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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is the line from president zuma stakes in south africa's political showdown the ruling a.n.c. party tells him to go but the president says not yet also on the program. to decide on its first female leader. five divided social democrats. seventeen year old korean american blows away the competition on the snowboarding making history. plus ukraine's opposition leader
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to fight. yesterday. was dragged out of a restaurant and forcibly deported to poland today he says he will continue his fight against corruption and probably political opposition from abroad. history again this time with their official portraits gracing the walls of washington's national portrait gallery. to the program. south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. has formally asked the country's scandal hit president jacob zuma to resign it says he should go so the country can move towards political stability and economic recovery pressure on president zuma has been growing since december when he was replaced as leader by the country's deputy president. mr is ready to take over the
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top job but zuma remains in power saying he'll give his response tomorrow and see secretary-general. as we really do business is who of us do or do the space. to respond. we haven't given him the need. to respond where we call or what do we expect of a deep blue to do good organisation expects him to do. more to less leave you to resume your books or. to. get more from the journalist i was trying to house in cape town a welcome to a d w. and say secretary-general doesn't know what is going to happen president zuma has said that
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he will make his announcement tomorrow. what are you expecting to happen next well it seems like from the day to day and see hopes that he will still stay loyal to the party and that he will still say i'm i'm going what we know about the discussions that were there yesterday as well within that any see which is a decision making body of the a.n.c. that often to leave is that zuma and that yes the evening still just before midnight said this is all going too quickly for me he actually wants it three to six months at transition time while the mc said that's out of the question this is urgent we want to move the country forward and it seems like they still give him a chance at least to respond to tomorrow he has been mired in corruption since at least two thousand and five there have been all sorts of allegations up to seven hundred eighty eight hundred charges against him one time or another. that's through history why his party dumping him now. well it's mainly because there's
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elections next year and next year is basically this is the last term of president jacob zuma so de no that next year they will have to run with a different president which is still one post so they kind of want to win back to trust of the voters before those elections two years ago we had local elections here and the mc one of the last big cities in south africa so they kind of know that evening want to wind back the vote to have to start doing that now of brushing up the image on the a.n.c. that given the dots that you've raised i wonder might next year be the first year the south africa elects a non a m c a government. well it's not that likely yet i think we're moving a little bit too fast for because i think once a real warm opposer the entity does have a big chance to win back to voters i mean they have
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a very loyal base coming from the history that they ain't see whereas the liberator far parts and a lot of voters so that africans have mainly say that they are fed up with zoom and they're fed up with corruption so will the mob boss that in december it's wonderful to be one as a party leader because he says i'm anti corruption transparency so finally and i must say this is you know a long time that this is the case in south africa south africans have a gamer of hope that there will be a new president that might get a country in a better direction and then they can definitely win back into power right out of fun together in cape town thank you so much. there was speculation about jacob zuma departure of rife attention has turned in recent days to one of his four wives and controversial comments she's made on social media last night from a social media team is here with welcome so we just have this south africa bubbling with uncertainty and all sorts of people taking to social media to stir the pot
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yeah i mean people are just really wondering what's going to happen here will he resign won't he when when will this happen. people turning to social media for clues in particular one instagram post we want to show you now as you mentioned it comes from one of his wives and they're looking at particular the comments here this is a selfie posted last week the first lady. zuma there with president zuma but take a look at the comments she's writing here one of them says zuma will finish what he started because he doesn't take orders beyond the atlantic ocean so people wonder what does that mean is zuma going to be stepping down maybe he will maybe not another clue here take a look her instagram name changed it used to be first lady zuma but now it's simply . is her name so maybe reading the tea leaves there a little bit on instagram people want to know what's going on even looking at instagram for this and what are people saying about the president's likely political fight i mean this is a big topic on social media earlier today five of the top trending hashtags on twitter in south africa were about this political crisis and many they're saying
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look this is just paralyzing the nation and here's one particular example from the waiter who says i say look my life has come to a standstill for the last two weeks i don't even go the gym i spent all my time waiting for zack's it that zuma exit i'm done of this raid zuma only leave what i'm for that others are casting blame on the a.n.c. as well phil there's a lawyer who's writing look at zuma didn't keep himself in power the a.n.c. did zuma didn't protect himself from eight motions of no confidence the a.n.c. did zuma alone didn't obscure the truth with lies an obvious cations the a.n.c. did zuma alone is not the problem cartoonists as well having a field day with this this is one. on one here local artist rico shouted carroll in his tween is cartoon president zuma there holding on by his fingernails he's being dragged out of office literally by his deputy president who is saying nearly there please be patient still more patience needed as we heard tomorrow zuma will be addressing the nation will see those instagram rumors are true or not we'll talk
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again doubtless call for another thank you. boston show house stepped down officially with immediate effects as leader of germany social democrats he nominated and read not less as his successor the move comes amid widespread disenchantment with fashion and his leadership within the ranks of the s.p.d. party members are gearing up to vote on a deal with chancellor merkel conservatives to form another grand coalition senior s.p.d. members say they were. no relation of knowledge as leader let's take a listen to what martin short's has been saying. because even if i thought first of all about that i will inform you that doesn't mean i haven't formed the s.p.d. leadership that effective today i am resigning as the leader of the social democrats. i enjoyed serving the social democrats in this capacity. however with the step in the process of distributing positions within the s.p.d.
