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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is the w. news live from belgium on high alert as the trial gets underway for a top terror suspect the charges relate to a shoot out before his capture he is believed to be the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen terrorist attacks but so far he has refused to answer any questions. also coming up rights groups report fresh coreen gas attacks in syria
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and live profits during government air raids the assad regime denies that it is using chemical weapons. and israel begins issuing deportation notices to thousands of african migrants the government saying that they could face jail time if they refuse to leave me. plus a stunning super bowl upset fans go wild after the philadelphia eagles defeat the new england patriots to win american football's biggest prize for the very first time. and the berlin wall stood for many for more than twenty eight years today marks a turning point the wall has now been down for as long as it was up we need a man who helped east germans escape.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. belgium is on high alert today as the trial begins for the man who was believed to be the sole surviving suspect of the twenty fifteen paris attacks. is on trial in brussels today over the shootout with belgian police that led to his capture he has so far refused to answer any questions about the charges against him. and we will get more on the court case in just a moment but first a closer look at the slum and his dramatic arrest. the end of an international manhunt on the eighteenth of march twenty sixth seen belgian special police capture one of the most wanted terror suspects in europe the man believed to be the only surviving suspect of the pair is terror attacks that just four months before this police raid had left one hundred and thirty people dead. a french citizen born in brussels in
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september one thousand nine hundred eighty nine his current trial is focused on the shootout that led to his capture but the real focus of investigators is whether he played a major role in planning and executing the attacks or was he merely a low level follower. to learn more we spoke with a former member of the french secret service klugman a-k. had spent decades researching terror networks between europe and the middle east and he says the evidence is clear. a descent some kind of side islam is a central figure and the only survivor not counting supporters in syria or iraq without up to slam they would have been no paris attacks on the thirteenth of november or the brussels attacks of march twenty second. it was up to slam who brought the terrorists into the country in small groups who rented their hideouts and the vehicles that they used to plunk down
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a kid in vivo magick eluded the. investigators worked intensely to locate up to salaam and he started making mistakes in the end he had almost nowhere left to hide . daily by day the house searches interrogation research large scale surveillance operations all of that steadily reduce the circle of people that could trust them with their confusions after his arrest of the slum was taken to a maximum security prison near paris and since then he has said nothing his lawyer spend mary describes the slum as a small time criminal who's too stupid to plan a conspiracy in one interview by re says up does law has quote the intelligence of an empty ashtray. and family has also tried to reinforce this line of defense one of his brothers says up does alarm lost his nerve and intentionally failed to set off the suicide vest he was wearing the terror experts say it's all part of
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a deliberate defense strategy he said some children can deaconesses better about that suicide vest which they say he didn't use today we know two important things that had too technical faults and that's why he didn't go off. to dislodge plus one after slams computer this an e-mail in which he complained about the equipment and demanded better stuff for the next time but the consumer pushing for him will have a material he was involved from start to finish not someone who is fragmented or remorseful isn't the kid going to be civil. observers expect. lawyers to do everything possible to cultivate the idea that he was just a small fish the start of his trial march the accused first public appearance and it could set the tone for how the trial against him for the paris attacks will unfold. and for more let's bring in correspondent teri schultz who is standing by at the palace of justice in brussels where this trial is underway so terry as we
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just heard you know this is the trial for the shoot out with belgian police just before obviously was captured not for those terrorist attacks in paris that will come later so walk us through the charges that he's facing right now and what has happened today. ok i've just been told and as you can see there we're having some problems with the line there to teri schultz we'll try and get her back a little bit later but as we mentioned the trial of. kicking off in belgium today in belgium today and we will try and get an update on that a bit later in the show in the meantime though the britain based syrian observatory for human rights says the twenty three civilians have been killed in strikes on rebel held damascus the bombing comes after activists accuse government forces of new chlorine gas attacks and it live province over the weekend medics in the town of sorry say that they treated civilians for breathing disorders linked to the
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poisonous gas following government airstrikes the syrian regime denies using chemical weapons and meanwhile pictures have emerged of the aftermath of russian air raids and in the province that reportedly killed several people towns are said to have been bombarded after rebels shot down a russian jet and killed its pilot over the weekend. for more on this i am joined now by syrian activist from istanbul he is the host of the syrian opposition radio station which is highly critical of the assad regime welcome to you and thank you so much for joining us i want to turn first to these reports of this alleged gas attack were more are you hearing from your sources there in the country. i didn t. a question the voice wasn't as good can you just repeat it please we heard reports of an alleged chlorine gas attack in a live province allegedly conducted by the assad regime and we're wondering if you
