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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this is news live from berlin and on the blog and on employee germany social democrats ousted their leader marching schultz just days after you negotiated their return to coalition government what's more he will lose out on the post of foreign minister we will ask our correspondent why now and is the planned coalition in trouble. also coming up south korea officially kicks off the twenty eighth seed winter olympics fireworks light up the sky over host city two young china has
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almost three thousand athletes get in on the party there in south korea for two weeks of intense competition and the saloon picks brings the first ever visit to south korea by a member of the north swilling dynasty kim jong un sr what's behind her diplomatic trip across the border. plus so long farewell i'll either say goodbye to those words some brits just refused to say to europe the kind of new campaign convinced the u.k. spreads its weary public to back in a second referendum. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us the long road to germany's new government has taken another twist today that is after the leader of the social democrats. scheldt was forced to step aside and renounce a role in
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a future coalition cabinet shot says that he was acting in the party's best interest but it was a remarkable reversal for a man once fed it as a challenger to america. in just three days martin schultz has managed to hit both a political high point and low point on wednesday after a long and exhausting wrangling his proud announcement we have a coalition agreement in a marathon session of talks lasting more than twenty four hours the two parties had fought argued yelled at each other and finally agreed. he's of argus thought he can see we had a strong influence on this agreement and we are grateful that in the end we achieved some compromises that were hard for the conservative side to accept childes negotiated well for the s.p.d. and rested keep portfolios from the conservatives he came away with the ministry of
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finance labor and for schultz himself the foreign ministry all this despite the fact that he had said he never wanted to become a minister in miracles government and was against another grand coalition afterwards many people in the s.p.d. said he had broken his word twice party members weren't just annoyed they were angry and that anger did not abate despite his announcement on wednesday that he would resign as party leader slaving to take over but it was too little too late schultz underestimated the power of the grassroots members then he put an end to the discussion with a bombshell. i hereby declare my decision not to join the federal government and sincerely hope that this will bring the personnel debates within the s.p.d. to an end. but even after his resignation the s.p.d. youth branch is still not satisfied i can only warn you now that martin schultz has
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announced his resignation not to rush ahead and place the next candidate on a pedestal in just three short days martin shultz now finds himself without the leadership of the s.p.d. without a position of authority and without a ministerial post and with the s.p.d. really in chaos. for the latest twist in this political drama let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow who is standing by at our parliamentary studios so thomas all of this hard work on the coalition agreement now this how surprising was this development but you say. well it is certainly surprising in particular for those here in germany who thought that after months of uncertainty germany's political troubles were about to come to an end with the signing of a coalition deal only a few days ago but this is just another chapter in germany's political drama as you
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your say and certainly big development in germany a big development also for the s.p.d. if you ask why this development happened the reason is that the debate on personnel the debate on who would do what's in a no the grand coalition overshadowed the debate on content and that is something that martin shows in his statement today tried to to mention as well as other politicians from the s.p.d. as well it's time to talk about content and that's why he decided to take a step aside for him an incredibly difficult decision after an incredibly difficult yeah just think about this only in march last year he had been hailed as the beacon of hope of the s.p.d. with one hundred percent of the delegate votes he was chosen as the s.p.d. leader as i'm going to locals contend but then the party started to suffer three failure in regional elections and then the federal election where they also had a very bad result and now obviously this as well for martin short's
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a very difficult moment and for the s.p.d. another sign of deep divisions within the party but what does it mean for the country thomas because we know that the s.p.d. they have this vote on the coalition agreement coming up next month will shelton's departure have an impact there. well that vote is incredibly important because it's the final hurdle before the grand coalition it can actually become a reality and we're talking here of the entire membership of the social democrats we're talking here of four hundred sixty three thousand people who will have to decide on the future of the grand coalition who will have to give the green light to it and many within the party in particular the youth branch of the party the so-called users are staunchly against another version of the grand coalition and all this is going to be particularly important when we start to find out the results of the beginning of may of macho sorry when we will find out whether this deal in fact can be turned into reality and i don't think anyone here in germany
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can predict now what result we will see at the beginning of march just another surprise on the road to get a german government just to remind our viewers those elections they were back in september tom sparrow with the latest from berlin thank you. well the twenty third winter olympics has officially opened with an extravagant ceremony in south korea president in the clear of the twenty eight open with fireworks going off the over. nearly three thousand athletes from one thousand to two countries enter the sold out stadium during the opening ceremony the games have had to overcome multiple hurdles ahead of winter sports most prestigious event the i.o.c. of the athletes will be looking to put all their troubles behind them and kick off the olympics with a bang. but doping isn't the only intrigue surrounding these games the whole event is playing out under