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i hope to respect the views of s.p.d. members in regards to the coalition agreement. that's joined a doubly political correspondent thomas aspira outside espied the party headquarters welcome thomas so he's officially gone does that mean gets the job. not just yet i mean it was definitely clear that he is leaving his post today it is also clear that the party leadership has backed and they are possible successor but what shows didn't specifically mention any fact he was asked but he left before giving any answer is what will happen until the s.p.d. delegates vote on whether to approve on their knowledge as party leader that vote will take place in april in the city of wiis barden and it is still unclear what will happen between now and that vote in april there were rumors that we're hearing here that that could be all off shows who has been tipped as the next finance
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minister but those rumors have certainly not been confirmed so again there are things that we certainly know he's leaving his post today and they are not as has been backed by the leadership but it is still unclear from what martin shows had today what will happen until these six hundred delegates vote in an extraordinary party conference envies vote in the twenty second of april everywhere we look there is political uncertainty germany no exception thomas for now side here. let's hear more from political scientist christophe newman who is from berlin free university welcome to day w. . thomas's point that can you see the s.p.d. managing a smooth transition from shoals to novice i mean clearly they're not managing right because the fact that we're talking about it means that they have already. made it quite public that there is a part of the party that is very unhappy with the way things are going. and i'm
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continuously surprised by how troubled the s.p.d. is in trying to you know. get the coalition talks back on the road. i will say i think this is more of a general problem that they're having about splits within the party and i don't think that that can be healed on such short notice so i think maybe they can get the transition going somewhat smoothly but i think there is more trouble ahead in that way they do seem to be rumblings amongst the the grassroots some of the big decision of course is the grand coalition deal if s.p.d. members say no to the grand coalition with the merkel's conservatives. we even have new elections or a minority government does that count as a political crisis in germany or is this just another i think that's a tricky question on the one hand i think it's actually troubled times you know it
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will be a hard time especially for the center parties the s.p.d. in particular who has already been losing a lot of voters if we can believe that rate latest surveys that being said i'm not necessarily sure it comes as a crisis of democratic processes play out right it may actually rekindle some of the debate that has been somewhat absent from german politics that may draw voters back and show them that actually you know there are things beyond the grand coalition there are things beyond a minority government so i don't think it counts as a crisis on the german level that being said i do think there are two problems here i do think the f.t. will benefit from this no matter what will happen which is somewhat troubling and on the european level i do think it will set us back because the attempts to have reforms there will of course stall as long as germany doesn't have a very strong leadership except that for the last five months i think it is since since the election in september germany has not had
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a new government everything still running on time the skies didn't fall how much of a problem has the has it actually been well not that much right the caretaker government is taking care of things and i think this shows both the positives and the old decisions that cannot really set new guidelines that cannot sort of change course to what extend a new grand coalition will be able to do that is of course up in the air but the fact that we haven't really had some of the more. decisive leadership in this time because it's just not possible to do that i do think that is a bit of a problem and just going back to the s.p.d. most political parties would regard going into government as being a good thing but it is causing them no end of problems how much trouble of a. well it is a uniquely s.p.d. capability i think to get to three key you know ministries and then still find that
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to be a loss but i do think it shows like i said there is a split among the party and i think that the split shows a split in the population in general and to what extent the s.p.d. can negotiate this i think that is a very much open question christopher newman thank you so much for joining us thank you for. this d.w. news live from berlin still to come commemorating the world war two bombing of dresden tens of thousands lost their lives in the allied attacks seventy three years ago five dollars about its residents today. here in germany a radical solution is on the table to cut down on air pollution and humphrey house will be talking about free public transport feel doesn't sound terribly bad does it all in favor yeah let's see about that but anyway the german government is touting the ideas for an idea at the moment in a beta to get people to leave their cars home perhaps hop on a trade