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have heard any further information from your sources in the country. this is definitely not the first and it doesn't seem like it's going to be the last attack on civilians using chemical weapons this happened inside october which is at live countryside so dark i was one of those styles that have you know does this the old kind of extremism starting with the assad regime. to isis has always been a stronghold for the moderate syrian opposition and all the other attacks previous to this you know video documenting. enough investigators. you know part of the international efforts to you know de. syria from weapons of mass destruction have also confirmed that such attacks can only be
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carried out by this unit or jeem or one of its allies we're talking about military capabilities here now fortunately for the residents and stark of us that they there were no casualties because we know with the clothing hardly a results in casualties it is munt to you know force fear and force that the thirty that they see it is deemed as being diagnosed to inforce for the past seven years so again it comes in you know as one episode in a very long and painful series of photogs. it doesn't seem like these attacks were leveled at him and if this attack is confirmed indeed to have happened if we do get that confirmation what do you think that that says about the strategy of the assad government at the current moment. i don't think
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it will change anything we have enough documented attacks if we ignore the many and do peter the claudian attacks on civilians we can never ignore the fifteen hundred casualties and in all this two thousand and thirteen we cannot ignore. the video of the sunset in gaza both of these were very documented most of the governments especially the western governments gathered evidences from the site of photogs that proved the use of sighting gods and they have also documented such gods can only be produced and you know military facilities belongs only and only to the seed energy so your question i don't think you know that is a significance and documenting more and more attacks since we already know who did them the point here is not the lack of evidence is the point here is the lack of
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the international world specially of the united nations security council to punish such crimes to punish such shoes or for pins offenses for and we will see if that is indeed the case we know that the un security council will discuss this issue a little later today one thank you very much for joining us to share your view on the matter and none had died in the turkish city of istanbul as we mentioned you're the host of the syrian opposition radio station that is highly critical of the assad regime. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world south african president jacob zuma has come under renewed pressure to resign top officials from the ruling a.n.c. party met with him on sunday to persuade him to step down his term expires next year but the party's popularity has fallen amid claims of corruption linked to the president. hundreds of thousands of people have protested in athens against a potential deal that macedonia with macedonia over that country's official name
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greece has opposed its neighbors the use of the name macedonia since it became independent from yugoslavia back in one thousand nine hundred one athens has signaled a willingness to compromise on the matter angering many greeks. turkish president reza type error one is at the vatican for a meeting with pope francis it is the first visit by a turkish leader in nearly sixty years protests were held despite a twenty four hour ban in central rome as tension ran high over turkey's offensive against kurdish militia groups in northern syria the president and the pontiff are expected to focus on the controversial u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel which both men oppose. well despite having some common ground on jerusalem a number of tricky issues remain for the two leaders. were they couldn't be more different regift tired to on the all three tarion turkish president and pope
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francis known for his humor and humility but over the years both have attempted to build bridges. when the crisis erupted over moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem tattoo on made a number of phone calls to the pope to get his counsel donald trump's decision led to armrest and drew criticism around the world including from the vatican. the last meeting between the turkish president and the pontiff wasn't two thousand and fourteen francis was received with military honors an on camera he was the first guest to visit the new lavish presidential palace. it was a demonstration of power and a charm offensive. your visit will leave an important trace in the islamic world and will also change the view of islam in the christian world. in ten the pope who
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had criticized the role of the e.u. in the migration crisis praised turkey's efforts and taking more than a million refugees from war torn syria. but the relationship between the two men is not without tensions francis has described the massacre of the armenians during the first world war as genocide added one warned the pope to quote not repeat this mistake. now two years on it looks like they're prepared to mend ties. yet the turkish offensive against kurdish militias and northern syria may prove to be another stumbling block it is drawn international condemnation and many may expect the pope to admonish turkey over its controversial military operation. and for more let's bring in yulia hot who is standing by with the latest from istanbul so yulia walk
