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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is due to the news life from berlin israel says syrian forces shot down one of its fighter jets a plane goes down during the first israeli airstrike to hit syria in years but israel goren's against further escalation we'll go live to jerusalem for more also coming up. jim jones says church house south korea's president has invites us to a solace in the north korean capital and to me in jail and says he's been willing to go to pyongyang we'll get the latest from our correspondents. on the world's biggest street party gets underway in brazil. party goers in
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rio aren't letting the weak economy spoil carnival celebrations we'll tell you why this woman is set to make sound but history this year. i'm on it's on a welcome israel's ministry says the country isn't seeking escalation with syria this after proa saad forces shot down an israeli fighter jet the had been taking part in raids on targets within syria israel's military says its planes had been carrying at the attacks in response to an iranian drone entering israeli air space a pilot is that to be in a serious condition after the end sixteen went down over northern israel it's the most significant incident between israel. since the start of the syrian civil war
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seven months ago rather. well for more on this now we're going to cross over to our middle east correspondent tanya cramer joining us now from jerusalem tanya israel may say it doesn't want an escalation but how likely is one based on what's happened today well i mean israel has always laitos as red lines and that is another stern warning because they are concerned that iran in trenches itself in syria especially in the area that is close to the occupied israeli golan heights the armistice line of the border so they have said that before that they don't want to see iran or through its proxies like hezbollah are becoming entrenched in that area so was it significant that the army says there has been. an unmanned drone that entered israeli aspace and owning that there responded to that so i think you know military experts here are saying it's kind of this is
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a show of force at the same time though saying you know stating again the red lines but at the same time all saying we don't want an escalation at this point in time but i think because the situations you know what one change overnight so it's still to see you know what are the military actions they will follow in the coming days or hours. whatever may follow syria has certainly denied that its ally iran's drone did enter israeli airspace what do we know about that. well i mean we know but the israeli army put out in the statement that in the early morning hours and ukrainian a drone and to many aspects and went quite far into this and they tracked it and then decided to intercept it in response to that they carried out an air raid and launched an attack against the base apparently where this drone of a slow launched deep insights syrian territory most likely in the area. that there
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is an air base and then becomes interesting because the syrian added then responded very strongly and that also is a sign because we have seen every it's off israel in syria before but you know usually the response is not as strong as princely now from the syrian side and they apparently hit an f. sixteen jet so we don't that the circumstance is entirely due to part of that themselves in israeli territory the now in an israeli hospital and in response to that again apparently then the israeli army launched a large scale attack again in syrian territory as they said in the statement to confirm that and saying they targeted twelve. areas in syria with this attack. what has israel's involvement in syria been since the war broke out there. well i mean there has always been so-called
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spillover from the war in syria. the occupied golan heights but of course it was always if you stay you don't get involved in the war but they have put their red lines and they have. carried out ever it's when it comes to weapon transfers of his the area so that it's well known but again. it's now the response that we've been seeing in the past couple weeks to such evidence now this time because it's defend that according to the army and this drone and to israel post so i think it's good to see it seem to have settled down a bit right now but of course we don't know whether there will be any more military action following on that it doesn't seem to be reading. this and you further but again we have to wait and see what the coming days will bring because the tension certainly will stay tanya cramer in jerusalem thank you. and
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some of the other stories making news around the world at least two people have been killed and more than one hundred wounded in a mosque bombing in libya the device went off during friday prayers in the eastern city of benghazi so far there's been no claim of responsibility and ghazi is controlled by a military strongman he's opposed to islamist forces. hopes of finding survivors are fading four days after a strong earthquake destroyed buildings in the time when he says you. search and rescue workers combing a partially collapsed hotel and found another two bodies believed to be those of chinese tourists that brings the death toll to forty. north korean leader kim jong un has invited to say a korean president named jay and to john well that would be the first meeting of korean leaders in more than a decade south korea says can john owns sister kim june to live at the invitation
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of the presidential mansion in so she's visiting the south as part of a delegation attending the winter olympics president and has responded to the advice with a call from both sides to build the conditions need us for the us. with more on this now we're going to cross over to correspondent jason strasser who is close to the olympic ice hockey stadium in and then in south korea jason one is came down on a plan behind this he has just showed his nuclear potential and now we hear about his invitation how does this fit together why he's clearly driving a wedge between south korea and the united states he's essentially making president moon pick between him and president trump. right now we're in it we're in a ripped free from all the rhetoric and tension that really characterized last year but that doesn't mean that it's going to last and once the olympics are over. north