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a tram or bus instead now that it's to the european union's environmental regulation laid out the plans to test it on five cities well germany is facing fines from brussels for not doing enough to reduce emissions to meet a you stand. the scheme anticipates making public transport free and testing it in five cities but transport companies say they are skeptical about the plan because it is unclear who will pay for the extra vehicles to handle the rush of new passengers there could be other problems too this is something that has been tried and tested in other cities around the world melbourne for instance but also in tallinn and there's sometimes there was the hope that more people would basically leave their cars home because also what some of those examples did so is that people are also reluctance to leave that comfort zone of their own car behind but if it's for free certainly here and really there's
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a broad wide expectation that people would go for it germany does not have too many other options big cities have emission levels that exceeded e.u. limits for years if the european commission believes germany continues to ignore the problem it will decide next month about prosecuting germany at the european court of justice. iraq is open for investors that is the message officials are pushing at a major international conference which is currently underway in kuwait aiming to raise funds to rebuild the country in the wake of the war against the so-called islamic state now many cities were raised to rubble in the fighting the u.s. was not expected to make a donation but it has put a loan guarantee on the table these are some of the people the iraqi government is hoping to woo high ranking officials from the world of politics and business here to find out what part they might play in the reconstruction of iraq. rebuilding
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a country doesn't exactly come cheap iraq estimates the cost of close to nine hundred billion dollars the government is offering projects in almost every sector of the economy including in its oil industry. and it looks like the message is getting across the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson announced a three billion dollar loan from ex-im bank to help the country be built the funds that we've announced that we've already committed and the additional money that we announced today there were are committing our all around the stabilization in iraq and syria this is the part that then provide the conditions for reconstruction. we have to restore the basic utilities and keep the area safe and secure in order for reconstruction to begin the conference is taking place just two months after iraq to cage victory over the so-called islamic state it's an achievement the government is hoping will convince international businesses that now is the time to invest in
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the country's future. earlier in the day tillerson laid a wreath at a gulf war memorial a reminder of just one conflict iraq is hoping to leave behind as it brace yourself for what it hopes will be a more prosperous future. now iceland is expected to soon to be consuming more energy mining virtual currencies that it uses to power all the country's hopes the country has become a major hub for the bitcoin mining thanks in part to its cheap for your energy but now lawmakers are talking about taxing the profits of bitcoin mines that's likely to get out well among iceland this who have become wary of financial speculation since a disastrous banking crash a decade ago. well have no business few late in the show now it's back over to fill taking a look at a key moment in german history thanks so much yes it was one of the most destructive bombings of a german city it during world war two it remains controversial to this day i live
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bombers attacked dresden killing around twenty five thousand people and destroying large parts of the city seventy three years of rastan smack commemorated the victims of the wreath laying ceremony at one of the city's absent interest the bombing of dresden is still hotly debated in germany far right populists using it to patrol the country as a victim. so where is the german public when it comes to remembering the star in its history and dress vicky is the director of the institute for interdisciplinary research on conflict and violence at beautiful to university welcome to d.w. so today you published a study on how germans remember the nazi era of national socialism how aware are they of what went on this is very good question because they still see think that it is very important to remember but on the first place the t.v.