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us through why this is such an important visit. well for regift this is certainly an important visit because after all he is the first president to visit the vatican in sixty years you already mentioned that and he didn't come alone he brought his foreign minister and his economy minister the energy minister the defense minister and the e.u. a says minister because he is also expected to have talks with italy's political leadership when it comes to the one on one meeting with the pope we hear that it lasted about an hour and yes the status of jerusalem was one very important issue if not the most important one because both pope francis's oppose a u.s. president decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital and our go on was later quoted as saying we are both in favor of the status quo and have the will to
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protect it but you also have to know that our don sees himself as the defender and protector of muslim interests worldwide and that of course includes the plight of the palestinians who for him this was the important message today that's a message that will resonate well probably within the muslim world and certainly with his voters here in turkey and we know that the issue of jerusalem that's one on which they are you know relatively similar positions but how about more controversial topics though they also come up in discussions. well we didn't hear about this actually and i didn't hear about any direct criticism by the pope and that's certainly not something pro-government media in turkey would focus on because they want to celebrate this visit as a success but we heard the two men were exchanging gifts are the one gave the pope a piece of pottery that was produced in
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a manner that was very famous during the ottoman era and the pope gave the arab. with an angel on the it's strangling a demon warren that's considered a symbol of peace and justice so critical turkish media now see this as a reference by the pope to the turkish military offensive in syria that officially has the goal to clear the borders of what turkey calls kurdish terrorists but of course you already mentioned that kurdish representative say turkey is committing crimes against humanity again the pope didn't say anything directly but this guest here now is being interpreted in this way yulia han in istanbul thank you. germans are still waiting for a new government after the country's main political parties missed a deadline to conclude coalition talks on sunday there are hopes that negotiations could be wrapped up later today four months after september inconclusive election
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but there still disagreement on key policy areas between conservatives and the social democrats. this is where the party's hope to clinch a coalition deal after talks at the s.p.d. headquarters on sunday negotiators failed to meet their self-imposed deadline of midnight. instead they gave themselves the night off. we decided there are policy issues we still need to talk about where the parties are far apart so we need detailed concentrated negotiations so we've jointly decided that we won't talk into the night so instead i will return here in the morning to concentrate on continued talks and press on with our deliberations by. the parties did make progress on some issues they agreed to fund high speed broadband expansion and invest in social housing they had already reached consensus
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on climate education and refugee policies last week but the sticking points are labor law and health care the conservative block has so far rejected s.p.d. calls to reform germany's health insurance system the social democrats want to push through these core policies to persuade skeptical party members to support a coalition deal party negotiators are back today they're hoping for a breakthrough well now the disgraced boss of samsung is getting off facilities here with more. south korea you can put away for life sara but in this case the air of one of the world's biggest corporate empires is now getting out of jail after just twelve months just as shocking south korea's business and political establishments by suspending jay why corruption sentence lease says he used the year behind bars to reflect and apologized for not showing what he called his best side. bribery perjury embezzlement just some of the charges in the
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long list leveled against a young one of south korea's wealthiest and most influential managers nevertheless he served just one year of his five year sentence and is now free. again i feel very sorry to everyone for not showing my best side and it's been a really precious time for a year reflecting on myself i will thoroughly check and do my best. lee was the subject of the biggest bribery scandal in south korean history in his first court case he was found guilty of bribing then president park geun hay in return for political favors the appeals court on monday dismissed most of the charges saying lee was coerced into making the payments more than three million dollars simply for horse riding lessons for the daughter of one of president park's
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friends two other samsung managers also had their sentences commuted to probation leave the grandson of samsung's founder is estimated to be worth around eight billion dollars in twenty fourteen forbes magazine ranked him the thirty fifth most powerful person in the world. let's bring in. correspondent what's the public reaction in your part of the world. well it's a surprise all around even to leave himself as you can see from the video there's a lot of public outreach on the streets of seoul expressing this dealing with how the government is handling. reform with cheap balls all government or family owned conglomerates in korea and it's no wonder that they're angry because a lot of a lot of the senior officials including these own father in the past who has been pardoned for similar crimes in the past only to have his sentence reduced just four
