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so soon america straight from the german empire to the present. so. starting your eating. this is v.w. news live from bergland south korea officially kicks off the twenty eighteen winter olympics fireworks that will light up the sky over city. as almost three thousand athletes get in on the party there in south korea for two weeks of intense competition. and this lympics brings the first ever visit to south korea by
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a member of the north swilling dynasty kim jong un's sister what's behind her diplomatic trip across the border. plus unloved and unemployed germany social democrat leader martin schultz rejects a top ministerial post just days after he negotiated his party's return to government that's after the party's base signaled that they could refuse to ratify this coalition deal. and refusing to wave goodbye to europe at a new campaign convinced the u.k.'s brags it will republic to back a second referendum. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us in south korea the twenty third winter olympics has officially begun after an extravagant opening ceremony thirty five thousand. people packed. stadium to watch the ceremony which
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kicked off the games in style along with an artistic performance spectators saw the athletes perception with sports stars from north and south korea walking out together under the flag of the korean peninsula. the president in that officially opened the winter sports most prestigious event the ceremony closed with the lighting of the olympic flame of course. and following all the action for us was very own matter men joining us now from our sports desk so matt i mean some pretty extravagant scenes that we saw there and not a piano chuang we also saw korean culture really on display there didn't we hear absolutely they showed the best of what korea has to offer which is not only things like you know traditional drums and dress in costume but they showed their technological prowess they showed as k. pop they showed us a little bit everything they had some kids next to a tiger i'm not exactly sure what that's supposed to mean they moved on to the
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procession of the athletes starting in korean alphabetical order starting with nigeria this is not julius first time at the games they have a female bobsled team and they're very proud of that but stealing the show as he did in rio de janeiro is the shirtless guy peta of tonga he was in the summer olympics as a taekwondo athlete and you can see he's a very athletic guy he's now there as a cross-country skier in the winter olympics the korean team were given a very warm welcome the joint north and south koreans who of course you know performing are you know entering the stadium with a joint korean flag and we did see towards the end of the ceremony the real splashy pageantry that sort of out of the the euro vision song contest playbook only on a much much bigger scale we saw you know massed dancers we saw sort of you know kids on imaginary rivers in iraq. a lot of sort of. really
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impressive large scale pageantry a massive production and you know presumably everybody who was there probably really enjoyed it but not everyone who was supposed to be there attended what happened to the american camp yeah yeah there were some some disagreements in the american camp speed skater shani davis one of the most decorated winter olympians in this u.s. team and the first african-american to win an olympic winter olympic medal back in two thousand and six this was his fifth winter olympics and he was expecting to get to bear the flag but there was a vote among the athletes on the u.s. team of the athletes council and it was a tie between him and aaron hamlin the loser. davis lost out on the tiebreaker which was a coin flip and you know he tweeted later saying that he was he thought that was a rather unbecoming way for a guy like him who's really put a lot into the olympic movement over
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a course of twelve sixteen years he complained about it on twitter and he said you know just is just going to skip the ceremony and concentrate on my event which is coming up in just a few days so it was it was a bit of a sour story perhaps makes a bit of sense there though if he is actually focusing on the games and you know performing a lot of people also saying that it's quite cold there so some of the athletes didn't show up. some of the action is already underway though right now yes somewhat warmer. lympics stadium with the opening ceremonies was the indoor curling switzerland versus the u.s. they simply get stored there the usa were up until the final frame and switzerland did something that had never happened the olympics before they got a six and there which is when all six of the teams are as they say in the house target area and none of their opponents are very embarrassing moment for the united states to lose that mast in that fashion but there's still all to play for for both teams. i think four out of seven round robin matches and played in the mixed
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doubles competition so it will be a lot more curling to come and we have now two weeks of action to head for us about herman with the very latest from the olympics thank you so much for telling us a little bit more. well the games also having a political aspect high level government delegation from north korea attending the ceremonies if issues including kim. jong the sister of north korean leader kim jong un she is the first member of the north ruling dynasty to visit the south officially the two countries are still at war but these olympics appear to have started a thaw in relations of the opening ceremonies she met with south korea's president moon while athletes from the two countries walked side by side under a unity flag. and for more let's bring in bruce clinger a senior research fellow at the heritage foundation and former cia deputy division
