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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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soon there you can stream from the german empire to the present. so. starting february eighteenth. this is do you have reviews coming to live from berlin a passenger plane crashes near moscow officials say all seventy one people on board the plane were killed over a new way this royal correspondent in moscow. plus an international charity in the boiled in scandal oxfam is under fire after a newspaper report found this down had illegally hired prostitutes in haiti while on the mission to help those affected by the earthquake was a senior staff member if there is
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a workers can be trusted. walking the show my name sara harmon thanks for joining us a russian passenger plane operated by summer told airlines has crashed outside of moscow the country's transport prosecutor says that all seventy one people on board the plane were killed the aircraft went missing from radar after taking off from a moscow airport it was on route from the capital to the provincial city of or sq when it went down in a rural area just outside of moscow officials say so far two bodies have been found at the crash site. our moscow correspondent emily sure went has been following that story for us and really good to see what else can you tell us about this crash.
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well as you said sara russian officials have now said that all seventy one of the people on board this plane were actually killed in the accident the ministry of emergency situations has also published the list of the people that died we don't know what actually happened what actually caused. this crash it does seem to have been an accident. the one of the black boxes has now been found so perhaps that will give some more information but it does seem that the crash happened just after the airplane took off from them i did the airport and it was on the way to the city of orders which is on the southern tip of the your old mountains but it didn't get very far in fact there were reports that it vanished off the radar just a few minutes after it took off and then it crashed just a few minutes after that and kremlin spokesman and his call for that said has said that putin has ordered a special commission to start an investigation into this this crash and he has also
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expressed his condolences for the victims of the crash and condolences have also been pouring in from around the world including from the german government said we don't know what caused the crash investigators will now begin looking into that is this a common thing for a plane to just fall out of the sky a few minutes after takeoff there in what russia. well i wouldn't i wouldn't say so no i mean there are. there are a fair amount of fairly old planes operating within the country but in this case it seems to have been a fairly new plane it was just eight years old. what we also know though about the cause of this this crash is that apparently it was as they said an accident there's a criminal investigation that's been opened and that's into violation of traffic safety rules so the media at the moment are reporting different versions of what
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could have happened one version is that there could have been an air collision even though the ministry of emergency services says that there has been no debris from a helicopter found on the site that was the one of the versions that it could have collided the plane could have collided with a helicopter and other sources are saying that the pilot radioed in about technical difficulties so it does seem to have been an accident and a rather tragic one a very tragic accident seventy one people there in moscow and really sure and thank you for bringing us up to date. well sex scandal is engulfing one of the world's best known charities oxfam of irish newspaper has reported that expense staff illegally hired prostitutes for sex parties well they were on a mission to haiti after the nation's devastating earthquake and the times of london quoted sources saying that male charity workers threw parties with prostitutes while they were living in
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a guest house rented by oxfam whole thing is prompt the british government to one charities that receive aid that they need to tackle sexual misconduct amongst their staff or have their funding cut oxfam is based in britain and it's denying claims of a cover up over this alleged misconduct but haiti's ambassador to the isn't buying that it is. corruptors. the fact that those folks look to the leave the country you wrote in the punishment without even informing really of a haitian authorities about that it was a coral and now defunct that they did such a crime all there was such a cause now we are wondering how many of those cases are still being helped in haiti we don't know well that was the ambassador from haiti to the u.k. i'm joined now in the studio by dr your own kalinski he's the head of advocacy and
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campaigns for oxfam germany i want to give you a chance to respond to these allegations that we just heard from the haitian ambassador did oxfam cover up this behavior i think our colleague from. the. time in two thousand and eleven didn't come up. as soon as the became event of the geishas we have reported a management inside the started an investigation into an investigation and said put out a press release on august fifth. to two thousand and eleven and seeing that they are undergoing this investigation in four weeks later on september the fifth issued another press statement. toward the public versus finding what the thought was a finding of those investigations i don't think i'm covered up don't think oxfam covered up but you don't deny that this happened that oxfam workers were hiring process here it's horrible and i'm personally very kind of angry and frustrated
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that this happens because such a very very bad misbehavior of a few puts the whole organization is in disrepute and what else on that tonight he gave will be brought. safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people and after just three months and then the break. disappointed one point two million people in haiti so it was great stuff great drug in such a such misbehavior of a few is outrageous and that's completely that mrs is completely you can see everything what some stands for isn't just misbehavior of a few because today allegations have come out very similar allegations regarding prostitutes in chad or oxfam was also active does oxfam have a cultural problem where hiring prostitutes is considered ok on field appointments and let me say this again is has a code of conduct connect that it's not allowed to come into to sex workers or to get in touch with. you and your and your mission so it's completely against of