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months after the ruling how will this all affect ex-president pox bribery trial. well it's funny to think how it all started with a third grade horse but it's on the serious note the judge did say that he found no power of business collusion and clearly in this case when gifted. a compass with the garbage horse in the past the choice so ill now parks own case is ongoing with a verdict to be out later this year and she's probably going to get a life sentence with this scandal weighing very heavily on that ok well from the political side of this corporate dimension with lee released samsung got a leadership battle on its hands. we it's not clear how leaves going to return in whether he's going to return his similar capacity at
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samsung scuse me whatever it it whatever the case commenters are saying that. it will be a chance this scandal will be a chance finally fourteen will stoop reform its corporate governance and that being said some sound has been left in good hands while the was a we it rose is shares rose forty one percent in twenty seven thousand during the trial itself and interesting stuff there and interesting analysis from asia correspondent based in singapore for spencer on a fresh blow to russia's a limp the corpse absolutely check this out then because the international olympic committee has refused to ever quest for thirteen russian athletes and two coaches to attend the p.r. winter olympics the group were among twenty eight russian representatives whose lifetime bans were overturned by the court of arbitration for sport last week but the i.o.c. says that suspicions over doping violations remains and that disqualification from the games would be upheld russia has condemned the decision. for more
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on the i.o.c. decision we are joined by emily share one who has all of the reaction from moscow so emily tell us a little bit more about that reaction to the i.o.c. has moved to not invite the russian athletes come as a shock. well i would say it came as a disappointment after the hopes that were raised through last week's decision but it didn't quite come as a shock after all this decision by the international olympic committee kind of fits in with the russian narrative that has been going on here all along people here very much see this whole doping scandal as political rather than to do with sports russian officials have always denied that there's been a state sponsored doping program and this this is seen as on par with the anti the anti. with the sanctions excuse me seen really as an anti west as an anti russian
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campaign from the west so it really fits in with the narrative here even though it is presumably disappointing for people absolutely very disappointing especially just five days until the games are you know set to kick off there so what is russia's next move then i mean is there anything that they plan to do. well that's a good question after all five days isn't a long time still the kremlin spokesman this golf today said that they will keep working with the international olympic committee to allow the athletes to compete and they also plan to restore justice as he said and the sports minister of. coffee today said that they would be looking into legal measures that they could take to allow the athletes to compete it's unclear what will happen you know in the run up to the olympics but russia will certainly keep working on this issue and really sure when in moscow thank you. and saying with the winter olympics now all eyes
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will be on the women's ice hockey where the north and south koreans are fielding a joint team for the first time after months of tension in the region the team hopes to unify people but many in south korea are not happy and protesters vented their frustration at the joint team's first ever game of look. careers joint women's ice hockey team have held their first winter olympics warm up game against sweden outside the arena in incheon they were angry protests have some demonstrators travelling hundreds of kilometers. supports a unified team only if it's sincere but the north korean players are part of a propaganda campaign by the king. so i oppose this unified team on the table but. for others however the exhibition game was a reason to celebrate intense interest is followed the unified korean team says the
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idea was announced last month tickets sold out fast. the swedish team dominated for large spells but fans were greatly infused by some good play from the hosts north korean forward young so young is optimistic about the team's prospects and chan games. mothers will see as a unified team if we skate and skate all together i think we'll put on a good show and i hope the results will be good. and we would like a lot of support from all over the world. the koreans produced a brave performance against the fifth ranked swedish team the final score sweden three korea one expectations were high ahead of the first joint korean women's ice hockey game the north korean players had a lot to prove polls have shown the south korean public poses a unified team coach ceremony thinks her team could get out of the group stage four
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years ago we were just happy to be here and we didn't think that we could win we wanted to but we didn't think we could now and seeing how much our teams improved seeing how well we competed in this game we think that we have a good chance of advancing this saturday korea's unified women's icici team will face switzerland at the olympic games itself. more news coming up after a short break you're watching d.w. news. hour worked on a new studio could take aged nine hours staffed clean and. not even his friends got a glimpse of his you know world. what moved this quiet austrian. primarily if it is all planned portraits of women. gustaf claimed
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enigma in forty five minutes on d w. crime fighter the new season of radio crime thrillers became slated. for investigative cases that will keep you on your toes. in a great fright in stories of the best idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime frightens and shouts hello frank tell a friend to friend. crime fighter. he created movie milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and persecution. it underwent a bankruptcy and restructuring. but it still turning out films today. following germany's biggest and oldest film company. a cinematic history from the german empire to the present one hundred years of starting february eighteenth.
