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this is the deputy news live from berlin on the back all about those who stay at the helm german chancellor says she'll see through a full term as head of government and her party now that as you faces a groundswell of dissatisfaction from her own rank and file complete analysis also coming up. russian investigators searching the snow for any clues as to why i'm caroline or went down soon after taking off from moscow killing all seventy one on board. and better brain and rediscovering their fighting form against bulls ferg
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will have the highlights from that bonus league match. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show on the macro has promised to remain both chancellor and conservative party leader for another full term she used her first interview since clinching a deal for a new government to quash rumors that she'd step down early to make way for a new generation of leaders many in her party are not satisfied with her we'll talk about that after this report. the german chancellor stepping up to defend to the coalition deal specifically the key foreign and finance ministries going to the social democrats it was the only way to stop the talks collapsing she says. it's unfair to him now as i also find it painful. i would like to have kept the finance
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ministry but it's what we decide is politically and in the coalition agreement and the finance minister cannot just do whatever he likes. merkel also addressed the question of staffing within her own party there have been growing calls to begin promoting a younger generation of c.d.u. talent to cabinet level posts. from i know that i naturally have to make sure that we keep in mind not just the over sixty's but also the younger people. my own message to the party conference is that we need to be clear about how we go forward into government and to see to use ministerial line up should be clear in two weeks' time merkel avoided talking about a successor saying she plans to remain as chancellor and party leader until twenty twenty one. do you think you have lost your authority. now in an unfinished so no i don't feel that because of course i do understand that the party will be thinking that i've been the chancellor for twelve years and clearly i can't be
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chancellor for another twelve years. on the other hand i had extensive discussions with the party before the election on whether it was right and desirable for me to come pain for another four years and i agree that it was merkel's message to our party is clear i'm still in charge but i'm listening to my critics. well just how much is all america listening to those critics are correspondent kate brady is here to talk about that good morning kate all america is saying that she's going to stay on for the full term but might she in fact exit or oh well of course given the political turmoil that we're saying here in germany at the moment there's nothing to say that she will indeed see through a full term of course if this grand coalition joke are years ahead but as we saw in that interview yesterday evening she really use that chance to show that she still is in charge of the c.d.u. and show her all thora taste try and convince those critics in the party right now
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that she has what it takes to lead the party and also lead the country but of course the big question for the c.d.u. that her conservative right now is who is going to be has success so even if we did see one time to make a quick exit to is going to replace or not is a question that is no doubt going to be quite time consuming for the c.d.u. in the coming he is right now they just don't have anyone lined up another looming question has greater or immediacy is what about these two parties but the social democrats and all americans conservatives still have to approve the coalition deal so it's very much still an open process at this point exactly these personnel debates a very much a side issue right now and germany really needs to just focus on form and government now the party which could upset the. grand coalition deal really is the social democrats now and what four hundred sixty thousand party members eligible to vote by march second and will no two days later exactly whether they voted for or
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against a grand coalition deal so this deal could even fall through yet ok so on march fourth we could know we should know and it could very much be open for open elections if it fails exactly we could see even snap elections all the other option would be a minority government but that's something that anglo-american on several occasions has already rolled out sorry the different opportunities that are quite slim mark march fourth on your calendars people thanks very much kate brady for that. now to some of the other stories making the news at this hour egypt's army says it's killed twelve isn't as militants in the tain about ninety others after gun battles in the northern sinai the operation was part of a government campaign against insurgents blamed for a string of attacks in the areas or said the latest air strikes destroyed dozens of militant targets. in the u.s. the state of new york has launched
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a lawsuit against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein and his company alleges he and his brother robert broke the law by failing to protect employees from pervasive sexual harassment intimidation and discrimination harvey weinstein's facing accusations of sexual misconduct from dozens of women a travel frenzy is well underway in beijing and other parts of china's people head home for the chinese new year most will be taking the train to join their families and loved ones for celebrations about three billion trips are expected this year alone it is the world's largest movement of people within a short time span. or russian investigators are searching for any clues as to what brought down an airliner sunday outside moscow killing all seventy one passengers on board the saratov airlines regional jet disappeared from radar screens about four minutes after takeoff president vladimir putin has ordered a special commission to lead the probe into the crash so far the cause remains
