deputation the stores are always very sensitive especially for me personally in the for my community the people i love because. of. deportation an unlimited proof of time in imprisonment so very tough here at the every train community center the new government policy is on everyone's mind their choice go to prison or take a free plane ticket a payment of almost three thousand euros and leave the country. over the past years israel has recognized only ten people as refugees to keep never received a response to his aside a request. sometimes we want to acquire some time into or sometimes concert and do everything with them most person. really and
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i left my country because of danger so i know i'm a refuge that's why you came here in israel to ask for a protection between two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve about thirty eight thousand asylum seekers from every trailer and sudan arrived in israel by the egyptian sinai peninsula and then that route was closed by a border fence ever since there has been a fierce public debate in israel about the asylum seekers spate human rights activists warn their safety cannot be guaranteed if they are deported we're talking about less than forty thousand people immigrants or so most seekers in israel who seek asylum in a land of eight million people this is less than half a percent of the israeli population so our first question to the government is why can't israel absorb those people give them shelter or allow them to build their lives here this is so much less than other countries have to deal with many asylum
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seekers ahead here in a detention center in the desert in the south of israel. this have settled in the southern neighborhoods of tel aviv a poor area of the city why some residents support the migrants many plame them for vising crime and want them to leave. call these are foreigners infiltrators it is impossible to live like this all our infrastructure collapsed the sewage system education welfare everything all the budget is going to what's there if you will feel like those israelis who want to help the writers rabbis from the diplomats holocaust survivors and pilots are calling on the government to stop the deputation plans the state we are obliged to deal with the refugees and with asylum seekers as we would have liked the european countries and the usa at the time to have treated jewish refugees who tried to
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save to save their souls running away from persecution and from extermination. to keep this worried about his safety or to to a third country he says a should pray at the door of the small chapel he wants to stay positive but given the choice to keith says he would rather go to prison than be said to know the country. now some other stories making news around the world russia has intensified its airstrikes on the syrian province of it after one of its jets was shot down on saturday several people are reported dead and dozens injured witnesses say a hospital was hit russia is backing an army offensive in syria's last rebel held province hundreds of thousands of people have protested in athens against a potential deal with macedonia over that country's official name greece has opposed its neighbors use of the name macedonia since it became independent from
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yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred one at that athens had signaled a willingness to compromise on the matter angry many greeks south african president jacob zuma has come under a new pressure to resign top officials from the ruling a.n.c. party met with him sunday to persuade him to step down his term expires next year but the party's popularity has fallen amid claims of corruption linked to the president and a polish opposition group has demonstrated outside the president's residence in warsaw urging him not to sign into law a controversial bill on the holocaust the bill would impose jail terms for suggesting that poland was complicit in nazi crimes israel the u.s. and international organizations have strongly condemned the proposed law. germany's two biggest political parties say they need more time for coalition talks they had set a deadline for sunday but there was still no breakthrough they'll pick up negotiations again today an agreement would move germany a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition between chancellor angela merkel's
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conservatives and the social democrats but there are still sticking points including labor law and health care. this is where the parties hope to clinch a coalition deal after talks at the s.p.d. headquarters on sunday negotiators failed to meet best self-imposed deadline of midnight and instead gave themselves the night off the on the it's got a good minds on this just now in top level talks we decided there are policy issues we still need to talk about where the parties are far apart so we need detailed concentrated negotiations so we've jointly decided that we won't talk into the night instead will return here in the morning to concentrate on continued talks and press on with our deliberations. the parties did make progress on some issues they agreed on funding high speed broadband expansion and
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investing in social housing earlier in the week they also take tough climate education and refugee policy but the sticking points are labor law and health care the conservative block has so far rejected a speedy cause to reform the health insurance system. the s.p.d. wants to push through these cool policies to persuade skeptical party members to support a coalition deal party negotiators will be back here today and perhaps they'll reach a breakthrough. now the philadelphia eagles have finally shared their underdog status to win their first ever super bowl against juggernauts the new england patriots a forty one thirty three thick taree in american football's greatest match and the trophy drought stretching back fifty eight years. of the way. i philadelphia finally has
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a super bowl after years in the shadows a goes fans are rightly making the most of the forty one thirty three victory over the new england patriots. they may have been the underdogs but the eagles went on the offensive right from the start their bold and adventurous game plan led by quarterback nick foles paid off as they raced to a laid. they pay tom brady in the patriots made a late comeback but this wasn't enough the eagles sealing a forty one thirty three victory. falls' who was only drafted in three games before the playoffs was the hero he threw three touchdowns and racked up three hundred seventy three yards you know being a part of this be interrupted to philadelphia and be unfortunate enough to come back and be a part of this team to be a piece of this puzzle. i mean is there
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a long time coming and you know i know there's a real lot of celebrating tonight tears were flowing in the streets of philadelphia a first ever super bowl ranking is the city's proudest sporting it shave men's i mean before is just amazing it's just amazing and the fact that that game was the best super bowl maybe ever. with a present cherry on top of the philadelphia will be celebrating this unlikely win so quite sometime. i. remind her now of our top story. french media reports that the top suspect in the two thousand and sixteen paris attacks. has refused to answer questions after trial and there's security for today's session which will focus on the shootout with police before his capture. and israel has ordered the deportation of tens of thousands of eritrean who have been seeking asylum their authorities have offered the migrants
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money and plane tickets to leave and have threatened to arrest if they stay. thank you for watching. we'll have more on your top headlines at the top of the hour stay with us. for. the news out. made.


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