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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin harrisons of people in rally against racism marchers turn items around the country a week after a neo nazi sympathizer opened fire on african migrants the italian zero four elections in which migration is becoming an issue also coming up israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his military dealt severe blows to iran and syria following airstrikes on saturday this after syrian forces shot down an israeli fighter jets targeting the great insights there. will be bringing you
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a full round of sports from the winter olympics on saturdays when the sink action talk of travels to meet leaders by and desperate for a win to boost their chances of qualifying for the champions league. good to have you with us all thanks ins of demonstrations have rallies and says he's across to protest against racism the show of force called after gunmen with neo nazi sympathies opened fire on african migrants last week as me has taken in more than half a million migrants in recent years and surveys show many italians blame immigrants for violent crime it's become a major issue as the country prepares to go to the polls on march fourth. marching in defiance thousands of fans the fascist demonstrators take to the streets of much
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rata skirting the city's mediƦval walls to send a message against violence and hate many are warning of a revival a far right sentiment ahead of next month's national elections west element of the day but at the moment political parties are using populism to create hate terror and divisions and it is necessary to refer to those pots on values and to stand on the right side the right side is that of all the people who today a saying no to fascism as you know to racism is my not. protesters criticize local authorities and representatives from political parties for refusing to attend every bit of the institutions should have called this demonstration that you need to the politicians fear losing votes if they tell citizens that racism must be rejected are never justified to not an issue of just if it gets you. it's a response i wish the mayor was here i would have hugged him on the floor and when
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. the protests come after a twenty eight year old italian man injured five migrants in a racially motivated drive by shooting a week ago police arrested the suspected gunman look attract any who was once an unsuccessful local candidate for italy's anti immigration northern league party for the thousands of anti fascist demonstrators their solidarity with the victims is clear as is their commitment to conveying their message of love over hate. and i'm joined now by john hooper his or correspondent in rome for the economist magazine for more on the story john as we've seen there are thousands of people initially rallying against racism what action exactly is the italian government taking to do and to fight us. well as you heard there in the report they are reluctant to get involved in telling italians that they need immigration
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and the racism is bad there are very few campaigns for example mounted by the government in this sense and their response has very largely to try to stem the number of migrants entering italy by doing deals in libya that have indeed come with numbers arriving then i'll start to move off like a in those now whose hand the government faces problems that there is a perception that all too many people hold up initially since the introduction of much stricter border controls by the by switzerland by from them by austria at the end of two thousand fifty. italy is often seen as the gateway to europe for many migrants should the e.u. then be doing more to help me handle the refugee crisis. already deity what you
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need is a system whereby the number of people coming in resettled proportionately around the e.u. but with the level of resistance to that idea in eastern europe there's very little hope of getting such a plan off the ground. why do you think an immigration sentiment is growing in italian society john. i think that it is largely because of the numbers that we have seen in recent years can the fact that those people are staying. the italians previously turned a blind eye to people who wanted to move on to countries in northern europe and that's also a reason why the limited sympathy for the italian case now. thank you john hooper speaking to us from rome. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country delves severe blows to iran and syria with saturday's airstrikes he values
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to do all it takes to protect israel that's after syrian forces shot down an israeli jet on its way home from a bombing mission it was one of a group of planes targeting iran backed positions inside syria israel says it was provoked and charged syria and iran denies. the burning israeli f. sixteen shot down by syrian air defenses both pilots ejected one was seriously wounded israel said the judge had attacked iranian targets in syria after an iranian drone entered israeli airspace following the incident on saturday prime minister binyamin netanyahu vowed that israel would defend itself against any attack or attempt by iran to establish itself in syria. iran seeks to use syrian territory to attack israel for its professed goal of destroying the us this morning iran brazenly violated israel's sovereignty israel holds iran and its
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syrian post responsible for today's aggression we will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereignty and our security. laws of syria and enemies of israel celebrated the downing of the warplane fighters from the pro raney and hezbollah group gathered on the border between lebanon and israel as israeli soldiers looked on the iranian president hassan rouhani condemn the israeli action in syria. yet if one country thinks it can get desirable results by posting terrorism or bombarding neighboring countries then it is making a mistake we are ready to defend the security of the region and we call on all other countries to cooperate in this loss. the loss of the jet came as israel acknowledged for the first time an attack on iranian targets in syria. the other stories making news around the world. britain's development minister has threatened
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to cut funding to charities who failed to tackle sexual misconduct among stuff this officer a newspaper reports said aid workers from the oxfam charity illegally hired prostitutes while on a mission to pacey following the twenty ten earthquake he has accused of a cover up which the charity denies. the government says it will take action against ten members of the security forces and six the logistics is back to of massacring rohingya muslims it's not clear whether the suspects will face charges authorities claim this move is not connected to say roche at reuters news or force on the mosque or over which two journalists were restless. when protesters in the south korean capital seoul have against north korea just hours after it joins korean women's hockey team made to fill in pick to view in china the protesters are skeptical of page warming relations between the leaders of the two countries.