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unknown but should always much the aircraft came down on snow covered ground just outside moscow the center of luns jet was carrying sixty five passengers and six crew emergency services rushed to the scene but the russian authorities late to confirm there were no survivors three children were among the dead one. the plane crash just a few minutes after takeoff from moscow's dome airport the flight was heading for the city of or sq some fifteen hundred kilometers to the southeast in the ural mountains near russia's border with kazakstan. most of the passengers are thought to have been from the region with or to say the pilots did not report any problems before the crash people living near the scene spoke of a massive impact witnesses saw the plane on its way down. the militias lot but i
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was in the car with my husband we stopped when we saw this bright explosion in the sky now maybe we can tell what it was the day of the global sure something like a firework and then it fell and there was a big explosion from the. c.c.t.v. footage taken from a distance shows an apparent explosion an investigation into the cause of the crash is under way or thirty's of opened a criminal case looking into possible negligence the russian made aircraft is thought to have been around seven years old one of its black box recorders has been found. and i do sort of both a fragment of step brief on the plane is spread over a radius of at least a kilometer investigators say using the latest equipment to cover the territory they are using drones to get an aerial view that. as emergency crews worked late into the night russian president vladimir putin travel plans to monitor the investigation. we're turning to south africa now where top leaders of the governing
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a.n.c. are meeting to decide the fate of that country's embattled president jacob zuma his party rival cyril ramaphosa has led the effort to push him out of office but so far sooner has refused to budge despite corruption allegations against them this crisis comes as the a.n.c. marks the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of nelson mandela. i'm armed are the agency's new leaders serial run oppose a rousing party supporters with the anti apartheid rallying cry of nelson mandela at celebrations marking one hundred years since his birth there may be chance of unity here but the discord is palpable within south africa's ruling party. rather poser is the main rival of embattled president jacob zuma these valen to tackle the corruption that has tarnished the most government. after attending
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a church service a day ahead of the meeting room oppose a spoke of transition. it's a commitment to people. like thank you very much for putting the communication. system. to monday's districts in. the surrounding countries to. zoom as nine year presidency has been beset by allegations of graft and economic mismanagement zealand denies wrongdoing but he has been involved in scandals surrounding multi-million dollar upgrades to his private home using state funds a day ahead of monday's crunch decision graeme oppose it recognise that people are frustrated at the uncertainty over the transition of power over as you do one crore job we're already doing still camping out what are.
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what is in their interest or the whole i at all we continue to do it all right that they. but uniting the nation or even the a.n.c. party is proving a difficult goal to achieve in south africa. he's been forced now and been asleep beside voles berg travelled to braman sunday with both teams desperate to avoid being dragged deeper into the relegation fight but it was the home side that managed to pull off an important when. max presented his brain when teammate surrendered a two goal lead in midweek such slip ups must be avoided if they want to stay on as an laver couzin they caught off to a flyer against wolves back in the news of a cheese capes corner powered home by new vic augustin since. the hosts looked out for the fight even when they were clearly punching above their weight. but
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sometimes football's as much about beauty as it is brute force mariam heintz was treated for that. his standard doubling brain winsley it was no more than they deserved for their first half dominance i do school coach martin smith would have settled for any kind of goal at this point and his side got one after this saw found in the books. even then it wasn't pretty as captain pool for hogg needed to attend school. but braman weren't going to repeat cheese days mistake and counter to good effect to seal the win kinds again on target i it was a critical finish from the austrian midfielder running braman a crucial three points in knesset viable bates. let's go to the winter olympics now in south korea where wind and cold are the dominating factors in the mountains on days for a u.s. no border jamie anderson managing to defend her title in the women's slopestyle
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event a major accomplishment considering the very tough conditions indoors on the ice at the team figure skating finals favorites team cow that held their nerve and one gold patrick chan coming up big lining to huge jumps in his free standing routine chan will have another shot of gold in the individual event this canadian team mates tessa virtue and scott moir scored well on the ice dancing proportion as canada secured their spot atop the podium a silver medal went to a team of russian athletes the u.s. to france. well don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google player from the apple store and that will give you access to all the latest news and information from around the world this was push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that out to send us photos and videos.
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