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chief for the korea for the cia as we mentioned bruce thank you so much for joining us. oh thanks for having me what do you make of the scenes of unity that we have seen there in south korea are you hopeful about potentially a thaw in relations here between the north and the south. well we can always be hopeful and certainly it's uplifting to see the korea's walking together you know that said we've seen it before the two thousand sydney olympics and some other exercises and then there have been other instances where north korean athletes and senior political delegation came to south korea in october two thousand and fourteen for example and none of that reflected a change in north korean policy and n.p.r. young didn't moderate its quest for nuclear and missile programs and the like so again we can be hopeful but you know the olympics are kind of like going on
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vacation a nice pause from the tension but once they're over than you have to get back to the real job and speaking of getting back to the real job i mean the u.s. policy is remaining pretty strong against the north in fact just a few days ago the u.s. administration promised its toughest ever sanctions against the north vice president mike pence who we know is is also in south korea calling this display of unity between the north and the south simply a charade given that i mean we have south korea here taking a softer tone toward the north now is it putting its relationship with the united states in jeopardy. i don't think so right now we're in a pretty good place between the u.s. and south korea better than many of us had expected want to progressive president came in but he really was driven more to the center on his policy on north korea reversing his policies on that that visit ballistic missile defense system reversing his position to admit that yes reopening the case on would be
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a violation of resolutions and then emphasizing pressure over engagement so we're we're in a better place than when i was in seoul two weeks ago all the senior official said the right things about maintaining military exercises and the like so there may be some differences during the next two weeks but i think once they're over we'll see if president moon pushes for a post of further prose poem and or cancellation of scheduled exercises that would not go over well here in washington but at least we're starting from a good point. so what would you that if we're starting from a good point what would you advise the americans what would you advise the south koreans to do after the olympic dust settles. well they should maintain the previously scheduled military exercises those are done to hone the the deterrent defense capabilities of the alliance the us south korean alliance those
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should not be sacrificed for some gesture from the north simply to attend the olympic games also while both countries should continue to try to reach out to north korea you know we do have to realize that pyongyang is in open defiance of the international community with its not only the tests of missiles and nuclear weapons but the sheer existence of those programs are themselves violations so you can't abandon the international resolve to pressure and punish north korea for its repeated violations but of course we still reach out on a gauge mint but young young has been rejecting pleas from the u.s. for dialogue we were just looking at pictures there perhaps our team can throw them back up we were looking at u.s. vice president mike pence at the opening ceremony there but then chile a bit of an awkward situation because you know that kim jong un sr was sitting just a couple of rows behind him quite of emmett's perhaps they can just bring that back for us and i want to ask you because we've seen just generally speaking
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a harsher tone from the trump administration toward north korea do you see it though really as as a change in policy or is this just strategic patience with a fresh coat of paint. well there's a lot of continuity in u.s. policies over administrations and that's not a bad thing it's you don't want u.s. policy very one hundred eighty degrees every four or eight years so you know the trying to ministration like the obama administration is talking tough on sanctions but is still pulling its punches on a number of things the u.s. could be doing to more fully enforce u.s. law that said they have sanctioned additional north korean entities and a handful of chinese and it is but we're really holding back on sanctions on chinese banks as well as other chinese businesses which are in violation of if not u.n. resolutions u.s. law for misusing the u.s. financial system. we want to thank you very much bruce click near
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a senior research fellow at the heritage foundation and former cia deputy division chief for korea we appreciate it. thank you. you're watching news let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has signed a bill into law increasing the federal budget and ending a brief government shutdown the senate and the house of representatives have previously passed the bill it will fund the government through march twenty third and increase overall spending limits over the next two years. in gaza thora to say that at least one thousand palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli security forces violence also erupted in several west bank cities israeli soldiers fired tear gas on palestinians pearling stones into bethlehem there has been a spike in violence since u.s. president donald trump recognized him as israel's capital in december. and
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germany the leader of the country's social democrats has been faced forced into a humiliating climbdown martin has stepped down and renounced a role in the coalition government that he helped forge now that is after party members made it clear that they could reject the s.p.v. is agreement to enter government if schultz insisted on becoming foreign minister he led the party to a record low vote share in september's elections before reluctantly brokering a coalition deal with angela merkel's conservatives. in just three days martin schultz has managed to hit both a political high point at its low point on wednesday after a long and exhausting wrangling his pride announcement we have a coalition agreement in a marathon session of talks lasting more than twenty four hours the two parties had fought argued yelled at each other and finally agreed. to serve up you can see that we had a strong influence on this agreement and we are grateful that in the end we