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korea has demanded for many years that south korea move away from the u.s. alliance that it ends joint military drills but those exercises are scheduled to happen right after the olympics finish that's going to be a real test to see if any of the goodwill generated during these games is sustainable. how likely is it then that the south korean president and we'll let that wedge be driven between him and the u.s. president and he will accept this invitation. he's really stuck in between a rock and a hard place now he did say according to his press secretary to the north koreans that some conditions need to be met in order for this to happen that the north and south need to have some more talks before he says yes to the invitation but he also indicated that north korea needs to resume died i logged with washington so perhaps that is part of his plan to make this summit happen. here near the ice
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stadium where the joint korean women's ice hockey team of north and south korea is about to take to the ice what is the mood like there. oh yeah people are lining up i've heard some people come by singing some north korean pop songs also there was a group of young koreans carrying the big white flag with the blue silhouette of the korean peninsula that's the united unification flag that's being held during the during the opening ceremony last night and also representing this women's ice hockey team. it's a good move here so far safe in center in south korea thank you thank you. when the winter games and john are underway and the first medals have already been awards the first gold of the games went to cross-country skier charlotte scala
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asleep hours her way to the finish line and the fifteen kilometer scapin on to see off the rest of the competition meanwhile norway's maurice beercan wants to settle for a silver but made history in the process barragan won her eleventh medal overall and becomes the most decorations female winter olympian. and for more on the winter olympics and john make sure you check out our website i did dot com for its last olympics all the latest results the best pictures and stories are right there also follow us on twitter and use force for live updates. of fashion i want to say can watch the runners up or be live say clave back to second to the table after a straight forward to nail win at home very badly case that grabbed the second goal of seventeen minutes it's the france and let's take the words from the directory cake in there please don't mistake the history until it did take a big defection before crossing the line. and inside it is action the lake
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kick off sees two of germany's cup semifinalists faceoff travel to buy in to all the holes out of the league title is going to sewn up at this stage their visitors have plenty to play for they're part of a group of teens beneath the champions all pushing to qualify for the champions uneek. might be riding on the right path to success in the cup but in the bundesliga the royal blue still face an almighty battle to finish in the top four and the next obstacle is the toughest in the division a trip to buy in munich is always difficult and star midfielder gorecki will have extra pressure to deal with he's already agreed to join by at the end of the season but shell could coach to many coaches that's going says he'll take it all in his stride. forty below when he's looking forward to the game because he's moving there this summer but because he's playing in unique. yep and he's up for the challenge
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and of course there will be a lot of focus on him and he knows that but we just might have even more of what goes. by and look as menacing as ever the eighteen points clear at the top of the table and ham is retrieve his house hits a sensational run of form to disco knows his team will have to be at their best to take any points back. from opinion it doesn't matter how you play or which system you use against by and they find solutions because they stream the intelligent child who will have to find a way to outsmart the inform opponents in such a tight race for europe a result in munich could prove crucial. carnivals that operations are underway in many parts of the world including brazil where many people have had to cut back because of the country's economic pinch rio de janeiro's mayor has also been doing his part to save money he soured so matters by insisting that the celebrations
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shouldn't detract from everyday problems but for most people the party must go on. carnival is in full swing in rio with block parties bringing the streets to life. at city hall the rains were handed over to this year's carnival king who's in charge of keeping the party going. the mayor and evangelical bishops spoke of carnivals virtues even though he's cut its funding and many of his powerful church opposed the extravaganza. only movie didn't bother to put up with this this is the moment when the whole world stops to see humble and simple people most of them who live very hard life a concert for face dressing beautiful costumes with all tuesday composing music full beauty and poetry. this was. one of the participants getting all prettied up this british born samantha florus she'll be leading one of the dance schools in the
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samba showdown. it's the first time a non-native has been given the honor. i really don't want to i do want to miss this elf and i i want to do the best performance i can for but everybody at home from my school this lawyer's office incredible opportunity. and complete with her costume samantha is ready to lead her squad into battle in the samba drome the dance school competition kicks off on sunday. and just her lines are at the top story that we're following for you serious ministry has shot it down after an israeli fighter jets over northern israel the plane was taking part in the first israeli airstrikes to hit syria in years targeting launch sites for a rainy intros. and kim jong un's sister has invited says korea's president to extol mines in the north korean capital gains and suggested he's been willing to
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go in the conditions on the us it would be the third meeting ever of the two koreas leaders. thanks for watching video you news if you can join us again at the top of the hour or check out our web site that's still being dot com. he takes a little personally are you ready with a little wonderful people one stories that make the game so special. for all true for. more than football online. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages happening at.


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