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so soon american history from the german empire to the present one. short term for each. visit is due to the news a long way from greenland an invitation from pyongyang him on sr it's outside glorious presidents he's invited to a solace in the north korean capital in response he'd be willing to go we'll go live to south korea for the lasix. close only and on employees germany social democrat leader martin shows abandons johnson take on
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a top ministerial post just days after a new goes easy his party's return to governments to the party's base signals they could refuse to fight his coalition deal. on a welcome north korean leader kim jong un has advice that south korean president and to pyongyang that this would be the first meeting of korean leaders in more than a decade south korea says' kim jong un's sister can deliver the invitation at the presidential palace in seoul she's visiting the south as part of a delegation attending the winter olympics president moon spokesman said the south korean leader had responded to the advice calling from both sides to builds the conditions needed for the business. a home or in this town when it crossed over to
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our correspondent jason strawberry who was near the site of the olympic thing got none in south korea how significant is this invitation by the north korean leader kim jong un are we going to have peace by the end of the olympic games. that would be very optimistic but it certainly would be significant if president moon makes that trip up the plan young like you said it's been more than a decade the first enter korean summit was in two thousand the second in late two thousand and seven and for most a decade there was virtually no dialogue between seoul and pyongyang so this this invitation that was carried by kim jong un sr is certainly really significant if not surprising so it's very big staff in any case and one of. the plans behind this i mean yesterday he shows his new care potential and today we hear about his invitation how is it all facing together. well it's hard to say what
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kim jong un's motives are but certainly what is happening now is driving a wedge between south korea and the united states i mean we saw just last night at the opening ceremony vice president mike pence pretty much gave the cold shoulder to the north korean delegation. now with the pitot with the potential that president moon might be meeting with president trump's archenemy in pyongyang that certainly would make relations between seoul and washington would make them rocky. i mean how likely is it that south korean president saying when accept the an invitation then. well according to his press secretary president moon did say that north and south korea need to work out some conditions in the future to make that all happen so it was kind of vague but what came out during
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this briefing following a president's three hour meeting with the north korean delegation is that the president urged north korea to reopen dialogue with the united states so perhaps that might be one of those conditions ok and the teams of course of north and south korea and turks together as yesterday's opening ceremony today the joint korean women women's ice hockey team is playing want to the mood like well we hear that president moon himself as well as kim yong naam who is north korea's head of state here in south korea right now will be attending the match this is one of the big stories coming out of the olympics that only a few weeks ago these north korean athletes joined the south korean players but i think what we can expect leading up to the game is a show by south koreans who are in favor of the unified team as well as a very vocal group of protesters who will demonstrate at any effort by seoul
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to engage north korea tell us jason stearns and the and killing time in south korea thank you for talking to us thank you. a rapidly escalating situation in the middle east and israeli fighter jets has gone down and in the country's north syria claims to have shut down israel's military ses its jets were carrying action offensive on iranian targets in syria it says they were doing so after a rainy and drone entered israeli air space israel says one pious was seriously injured when the f. sixteen fighter jet crashed debris from the plane has been sighted in northern israel this is the first time israel has gone down on the syrian mission since the start of the civil war in two thousand and eleven. well for more on this we're going to cross over to our middle east correspondent cramer joining us now from
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jerusalem tanya what more can you tell us about this incident well as you said i mean you've been hearing from statement from the israeli army. and according to that statement. it was intercepted and then very plain attacked in syria and what happened then was that the syrians responded with. getting one of the fighter jets. an f. sixteen an israeli plane the pilot ejected safely to israeli territory they're currently treated in a hospital up in the north i think what is important to say that appears at this time by the syrians. to hit this jet and that is what is really. important to say is that israeli air crossbows hit and actually crashed . that makes this incident so serious. how about these reports and that israel is
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reacting what are you hearing right now. well there when these reports coming in from syrian state t.v. that there were new strikes and we just got another statement by the israeli army that the indeed made another raid into syrian territory as they say targeting twelve targets over then they need. to send in syria sirens the alarms were going off in the north because of that so it's unclear at the moment if this incident is still ongoing. and just in syria there are so many players and it's so complex what exactly is israel's involvement there. we seen in the past it is really at times have to talk to usually weapons convoys or places in syria but the concern here in israel is.
