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cinematic history from the german empire to the press one. story for each week. this is the japanese coming to you live from berlin political arrest or abduction this is the dramatic scene at a restaurant in kiev as border police deported opposition leader mikhail saakashvili ukraine says he was in the country illegally saakashvili is calling the move a kidnapping we get the latest from the ukrainian capital and also coming up south
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africans power struggle the ruling a.n.c. tells president jacob zuma that his time is up but zuma who faces many corruption allegations has so far refused to step aside. and the obama make history again this time with the official portraits gracing the walls of washington's national portrait gallery. i'm on with a great to have you accompany you created an opposition leader mikhail saakashvili has warned corruption could ted the country apart if the you and especially germany don't step in he was deported to poland last night after heavily armed ukrainian border police stormed a kiev arrested all to detain him saakashvili a former president of georgia has described the move as a kidnapping ukraine says he's been staying in the country illegally. dozens of
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mikail saakashvili supporters braced the cold kiev night to protest his deportation there backing his call for president poroshenko to resign accusing him of corruption the ukrainian government says that she really is trying to stage a russian sponsored to. attorney has called kiev actions outrageous over them and that's a kidnapping and not the detention because the detention would be based on either a court decision or other documents and this wasn't the case. this surveillance footage reportedly shows the moment border police arrested sac is really for deportation saying he was an illegal resident in ukraine. saddest really had been a friend of paro shingo arriving in ukraine as his advisor in twenty fourteen he renounced his georgian citizenship to become a ukrainian national and governor of the odessa region but the friendship turned
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sour sak is really started criticizing part goes government and launched a nationwide anti corruption movement he was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship while abroad but in september he returned to kiev. and his deportation may not be entirely surprising just last week a ukrainian court rejected his appeal to be given special protection against a possible extradition. and in his native georgia he's wanted for allegedly abuse of office in january a court there sentenced him in absentia to three years in prison. now in poland he's vowing to fight on. and. i love poland but my fight you see in ukraine in georgia. i'll fight him and what part of that is you really says he remains confident and he'll soon give a statement on his deportation. not on economy joins me now from
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kiev nick saakashvili says he was kidnapped and looking at the pictures it didn't look as if he was leaving voluntarily. get off number two well that's certainly the case i think ukrainian officials had learned their lesson from a couple of months good folk christmas they tried to detain him in a similar raid at his house just a couple of tens of meters behind me where i am here in the center of care back then there were those famous images that went around the world of sex really running across the roof here delaying that arrest and allowing time for his supporters to come down here to downtown kiev and they eventually were able to then pull him from an unmarked police car so that time the ukrainian forces weren't able to spirit about the country in a hurry as they've been planning to this time it was all a faucet his supporters weren't able to get in the way he was on a private plane very quickly and i think there's no crits not a coincidence that given he was organizing big protests for this coming weekend they wanted to make it happen in a hurry so why did authorities decide to move now and hostle saakashvili out of the
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country was it to do with the protests that he was planning as you just mentioned. there's definitely that aspect coming that he's got these these protests that he's organizing he's been organizing protests you has to be said regularly of the past few months but he was aiming to get more people out on the streets this time around . it's important member here the formal reason for sending out the country is he's just status his immigration status here in ukraine that he was stripped of his ukraine citizenship by a present for cinco last year while he was out of the country and had to force his way back from poland and ukraine so that's the formal one case running against him at the same time you also had a case running against him for as we mentioned of peace supposedly organizing why it's all intents and purposes a coup against the current government the fact that he's actually was sent out of the country while that case surrounding this supposed who plot was still running rather do you discredits that case in the seriousness of it i think also it's
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important but that there are elections this country next year in about a year's time ukraine's will go to the polls and petro poroshenko has to deal with a lot of discontent over stagnating living standards the conflict of conflict and don't bass so there is a motivation here to get someone who has shown his ability to bring people out on the streets out of the country if that's possible. i think my house saakashvili taken to pull him in what are his options now the full reason foot poland is that that was the country that he illegally entered ukraine from after he was stripped of his citizenship last summer so he broke across the border with the help of unity machine code some other ukraine opposition figures. also he has a wife is an e.u. citizen so there's a sort of legal basis for that the alternative would have been to send him to georgia where he would have faced arrest and prison so i think ukrainian government didn't want to send him to prison and create
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a rift with his western backers so this was the easier option to get him out of the way without too much of drama an economy in care thank you very much for that. let me now bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the bond the trial of a palestinian teenager i had timing is underway behind closed doors in an israeli military court kamini faces twelve charges including assault and incitement for slapping and pushing two israeli soldiers last year for palestinians the seventeen year old symbolizes their struggle against israeli occupation but israel says she's simply an agitator. the pacific island nation of tongue is dealing with the aftermath of a tropical cyclone guitar it struck overnight it flattened the parliament building damaged homes and cause widespread flooding there are no immediate reports of serious injury or death due to the cyclon. jimmy's social democrats are expected to