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it should but that wasn't three hundred fifteen games and it's been gone for ten thousand three hundred fifty. it once divided east and west germany the berlin wall . an entire generation is growing up without it but it still casts a long shadow play the berlin wall is long gone and the foot is it really the for our focus today indeed the. play. welcome back your news i'm sorry. our top story is the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris attacks of the slum has refused to answer questions at a trial in belgium there's been high security for today's session which will focus on a shoot out with belgian police before his capture. israel has begun serving
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deportation notices to thousands of africans who have been seeking asylum there there are forty thousand african asylum seekers affected at israel. now until recently these forty thousand people were mostly on short term visas but now they are being offered cash to leave or face deportation activists saying that two hundred to three hundred people per month are being deported to third countries in africa now most african asylum seekers are from the states of sudan and eritrea they say that they fear going home eritrea and sudan are both dictatorships of course but prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that israel has the right to decide who lives there he is quoted as saying every country must maintain its borders and protecting the borders from a legal infiltration is both a right and a basic duty of a sovereign state. now did i use tanya kramer has been talking with some of the
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eritrean migrants affected by the israeli police the policy rather she sent us this report from tel aviv. to keep me case that this home country every tree or more than twelve years ago and sought asylum in israel now his future is once again uncertain because he's facing possible deputation the stores are always very sensitive especially for me personally in the for my community the people i love because. of. deportation an unlimited proof of time in imprisonment so very time and of almost three thousand euros and lee for this country. that over the past years israel has recognized only ten people as refugees to keep never received a response to his aside and request. the communities sometimes we want to require some infant or two or sometimes consular everything with them as person.
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really and i left my country because of danger so i know i'm a refuge that's why you came here in israel to ask for a protection between two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve about thirty eight thousand asylum seekers from every trade and sudan arrived in israel by the egyptian sinai peninsula and then that route was closed by a border fence ever since there has been a fierce public debate in israel about the asylum seekers speight human rights activist warned their safety cannot be guaranteed if they are deported we're talking about less than forty thousand people immigrants asylum seekers in israel who seek asylum in a land of eight million people this is less than half a percent of the israeli population so our first question to the government is why can't israel absorb those people give them shelter or allow them to build their
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lives here this is so much less than other countries have to deal with many asylum seekers ahead here in a detention center in the desert in the south of israel. this have settled in the southern neighborhoods of tel of being a poor area of the city while some residents support the migrants many plame them for advice in crime and want them to leave. these are foreigners infiltrators it is impossible to live like this all our infrastructure collapsed the sewage system education welfare everything all the budget is going to what's there if you will feel like those israelis who want to help them writers rabbis former diplomats holocaust survivors and pilots are calling on the government to stop the deputation. the state we are obliged to deal with refugees and with asylum seekers as we would have liked the european
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countries and the usa at the time. to have treated jewish refugees who tried to save their to save those souls running away from persecution from extermination chiquita's more ado about his safety if his deported to a third country he says a should pray at the door of a small chapel he wants to stay positive but given the choice to keith says he would rather go to prison than be said to know the country. sports news now from the united states at the philadelphia eagles have finally shed their underdog status to win their first ever super bowl against a long time favorites the new england patriots mark meadows was up until the wee hours of morning here in europe getting all the action from america and mark i mean wow what an exciting game it was another fabulous game in the last few super bowls have been epic and it just gets better and better every year. i mean the stadium
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was packed the streets were packed in philadelphia and we have some of the reaction actually from this incredible victory we want to play it for our viewers and they get your reaction after. the wait is over. philadelphia finally has a super bowl after years in the shadows eagles fans are rightly making the most of the historic victory over the new england patriots. they may have been the underdogs but the eagles went on the offensive right from the start. their bold an adventurous game plan led by quarterback nick foles paid off tom brady and the patriots were overwhelmed the eagles sealing a forty one thirty three victory you know being a part of this being drafted to philadelphia and be unfortunate enough to come back and be a part of this team to be a piece of this puzzle. i mean it's been
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a long time coming and you know i know there's going to be a lot of celebrating tonight. on the streets of philadelphia there was barely room to brave. jubilant fans went wild celebrating into the early hours of the morning. was just amazing amazing at the fact that the game was the best super bowl maybe ever. but. there was an ugly side to the elation too however. vandalism somewhat marring joyous celebrations. for the most part fans were well the high this night will stay in their memories for a long time. and for those eagle fans mark i mean was the euphoria so great would you say because the eagles you know this was
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a big win for them or was it the way that they won the game a bit of both i mean overseas if you're not going to have all that they had when the n.f.l. championship before it was called the super bowl but so both a big thing so obviously to finally win one and i guess the patriots many very special but it was the manner of the victory as well it was the way they did it i mean the patriots this great dynasty very hard team to beat the jacksonville jaguars for they done it in the a.f.c. championship game the effective semifinal and tom brady in the past just rolled back the thousands for it in the ashes super bowl pitchers rolled back but this time no the eagles stood there on the hill a great season and they said hey even when the pictures to the lead late in the four of course know we're going to go different and we're going to get our own touchdown and we're going to win this and they even stole the ball off tom brady recruit key point was kind of sums up how good a performance it was i mean if you just look at the numbers combine the two teams had yards of one thousand one hundred ninety one that is two hundred yards more than any of a super bowl i mean and they reached that point face of the in the third quarter so