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values and our code of conduct i think those that took the incident very seriously in two thousand and eleven and we improved our procedures and safeguarding measures put in place it did it get it safe got into new put in place. and as today as of today of people safeguarding measures as the best practice in the sector so i think of course there was a problem as the problems i don't deny that but i think the whole sector has to deal with it. and transparency is the first step raising awareness creating a venice and then kind of doings of right steps to make sure or to try to prevent such things happens in the future oxfam receives taxpayer funding from the british government also receives donations what do you say to viewers who are watching this thinking why should i give any money to oxfam i mean there was no fraud involved in two thousand and eleven than when these things happened or some kind of spent all
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the money it's got from the government from private donors from the un from the european union spent the money to help people in haiti is it sure and you can assure people and i think of some as a great organization i mean i think it's awesome for twenty five years now and i'm personally very deeply and i mean i'm very angry about this and i do my very best at what i could do here talks in germany to make sure these things will not happen again we do appreciate you coming in and facing these allegations on behalf of your organization that's dr young lenski is that of advocacy and campaigns for oxfam germany thanks for being with us. here's a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at least nine people have died in a gun battle between the indian army and separatists in the disputed region of kashmir militants stormed an army camp there on saturday no group has claimed responsibility but the indian army says pro pakistani militants carried out the assault. manned mars government says it will take action against ten members of the
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security forces and six villagers suspected of massacring will hinge on muslims it's not clear whether the suspects will face charges authorities claim this move is not connected to a boy who was a news report on the mass and excuse me on the massacre which prompted two journalists to be present. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country has delivered severe blows to iran and syria was saturday's airstrikes that comes after syrian forces shot down an israeli jet on its way home from a bombing mission it was one of a group of planes targeting iran back positions inside of syria. here in germany it's carnival season thousands of revelers have been dressing up in flashy costumes to celebrate and many groups take part in the festivities by creating humorous floats for a huge parade on rose monday this year the jewish community is joining in the fun.
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revelers in germany's carnival strongholds have been getting into party mode gold advance of monday's big parade. this year's procession will feature a novelty for the first time the jewish community is taking part in the parade with the float of its own. right now we're experiencing a sharp increase in anti semitism in germany. you can lament it you can argue about it or you can approach it with a sense of humor. and that's why the jewish community is contributing a satirical float. the float shows the nineteenth century german write a high note china with a kippa and prayer beads the dust of native converted from judaism to christianity to get her own precious ban on jews teaching at university today the jewish community still harbors mixed emotions towards carnival during the nazi era the
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carnival parades were used to stir up hatred against germany's jewish population. as a huge issue down not within our community there were two or three people who said why are you doing this have you lost your mind they're still troubled by what happened in the past. many carnival fans have welcomed the jewish communities decision to get involved a lot of young people in particular don't always have a sense of history you aren't aware of all the things that happens in the past it's good we're still being reminded of it in college that it's sad that a jewish flow is needed that shouldn't be the case. he says with you know if it's a muslim i think it's ok the jewish community has a float we all party together as a kind of. the float will also include a special guest the head of distilled muslim community he'll be in costume as a persian poet. it's been kind of i'm not a carnival found president and it's also hard for me personally because as you know
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alcohol is an issue for muslims within our muslim community our leadership board debated at length and considered the pros and cons but the pros one out and we want to support sending a signal the mission had he says ignited the counterfeits and the two religious leaders want to underscore that germany's jews and muslims stand side by side and not only at carnival time. someone is like a sucker for you now saturday's action is so shall cut traveling to bahrain while blues are desperate for points with a raft of clubs battling for champions league slots but their chances look slim buyers have won their last games have what it's like a base for his surprise find out. a quick hello from les on gorecki to his future by and teammates he'll be leaving shall cry in the summer coach to many who had to
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disco set his stall out to defend with four men at the back instead of his usual three but it made no difference to the league's best attack thomas millis effort from distance provided the perfect assist for robert levin duffy i one nil by and with only six minutes on the clock the strike is dummy allowed him to goes into the shelter box on detected keeping all famine left with little chance. the worst possible start for shall good but they remained a threat and off the hof an hour they forced an equaliser. the rest is misc it fulling into the path of frank good to some to. the other end i and robin played in milan and the german international put the hosts back in front i was anticipating a cross but miller decided to go for glory. the game lost its edge after the break brittle and below tested by and spend. and right before the end of the month tina's
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was denied by one of his own teammates. and relatively untroubled in their two one win and all that without coach upon his who missed the game with flu. and stayed up in his ear up today at this hour we'll see you again in forty five minutes from work bye for now. but. not all the time they will not succeed in dividing us sal not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking a stand globally was that matters d w made from minds earth home to millions of species. worth saving. google ideas tell a story.


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