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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin israel says syrian forces shot down one of its fighter jets the plane went down during the first israeli airstrike to hit syria in years but israel is warning against further escalation cross over to jerusalem for more also coming up kim jong il and sister tells south korea's president he's invited to a summit in the north korean capital and interest in says he'd be willing to go to pyongyang we'll get the latest from our correspondent. and shall come will have to
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crank up the gears if there are to upset minute byron munich in the book his latest standout clash later today. for the program i'm mary and i haven't seen it israeli fighter jet has been shot down by syrian forces and israeli army spokesman said the plane had been carrying out raids on targets in syria after an iranian drone entered is really air air space its pilots parachuted to safety and were taken to the hospital with one of them said to be in serious condition it's the most significant incident between israel and syria in here is israel's military says the country is not just seeking escalation with syria. for more we're joined now by our middle east correspondent
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tanya kramer who joins us from jerusalem so tiny syria is denying that its ally iran's drone did enter israeli airspace was the latest we know about this incident well yes they're saying that it didn't enter the israeli f. space and that it was on the governing intelligence. border area now according to the israeli army however they are saying that in the early morning hours an unmanned drone was entering israeli aspace they tracked it and shot it down at some point in response to that they are deployed at planes attacking inside syria at the launching base of this drone. why that those israeli fighter jets were on their way back the. syrian air defense. of one of the jets was apparently hit we don't know all the circumstances but it went
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down in israeli territory the two pilots they could eject themselves and now getting treatment at an israeli hospital so the incident and then went on because after that the israeli army launched musset as they say a massive scale attack on syrian territory as they say targeting several twelve targets on a syrian saws so the incident at the moment seems over at least militarily but of course now we here. know the different versions of the events well despite all of these quite serious incidents that you've been describing israel says it doesn't want an escalation yet how likely is it that we're not going to see one based on today's events. well it seems that most of the military and it still says saying that none of the sides would like to see an escalation. but at the same
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time i mean israel is concern has always been that iran and through its proxies like hezbollah will entrenched itself in the area near the israeli golan heights michael and heights near the border area and they want to avoid that so this is the israeli line has been you know this is a red line and they will whatever they see the threat they will attack this now. they also say i mean this is a show of strength now from all sides i think you could say. nobody wants an escalation but of course we have to wait and see whatever follows from this incident but no time in talis just want has been israel's involvement in syria to what extent have they been conducting operations there since the civil war broke out in that country. well it is a has always said that they stay out of the conflict but their have their own bread
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lines and they have been conducting many air raids into syria against hezbollah and other targets what they see as the threat so israel has been in a way operating. in syria but what has been new all this time is the response by the us a regime and you can see that there is maybe also more confidence because of the changing political ground in syria by responding with such a massive rush you have i mean this has been. in the past couple of weeks we have seen more response to that whereas before that and the average wasn't really i mean there wasn't any response to that so this is what what is the difference right now and we have to wait and see how this will develop because the tensions are there because the situation won't change right tanya kramer reporting for us in jerusalem thank you. well meanwhile the united nations high commissioner for human rights
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says the syrian government and its allies may have committed war crimes in the past few days and is calling for the international criminal court to investigate this after a week of particularly heavy fighting in syria this video purports to show the aftermath of recent government attacks on rebel held eastern guta near damascus the u.n. says more than two hundred seventy civilians have been killed in the past week alone most of them died in airstrikes by pro assad forces. now in a sign of warming relations between the divided koreas north korean leader kim jong un has invited south korea's president to meet in pyongyang kim sr delivered the invitation in seoul against the backdrop of the winter olympics if it comes off it would be the first meeting between the leaders of the two countries in more than a decade. the two koreas united on the ice the combined korean women's hockey
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team months of bust and then pick history. it follows another historic moment off the ice it's amazing and so kim jong un's youngest sister kim jong delivered an invitation from the north korean leader the south korean president in to visit pyongyang she's visiting for the winter olympics the star player and the diplomatic game is taking place alongside the sporting events. moon responded positively his spokesman said. in reply president reagan expressed his will to make it happen by creating the right conditions in the future years. it's not clear what those conditions are but south korea will have to navigate the tensions between its know the neighbor and its ally the u.s. which are at loggerheads over north korea's nuclear ambitions. u.s. vice president mike pence has used his presence at the games to keep up pressure on
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the north and caution the south korean government against pulling for a charm offensive with that in mind president moon who has always advocated for engagement with the north said better ties between the two koreas rested on dialogue between the u.s. and north korea. german president frank carter steinmeyer also attending the games so the invitation as a positive sign. them and what do the olympics mean it's a sporting competition but it's also about olympic peace and has been a glimmer of that here so we hope that the dialogue that will begin will continue after the olympic games oh no demand to go in business being that i don't think that's what minsk hoping to the current thaw in relations looks like his first win of the game. short time ago i spoke to rafael russia he's a journalist based in south korea who's at the olympic stadium watching the joint north and south korean women's hockey match i asked him how south koreans reacted