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replace outgoing leader martin shoesmith andreea dallas she'd become the party's first ever female leader in the party's history the leadership change comes amid party infighting and turmoil ahead of a critical vote on a new coalition deal with anglo american conservatives. turning out in south africa where the ruling a.n.c. party has given in battle to president jacob zuma forty eight hours to resign the decision follows a marathon meeting of party chiefs that ended overnight it marks the in sees the latest attempt to calm the country's turbulent political situation that's been stirred up by a president whose long to neil has been marred by allegations of corruption observers say seventy five year old zuma is unlikely to go without a fight. for some analysis i'm joined by the obvious correspondent christine i'm andrea a welcome christine well the a.n.c. was supposed to make a statement right now at eleven o'clock our time but it's postponed the statement
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for another two hours what's going on in the in the last hour we know that two of president jacob zuma has seen the allies in the party if he's home it's understood that they personally delivered. from the african national congress that was essentially telling the president that the party has recalled him we understand that the other structures of the a.n.c. now need to be informed and it is that process that has delayed this particular announcement the decision to recall the president was taken by the party as high as decision making body the other structures are now being informed of that now the in c. and particularly suited up was a we're very keen that zuma leave with some of his dignity intact but he's not playing ball so what are the possible scenarios and how do you see it playing up what this tells is that jacob zuma is very worried about the prospect of prison when he leaves office and we have seen him making all kinds of demands which
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included immunity and having the state pay his legal fees after office and him hanging on to this office really the only place where he's got immunity from these charges is really tailing off of a president who perhaps realizes that you know so-called innocence that he's been presuming to the public may not be there and that they are indeed merits to some of the charges that he is facing if he refuses to go voluntarily and he and we have a stand he's been given a forty eight hour. period to make that decision he will force the party to have to take this matter to parliament a party cannot recall a president a sitting president has been sworn constitutionally and so the avenue that the a.n.c. would have to take is a motion of no confidence in parliament there is already a date reserved for that it was brought up by the opposition that would be favoring the twenty second but that would go through very easily he would lose. that he would be voted out because the the opposition would also jump along with the a.n.c. and push that motion forward quite unprecedented that a party would bring
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a vote of no confidence against its own leader so what do ordinary south africans make off this political drama playing out on the national stage to put it in a few words south africans are running out of patience with all of this and we heard it over the weekend when sorum of course are told the country that i am i know you want this matter to be resolved very quickly but there is also the sense that this is no longer about the country that this is self-preservation on the part of jacob zuma in refusing to leave office is not about carrying out the rest of his term to do good for the country but essentially to keep himself out of prison and that those who who continue to support him within the party structures ought to looking out for their own best so there is a sense of frustration on the part of south africans and they want to see this matter resolved quickly christine wonder thank you very much for those insights pleasure mr. and now to pyongyang in the winter olympics one of alpine skiing greatest ever. has finally landed his finest olympic gold medal the austrian did
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it in the men's combined today rising from twelfth position after the down fall downhill portion too fast off the slalom his show has won a record six world cup titles this is the first time he stopped the olympic podium . and a seventeen year old korean american has lit up the slopes in qiang chon californian chloe came whose parents are korean braved heavy winds to take gold in the snowboard half by kim was a hot favorite and set the bar high after her first ron but it was her furred and final run that produced a near perfect score she easily outdistance silver medalist hue of china. that was something all of us presidents have in common that's right they all find their way into the national portrait gallery in washington george washington abraham lincoln and john f. kennedy among those displayed on the walls of the museum if you look at the
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portraits of the presidents one glaring fact stands out they're all white men well not any more barack obama is the first african-american to have his poor traits in the galleries hall of presidents this image of the former first lady michelle obama will be on display by a couple of the first occupants of the white house to have their official portraits painted by black artists barack obama's portrait. is renowned for painting people of color in the style of the old masters he didn't follow all of obama's suggestions try to negotiate was greater. artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i asked. smaller ears. struck out on matters well. the artist says he was deeply moved by the experience
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of painting the former president this is our ability to say i matter i was here. the ability to be the first african-american painter to paint the first african-american president of the united states is absolutely overwhelming thank former first lady michelle obama was painted by the black artist amy cheryl michelle declared herself both on and humbled. i'm also thinking about all of the young people particularly girls and girls of color who in years ahead will come to this place and they will look up and they will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the wall of this great american institution . the presidential portrait is a rite of passage for former u.s.
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leaders. the images of the obama's have already attracted more attention than most . it was in the diving is coming up ahead with the russian weapons industry under pressure from u.s. sanctions the kremlin responds with a controversial plan to protect its a multi-billion dollar arms business but what diplomatic cost. monica will have that story for you coming up shortly stay with. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word emerged from the. coaches in germany to learn german.


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