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this is d.w. news live from berlin allegations of a conspiracy to kill in kenya dozens of bodies arrived at nairobi's morgues every day many of them young men killed by police in a culture of the few years from one officer willing to speak out. also coming up symbolic ways opposition says brace for the worst amid reports that leader morgan tsvangirai is critically ill alas for correspondent what this means for the country's political future. chaos song wall street the dow jones industrial average
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takes its biggest nosedive since two thousand and eleven rattling investors across the globe while europe has remained calm the business world is looking nervously towards the new york stock exchange when it opens in just a few hours. and are we there yet talks drag on for a new german government germany's two biggest parties inch towards a coalition deal but they missed deadline after deadline as negotiators clash over key issues. i've seen you so much going to thank you for joining us we start in kenya with allegations of a conspiracy to kill in the slums of nairobi dead bodies of young poor men are turning up on the streets almost every day they're suspected of being criminals and are executed by the police without charges and without trial w. spoke to a whistleblower who revealed an underground war on crime that's believed to have
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claimed more than three thousand lives last year. october two thousand and seventeen it's been two days since my mom pry own lost her son brian nineteen years old executed by the police. state. for you. brian lived in one of nairobi slum the police suspected him of being a thug and thieves but his mother disagrees. before i make fun. joyce was brian's friend a neighbor here in her community in k.l. is where he was killed along with his three friends. i had to take him to. the policeman on the one who got them down. there is more evidence images of brian and his dead friends published on facebook.
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troy says the police themselves post the pictures to instill fear and brand the victims as criminals. killing at the city more trees for britain but it seems that the killing of brian and his friends was not an isolated incident we're told that twenty to fifty corpses arrive here every day almost all killed by the police. dr brian beach anger is an independent forensic expert he confirms that cases like brian's are part of a larger pattern. into can be to buy into. and to wounds to the chest. and the head and the chest is not to do. its job security. the police repeatedly denied request for an official interview. one officer inside the system however says he's against the
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extrajudicial killings and wants to uncover the actions of nairobi's police he agrees to talk to us and honestly as he fears for his life. so the procedure is as a cop you're given an order. you don't know where the order comes from you're told hey this is what's happening and now it's time to shoot to kill and then you go you land within that process if you don't get the right guy you'll end up killing the wrong guy and if you get the right guy you also kill the right guy without prosecution and nobody cares. a crime is arrived the prisons are full and for many police the lives of those who live in the slums a worthless until now thousands of extrajudicial killings in kenya have been covered up and gone unreported. friend's family at his funeral they feel that he like so many other young men was
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stripped off judicial process and his human rights. and it's a sad certainty that bryant won't be the last young man will fall victim to nairobi fight against crime. not to zimbabwe and the main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai is reported to be critically ill in a south african hospital his supporters have been told to quote brace for the worst the sixty five year old has been in and out of the hospital since disclosing that he had colon cancer two years ago he returned torture has berg hospital for his latest round of treatment in early january. and you have used christine money recently returned from zimbabwe where she spoke with morgan tsvangirai christine thanks for joining us what did you learn about his condition when you saw him simply when i walked into morgan trying you guys office in november last year it was an interview about the politics at the time and this was actually on the day
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robert mugabe was also from office he is not the man that i had to watch to give speeches adrenaline as he was a diminished morgan trying to get i both in posture and he's voice is so i struggle to hear him have to leave him very closely he whispered he's voice would sort of wither away he was so frail i got up close and personal him i was trying to put the mike on to use should could feel his office and i could feel you know it was just the weakness that he had in these arms and i remember making a remark seeing him and say to mr president i wish you well when we left but fast forward to two last week and we got reports that his family had wanted to bring him over to europe to see specialists but that's of african doctors who've been treating him had advised against it simply telling him that he's body wasn't strong enough to take the toll of the long haul flights to europe this comes at a time where zimbabwe has seen a lot of political upheaval former president robert mugabe has stepped down and we're facing elections what role would this illness play in impacting all of this
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sumi what role has it already paid since he sort of took a back a back seat when he announced his illness we've seen senior members in the the m.d.c. party just him to take over from him and that's essentially split the party if d.c. is not you know no stranger spitting at they've done so twice in the past and and then this looking now and saying this is potentially a situation for another split once he steps away from the home of the party but yet it's in a very bad shape right now that party and he him spotty right now the senior officials can't get along and they have for sure that if it's not it makes the opposition weak and the weak opposition only gives a win essentially to innocent and send p.s. . and so that you've got it m.d.c. in disarray you also have. opposition in general in disarray but one thing analysts and anybody can tell you in zimbabwe is that morgan trying to night is the face of what we call opposition in zimbabwe you don't have any of the person as credible as he is as an opposition figure many people have had fall outs from the guard and of