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to the appearance there of kim jungle and sister to be honest i mean it was a very sudden announcement that she was coming so i don't think many are expected. to see it in the stadium right now our. lady who sitting beside me she told me it was it felt a little bit strange to have such a crowd in the stadium but she was not again and when i'll watch this entire delegation and all the cheerleaders in the stadium right now she said it could only be for the good. all right well for more on that match between the joint korean team in switzerland they can climb from to sports is here with me in the studio so nick we were just hearing about the atmosphere at the game but what about the hockey like what was the match itself like the match itself was that lopsided to be perfectly honest the swiss won eight nail against korea but that was to be expected
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the swiss are right six in the world against me in south korea right seventeenth for these games and of course is a unified team and not having the time to practice the way the other teams have had to for these games because it was to be expected they wouldn't do particularly well . what we did find just about the game though was the cheerleaders the north korean cheerleaders who've been sent down from pyongyang to pyongyang they spent the whole game cheering on this united team and it was like that was the primary thing about this match really was the unity that korea was showing and the atmosphere in the state but explain to us how exactly did this work so the team members from north korea they showed up and how much time do they actually get to meet the south korean women to practice together do they have time to even work together as a team they did but not much i mean this is this decision was made a couple weeks ago i think three weeks ago that they've decided they're going to be unified korean team and even the coach of south korea's an american coach and she said at the time that she'd find it very difficult having new players join the team
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because it's just the they didn't have enough time to really form the nucleus that you need to make sure you're ready for this kind of a tournament as i say gods of south korea right seventeen world they are what you call a second division team so they what message are going to be medal winners which is why they could take the gamble and do this and have the north koreans join the team so in the end it really is it's on the brink itself job well done but when it comes to diplomacy job well done well there were some other results during the first day in chang tell us about that well the first result of the olympics the first medal to go out was to charlotte's college of sweden see one of the biathlon the fifteen minutes fifteen. hello mrs schiavo well as you can see here here all of a screen she was incredibly powerful especially in the last lap around the track she has to fight of all the competition fifteen to twenty five seconds ahead of number two the number two interesting enough though is a moderate you're going from switch from norway she is now one her eleventh of them to medal which makes have the most successful female limpia ever other medals of
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course you have germany who won their first male today which is unusual usually you have to wait to ski jump a lot kind of sports events win a medal but my a one hundred first medal in the biathlon and we must of course mention on ice that was the dutch women who won gold silver bronze in the women's three thousand meter fun and it's also a very cold winter olympics as we've been hearing so a mechanic line many thanks indeed always a pleasure to talk to you very much well for more on the winter olympics in town chang'e make sure you check out our website just go to d.w. dot com poor and slash olympics all the latest results the best pictures and the stories are right there for you to read up on also you can follow us on twitter at the w sports to get live updates. now in saturday's bundesliga action in the late kickoff seems to be germany's cup semifinalists faceoff travel
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to bahrain and while the hosts have the league title as good as sewn up their visitors have plenty to play for they're part of a group of teams beneath the champions all pushing to qualify for the champions league. shellcode might be riding on the right path to success in the cup but in the bundesliga the royal blue still face an almighty battle to finish in the top four and their next obstacle is the toughest in the division a trip to buy in munich is always difficult and star midfielder lay on gorecki it will have extra pressure to deal with he's already agreed to join buy in at the end of the season but shall coach to many coated esko says he'll take it all in his stride. forty below when he's looking forward to the game or not because he's moving there this summer but because he's playing fish out in munich an important he's up for the challenge of course there will be a lot of focus on him and he knows that but without that just motivates him even more with us the small t.v.
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media i buy and look as menacing as ever the eighteen points clear at the top of the table and hamm as rigid as has hit a sensational run of form thanks to desk oh knows his team will have to be at their best to take any points back home. when opinion it doesn't matter how you play or which system you use against by end they find solutions because they stream lee intelligent child who will have to find a way to outsmart their inform opponents in such a tight race for europe a result in munich could prove crucial. and a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you syria's military has shot down an israeli fighter jet over northern israel the plane was taking part in the first israeli air strikes just hitting syria in the years targeting launch sites for iranian drones. kim jong un sr has invited south korea's president to a summit in the north korean capital in suggests he'd be willing to go is the
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conditions are right it would be the third meeting ever of the two koreas either. you're up to date now on news we back again at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always have find the latest news and information on our web site that's at w dot com american evans dean.


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