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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2018 5:00am-5:02am CET

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these days still. live concerts every weekend to. european concerts. south africa's ruling a.n.c. party has reportedly given president jacob zuma forty eight hours to resign or face being recalled from office that's according to the country's state broadcaster as a.p.c. zuma has faced pressure to resign over a series of corruption allegations. ukraine's border service says it has deported former georgian president mikhail saakashvili to poland closed caption footage appears to show saakashvili being arrested in a key of restaurant ukrainian authorities accuse him of staying in the country
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illegally where he's led protests against president petro poroshenko. new york's attorney general has accused harvey weinstein's film studio of knowingly tolerating his alleged sexual assaults for years prosecutors announced a lawsuit against weinstein's company over the weekend for failing to protect employees more than seventy women have accused the hollywood producer of sexual misconduct. former us president barack obama has unveiled a colorful large scale portrait of himself at the national portrait gallery in washington and on are given to all u.s. presidents the former first lady michelle obama also one build a portrait the obama's chose two african-american artists to do the artworks. ukraine deports one of the government's biggest opponents sputnik. saakashvili says
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he was kidnapped i'm sorry lead this is the day. anti corruption campaigner and former georgian president mikhail saakashvili was at this kiev restaurant when masked men with guns seized him and he was flown to poland is lawyer says it was illegal. it's a kidnapping or not a detention because the detention should be based on either report decision or other official proceedings and that was not the case unfortunately it looks like an illegal attempt to deport michel from ukraine. hard to recuperate.


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