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unification feel so by the thirty five nine percent belief that we even if occasion is the most important sort of issue after nine hundred and then comes the second world war they find it highly interesting but eighteen percent think that within there the anchor says when their families they were perfect perpetrators eighty percent eighty percent think that these people helped devic terms of the nazis and fifty four percent believe that they were the victims so their suppliers in the event and so people think that they were more victims than perpetrators that's extraordinary so. are you in any way able to work out what's going on there this as a psychologist i would say you don't want to remember the bad things of your identity because we see in the study that when people think about what is german identity
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what is the national identity the vast majority thinks that the past and even then the history of the holocaust is part of the identity and they are responsible that they're looking back they the bias comes in so people have missing limbs in their historical memory so. they still believe it's important but it's important if. they're missing links and they fill it and the younger generations look into the internet and then they see a lot of different information and then they start to stop to trust the information in the internet and then our memory becomes biased popular politicians from the right wing party here in germany they have challenged this this idea of a sort of national a term and even going so far as to call it. a cult of guilt. is there any
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justification and if we don't see it in the study we have to reprint it if sample which tells us only eleven percent eleven percent feel guilty of what happened during the second world war especially the holocaust only eleven percent feel guilt so they still call it of guilt forty seven percent industry presented to semple today alarmed and fear that the history of the holocaust will come back which is very alarming alarming information. via the history will get what the history will repeat itself the holocaust will be repeated very repeat if we don't do anything against it and so presumably this then is what people think it is important to remember yeah but then they look for information how to remember. and they go to the internet and in the in an internet they don't trust this information so the most important information source is people who tell living
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stories so in their families the eyewitnesses but we have a change in the german history we have less eyewitnesses that die off this is fascinating thank you so much for joining us and just give us an a glimpse into that research and very sick i think you very much. just four days into the winter olympics and another seventeen year old american has won gold in south korea climb from v.w. sports is welcomed nicholas tell us about chloe can't fit it. in the water in the states partly because on sunday won the gold in snowboarding and today over said another seventeen year old chloe came within the half right here you see here look at the ad that she gets a minute about you do stu's skiing anything like that. and you get the look what she's doing here is a ten eighty that's turning three times and she did it once or twice consecutively which we show you the last person to actually do that. the and then pick so well
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done to her that's at the ripe age of seventeen quite quite quite young. what's interesting of course is at a very young age she would train on how trampoline every morning before school trying her flips out and trying her jumps and three or four years ago she actually would have qualified for the sochi games has she not been thirteen the sea wouldn't have. met the qualifying criteria for your last six years to go to go at the age of thirty and she's finally there and wins at the first attempt and of course the nice thing is that america with south korea heritage she want to gold medal in south korea she has dedicated that gold medal to her grandmother but she's also very happy that her family with there to support her and this is what she had to say about it you know having my family. be there the whole process was so helpful and i've surrounded myself with such amazing people that they definitely made it much easier for me. yeah i mean i feel like i got to represent both the u.s. and korea today and i'm very honored to have been able to do that.
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clearly kim not the first not the only one of the first olympic gold indeed musée here so we thought we know his name he's been around for a while these words that impacts in vancouver in twenty ten underscores that she four years ago but never won gold he's considered one of the best in his sport the greatest of all time and you can see the speed which is going down the road here today he said himself he absolutely killed it because he did he was zero point two three seconds ahead of alexis sponsible of france. seconds a lot of time in skiing and he was he finally crosses the line with his very first gold medal the medal which has eluded him for so long and so to add to his six world championships in four different disciplines you can finally have that gold medal to his c.v. but it's also the pressure is off while he's won that gold in this way had to say about the pressure being off. you're in a lucky position to. reach your goal to. be stable to
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push the pressure of holding on your shoulders not to break down then it is something. really special. good for him now there was heartbreak again for team g.b. in the speed skating and the great britain's elise christie she began four years ago was disqualified from all three of the events she took part in today in the five hundred meter final she fell in the final even though she was very close to winning and so of course in the run up to this final she'd actually broken the olympic record in five minutes you can she can see the distance in forty two point seven seconds which is very very fast and in that final she is expected to win got knocked over by what by oh the dutch athlete who finished second and she says at least christie said i was knocked over i didn't follow my own you know i work so hard to get here has been taken away from me is the absolute heartbreak but she does have the chance to hopefully get into the medals and break the curse later on this week in the fifty hundred one thousand meter event briefly reports of the