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gone on to form parties it's just not been bought by the people of zimbabwe so this guy if they call this man the godfather of opposition what is it's in zimbabwe so that is how crucial he is going into the selection the fact that he won't be needing his posse potentially for one and the reason is a massive blow to the opposition it is putting the wind back in the sails of innocent mandel who by the way is cruising along at this point in time since that from and look up the ouster and there are no other figures in the opposition who could also unite them unfortunately not credibility has been the issue with a lot of these people they were crystal got their allies and then walked out and said we are no longer on his side by all story and he simply said we don't trust you morgan trying to is the one person who gave robert mugabe sleepless nights people sort of the struggle theorists states people saw all of this you know when he came out of new beautiful two thousand and seven because the world never forget bruised and battered and he came out there and he said i'm defiant as if right for the opposition saying brace for the worse or he is in critical condition as we're
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hearing christine well thank you very much. now to some other news that the european union is facing several challenges with breaks of negotiations and intra all tensions dominating the block's agenda and despite those obstacles today the european commission is set to discuss enlarging the e.u. bringing in new members from the western balkans but first those neighboring states have their own disputes to settle e.u. membership may be no guarantee of better relations between them as this next report shows. fishing in troubled waters every time a zero coach jump ship heads out to sea the creation fisherman is met by police forces from neighboring slovenia. in brazil but what about the we are always accompanied by the croatian police so the slovenian police can't do anything can't arrest us. when we cross over this border.
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were threatened with fines of up to forty thousand euros. slovenia and gratian have been at odds over the maritime and land border in the area ever since the dissolution of the former yugoslavia in the one nine hundred ninety s. after they joined the e.u. an international court of arbitration was supposed to settle the route but its decision that the bulk of the baby longs to slovenia is unacceptable for croatia arbitration should be based on on trust for months and this was completely ruined in the process and creation parliament decided that. unilaterally that creation. works out of the separate ration agreements the slovenes on the other hand feel that this violates european rights i mean since the ruling be enforced because both sides had agreed to accept the result of the arbitration. the border in the sea is clearly
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drawn. the arbitration defined it precisely. is slovenia living up to because of the special circumstances in the last six months. and has already warned that the waters os living in territory of all they will tell you well then to one up and since the end of the last year. has lost access to a large part of the fishing area where he used to cost his net. long upon my grandfather finished here and then my father now i fish here as does my danis too small a lot of national pride the lesson for europe is new member states need to throw their territorial disputes over the border before they arrive in the e.u. so. and more on the story now with max hoffman he's standing by in strasbourg where the commission is talking about enlargement today how max which countries are up
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for discussion six countries total but two of them are far the still long in this case serbia and montenegro because accession talks have already started with those countries that doesn't mean those will be the two countries to really accede to the european union first because as representatives of the european commission insisted there are still so many issues for all those countries we can't say who is going to what they call when this regatta that's their metaphor they're using and of course the issues for example are corruption border disputes what we just saw in that report and also the state of the local economies that will have to do something to pick up to be at the same or at least at a comparable speed to other e.u. countries max where he mentioned the e.u. is facing a whole host of challenges bragg's of negotiations internal tensions over the migration crisis for example why should it be focusing on getting bigger right now
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. well sumi it's about influence because if you look at the western balkans there are a couple of countries that are challenging the european union for influence there for example russia that is very strong in that part of europe and also the chinese are starting to invest in those countries generally speaking in countries in eastern countries of the european union that is something that is worrying the u. institutions but i put that question exactly that question to the head of the foreign affairs committee here in strasbourg david mcallister he's a conservative and this is what he had to say well if you look at the map of europe you can see that the six most of the countries are surrounded by e.u. member states but no region in europe is so closely interlinked to be an opinion like these six states of the western balkans and we have a huge interest and bringing stability to vist region we need political economic stability in this region because if the balkans grow in stable this instability
