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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin posturing and provocations ahead of the winter olympics in south korea america's vice president arrives at the games with promises of tougher sanctions on north korea and john yang showcases the military by all the latest from seoul. poso coming up germany's new government starts to take shape revealing potential shift in policy that could ripple up cross europe we ask what could be ahead. and the man your needs but can barely stomach the post to crackdown orchestrated by turkey's president under scrutiny today as the european parliament
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examines that country's human rights record. i'm soo so much going to thank you for joining us north korea has staged a military parade and rally just one day before south korea opens up the winter olympics not the timing of this parade is that being seen as a provocation john yeah usually holds it in april to mark the founding of its armed forces now is speaking at this parade north korea's leader kim jong un said his nation had become capable of showcasing its stature as a world class military power to the world. well meanwhile u.s. feist president mike pence has said the world should not become distracted by warming ties between south and north korea it comes as the two nations prepared to join up under a unified flag at the winter olympics in chang earlier today pence landed in south
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korea as we said he was previously dissing japan while there he said the u.s. plan to shortly unveil a new aggressive sanctions against the us he said washington could not allow young young to poke hide behind the of a banner as it threatens to reach. let's bring in journalist jason strother who is standing by and so hi jason mike pence is promising new aggressive sanctions as we heard against the north what could they entail a ride well there's no word from washington what and what new sanctions could be but we could expect that the u.s. would go after more foreign companies that are doing business with north korea now of course here in south korea seoul has been bending the rules in regard of sanctions allowing some north korean officials to arrive here as well as a north korean boat to transport its orchestra here however if new sanctions are imposed against the regime following or even during the olympics it would certainly
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be a blow to south korean president moon j.n. who's really tried to bridge the gap here and bring north korea into the fold could this announcement from pence then throw this entire process the start that we're seeing into doubt. i don't think so right now there is good momentum built here of course on friday north and south korean athletes will walk together into the opening ceremony under a unified korean flag they're fielding a joint women's ice hockey team and other north korean athletes will be competing in and several events at the peeling chong olympics so even if the u.s. were to impose new sanctions or tighten existing sanctions i don't think it would derail some of the goodwill that is being generated right now here jason that being said as we saw in north korea has held a military parade on the eve of the games what do you make of that is an act of defiance i was certainly could be provocative but at the same time it
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appears to have been scaled down from what we were all expecting it didn't even broadcast this footage live it came out many hours after it took place in pyongyang south korea has been watching it i think they made it around thirteen thousand soldiers took part in it as you mentioned the before i started speaking to you the parade had been moved from a date in april to now so certainly it is taking some of the spotlight away from pyongyang which is where south korea would much rather have the world world's attention on right now journalist jason strother reporting from seoul thank you jason thank you that to some other stories making news around the world officials in venezuela has set april twenty second as the date for the presidential election despite criticism that the early ballots won't be fair president nicolas my little
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has already launched his campaign for a second term and stance as the only candidate deadly flooding and mudslides that swept bolivia following days of heavy rains homes and cars have been damaged by mud and rubble a state of emergency has been declared in several regions. rescuers in taiwan her combing through the rubble following tuesday strong earthquake around fifty people are still unaccounted for however aftershocks combined with rain and low temperatures are hampering rescue efforts at least nine were killed and hundreds more injured in the six point four magnitude quake. germany's two biggest political parties have agreed on a deal to form a coalition government they made that announcement in berlin after another grueling game of give and take more than four months after the country's elections chancellor angela merkel from the conservatives and martin shultz from the social democrats announced the deal it means merkel will keep the chancellor's post but the social democrats will have control of some of the most important ministries the
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deal still has to be approved by that's party's rank and file. more that story now with our political correspondent hans brandt with us here in our studio and also max hoffman a standing by in a process good to have you both with us let's start with you as we said germans finally have a blueprint out for a new government if the s.p.d. rank and file approve it that is the next hurdle what did you make of this coalition agreement what is the vision here what stands out well the vote by the social democratic rank and file still has rejected as you say but i think in the end they're likely to approve of the deal simply because the alternatives are to costly to call contemplate as it were for new elections in which the social democrats would likely lose even more support if you look at vision in this in this coalition agreement vision is in short supply in politics at the moment but i think the strongest point is european policy they make a point of emphasizing that this agreement starts with
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a chapter on europe and that they want to continue integration in europe that they want to support european policy initiatives that this government is in fact going to very strongly engage on the european scene especially with martin shows with as many years in european politics that to be the foreign minister that's right the social democratic leader is giving up that leadership of his party in order to become foreign minister and obviously he was president of the euro him parliament for some years he was very involved in european politics and he has say that his role as foreign minister primarily will be a european role next that brings us to you know there in brussels a lot of sighs of relief i imagine over there from germany's european partners. there are some sighs of relief and by the way the international press for example this belgian the sua wrote just that they said germany restarts and europe breathed a sigh of relief we talked to a lot of people about that including european parliamentarians and like hans just