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first doping case indeed a japanese speed skaters names he was has been tested positive for a benz diuretic called the mind which is essentially a directory which helps to lose weight but also highs other banned substances not what the cast is looking into he's been thrown out they don't think that she had to leave you're not going to stay positive and games until this whole thing has been resolved so it was bound to happen but unfortunately for him and not i doubt it. thank you. for watching d.w. new still to come what in nigeria calls for political change pace d.w. sits down with former president olusegun obasanjo now a vocal critic of the country's current leadership. that could land this palestinian teenager in jail will use it to mean he's trial begins in the future. we'll have more of the days of world news business and a look ahead to be
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a bird in the international film festival all the way. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself the u.s. president loves to ridicule him. but his missile test some poles for a long. pin joyfulness testing the world's patience played such a stunt dangerous on his weapon. most curious the system a doctor's kim jong il. played minutes long tell you. make your smart t.v. even smarter click delete for small. what you want what you want
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to. update. the extraordinary. depth. you decide what songs on. sunday d.w. smart. play is barely. the scars. of the pain still tangible. for such a good place for c.b.s. news. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time who are the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand
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a chance of. darkness cities during war. starting march tenth on t w. these are our top stories at this hour. has formally asked president jacob zuma to resign president zuma. germany's social democrats are expected to appoint a. first ever female leader following the resignation of former leader martin this comes amid infighting and turmoil over a new coalition deal with conservatives. to nigeria now where campaigning for the election in february of next year is starting to gather pace and critics of president. i'm getting louder president hasn't publicly announced whether he will
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seek reelection he spent much of last year in london being treated for an undisclosed illness he took office saying that he would eradicate the terror group boko from the country he also pledged to modernize the country and crack down on corruption but of service say he has achieved much correspondent in nigeria. before nigerian president olusegun he endorsed bihari for the presidency in twenty fifteen but has not criticised him in a stinging open letter when you think back was it right decision back then in two thousand and fifteen two. if it was the right decision with the benefit of hindsight you would agree with me if you know what has happened and what is happening what is being on revealed about the. government of do nothing. with them in terms of detail.
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corruption. and you will agree that yes it was the. right decision. and i believe it was a decision also that is good at that point in time for our country not a democracy because we were able to transition from one party to another party. so we. as a result of got we're. consolidating democratic. process. so it was the right decision. and then. it's also the right decision now for all to see that the maoists taken over
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from. you not one has not met the expectation of now you know that is what democracy is all about mcchrystal it's not about change if things are not what they should be so it's right decision but if you see that not right decision then you are not a democrat and i am a democrat and tomorrow if i take a decision and things are not walk out the way we have expected to walk out in a democracy then you take. you make a change. one of the major promises of president was to fight corruption that's like his flexion topic you know basically saying that he turns a blind eye on corrupt people in his inner circle has corruption fights fails already. i put it that way.
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that probably why he was looking outside it wasn't lookin inside because if you're fighting corruption i will from you and now you call option is becoming rife then you have to also put your attention and work what would you do difference to him if you were the president and fighting corruption. i would do exactly what i did before i set up to make your used to. be used for corruption i will make sure the people in charge of these two institutions men or women of integrity will look outside inside because there's no point in fighting corruption beyond you have corner of your
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nose. former president of nigeria. now ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili has said that he will continue his fight against corruption and rally people against the country's authorities despite being deported yesterday he was dragged out of the restaurant forcibly detained and sent to poland is a lawyer said he was kidnapped. dozens of mikheil saakashvili supporters braved the cold kiev night to protest his deportation they're packing his car for president pro tempore shank go to resign accusing him of corruption the ukrainian government says saakashvili is trying to stage a russian sponsored crew here saakashvili is attorney has called kiev's actions outrageous with them when it's a kidnapping and not the detention because detention would be based on either a court decision or other documents and dispose of the case. the surveillance footage reportedly shows the moment border police arrested saakashvili for