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achieved some compromises that were hard for the conservative side to accept. shultz negotiated well. for the s.p.d. and wrested key portfolios from the conservatives he came away with the ministry of finance labor and officials himself the foreign ministry all this despite the fact that he said he never wanted to become a minister and the government and was against another grand coalition. afterwards many people in the s.p.d. said he had broken his word twice many party members were angry and that time granted not a bait despite his decision on wednesday to resign as party leader making way for andrea nonis to take over then on friday schultz announced he would no longer seek the post of foreign minister saying it could jeopardize the upcoming vote on joining the grand coalition. i hereby declare my decision not to join the federal
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government and sincerely hope that this will bring the personnel debates within the s.p.d. to an end the s.p.d. youth wing also said the focus should be on the grassroots vote not on personnel issues i can only warn you now that modern shoals has announced his resignation not to rush ahead and place the next candidate on a pedestal. in just three choice days martin schultz now finds himself without the leadership of the s.p.d. without a position of authority and without a ministerial post and with the s.p.d. reeling in chaos. for the latest twist in this political drama let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow who is standing by at our parliamentary studios so thomas all of this hard work on the coalition agreement now this how surprising was this development what you say. well it is certainly surprising in particular for
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those here in germany who thought that after months of uncertainty germany's political troubles were about to come to an end with the signing of that coalition deal only a few days ago but this is just another chapter in germany's political drama as you your say and certainly big development in germany a big development also for the s.p.d. if you ask why this development happened the reason is that the debate on personnel the debate on who would do what's in a no the grand coalition overshadowed the debate on content and that is something that martin showed in his statement today tried to to mention as well as other politicians from the s.p.d. as well it's time to talk about content and that's why he decided to take a step aside for him an incredibly difficult decision after an incredibly difficult just think about this only in march last year he had been hailed as the beacon of hope of the s.p.d.
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with one hundred percent of the delegate votes he was chosen as the s.p.d. leader as i'm going to contend but then the party started to suffer three failure in regional elections and then the federal election where they also had a very bad result and now obviously this as well for martin short a very difficult moment and for the s.p.d. another sign of deep divisions within the party but what does it mean for the country thomas because we know that the s.p.d. they have this vote on the coalition agreement coming up next month will shortz his departure have an impact there. well that vote is incredibly important because it's the final hurdle before the grand coalition it can actually become a reality and we're talking here of the entire membership of the social democrats we're talking here of four hundred sixty three thousand people who will have to decide on the future of the grand coalition who will have to give the green light to it and many within the party in particular the youth branch of the party the
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so-called users are staunchly against another version of the grand coalition and all this is going to be particularly important when we start to find out the results at the beginning of may of march sorry when we will find out whether this deal in fact can be turned into reality and i don't think anyone here in germany can predict now what result we will see at the beginning of march just another surprise on the road to get a german government just to remind our viewers those elections they were back in september thomas sparrow with the latest from berlin thank you. and now we are here in the studio with daniel winter and man we have to talk about the markets this week that's right we were talking about it before the show when we shot p. or with p. whatever you want to call it was just under forty five minutes from the closing bell in the battle between the bulls in the bear's rages on the down the s. and p. five hundred struggling to cling to their gains from earlier in the session both indexes falling ten percent from their highs in january. also touched four year
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highs the double whammy to stocks and bonds caused by expectations of rising inflation analysts saying wild swings will continue into next week. there is already on wall street tore across global markets helping drive losses in asia and europe for some exchanges such dramatic drops haven't been seen since the great recession. it's been a bruising week for global markets the likes of which were last seen in the global financial crisis wall street anxieties proved too much for asian investors tokyo's nikkei index ignored otherwise strong economic indicators in the country to end in negative territory stocks across all sectors of hong kong's hung saying fell on friday and into a terrible week of trading it's in fact the biggest weekly loss for the hong saying since two thousand and eight when a global recession was in full swing the nikkei his losses markets worst week in two years germany's dax was also down significantly for the week.