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a political spotlight with the host south korea using the olympics to thaw all relations with the north that approach though did prove popular with everyone. demonstrators outside the olympic stadium gave the north koreans a hostile reception they clashed with riot police and made their feelings towards the north known. real he. was. making. oh yeah we're going to. react we want to hold our own. north korea's olympic delegation mocked and historic fast it included kim jong the youngest sister of leader kim jong un she's the first member of north korea's ruling dynasty to cross the border since the korean war south korean president
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well come to by extending the hunter friendship a sign of his high diplomatic ambitions for the games but not everyone was convinced that greeting the delegation with an open hand was the right approach. to be sure you. people of south korea and the united states of america will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder. to bring. to bear on north korea until the time comes when finally. their nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions. pence was seated only rose apart from yo jong at the opening ceremony his office a short the press he gave the north koreans the cold shoulder this as the world watched the winter olympics kick off with pomp and flag the games will go on and
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the political tensions on the sidelines likely well too. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world . gaza authorities say that least nineteen palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli security forces violence also erupted in several west bank cities israeli soldiers fired tear gas on palestinians hurling stones into bethlehem there has been spikes in violence since u.s. president donald trump recognized as israel's capital in december. and u.s. president donald trump has signed a bill into law increasing the federal budget and in a brief government shutdown the senate and the house of representatives have previously passed the bill it will fund the government through march twenty third and increase overall spending limits over the next two years i want to. brazil's world famous carnival has kicked off in rio de janeiro as the city's government palace the mayor handed the symbolic keys to the city to the
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fictional king momo lord of misrule for the next week cities around the country will host parades watched by millions of visitors. well brags that opponents of the u.k. have launched a campaign aiming to persuade britain's that a second referendum on e.u. membership is needed campaigners argue that there should be a final vote on the deal with brussels this time voters would know what a future outside of the e.u. would actually look like but few people believe that brags it can be stopped at this stage here's bear get mass our correspondent with the latest episode in our series road to break it. stephen grey is determined. determined to stop. every day he said sub shop right opposite parliament he's taking time off work until he and she moves his goal that is the
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lords every window is one of the lords offices they. are not going to let them forget we're here with a new study suggests that some who voted for breakfast now regret their decision that's extra motivation for stephen breyer and others like him should there be another vote for the people they're going to have an end goal they're going to see a charge of what they are actually voting for there has been a slight shift in public opinion and marginally more people would now vote to stay within the e.u. however the shift has not been dramatic enough to persuade many m.p.'s here in the house of parliament to actively campaign for a second referendum it would be up to members of parliament to pass legislation for another referendum there are hobhouse is a liberal democrat m.p. her party is one of the smaller ones and they are campaigning to overturn breck's
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it the leadership of both big political parties are committed to what appears to be more and more hard and the people need to understand whether that is really what they want do they want to have the travel restrictions to work restrictions are there actually happy that our economy might go down the too many pro european campaigns lobby online rather than in front of parliament they often run by young people posting with hashtags like e.u. flag maffia and there are petitions to parliament too. but outside one of london's big universities feelings amongst the mostly empty bricks of students are mixed as to whether they would like to have another say. we've already made a decision and i think you might as well stick with something like well instead of changing our minds what for i think a second child is what we currently need so i think it would be really beneficial i was on their mind side but i believe that if we've already had one done by the
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second debate it's just going to lead to more people also for a. referendum and then it's never come to and even here in central london where the overwhelming majority voted to stay within the e.u. people are not too enthusiastic about another referendum and mold bricks of leaving our is outside the capital the idea finds even less traction. so it seems likely that stephen breyer will remain a rough a lonely voice outside parliament for the time being but that does not deter him in the slightest so write. a quick reminder now off the top stories that we have been following for you here in. germany social democrats have ousted march from a possible government role the move comes just days after he completed the negotiation of a coalition deal with angela merkel's comes over to him. says that he will no longer take up the coveted role of foreign minister after party and fighting.
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up to date now on d. w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching and don't forget as always you can always follow us on social media find us on facebook twitter and instagram i hope to see you again soon thanks for watching. the whole d w one. for in focus global insights on the news out local heroes. w. made for money.


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