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deportation saying he was an illegal resident in ukraine. saakashvili had been a friend of poor shank go arriving in ukraine as his advisor in two thousand and fourteen he renounced his georgian citizenship to become a ukrainian national and governor of the odessa region but the friendship turned sour saakashvili started criticizing poroshenko as government and launched a nationwide anti-corruption movement he was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship while abroad but he forced his way back across the ukrainian border in september flanked by his supporters and his deportation may not be entirely surprising just last week a ukrainian court rejected his appeal to be given special protection against a possible extradition and in his native georgia he's wanted for alleged abuse of office in january a court there sentenced in absentee it to three years in prison now in poland he's vowing to fight on. and fight field indicates corruption and
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corrupt oligarchies ukraine as well as. this is my express this is my clear goal i will do it for the time being from a year from europe. because i have to look here in ukraine that was all to come to rest by police saakashvili said he would find a way to return to ukraine to fight against the nation's authorities insisting that it is his country. and the trial of palestinian teenager to me has begun behind closed doors as a military court in israel the seventeen year old was arrested last december after a video of her slapping an israeli soldier went viral for palestinians she has become a symbol of the struggle against israel's occupation of the west bank the cases also ignited debates about legitimate forms of resistance to the occupation. this
7:38 pm
video went viral and december two young palestinian women i had to mimi and her clothes a newer slap and push two israeli soldiers standing guard on the property where i had lives it sparked a fierce debase for palestinians i had became the symbol of resistance to the occupation. others mainly in israel portrayed her as provocative. shortly after the video appeared online israeli authorities arrested stand their seventeen year old at her family home and not be solid father bassam is awaiting the trial of his daughter and wife although the family film the incidents bassam refutes accusations that they exploited their children for their political cause we want to show the world was the them in the land was the victim we committed to were picked ourselves because if there is no come about he will look bad like how much before twenty minutes we use coming up because it's part of what we've been in. nonviolent resistance i had faces twelve charges including assault and incitement
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in an israeli military courts her mother is in custody as well. this is where it happened in the village of nabi salah in the occupied west bank the israeli settlement of hallam east is right next to the village settlers have taken over the village water source and much of the land villagers have long been against the occupation. from a young age i had to mean he has often been seen on video defying israeli soldiers there have been protests on and off here since two thousand and nine they often turn violent with palestinians throwing stones and the israeli army firing rubber bullets and tear gas at least two people have been killed on the day the video was posted odds cousin mohammed was shot by soldiers with a rubber coated bullets at close range seriously injuring him in the head the fifteen year old is still recovering. it is made me more afraid of
7:40 pm
the soldiers because they shoot anyone in the head all the free so or wherever now the rubber bullets hit you very hard. he's in israel the protests are mostly seen as part of the palestinian propaganda machine to make the israeli military look bad and that is something the israeli government has little tolerance for they want to send a message to this family and also this this village that basically this kind of. way in which there's a lot of videos that try to show off israeli soldiers evil that this kind of profiting off this as. the state kind of accuses this family of having done that this is not going to go on israeli human rights activists say that our heads case also shed light on the controversial practice of palestinian children being tried in military courts are held in detention i had to mean he could face a long prison sentence as really military courts have a conviction rate of over ninety percent. you're watching david lewis live from
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dallas still to come. former u.s. president barack obama takes his place in washington's national portrait gallery we'll find out why this calibers is making history. its international film festival is just days away a movie mother had movie lovers lighting up to get their hands on tickets for the screenings culture as i can help stand or look ahead to this year's belinelli highlights. but here in germany we know all about recycling paper and plastic but what about your old electronic products what you do with them that's the question isn't it fail because often these electronic products these days don't last that long they might you know stop working altogether and then to sell them on or do you throw them away that's the question so what do you do with your smartphone or your old laptop well if the answer is that you do simply throw it away you could be contributing to the problem of a waste forty four million tons of it generated every year and
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a lot of it ends up in africa posing a threat to the environment as well as to public health or rwanda wants to change that it's testing out a pilot plant for recycling a waste. when a computer's life comes to an end it remains end up in a press the new electronic waste plant in books or in rwanda has already processed lots of dead computers and they're aiming to boost their output the rwandan government has made recycling a priority it has gained a reputation in africa as a pioneer in the field of green technologies and has its own green climate fund. it provided financing for the waste processing plant the fund invests in both public and private projects that aim to develop a sustainable economy and rwanda was one of the first green funds that was set up in africa and rwanda was one of the first countries to be accredited by the green