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key european markets have now seen the gains of recent months erased after a weekend breather hope recent positive economic indicators can shine through the current turmoil. corporate is now settling out of court in a corruption probe the european aircraft maker will pay an eighty one million euro fine german prosecutors had suspected that bribes were involved in a two thousand and three deal to sell a euro fighter jets to austria but said they found no conclusive evidence however they accused us of violating its supervisory duties by allowing multi million euro payments linked to what the what they called unclear purposes. of dorothy's are still investigating. over and out of a court dismissed the trade secrets case after the two companies settled in but will pay way motu hundred forty five million dollars claiming that one of its
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former engineers took more than fourteen thousand confidential files before he went to lead driving a car unit in twenty six states. germany has its root firmly on the gas pedal after granting a permit for the north stream to natural gas pipeline from russia the first pipeline of the north stream family rum runs along at the bottom of the baltic sea from russia to love means in eastern germany the sister project running alongside will double capacity of the route which currently stands at fifty five billion cubic metres critics say it'll increase europe's energy dependency on russia ukraine is said to lose out most at present over half of russian gas exports to the e.u. passed through the country but for how much longer w.'s nicholas connelly reports. this plant run by ukraine state energy company nafta gas was built almost forty years ago and is now coming to the end of its working life as ukraine's struggle to
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maintain its position as the chief transit country for russian energy it needs to upgrade the infrastructure a pilot project financed by deutsche bank and underwritten by german export guarantees will see the multi-million euro compressors successively replaced but the question is will they ever really be needed. the north stream pipeline linking russia and germany directly across the baltic sea see here is set to be joined by second connection to construction is due to get underway later this year the new pipeline will be able to transport some fifty five billion cubic meters of gas equivalent to two thirds of the gas transit in ukraine on average in recent years the project critics in ukraine stream to would mean more than just empty pipelines and lots transit income. they say will increase europe's dependence on russian energy and allow the kremlin to put political pressure on its former eastern european satellite states by halting supplies without endangering deliveries to its big western european customers feel that something north streams backers including
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former german chancellor and current chairman have consistently rejected saying the deal is purely driven by economic considerations and provides additional capacity rather than replacing the existing pipelines the head of ukraine's state energy company is adamant his country has more to lose than just transiting called if north dream too is built will be devastating we believe clear wait for a full fledged russian aggression against ukraine. fighting to stop russian troops is eastern border but if there's no transit of gas it's there is no risk interruption we believe russia will be. well first but just a matter of months to go to construction on north korea to gets under way in hopes . i wish them to define me translate their vocal opposition to the project direction. and i was back to sara and some brits just don't want to say goodbye to
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your you know the brags of oh we of course know that it was quite polarized and why not check this out daniel because brags that opponents of the u.k. have launched a campaign aiming to persuade britons that a second referendum on e.u. membership is needed campaigners argue that there should be a final vote on the deal with brussels this time voters would know what a future outside of the e.u. would actually look like but few people believe that brags that can be stopped at this stage here's the debate is very unfair get mass with our latest episode in our series road to bret's it. stephen brave is determined. determined to stop. every day he sets up shop right opposite parliament he's taking time off work until he achieves his goal that is the lords every window is one of the lords offices they. are not going to let them forget
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we're here with. a new study suggests that some who voted for breakfast now regret their decision that's extra motivation for stephen breyer and others like him should there be another vote for the people they're going to have an end goal they're going to see a charge of what they are actually voting for there has been a slight shift in public opinion and marginally more people would now vote is stay within the e.u. however the shift has not been dramatic enough to persuade many m.p.'s here in the house of parliament to actively campaign for a second referendum. it would be up to members of parliament to pass legislation for another referendum there are hobhouse is a liberal democrat m.p. her party is one of the smaller ones and they are campaigning to overturn bracks it the leadership of both big political parties are committed to what appears to be more and more hard and the people need to understand whether that is really what
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they want do they want to have the travel restrictions or work restrictions are there actually happy that our economy might go down the too many pro european campaigns lobby online rather than in front of parliament they're often run by young people posting with hashtags like e.u. flag maffia. and there are petitions to parliament too. but outside one of london's big universities feelings amongst the mostly empty bricks of students are mixed as to whether they would like to have another say. we've already made a decision and i think we might as well stick with something like that and sort of change your mind so for free i think a second chance is what we currently need so i think it would be really beneficial i was on their mind side but i believe that if we've already had one done by the second debate it's just going to take to more people also for a side referendum and then it's never come to and even here in central london where the overwhelming majority voted to stay within the e.u.
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people are not too enthusiastic about another referendum and in mall bricks and leaning areas outside the capital the idea finds even less traction. so it seems likely that stephen breyer will remain a rather lonely voice outside parliament for the time being but that does not deter him in the slightest so bright. and with that you are up to date now here on news i'm sarah kelly in berlin don't forget you can always follow us on social media thanks for watching i hope to see you again soon.
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her diaries reveal state doping chinese sports. commission jan used to be a doctor for the chinese and the b. team. she says that's true while the eighty's and ninety's there was systematic doping across all sports. for speaking out of chantilly china and now lives in exile in germany. in sixty minutes on.
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isn't it time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing no one is are meant for the best it's up to us to make a difference let's. be going to be important magazine. w. two koreas march as one as the winter olympics officially open at these games the diplomacy is just as striking as the athletics i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. fireworks filled the sky over south korea's pianka chang the winner.


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