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this is from president zuma ups the stakes in south africa's political showdown the ruling and same party tells him to go for the president says. also on the program. ukraine's opposition leader mikhail saakashvili says he will rally people. from abroad he was forcibly deported to. ukraine since he was that. germany's oldest political party the s.p.d. looks set to elect its first female leader but kept. the deeply divided social.
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i'm phil gale welcome to the program south africa's ruling party has formally asked the country's scandal hit president to resign but despite the party's decision to recall him jacob zuma is still in power and says he will present his response tomorrow is the a.n.c. secretary general. this is the. space. to respond. to to respond when we call or what do we expect to do with the they're expected to do two or more. let's leave it there is
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their groups of. five as here most of the doubly correspondent christine. christine so the a.n.c. tells jacob zuma to go he says what i'm good and ready now what now we wait for some are because he is expected to release a statement a way he will one acknowledge that he has been recalled by the and we're hoping that he'll indication as to when he sees fit to resign it doesn't have to go does it he doesn't have to go this is a party structure cannot remove a sitting president it would eventually essentially have to force the a.n.c. to take the matter to parliament where they would have to use a motion of no confidence or launch impeachment proceedings this is a present as a president who is no stranger to scandal so he was replaced as deputy president in two thousand and five when he was implicated in a corruption scandal and he and corruption of sort of gone side by side in the whiff of corruption ever since just focus or some of east highlights or lowlights
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if you like there wasn't guns that way it was that he used the state funds to upgrade he's private home there were eight hundred odd charges related to the the arms deal in one thousand nine hundred seven at way he was linked with corruption that were dropped on venus the just before he became president those charges have since been reinstated and then there's been the family this association with an indian business family that has been found to have had influence over cabinet positions effectively having them get government contracts big contracts from the south african government and just. by this constant whiff of corruption around him he still be carrying president he was still the amcs man so why they've now tried to dump him up until now zuma has had a consolidation of power he has been the party president and he has been the country's president and we've seen anybody voicing opposition to him within the party structure is essentially committing political suicide because those people have since left the party the tide turned in december when thomas was
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a took over as the president of the a.n.c. because now those voices people who are opposed to him could now come out and it was seen as anti zuma when the a.n.c. voted for the and opted not to pick zuma is choice his jujitsu and his term as president next year anyway given the with around him and the a.n.c. seeming inability to remove him could next year be the the year that south africa votes for a normal a.n.c. president we're not there yet phil what's missing in south africa's opposition space is a credible black party that middle class black south africans that poor black south africans can relate to it's unfortunate right now in the sense that if you look at the opposition scene the main opposition is still considered to be a white party a break away from the a.n.c. failed back in two thousand and seven and that was the moment a lot of analysts will tell you that was the moment to create something that blacks will have to conclude feel like there was still not selling out in the data stream
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so to say so that is a problem is of africa's political space that black south africans feel for them it's the a.n.c. or nothing at most what we could see is support slipping for the a.n.c. but we are not going to see an opposition party assuming the presidency just yet tomorrow is the day to look out for wooden benches the area where it was a christian would well thank you. fellas take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world that of a palestinian teenager i had to tell me is underway behind closed doors in an israeli military court to maybe face twelve charges including assault and incitement to slapping and pushing two israeli soldiers last year the palestinians the seventeen year old symbolizes their struggle against israeli occupation israel says she was just an agitator. and the pacific island nation of tonga is dealing with the aftermath of tropical cyclone what struck overnight flattening the
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parliament building damaging homes and causing widespread flooding there are no reports of serious death or serious injury or death row. investigators say pilot error may have caused the sunday's crash of a russian passenger plane that killed all seventy one people on board after studying the flight data recorder official site pilots failed to turn on the heating unit for the plane's pressure measurement measurement system that would have caused the instruments to display the wrong airspeed. ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili has said that he will continue to rally people against countries all thought is from abroad that's after he was detained last night and deported to poland so there's really says he was kidnapped and he's calling on the e.u. and german chancellor angela merkel in particular to support him in his anti corruption campaign in ukraine. dozens of mikhail saakashvili supporters braved the cold kiev night to protest against his deportation they were backing his call for president poroshenko to resign accusing him of corruption the ukrainian government says