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will come to the rest of the union union some actually heard david mcallister there say economic stability as well what no large but nina in terms of e.u. finances it's hard to really put a bill on that because so far in the future we can't say at the moment we know though from past experience that of course the european union would have to transfer a considerable amount of funding but that's not the only issue here i mean there's always something you can get back from it and if you look at the investments in the past you by far the largest investor in the region the commission estimates that in the last five years ten billion euros were invested in that region so there's not only something to lose here for that you but in the long term maybe even in the mid-term something to gain. max hoffman reporting from thank you max. now here in germany under the americans conservatives and the center left social
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democrats are still working on forming a government and they're still far apart on several key issues leaders on both sides are pushing hard for an agreement as deadline after deadline passes. it's decision day in berlin again conservatives and social democrats arriving for day eleven of coalition talks and the day is not going to be easy health employment and foreign policy are still three major hurdles to overcome nonetheless today they're hoping to finally seal the deal if the truth is that after all this is about the quality of life for the people and about being a successful business locational every single one of us will have to make painful compromises i am willing to do that if we can assure that in the end the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages as you foretold its influence the enough to lose by being its miracles last push to clinch an agreement on a new grand coalition the deal is supposed to end months of political limbo and
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europe's top economy. leaving god it's just those letters about was nothing less and forming a stable lasting government in one of the largest industrialised countries in the world that needs to challenge us both internationally and nationally. and not only the world is waiting for germany to get its act together closer to home in germany's bundestag the parliament is also eager to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda. right after some major drama on the dow jones investors around the globe are rattled their heart how bad are these numbers well many already talking about a black monday and that might be a bit a bit premature because it's a term reserved in financial circles only for the most severe of shocks but after a rally that has been going on for many months monday was a busy day of reckoning on the u.s. markets let's have a closer look the dow jones industrial average tumbled four point six percent
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that's quite significant that's the biggest loss for six years and marks the largest intra day decline of all time in asian markets picked up the sentiment in tokyo the nikkei closed four point seven percent down on saying it. down five point one percent and shanghai is three point four percent in the red now what's caused this selloff in the u.s. as a combination of factors at play wages have risen stronger than expected stoking fears of rising inflation that will drive interest rates up and it was cheap money that has been driving the stock market rally of recent years also a rise in rates makes safe assets like government bonds more attractive so investors move out of stocks and into bombs also automated trading orders are triggered when certain indicators for two preprogrammed level and these sell offs trigger other sell orders it's a computer driven domino effect and it works within seconds around the globe now let's cross over to our financial correspondent danielle corp in frankfurt to check
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how european indices doing down there. but actually much better than we initially thought this morning in the morning i really saw very worried faces here off and bester is in the early trading the blue chip index dax was actually forecasted to open with a minus of eight percent well we are still down with about two point three percent very similar picture all around europe but it seems that there's a mass panic than we have seen yesterday happening on wall street where everybody pretty much wanted to leave we are not seeing this here happening at the moment it seems that investors are thinking a little bit more realistic are thinking are with their had to rather than with their stomach they know that the world has not changed since yesterday that in general market situation is still a very good we are not going to see a recession happening but still there are concerns let's see what's happening later
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on when wall street will be opening their trading day so yes we're going to be a very exciting day here on wall street there on at the preference stock exchange sorry you know one. can't get confused these days than you before i let you go can you pinpoint which companies or industries were hit hardest by this downturn. well it's a mixed picture and the g. companies are down the two major banks can mass bank and also dodge a bank are down one of the biggest losers today is mention are the big insurance companies that lost we would have seen most likely also without this what was happening yesterday on wall street they came out with their quarterly numbers down net profit went down the main reason those big tropical storms that we have seen in the united states also their dividend is not as high as investors were hoping so yeah that's the main reason we are seeing this last sunday with mention of work
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done in frankfurt and not on wall street thank you very much. well as they say misery loves company and beleaguered u.s. stocks soon found fellow sufferers elsewhere in the world asian indices it was easy trashing on tuesday as we've seen and dismal futures ahead of the dow jones opening could mean the beating is not over yet. the hong kong stock market was one of the worst performers on a day when asian markets were unable to protect themselves from contagion after the dow industrials steep a sell off in six years. the sentiment in hong kong and there are a little bit nervous and a little bit not going to have and people are still waiting for. the dow jones or the do as mark as will stabilize before they can come be fully committed to buy into the market at this point japanese stock split spare die that anxiety is writing high like. normal it's probably because of the plunge in the u.s.