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seven gold medals are up for grabs on day two of the winter games in china and one high flying teenager claims the first one this morning snowboarder raed jarrar is clinched the united states for a gold medal in a big winning big men slope saw the final gerard started with two poor opening rows but his final run elevated him to the front of the pack canadians max paris and mark mcmorris followed in silver and bronze. team germany also had a good start in the games taming two gold medals on day one that meant a huge party was in store at the german has. ski jumping champion andrus that linger and be off a long winter laura don meyer where the stars of the show after their performance. and one of the biggest soccer saturdays actions all shall travel to buy
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a new next audience rena the royal blues were desperate for points to get back into the top four for that coveted champions league spot but saugus chances looked slim considering by and had won their last eight games in the bundesliga a fine day he came out on top. a quick hello from laon gorecki to his future by and teammates he'll be leaving shall cry in the summer coach to many her to death go set his stall out to defend with four men at the back instead of his usual three but it made no difference to the league's best attack thomas willis effort from distance provided the perfect assist for robert levin duffy i one nil by and with only six minutes on the clock the strike is dummy allowed him to goes into the shelter box undetected keep it out famine left with little chance. the worst possible start for shall go but they remain just threats and after half an hour they forced an equaliser. the rest is miss kick falling into the path of
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frank goodison to. up the other end i and robin played in milan and the german international put the hosts back in front i was anticipating a process but miller decided to go for glory. the game lost its edge after the break brazil and below tested by and spend. and right before the end having martinez was denied by one of his own teammates. by and relatively untroubled in their two one win and all that without coach upon his who missed the game with flu . but outside dortmund take on hamburg with a familiar face making a very welcome return to the town michael rice was i for eight months after injuring his knee and last season's german cup final on saturday in front of eighty thousand found the darkman stadium he made his comeback. two hundred fifty nine days after he last played for dortmund marco royce made his comeback in
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a game that was also michibata to ease home debut. in a quiet first half dortmund struggled against relegation threatened hamburg. burns hollaback side were disciplined they kept their opponents at arm's length leaving keeper christian martini as somewhat underemployed even needed to warm up again during the break but then everything changed dorman came out firing in the second half in the forty ninth minute christine palisade sets up a trade and found the net for the third time in a black and yellow shirt. life in the bundesliga suits him well. then in stoppage time dortmund made the game safe and racial or played in mario good sir and he beat mccain ear to make it two nil. the marker royce a successful comeback woods and as it was very emotional and exciting for i'm really pleased to get back on the pitch after a long time out to try to help the team as much as i could i think the win shows
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everything's fine and i'm happy. this is anonymous for sale dortmund remain unbeaten in the league and a pay to show what's more this was their five hundredth home bundesliga win. and football has returned to the egyptians that he had. six years after the country's worst ever stadium disaster alice and more than seventy people died her fans invaded the pitch and a wry essences supporters of the local side and says they weren't to blame there was a better squeeze homecoming on the last. they've been waiting so long for this moments they were even happy to q. during the six year ban these out mastery fans have had to watch their team play home games away from port side stadium was banned from hosting matches after riots in two thousand and twelve left seventy two supporters dead. fans charged on to the pitch after toensing from rival al-ali fans in cairo many have died were crushed in
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panic. an official inquiry blames fattens and poor security but al masri supporters continue to believe they weren't at fault. all at all letting off more have been wrong all this time the stadium has been shut down for the past six years old the supporters are good people who love football and love the club had been. returning to the stadium did al masri while they beat sammy inside green buffaloes four nil proving this no place like home in. the celebrate says icelandic composer johan johansson has dies aged forty eight as body was found in his berlin apartments on friday the causes of death remain unclear you hanssen was known for his minimalist film scores he won a golden globe for his work on a theory of everything and was nominated twice for it oscar also won it claim at sleight of. cards musician and trieste ten studio albums.
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you're watching news thanks for joining us we are again back at the top of the hour or you can also take us actually on a massive update on the top. what does a football loving country to reach its goals. we'll tell you how the german soccer made it back to the top. you know our web special on the dot com. football made in germany. they are going to unofficial estimates more than one point two million venezuelans in it in colombia legally and illegally.


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