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that the game wasn't even over and they've broken all these records so as a game it was a very very high quality game there was only one point i've seen n.f.l. game. both teams have punted the ball ten times each so that really goes to show what a really good game it was for. those to somehow come out on top what is this going to mean for the eagles fans i mean it's massive for them i mean you know we've seen the pictures of the celebrations some of them kind of lost their heads a little bit unfortunately people jumping off roofs and turning over cars and what have you oversee is the city side you can kind of understand why the emotion got too much for them because you know such an epic moment and the key thing is you think about philadelphia as a sporting city now philadelphia is with boston l.a. new york and chicago as an american city where all the big sports teams have won four big sporting titles of course the four major u.s. ports so philadelphia is a bona fide
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a sporting city now i mean obviously we've got a famous rocky steps there in philadelphia as well and now the super bowl champions the completed the lot social media absolutely on fire and in the wake of this game and not only you know because of the action on the field right now the people also pretty much the advertisement they pay attention to the halftime show exactly exactly i mean just think about what i've seen on social media when i've been looking around i think the celebrations are the things that stand out i mean we've seen some clips but there's some more here just such elation the streets just people absolutely loving it can't quite believe that it's happened i mean the city center in philadelphia was just completely filled with people you even have police officers dancing in the streets and boys don't sing on the top of cars as well but yet talking about just in timberlake and the halftime show reaction is actually a pretty. good media some people didn't like his outfit so people thought the prince old work quite well given prince was from minnesota where the game was played some people felt it kind of lacked
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a little bit of razzmatazz maybe given what happened with janet jackson always years ago it was trying to play it down and play it safe for the most of the. people kind of for social media are quite serious this year kind of companies kind of want to show their kind of social causes and what matters to them in the kind of a charitable way so yeah it was a very interesting day and a fabulous game playing it safe perhaps a commentary on what's going on in the united states right now we thank you very much for joining us mark meadows to tell us a little bit more about this big win for the philadelphia eagles in the super bowl yesterday for. the world is watching and wall street has opened watching to see basically if what looked like a correction that began on trading floors on friday continues and that sentiment has continued around asia today here in europe as well and the new york stock exchange has just opened the dow jones industrial falling by about point seven
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point eight of a percent whether or not that accelerates is a question i'll put to our correspondent in a moment yes quarter standing by in new york at the moment what's causing this sell off jobs data that came out on friday showing wage growth much better than expected that could point to higher inflation in the u.s. and that could mean higher interest rates that's what's got everyone panicking let's go over to the quarter to see if that panic is justifiable what do you think is that. going to accelerate throughout the day there where you were. expensive for corporations to get to adapt to finance their activities. inflationary signs and saw right now the market is dropping again right at the beginning by about two hundred fifty points and by the way the six hundred sixty point drop that we saw on friday at least point wise was the biggest biggest drop
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since the fall of two thousand and eight so since the midst of the financial crisis ok now it's not big enough yet to call a correction but that is. the word that's on everyone's lips what people want to trade is they're telling you. you know well so far they're still rather calm because the thing is we were waiting for some kind of a pullback for quite some time the only thing missing was the trigger and now we got the trigger of the bond market right now the market is off from the highs a good five percent that's a pullback a correction starts when we see a bull back of ten percent and then we're down fifteen twenty percent from the recent high it's then we even talk about a bear market but that's still some way to go thought looking forward a lot will really depend on how the year olds and how interest rates will move and that is quite a nice or coincidence that today we get a new fed chairman jerome powell saw
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a new man on board of the federal reserve and that also might cause a little bit of uncertainty and how his policy will look like he ends quarter for us on coincidences and corrections at the new york stock exchange thank you we'll get back to you later in the day. one disaster after the next for ryanair chief michael o'leary masses of cancellations growing tensions with personnel then he tells pilots their jobs are oh so easy but none of that baggage is weighing on the irish carriers results profits are up the passengers keep coming. ryanair is flying higher its earnings climbed twelve percent to one hundred six million euros in the last quarter and passenger traffic is expected to increase for the full fiscal year ending in march twenty eighth. that's us by the cancellation crisis last fall when thousands of flights fell through to a pilot rostering issues the scheduling snafu cost the irish budget carrier its
3:45 pm
position as europe's biggest airline passenger numbers in favor of a look tons at enlarged by its takeover of air berlin. this along with an intensifying clamor for better treatment of personnel eventually forced ryanair to compromise with pilots it agreed to recognize trade unions for the first time in its more than three decade history the irish carrier announced in january that its u.k. based pilots had accepted paying creases of up to twenty percent. but it might not be happily ever after just yet. right air chief michael o'leary warned investors that talks with the unions about working conditions could be turbulent that strikes around easter could be possible and it's not just this year that had a right here feeling anxious last week they announced a break that applying to tickets sold for the summer of twenty nineteen a warning to passengers that their tickets will be invalidated if aviation regulations remain unclear after the u.k. leaves the e.u.