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saakashvili is trying to stage a russian sponsored coup but saakashvili his lawyer has called here sanctions outrageous over there when it's a kidnapping and not the detention because the detention would be based on either a court decision or other documents and dispose of the case. this surveillance footage reportedly shows the moment border police arrested saakashvili for deportation saying he was an illegal resident in ukraine saakashvili had been a friend of president poroshenko arriving in ukraine as his advisor in twenty fourteen he renounced his georgian citizenship to become a ukrainian national and governor of the adesa region but the friendship turned sour saakashvili started criticizing polish and goes government and launched a nationwide anti-corruption movement he was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship while abroad but in a public attempts to reclaim it he forced his way back across the ukrainian border
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in september flanked by his supporters. just last week and ukrainian court rejected his appeal to be given special protection against a possible extradition. and in his native georgia he is wanted for alleged abuse of office in january a court there sentence him in absentia to three years in prison now in poland he's vowing to fight on. with the kidnapping i love poland but might fight this in ukraine and georgia and. i'll fight till the end and saakashvili says he remains confident and he'll soon give a statement about his deportation. has just held a press conference in poland during which he said that he would not give up what he called his fight against corruption in ukraine. i would say is that you critical condition and i'll fight feel the end against corruption and corrupt oligarchies ukraine as well as georgia this is my express this is my clear goal. i
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will do it from the time being from here from europe because they are free to move here in ukraine that was all the time harassed by police we've to be illegal search with arrests with surveillance with open surveillance which they terrorize all over made multiple reckless. but that will not stop us now we have mobilization in. many places in ukraine there are protests rallies next to state and ministrations in at least half of the regions of ukraine right now after what they did yesterday on the eighteenth we have mobilization in kiev and outside the way to get back. germany's social democrats are expected to appoint this is the first ever female leader of a former party leader and candidate for chancellor martin schulz stepped down this comes a bit steep party infighting and turmoil over
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a new coalition deal but i'm going to medical conservatives for over one hundred fifty years the social democrats have been led by men among the former chancellor of in the brands now germany's oldest political party could finally get its first ever female leader martin chill to set to hand over the leadership of the party to andrea nonis historic changing of the current. head of a leak that's especially not about what would be best in this situation and i also had to consider whether i can and want to fulfill this task after these processes of deliberation we both decided that this is the best course of action you know this is the best of. as leader of the social democrat parliamentary group now liz was valued for her ability to bring people together and motivate them. she also has a reputation for being outspoken some say it was her speech at the social democrats party conference that secured the votes needed for starting coalition talks with
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angle america's conservative block. we will not give up our s.p.d. party beliefs if we decide to govern in a coalition. and renata started out more than twenty years ago with the in the s.p.d. youth organization the young socialists she became the leader in one thousand nine hundred five back then she was a student of political science and told torture velour in one of her first interviews that she didn't plan a political career. for you i don't want to stay in politics for the rest of my life so after being chairwoman i want to look for a real job and for that i need a good degree of knowledge finished her studies four years later and to stayed within the ranks of the s.p.d. ever since as m.p. party official and later as labor minister one of her cheap minces germany's
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minimum wage law she also has fought successfully for better pensions despite this she is not very popular with the german public martin schultz a short tenure at the head of the s.p.d. is over now it's up to andrea noticed and lead the party back to its former strength. if she gets the vote let's talk to dublin political correspondent who is in front of a party headquarters welcome. so the handover from. is this a done deal. well there is certainly skepticism phil among many in the party about not necessarily under the analysis such but about the way things are being handled by the party leadership by the fact that this was not something that was elected by the party members but rather appointed or decided by martin shows and knowledge so it is certainly not just yet
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a done deal it is very probable that under there not as will be the next party leader but she also will have to deal with a lot of members within the social democrats who are not necessarily in favor of the way things are being handled there are certain regional branches of the s.p.d. that have voiced their concerns and there's also in the northern german town of flensburg who has said that she would also like to be a candidate although that's more of a message that she wants to send rather than something realistic for the social democratic leadership and while the s.p.d. tries to terrorise so for. another historic low in the latest polls. well andrea analysis is certainly someone who could on the one hand talk to the party leadership and on the other hand talk for example to the youth wing the users she was a former leader from that perspective she is seen as someone who could help the
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social democrats to try and regain at least some points in the polls as you say the social democrats are definitely not in a strong position if you look at the polls so at least the hope here from the party leadership is that with someone like andrea knowledges who can talk to the party leadership but also to the members as well and who can also present messages to the wider public that the s.p.d. can start to regain some of its positions not only inside the party but also outside the party as well among the german general german public aren't to tell us a sparrow thank you. that's it you're there to have more for you at the top of the hour if you can't wait that long of course there is always the web site that's t w dot com i would.


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