7:43 pm
climate fund which is the international climate finance institution and really the fund is a demonstration of rwanda's commitment. to environmentally friendly development and the waste is a really tangible as a really tangible example of that and not all of the computers sent to the plant and being scrapped recycle components has so far been used to build some three hundred computers which were then donated to schools across the country the recycling plant certainly won't be short of work rwandans own some one point five million computers and one hundred fifty thousand t.v. sets the facility has already processed one hundred twenty tons of waste says project manager alleviate bera we have been doing and commissioning or the machines and so on so we have been able to collect. those one hundred twenty but in the next period that's where we envisage to call it
7:44 pm
a lot of funds it is. the waste facility doesn't just recycle scrap products it also creates jobs there are more than thirty collecting points in rwanda and that work stopped by some two hundred people and it's the public plays along then the recycling program could grow to create works one hundred small. one of the challenges is the. law and it's limited awareness people are not yet aware because it's a new facility and. there is more attachment on the queue many people don't want to do it is if it's a computer that you have been having from but it was too fast a computer to up on you don't want to go to it is it but it's it's very dangerous to keep also those. those materials. other companies are also on board they're interested in the role materials inside the computers like
7:45 pm
the copper in the cables and some electronic components or materials like plastic can also be reused or recycled the rwandan government is trying to boost computer usage this factory is response to the environmental impact of the digital economy. there's been more than a year since farmers in new south wales it all straight ahead seen a decent drop of rain dams across the area have completely dried up want to scare us and so is cattle feed baiting formats in a precarious situation. these cattle used to graze on rich green grass lands but after a year without rain the pasture looks like this farmers in australia's hunter valley are forced to hand feed their animals if they can because the ongoing drought has dried up dams and creeks the situation is growing increasingly desperate. it's very depressing to go out to a paddock and find that yet another cat has died. some farmers are even making the
7:46 pm
tough decision to kill cattle that have grown too weak others are offloading their animals at the region's cattle auction. there's only long term repercussions in this area because to get back. to the really significant in the past droughts have triggered assistance measures like transport subsidies from the new south wales states government but that's no longer the case. i don't think handouts but i think when you when you've done everything possible yourself and you try to drip your property by various nations and you still have many. with the soil growing dry every day farmers are left to fend for themselves and look out for their neighbors true relief can only come from above.
7:47 pm
all right now for a look at something that all us presidents have in common fail let's look at the range there be high and verrall at the national portrait gallery in washington now here for example here is george washington behind me he is of course america's first president as painted by rembrandt in that seven hundred ninety five filth coming up next we have abraham lincoln immortalized by george peter alexander healey eighty seven and of course more recently we have. john f. kennedy's portrayed by elaine de kooning demanding attention amongst all the other well i think we could say more sober presidential portraits so that all wall of presidents can you see anything else that they have in common plowright well of course they're all white well not any more barack obama is the first african american to have his poor traits in the galleries hall
7:48 pm
of presidents this image of the former first lady michelle obama will be on display nearby a couple of the first occupants of the white house to have their official portraits painted by black hawks ists barack obama's portrait iskander wiley is renowned for painting people of color in the style of the old masters he didn't follow all of obama's suggestions i tried to negotiate was greater. artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i asked. smaller ears. struck out on matters well. the artist says he was deeply moved by the experience of painting the former president this is our ability to say i matter i was here. the ability to be the first african-american painter to paint the first
7:49 pm
african-american president of the united states is absolutely overwhelming. former first lady michelle obama was painted by the black artist amy sheryl to michelle declared herself both honored and humbled. i'm also thinking about all the young people particularly girls and girls of color. who in years ahead will come to this place and they will look up and they will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the wall of this great american institution. the presidential portrait is a rite of passage for former u.s. leaders the images of the obama's have already attracted more attention than most. i would just three days until the opening of issues of birth international film
7:50 pm
