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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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history from the german empire to the present one. starting february cheap. this is d w news live from berlin and israel responds with further strikes on the iranian targets in syria after one of its fighter jets is shot down by syrian forces it's the most serious incident between israel and syria in the years that israel is warning against further escalation our jerusalem correspondent will have more on also coming up. kim jong un sr tells south korea's president he's invited
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to a summit in the north korean capital and when jay in the says he be willing to go to pyongyang or get the latest from our correspondent. and the world's biggest street party gets under way in brazil the. party goers embryo are not letting the weak economies spoil carnival celebrations we'll tell you why this woman is set to make samba history this year. thanks for joining us i'm married to evanston. an israeli fighter jet has been shot down by syrian forces the two pilots parachuted to safety and were taken to the hospital with one of them said to be in serious condition it's the most significant incident between israel and syria in years israel's military says the country is
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not seeking escalation with syria. and israeli jet in flames an angry reaction from the army and two very different versions of what happened early saturday morning. the key question didn't iranian surveillance drones stray into israeli territory from a base in syria triggering a deadly response from israeli fighter jets syria says its allies drone was near the israeli border on a standard intelligence mission but israel disagrees it has released this unverified video which it says shows the drone in israeli airspace next they say it followed the drone across the syrian border and shot it down and then launched fighter jets like these to strike the drones base inside syria that triggered a syrian response the regime unleashed its anti-aircraft guns on the israeli fighter planes and it brought down an f. sixteen jet which crashed dramatically into the northern israeli countryside the
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israeli air force says its pilot was seriously wounded after making an emergency exit. israel then responded with another large scale bombing raid it hit syrian government positions near damascus just days ago israel declared itself ready for a standoff like this on tuesday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu stood at the northern border in israeli occupied golan heights and delivered a warning. we seek peace but are prepared for any scenario and i wouldn't suggest anyone test us. israel's military has now been tested this is the first loss of one of its jets in syria and the rhetoric is escalating on both sides syrian government forces have warned israel it's quote terrorism will face a severe response from now on israel's reaction syria is playing with fire. well earlier i asked the middle east correspondent tanya kramer if it's likely that
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a further escalation will now follow. well it seems that most of the military and this tells us saying that none of the sides would like to see an escalation. but at the same time i mean it is about as concern has always been that iran and through its proxies like hezbollah will entrenched itself in the area near the israeli golan heights occupied golan heights near the border area and they want to avoid that so this is the israeli line has been you know this is a red line and they will whatever they see if it's a threat they will attack this now. they also say i mean this is a show of strength now from all sides i think you could say. nobody wants an escalation but of course you have to wait and see whatever follows from this incident but no time in talis just want has been israel's involvement in
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syria to what extent have they been conducting operations there since the civil war broke out in that country. well it is a has always said that they stay out of the conflict but their have their own bread lines and they have been conducting many air raids into syria against hezbollah and other targets what they see as the threat so israel has been in a way operating. in syria but what has been new all this time is the response by the us a regime and you can see that there is maybe also more competence because of the changing political ground in syria by responding with such a massive rush we have i mean this has been. in the past couple weeks we have seen more response to that whereas before that and the average wasn't really i mean there wasn't any response to that so this is what what is the difference right now and we have to wait and see how this will develop because the tensions are there
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because the situation won't change. kramer reporting for us in jerusalem thank you . now to some of the other stories making news around the world and at least eighteen people have been killed and dozens more injured in hong kong after a double decker bus crashed in the city's suburb emergency workers hurried to pull passengers from the wreck the bus appears to have skidded and hit a lamppost the driver's been arrested on charges of negligence. anti-fascist demonstrators have gathered in the central italian city of much up to send an anti racist message a week after a neo nazi injured six african migrants in a shooting spree tensions are high in the city after right wing protesters supporting that force and all of a party clashed with riot police on thursday night. at least two people have been killed and more than one hundred others wounded in a mosque bombing and in libya the device went off during friday prayers in the
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eastern city of benghazi so far there has been no claim of responsibility benghazi is controlled by a military strongman who is opposed to islamist forces. now in a sign of warming relations between the divided koreas north korean leader kim jong il and has invited south korea's president to meet in pyongyang kim sr delivered the invitation in seoul against the backdrop of the winter olympics if it comes off it would be the first meeting between leaders of the two countries in more than a decade. with two koreas united on the ice the combined korean women's hockey team months of and then and history. it follows another historic moment of the it's amazing and so kim jong un desisted kim jong delivered an invitation from the north korean leader the south korean president in to visit
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pyongyang she's visiting for the winter olympics the star player in the diplomatic games taking place alongside the sporting events. moon responded positively his spokesman said. in reply president moon expressed his will to make it happen by creating the right conditions in the future years. it's not clear what those conditions are but south korea will have to navigate the tensions between its know the neighbor and its ally the u.s. which are at loggerheads over north korea's nuclear ambitions. u.s. vice president mike pence has used his presence at the games to keep up pressure on the north and cause in the south korean government against falling for a charm offensive with that in mind president moon who has always advocated for engagement with the north said better ties between the two koreas rested on dialogue between the u.s.