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said they're all pretty excited about the chapter about europe and we shouldn't forget that martin sure that wasn't only the head of the european parliament but he's also a close friend of another very important player in european politics and that's the president of the european commission and his influence can be felt in that coalition treaty we caught up with younger yesterday evening and this is what he had to say about this. inclusion is that i wasn't able to study the finer points of the coalition deal but i've been told that europe is mentioned three hundred twelve times what other country has made such a commitment to european topics right from the beginning. i welcome this and i especially like the chapter on europe as a couple. so no huge surprise there are very happy european commission president in there but still there still some conflict also on the european side even if it's mentioned three hundred twelve times and that is because this coalition treaty this coalition deal is closer to
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a gentle include your crew in visions it's a little bit farther from what the french president in money or in my call in visions for the future of europe max we also have to say that a social democrat here in germany is expected to now take over the finance ministry of very you know powerful position what are the implications then for the rest of europe in particular for the euro zone. and that's something that especially of course the parties on the left were very happy about we talked to some european parliamentarians about it including for example from greece greece that thinks they suffered a lot from one of the former finance ministers of both going sharply he traumatized that country in a way although his insistence on austerity was weakened in his last years but he's still a symbol for that and so the hope in greece and with other social democrats all across the continent is that this spells the end of the german insistence on austerity and that's something apparently that mountain srodes was very examines
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about he said that also during his time as president of the european parliament i have to see of these hopes are dashed or not because a lot of shows the new finance minister in germany might be a little closer to showing blood than some people on the left some politicians on the left would like him to be right could be some changes in the way for europe will have to see our correspondent max hoffman for us in brussels in our political correspondent with us here in studio thank you both turkey's human rights record is in the spotlight today as the european parliament instructs for votes on a resolution over measures introduced by ancora in the aftermath of an attempted coup in two thousand and sixteen this includes the sacking of civil servants the closure of media organizations and the arrest of journalists turkey has also been heavily criticized for its ongoing military assault on a kurdish enclave in northern syria meanwhile turkish president to one has been invited to talks with the e.u. ministers in ball garia in march let's talk more about the story we have at the
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european parliament in strasbourg our correspondent barbara vessels and by our side barbara what exactly is the parliament voting on today. the problem is voting on more really comes down to a devastating critique of the human rights situation in turkey what punishment really says is that turkey has completely left the policy of being a state where the rule of law has any traction it has changed sort of unrecognizably from the country that over a decade ago was allowed to start. was the european union and they list they make a long list of parliamentarians here very painstakingly of cases after cases offer greely grave human rights disturbances of really great to france against the human human rights there is no due presses anymore and so on and so force and they
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really they really show this up and they say this cannot go on so it's a very strong and very clear signal at ankara at the same time barbara president everyone we mention has been invited to you turkey roundtable talks in march so why is the summit being held. the summit is being held because some people say that we really need and that particularly for instance the french president among the enough probably said we need to start a new relationship with turkey we can't go on sort of pretending that turkey as we see it today could ever become a member of the european union but we still have to continue to talk to our general we have always tried to try to engage him so we need a new kind of relationship we need to define that relationship plus the leaders of the european union are expected and that's the signal that parliament sense to to take a very strong stand not to should we shall around like we still need turkey and we
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still partners and we have to be careful but take a very strong and decisive stand and say if your country is not longer obeying the rule of law then we do it really have to think about different measures economically for instance but if you look at this from turkey's perspective ancora says what the e.u. is condemning here as a crackdown is actually crucial to its national security it went through a failed coup there have been terrorism threats at home so what right does the e.u. have here to interfere with home affairs. the e.u. has the right because turkey still is a candidate country so formally of course yes they can do that and on the other hand they also process has done anything that they even have the slightest connection to terrorism the opposition leader for instance is in jail journalists writers anybody who criticizes everyone is in jail five hundred people who now criticize the attack against our free and have been thrown into jail so they have not nothing to do was terrorism and has never given any proof that these people are
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really connected to anything that could hurt him or quote tortured turkey and so that that point needs to be made internationally it's not a matter for turkey alone to define what human rights are. part of a so reporting from strasburg where the european parliament is voting on a resolution on turkey today thank you barbara. a reminder now for our top stories that we're following at this hour north korea has put on the showcase of its military might just one day before south korea opens the winter olympics the parade marks the seventieth anniversary of its own forces america's vice president has arrived in the south promising to impose tougher sanctions on iran. and germany's biggest political parties have reached an agreement on a governing coalition on the american or social democratic counterpart martin jol subset the deal provides germany a stable government but both leaders have been heavily criticized for concessions
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made to finalize the negotiations. global trade will tell you who is winning out coming up in business in one minute. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word emerged from the. coaches in germany to learn german and why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free shop from the d w z learning course because your german mate see. you're going to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans you have in colombia and illegally.


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