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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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one hundred feet or so from the starting. this is deja vu news live from berlin i'm going back to stay at the home of the german chancellor says she'll see through a full term as has the government and her party that's all she faces a groundswell of dissatisfaction from her own rank and file. also coming up russian investigators search the snow for clues as to why an airliner went down soon after taking off from moscow killing all seventy one on board. a showdown with jacob zuma
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his party needs to decide the fate of the embattled south african president is he on the way out. plus the sports that are brand rediscover their fighting form against forsberg and managed to pull off an important win we'll have the highlights from that one displayed on that. i'm sumi so much gonda good to have you with us on american has promised to remain both chancellor and conservative party leader for another full term and her first interview since clinching a deal for a new government she squashed rumors that she'd step down early to make way for a new generation of leaders and many in our party are not satisfied with marco we'll talk about that in a moment but first this report. the german chancellor stepping up to defend the
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coalition deal specifically the key foreign and finance ministries going to the social democrats it was the only way to stop the talks collapsing she says. i'm far from ours i also find it painful. i would like to have kept the finance ministry but it's what we decide is politically and in the coalition agreement and the finance minister cannot just do whatever he likes. merkel also address the question of staffing within her own party there have been growing calls to begin promoting a younger generation of c.d.u. talent to cabinet level posts. not to miss from my not that i naturally have to make sure that we keep in mind not just the over sixty's but also the younger people as my message to the party conference is that we need to be clear about how we go forward into government. to see the use ministerial line up should be clear in two weeks' time merkel avoided talking about a successor saying she plans to remain as chancellor and party leader until twenty
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twenty one. law you think you have lost your authority. now in anthony so no i don't feel that but of course i do understand that the party will be thinking that i've been the chancellor for twelve years and clearly i can't be chancellor for another twelve years. on the other hand i had extensive discussions with the party before the election on whether it was right and desirable for me to come pain for another four years and i agree that it was merkel's message her party is clear i'm still in charge but i'm listening to my critics. well just how much as i'm glad markel listening to her critics we have our political correspondent kate brady with us here in studio hi kate will uncle michael really stay on for a full four years well considering the political turmoil that's going on in germany right now especially after what we saw happen last week for the social democrats is nothing to say that she will stay for a full term if this grand coalition deal comes into fruition that said she did use
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that interview yesterday evening to really present herself especially to those party critics right now and she really presented herself. as a figure of authority and showed that that stability is still there and obviously she hopes to bring this through into a grand coalition deal and of course we've also seen merkel and so much pressure particularly since september election if you think back policy came away with that with the worst election results in post-war history and yet she still at the helm of the c.d.u. of course the big question is regardless of whether she makes an early exit or not is who is going to be merkel successor and right now there isn't anyone lined up sorry that is going to be a big task for the c.d.u. in the next few years right a lot of speculation swirling on just who that could be and merkel herself as
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promised to bring in a new generation of young leaders in her conservative block will that satisfy her critics exactly i mean the comment that she made yesterday evening about bringing younger people into the into cabinet positions is is that will that's likely to appeal at least to younger critics and they've been particularly loud criticism from the youth wing of the conservatives who have been demanded more younger people in the party to prevent it becoming this kind of over sixty's member club but of course one of the most contentious issues for some of her critics was letting the finance ministry go to the social democrats in this grand coalition dayo we could have a listen now to see what else some critics have been saying. the bus is history there's frustration in the rank and file i've been hearing that every day for the past three days nonstop to go on vitals it can't go on like this we need a renewal because so fertile and about the cabinet posts many of my part of your
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side even depressed disappointed and some are fairly angry scenes we didn't. so we heard the criticism there kate and it's coming from within her own party that being said these are the questions about what happens next and right now both parts of this coalition to go sheesh and they have to agree to put this forward this is still an open process isn't it exactly these personnel debates really a side issue right now and the real task at hand is first forming this coalition now those two votes coming up the first the conservative party is just the delegates of the parties will vote on the grand coalition deal that's expected more to be a formality the real upset could come from the social democrats now all four hundred sixty thousand of the party members actually have a chance to vote on whether they want a grand coalition deal to go ahead on and we'll have the results of that vote on march the fourth so that's definitely the the day to be looking forwards to now
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if they do in fact vote against the grand coalition deal then merkel really will be in a sticky situation and she'll be left with the choice of a minority government which she's ruled out on several occasions or we could even still see new elections in germany rather political correspondent kate brady with us here in studio with thank you very much kate now some other stories making news around the world egypt's army says it has killed twelve islamist militants and detained some ninety others after gun battles in the northern sinai region the operation as part of a government campaign against insurgents blamed for a string of attacks in the area security forces said their latest airstrikes have destroyed dozens of militant targets. in the us the state of new york has launched a lawsuit against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein and his company it alleges that he and his brother robert broke the law by failing to protect employees from pervasive sexual harassment intimidation and discrimination harvey weinstein is facing accusations of sexual misconduct from dozens of women london city airport
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has been closed as a safety precaution after the discovery of a world war two bomb in the nearby river thames parts of the east london area have also been cordoned off as the navy and police deal with the unexploded device now officials have asked people to stay away from the area and the travel frenzy is well underway in beijing and other parts of china as people head home for the chinese new year most will be taking the train to join their families for celebrations nearly three million trips are expected this year alone it is the world's largest movement of people within a short times. russian investigators are searching for clues as to what brought down an airliner on sunday outside of moscow killing all seventy one people on board the saratov airlines regional jet disappeared from radar screens about four minutes after takeoff russian president vladimir putin has ordered a special commission to lead the probe into the crash. there battling the biting
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cold to find answers to want to brush his worst ever plane crashes but with the site covered in six no it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. nearly one thousand people as well as drones and snowmobiles have been deployed to comb through the icy fields his future which we plan to continue the main stage of search and rescue operations for seven days. the wreckage is scattered across a very large area the snow is heavy and the terrain is difficult. to see it only if you see. the plane came down just outside moscow minutes after taking off for the southeastern city of course all sixty five passengers and six crew members were killed three children were among the dead. but what exactly caused the crash about whether technical failure or human error c.c.t.v.