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i thought the economy was in good shape with share prices going up stupidly but a sudden drop like this makes them look unclear the stock prices went up too far without theories and it's time to hold tight but you pounds chief cabinet secretary cut a more circumspect figure so if push through a government has not changed our view that the global economy including that of the u.s. continues to be firm will watch how the worldwide financial markets develop. will commit in the u.s. where the turmoil kicked off the government also highlighted the robustness of the economy in the last jobs report two hundred thousand more jobs created unemployment at a seventeen year low. probably the most encouraging number for me as a former governor there watched how stubborn the wage number is in this country has seen wages rise by the point nine percent most recent report but embedded in those
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numbers is the source of at least some of the investors' anxiety growing wages for workers could mean shrinking profits for shareholders and a tightening labor market could pave the way for steeper rate hikes and a looming and to easy money u.s. stock futures have slid further since paul street closed indicating continuing volatility. but i've global stock sell off which started on wall street and spread around the world may have obscured a fundamental fact about the u.s. economy it's very healthy the jobs market for example is in its best shape in more than a decade businesses continue to hire at a pace that could drive the current unemployment rate of just four point three percent even lower and with more job security and rising pay in many industries americans as a whole are growing more optimistic about the economy and their confidence as fuel consumer spending more than five point five million existing homes for example was
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so last year that's the highest number in eleven years and spike this spending spree americans in general have been running up much debt u.s. household debt that's everything from mortgages credit cards to student loans equaled ninety five percent of disposable income in the third quarter of last year compare that with about one hundred twenty percent right before the recession a decade ago so although wall street is having a tough time it seems like main street is doing ok. final preparations in south korea as the winter olympics are set to start but there's a worrying development that's right get hard now over one thousand two hundred the security guards who are due to work at the young chang games that have been put into quarantine after at least thirty six employees showed symptoms of the norovirus the organizing committee said all personnel staying in the affected accommodation had been asked to remain there the korean center for disease control and prevention has stepped in and every employee will be separately examined and
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remain isolated until it is confirmed the virus has not spread further. meanwhile of the final preparations are in full here in the athletes' village is finished competitors are arriving with a joint korean women's hockey team and the russian contingent hitting the headlines and even the weather is playing along sort of. they were faced with bits of cold conditions everyone including the i.o.c. big weeks on their inspection of the olympic village is wrapping up warm. china is in the. province one of the coldest places in the country and it's particularly cold at the moment with temperatures dropping as low as minus twenty degrees celsius not a problem for the athletes who are used to cold weather but it could prove troublesome for the spectators during the opening ceremony that's. not bad for your hands and your feet in case they get bored all fees are that he shoots you can say
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i'm going to keep you warm during that. day and this blanket. also the one this isn't the only proof that pyongyang is ready and raring to go the olympic village is finished as all the highly praised venues but don't expect the atmosphere to mirror that of previous olympics as the events spread far and wide across the region. the games and i.o.c. president thomas buff in particular have political hurdles to overcome as well one such hurdle has been cleared with north and south korea taking part at the opening ceremony under a united flag but the so-called unification flag has upset neighbors japan the blue dot to the south of the korean peninsula depicts a small group of violins that japan and south korea claim and of course there will be pressure from moscow they want their athletes who had that band reduced by the court of arbitration for sport last week to take part in the upcoming games just.
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at the moment the athletes along with their legal representatives are examining the decision and they will decide what their next steps will be which are all border. thomas welcomes the athletes as they arrive in pyongyang very much how many of them will actually be allowed to compete in south korea will again be decided by the courts. and a reminder of our top story at this hour asian shares have tumbled following a chaotic day on the u.s. markets that saw the dow jones industrial averages the biggest loss in a single day since two thousand and eleven europe has remained calm but the business world is looking nervously towards the new york stock exchange when it opens in few hours. and we leave you now with images of tivoli gardens in copenhagen celebrating its one hundred seventy fifth anniversary enjoying.
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the fruits of extreme weather events can prevent storms. weather can be capricious and rapidly turn dangerous. scientists are trying to make me hear logical forecasts more precise. the latest advances in cloud research can claim drones can help predict the weather. tomorrow to the next d w. king does the honors star violinist andrea played millions of fans pay tribute to neutralise. the maestro also has a home feeding his staff. a visit to andre for years. but
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such as developing the official hans. raindrops full of glimpses into the secret knowledge of clouds of titans the future of full cost to produce that could improve weather prediction. welcome to the show. over fifty years ago talked.


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