3:46 pm
. is an interesting figure for you and various sturrock ones here absolutely will have a turning point in history now for your band because the berlin wall it stood for more than twenty eight years but as of today it has been down for as long as it was up it was august one thousand nine hundred sixty one that overnight berlin became a city divided communist authorities constructed what they called an anti fascist protection barrier around west berlin making it into an island with in east germany now east berliners hoping to flee to the west attempted all sorts of ways around or under the wall the entrance to an escape tunnel has recently been rediscovered near the city's mauer park. funny for char reports. the streets of berlin are steeped in his story from the second world war to the cold war one of the best places to get a sense of the cold war is right here in berlin although many important love marks
3:47 pm
in this place rise over here an open air exhibition about all strawson things not to roll sick you see right here clearly indicates where the brewery war one student haha you was probably the way they are and the rest of it over there with god. they're shocking stories of germans who try to make it across this wall. some tried to escape before the wall was even finished they said connick picture shows a young soldier from east berlin who jumped over a barbed wire fence in nine hundred sixty one. some tried to flee to the west above ground many hundreds try to escape underground at least seventy five tunnels were dug beneath the war in berlin most of them from the west to help friends and relatives trapped in the east we met karl holtz artful who told us how he tried to help east germans to freedom and showed us the place where he started digging a tunnel today it's
3:48 pm
a construction site. to reach that house on the other side in the east about eighteen meters away. very hard work you could only progress one to one and a half meters per day i remember being completely alone in the tunnel for a few days hearing the tram rumbling above me my heart was pounding like i was really scared i thought the tunnel would be discovered it was well known that security forces in the east could open up a tunnel somewhere and just start shooting inside. the wall from the beginning an activist in one thousand nine hundred sixty three he teamed up with these five men to dig a tunnel they worked on it for four months almost six decades later hold it. he's the archaeologist who recently discovered the tunnel entrance this dark patch of earth. to meet the man who actually built this tunnel was a special moment for me we spoke for several hours when we first met it's like
3:49 pm
a piece of puzzle that you put together we have the excavation the findings but now also the actual exchange with a living source that's an important element of the tunnel was almost complete when the east germany secret police found out about it and shut it down but it wasn't all for nothing. the result was in vain yes but the fact that we try to bring people to freedom and to give them hope that is never in vain that's always good regardless how it. is for the police felt committed to help those who were not free and couldn't raise their voice lets them in the state it's been almost three decades since the brawl in wall came down and discoveries like a secret tunnel entrance show that history in berlin remains very much alive and relevant as long as the stories are told. and there are so many stories to be
3:50 pm
told joining me now is one of the few english speaking journalist who was here in berlin on the night of november ninth one thousand nine hundred nine when the berlin wall fell and of course he happens to be our very own culture editor robin merrill you all know it very well so i mean robin you had quite an experience that i. did slightly embarrassing by experience but it's wrong it hopefully shows people how much of a surprise it was to everybody don't forget the mobile phones in those days no communication like today i worked for british forces radio here in way in what was then west berlin and on the evening of the ninth as the border crossings were open and everything i was having dinner at a very high ranking british army officer the only thing i noticed was that the phone kept ringing but he ignored it and didn't possibly believe the stories that he was hearing he wanted to finish his. anyway i went home in the south west of
3:51 pm
west so i didn't see well what we're seeing now oblivious of what was going on i was woken up at four in the morning and when immediately to my office and from there i joined the people like the pictures we're seeing on the mobile this is actually of the reunification i think a year later we're seeing pictures but. and join the medal a as it were it was just tricks. blain how it took everyone including those journalists i surprised absolutely and so many people once they realized what was happening i mean they had quite an emotional reaction as they never really imagined that that whatever happened in fact you know this this moment is being commemorated around the world we know that the term of the villian at the architecture biala in venice is going to concentrate on the subject this year yeah it is i mean it's not that moment is being commemoration it's interesting that the overall title of the being is free space which was made after the germans already decided what they have a billion was going to be about it's called building walls this villian and it's