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with a new phase in the war in syria and the assad regime also growing stronger. will be becoming stronger and in trying to get cells mainly in the area southwest so close to the ninety seven to line on the occupied golan heights on the syrian side so to speak and what the israelis are always saying is that they don't want to see any rain in presence which is by iran coming close to so this is why old this. situation is so tense and has been a lot of open in the past couple of months about and possible escalation the north of those always said there's no appetite really for escalating the situation but of course any miscalculation that could lead to further condition ten ukraine or in jerusalem thank you. just some of the other stories making news around the world at least two people have been killed and more than one hundred wounded in
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a mosque bombing and libya the device went off during friday prayers in the eastern city of benghazi so far there's been no claim of responsibility it's controlled by a military strongman has opposed to as most forces. heavy snow fall has brought paris to a standstill many roads in and around the french capital are closed several train services are disrupt as the eiffel tower is shows up to fifteen centimeters of snow has fallen and more is forecast for the coming days. back here in germany the nature of the country's social democrats has been forced into a humiliating climbdown martin schulz has stepped down and renounced a role in the coalition government he hopes to forge that's after party members made it clear they could reject the s.p.d. agreement to enter government if scholz insisted on becoming foreign minister he met the party to a record low vote share in september's elections before reluctantly brokering
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a coalition deal with conservatives. in just three days martin shultz has managed to hit both a political high point at its low point on wednesday after a long and exhausting wrangling his pride in once meant we have a coalition agreement in a marathon session of talks lasting more than twenty four hours the two parties had fought argued yelled at each other and finally agreed. use of i can see that we had a strong influence on this agreement and we are grateful that in the end we achieved some compromises that were hard for the conservative side to accept. shultz negotiated well for the s.p.d. and rested key portfolios from the conservatives he came away with the ministry of finance labor and official tim southee the foreign ministry all this despite the fact that he said he never wanted to become a minister and the government and was against another grand coalition. afterwards
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many people in the s.p.d. said he had broken his word twice many party members were angry and that time get did not abate despite his decision on wednesday to resign as party leader making way for andrea nonis to take over then on friday schultz announced he would no longer seek the post of foreign minister saying it could jeopardize the upcoming vote on joining the grand coalition. i hereby declare my decision not to join the federal government and sincerely hope that this will bring the personnel debates within the s.p.d. to an end the s.p.d. youth wing also said the focus should be on the grassroots vote not on person that issues i can only warn you now that martin chills has announced his resignation not to rush ahead and place the next candidate on a pedestal. in just three choice days martin schulz now finds himself without the
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leadership of the s.p.d. without a position of authority and without a ministerial christ and with the s.p.d. reeling in chaos. joining me now in studio is our political correspondent hans bronze hons what have the reactions been to szell's this announcement well initially when this came out yesterday afternoon people were obviously a pretty dumb founded it was quite a big surprise for most people especially for the public at large from there then on the reactions have been very mixed they have been obviously critics of martin chose the s.p.d. leader who have said well this is the right move he's done such a lot of damage to his party and to his image that it's the right thing to simply withdraw from the top stage as it were there are also people who are feeling sorry for him a little who is saying that he has really done a lot and expended a lot of energy in the last year or so leading this party into the elections and
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really it's a rough deal for him on the other hand the opposition parties i think even they feel a little sorry for him they haven't really been that scathing about him in their reactions so a lot of mixed reactions really what do you think the implications are for the s.p.c. vote with his stepping back make grassroots members back this coalition obviously that's the crucial hurdle that has to be taken in the next three weeks so if there is a result as expected on the fourth of march. s.p.d. membership all four hundred sixty thousand of them can all vote on whether or not they accept this deal for a grand coalition for a coalition between the social democrats and the conservatives and the did the discussion about that since this deal was made has been overshadowed by the personal questions by the questions of who's going to take what ministry and especially by the fact that schultz has basically given himself the foreign ministry. this discussion certainly will now it is hoped be more about the
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content more about the substance of this coalition agreement than about bickering about who is taking what and pushing whom is side and that sort of thing so there is i think basically a better chance that this decision will now be done on the basis of substance and there's a greater likelihood that it will be accepted by the social democratic rank and file where do you feel shows this decision leaves social democrats today while the party is in chaos there's no other way of putting it this strange thing is that shows was elected as a member as leader of the party just under a year ago with one hundred percent vote with a euphoria that had that was unprecedented so within that year he's come to this point ways had to resign due to the internal party tensions due to infighting at the top due to dissatisfaction at the bottom of the party itself really is
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completely in cows doesn't really know where to go from here and it's going to take some doing to restructure the party to bring it back on to an even keel to stabilize it has really gone from hero to zero hands brown thank you very much for joining us here in studio. and just a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you kim jong un says. south korea's president still has the west and north korea incompetent range and suggested he'd be willing to go if the conditions are rice. you're watching to be news. to w.'s program guide on the internet the highlights you meet a whole lot of. dot com party lard's. happy birthday in good
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