festival. people have been camping out overnight to be first in line for tickets. cut and helps that from our culture desk as george mitchell talk us through it welcome carol so like it's a bit of hot films this year well there's obviously a few more top of the hot films i think there's too many to list just now but the really major highlights are probably going to be coming from directors who have made something of a splash at the berlin film festival in years past so people like american west and austin who in the festival back in two thousand and fourteen with the grand budapest hotel which you might have seen that actually went on to win the silver bear grand jury prize at the time so he's opening the festival again which is quite an event and he's kicking things off with a real first for berlin namely animated opening film. pile of dogs is set in a dystopian future japan due to
7:51 pm
a dangerous dog flu the canine population is rounded up and banished to trash island atari as a young boy whose dog is among those seats he goes to the island in search of his beloved pet spots it may be an unusual choice to open the belly nala with an animated film but festival director dieter kozluk says it was an easy one to make everything not a difficult decision to open up. best and that's in film and this is a very specific best and doesn't film and the main cost and the main stars are box i have to say the docs a lot of fun but also a serious story and i wouldn't say this is an i mean mation film of course it's and i'm asian for but it's the best and nothing from. another billion dollar favorite steven soderbergh will be screening his new film unsane which was shot exclusively on i phones in the psychological thriller a woman insists she's being followed but no one believes her when she ends up in
7:52 pm
a mental institution her stalker seems to be there to. just throw back. he's here or maybe it's all in my head. this is. also highly anticipated is seven days in entebbe the new film by the golden bear winning brazilian director josie. his new film is about the one nine hundred seventy six hijacking of an air france plane by german and palestinian terrorists given the director's reputation for high tension action pictures tickets first greetings are sure to sell out quickly. there we go. to the end of the. so lots of big names coming to
7:53 pm
town so for the star boxes just who's who's coming ok well no shortage of glamour bryan cranston of breaking bad things fans can look forward to him has been announced of the. french cinema is eventually pass going to be making an appearance robert pattinson also well known from twilight so there's going to be lots of action on the red carpet for the star spotters that's for sure and the already golden bear for lifetime achievement this year is going to american actor willem dafoe and his performances in in films like platoon or or mississippi burning we have a bit of a clip here remain unforgettable a brilliant career and the festival will have a retrospective showing many. of his major films and well into foes also in the running of currently for the oscar for best supporting actor for his film the florida project so this is a busy couple of weeks for him. smiling as you're told it will be for there on the stretcher spread out supporting if he's the green goblin but a lot of. green is going to go jesus you know last temptation of christ so he's got
7:54 pm
a very very low because he has already. here we are in germany that i was looking at this year for german films it's looking really good actually because we've got twenty four films in the competition section and four of those are actually from german directors so that's really quite a good number and there are of course german films in the other sections but transit is one that's highly awaited from the celebrated our shows director christian pet so he's a guy who had some loves to play with sort of the game of mistaken identity and so the story takes place in must say and it is about a young man who assumes the identity of a dead refugee a german actor playing the lead role there now for the nonce will go skin is thirty two he's also appearing in another one of the competition films called in the aisles and he will also be one of the betting on the shooting stars this year so we're going to be. a lot of this is a stepping stone for him absolutely now belinelli always very political you don't
7:55 pm
see about many laughs here there is some controversy brewing this all things have even got started and i think that was that was to be expected i mean obviously the need to movement has to be addressed it's on omnipresent in the film industry at the moment on the director detect like basically said that he felt the burning on organizers have been right all along to sort of be making diversity gender parity and tolerance kind of key values of the festival but it got a little bit of flak when they allowed a director in from south korea his name is. and they allowed one of his films to run although they knew that he was actually accused of sexual assault by one of his actresses in a recent film he's been acquitted by a court but i guess the decision to bring him in there when others actually were also turned away who were involved in some of the cases which has not quite so we're going to be saying a lot of you seeing a lot of them over the next few days later there's a lot of issues that we will be talking about that one certainly not going away
7:56 pm
feel very good that i would find that happens we will do it again here for now though and thank you for to it thank you have yourself a good day out we'll have more for you at the top of the hour.
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coke. rocket man coke is on a suicide mission for himself the u.s. president loves to ridicule him. but his missile test so cold for a long time kim jong un is testing the world's patience. pleasures turn dangerous all his weapons. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there it will be. with us our innovations magazine for any show so every week and always looking to the future.
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this is the deputy news live from bird lady president zuma ups the stakes in south africa's political showdown the ruling a.n.c. party tells him to go but the president says the not yet. also coming up germany's oldest political party the as piti looks set to decide on its first female leader a kenyan grand knowledges unify the deeply divided social democrats. at yesterday mackell saakashvili was dragged out of a restaurant and forcibly deported to poll.


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