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and north korea german president frank about to steinmeyer also attending the games so the invitation as a positive sign. what do the olympics mean it's a sporting competition but it's also about olympic peace and has been a glimmer of that here so we hope that the dialogue that will begin will continue after the olympic games and demand to go to business be that i did today that's what moon is hoping to the current thaw in relations looks like his first win of the gang. well as you heard in that report the joint korean ice hockey team played for the first time today but there was to be no debut victory switzerland or a class above racing into the lead thanks to three goals in the first period korea were unable to recover and ultimately fell to an eight mil defeat but even with the heavy opening loss there were plenty of positives to take for the locals with a passion of crowd cheering on the unified current team. all right moving off the
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ice and onto the snow where the first medals at the winter games have been awarded the first gold went to cross country skier charlotte kala the swede powered her way to the finish line of the fifteen kilometers to see off the rest of the competition norway's the irgun had to settle for silver but she made history in the process they're going one her eleventh medal overall and becomes the most decorated female winter olympian and germany have also grabbed their first gold medals of the winter games thanks to andreea and don meyer belanger upset the favorites with a super bleep in the final round of the men's normal hills ski jumping that earned him a total of two hundred fifty nine point three points poland's double olympic champion coming stock could only manage fourth place well meanwhile doll meyer wasn't just
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good in the seven point five kilometer biathlon sprint she was perfect despite the windy conditions she hit all ten targets and finished twenty four seconds ahead of the chasing pack and for more on the winter olympics in chunk make sure you check out our website at d w dot com forward slash olympics all the latest results the best pictures and stories are right there you can also follow us on twitter sports to get live updates turning now to saturday's bundesliga action and a late kick off these two of germany's cup semifinalists faceoff shaka travel to bahrain and while the hosts have the league title as good as sewn up their visitors have plenty to play for they're part of a group of teams beneath the champions all pushing to qualify for the champions league. shellcode might be riding on the right path to success in the cup but in
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the bundesliga the royal blue still face an almighty battle to finish in the top four and their next obstacle is the toughest in the division a trip to buy in munich is always difficult and star midfielder laon gorecki will have extra pressure to deal with he's already agreed to join by him at the end of the season but shall be coached to many coated esco says he'll take it all in his stride. forty below when he's looking forward to the game of not because he's moving there this summer but because he's playing fish out in munich what happened he's up for the challenge always and of course there will be a lot of focus on him and he knows that but we just motivates him even more what us . media buy and look as menacing as ever the eighteen points clear the top of the table and hammers ridge regas has hit a sensational run of form thanks to disco knows his team will have to be at their best to take any points back home. win opinion it doesn't matter how you play or
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which system you use against by end they find solutions because they're extremely intelligent. shellcode will have to find a way to outsmart the inform opponents in such a tight race for europe a result in munich could prove crucial. carnival celebrations are underway in many parts of the world including brazil where many people have that to cut back because of the country's economic pinch rio de janeiro's mayor has also been doing his part to save money he's soured some revellers spirits by insisting that the celebrations should not attract an everyday problems but for most people the party must go on. carnival is in full swing in rio with block parties bringing the streets to life. at city hall the rains were handed over to this year's carnival king who's in charge of keeping
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the party going. the mayor and evangelical bishops spoke of carnivals virtues even though he's cut its funding and many of his powerful church opposed the extravaganza only movie didn't bother to put up with this this is the moment when the whole world stops to see humble and simple people most of them who lead a very hard life will for a concert for five years dressing beautiful costumes with all tuesdays composing music full of beauty and poetry but this was. one of the participants getting all prettied up as british born samantha florus she'll be leading one of the dance schools in the samba showdown it's the first time a non-native has been given the honor. i really don't want to i do want to miss this stuff and i want to do the best performance i can but everybody at home i know from my school as well as off this incredible opportunity . and complete with her costume samantha is ready to lead her squad into battle in
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the samba drome the dance school competition kicks off on sunday. a quick reminder now of our top story syria's military has shot down an israeli fighter jet over northern israel the plane was targeting the launch sites for erasing introduced. news thanks for watching. the. stories of people the world over information from. the philippines we want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter going up to date in touch the soloist.


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