3:52 pm
going to feature twenty eight projects to do with water as happened in the spaces where the wool was it was just great gap in the middle of linen as we know right in the center of berlin the curators of the project architects from the graph now these architects actually come from what was west germany and the other co-curator is a politician called man a big club who's from foot the former east germany. for the first time the berlin wall has been gone for as long as it stored this twenty eight year equation is what's inspired this year's german entry to the architecture be an island in venice the group of curators made up of three architects and a politician wanted to explore the effects of division and the process of healing. the war was actually overland not only in the city but for the country as
3:53 pm
a whole and it wasn't just a line with the death strip it was also a space that was cleared of the collective memory and now how to fill the space again. the title of the pavilion is i'm building bones though in plenty of places across the world walls and borders look to be going up. it's basically a very german theme and so it does belong in the german pavilion but i'm building walls comes at a time when actually building walls is what's going on as the populous theme worldwide. the german contribution is relevant because we belong to the lucky ones who as a people have overcome it. the exhibition also looks to the future. to lancaster house it also offers a little hope you so people can see a wall can also disappear. i didn't into this is the international interest is
3:54 pm
huge because there's a new question is what do you do with the destroyed society what do the victims need what do you do with the perpetrators and how do you deal with the mental wards that are much more injuring than the real ones. the twenty eighteen architecture be ona starts on may twenty six. so many open questions that we have just heard just mentioned there i mean what lessons do you think that the world can learn from germany's experience with walls robin bill. very simply i mean it's very interesting the german germany has done an incredible job since the wall came down thirteen they took on a bankrupt country thirteen million people and physically it has become a united country but psychologically twenty eight years on there is still a lot i believe to do especially perhaps the older generation but also it is
3:55 pm
very different east to west that i mean people voting in the national election september a lot of people voted very right wing over very left wing from the east it's very different why people voted in the west so the lesson to be learned from this about people building trumps wall with mexico all the bricks it will which really is a kind of wool is it will take a lot longer it would take generations for people to repair the damage done by any such physical or mental wall and germany knows better than anybody else that's true robin now we thank you so much for telling us a little bit more about you know this momentous occasion and your experience also we very much appreciate. the update now and they give you news i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching.
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i worked a new studio could take aged nine al was. not even his friends got a glimpse of his in a world. what moved in his quiet austrian grinnell primarily. for truth so when the. good stuff claimed. in fifteen minutes. entering the conflict zone this week on conflict zone i miss him but to talk to russia come back should i still took his ruling class b. the a.k.p. she speaks for a culture young and is. confident the president is the government pursues military operations in syria and continues to crack down on civil liberties
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. this principle puts a. double. the something touched our entire us cream truck drivers or dealing with any and then i killed many civilians. communicating my father while. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. or sudden my life became malinche. providing insights global news that matters d. w. me for minds. everybody wanted the america we need five points for i am still the pro by what we need if you look at china thailand india every country is moving along the
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passage of america if everybody got automobile free will then there were no good you'll be been. told with waiting for the treasury journey. and i know. we have to be all that i decided with you came on the public transportation can't we can't walk together and make everybody happy but not depend on that high consumption. odd to me.
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this is the w. news line from berlin belgium on high alert top terror suspects stands trial for his involvement in a shootout before his capture once europe's most wanted man so lobbed islam is believed to be the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen terror attacks in paris with links also to the cell that carried out the brussels bombings after his arrest also coming up is a new government finally in sight for germany after a missing deadline last night there's hope coalition talks could finally bear fruit this evening our correspondent ted.


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