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footage caught the fatal last moments. or something like a firework and then it fell and there was a big explosion. but authorities say they received no distress signals as the search operation continues investigators believe one of the black boxes found on the site could provide some answers. turning out to south africa where top leaders of the ruling a.n.c. party are meeting to decide the future of the country's embattled president jacob zuma now he has resisted enormous pressure to resign since being replaced as party leader in december man behind me cyril ramaphosa the succession breast threatens to tear the a.n.c. party apart but rama pose a has pledged a new beginning at celebrations honoring party icon nelson mandela. on. the agency's new year rousing party supporters with the n.t. apartheid rallying cry of nelson mandela cyril graham oppose it was addressing
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crowds in cape town at the start of celebrations marking one hundred years since mandela's birth. but gone are the days of relative unity of the party enjoyed under its most famous icon a drawn out transition of power is threatening to tear the a.n.c. apart for months the party's former leader south africa's president jacob zuma has refused to step down despite growing pressure to do so zuma faces widespread corruption charges funneling some nine years in power including allegations he used millions in state funds to upgrade his private home he denies wrongdoing at the celebrations from oppose assad to calm the party discontent. over there as you do want closure we're more knowing still keeping our eye on what is in their interest or zero zero zero
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at all we continue to organize that they but that unity could have a the a.n.c. yant its top leaders are meeting to decide zuma is fate today but he has already shown he is unlikely to go without a fight. to sports now and then football bundestag aside vosper travel to bremen on sunday both teams were desperate to avoid being dragged deeper into the relegation fight but it was the home side that managed to pull off an important win . max cruz and his brain teammates rendered a two goal lead in midweek such slip ups must be avoided if they want to stay on as an laver couzin they got off to a flier against will school back in the news of a cheese crepes corner powered home by need vic augustin sent. the hosts looked out for the fight even when they were clearly punching about their weight. but
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sometimes football's as much about beauty as it is brute force mariam heights was transferred that. his stunning doubling braman sleet it was no more than a disaster the first half dominance i feel school coach martin schmidt would have settled for any kind of goal at this point he sighed got one after this saw found in the box. even then it wasn't pretty as captain paul was a hog needed two attempts to school. the frame and weren't going to repeat she's days mistake and counter to good effect to see all the way kites again on target i it was a critical finish from the austrian midfielder running braman a crucial three points iness vital bit. turning out to the winter olympics in south korea where wind and cold at the dominating factors in the mountains on day three a us snowboarder jamie anderson managed to defend her title in the women's slopestyle
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event a major accomplishment considering the very blustery conditions. indoors on the ice at the team figure skating finals the favorites team canada how their nerve and won gold after chan came up big zero lending to huge jumps in the swiss skating routine a chance we'll have another shot at gold in the individual event his canadian teammates a test of virtue and scott moore scored well on the ice dancing portion of canada secured that spot top the podium the silver medal went to a team over russian athletes and the u.s. took the bomb. you're watching d.w. news still to come rebuilding iraq after years of war donors and investors meet in kuwait to map out how to help a shattered country. but don't forget you can always get to the news on the go download our app from global player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any
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breaking news and there you can also use b.t.w. up to send us your photos and your video. and how global markets started the new week after last week's heavy losses monica jones will have that and business coming up in one minute. the. truth diversity. is at home in many languages. on the program. he says you know let's cut our innovations magazine.
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