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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 7:00am-8:00am CET

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this is the interview news live from berlin israel's prime minister facing possible corruption charges israeli police a very minute yahoo should be indicted on charges in two separate corruption cases linked to lavish gifts and media manipulation but he's hitting back saying the claims are baseless we'll get the latest from jerusalem also coming up. it's one year since the german turkish journalist as you joe was jailed in turkey and still there has been no indictment and no trial we'll take a look at how his case continues to affect relations between ankara and berlin.
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also on the show all change at the top of germany's social democrats this chairman martin scholz announces his immediate resignation he hopes his departure will revive this fractured party but it's already triggered a leadership battle we'll get some analysis. plus in case you didn't notice it's valentine's day but what if you don't have a special someone to celebrate with we'll talk to the top psychologist and look at a group of senior citizens in sweden who are combating loneliness with speed dating . plus the knockout stages of the champions league are underway and already there are plenty of surprises will tell you. about the round of sixteen and the best club football competition in the world.
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i'm brian thomas' a warm welcome to the show the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is future is in doubt this morning the country's police force is saying it has enough evidence to recommend he be charged with bribery fraud a breach of trust israel's turny general must now examine the police recommendation and decide whether to file charges and a live t.v. address netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing but remember lolo in my years as prime minister i have been subject to at least fifteen inquiries and investigations with the aim of toppling me from power to motion. those attempts resulted in nothing and this time too they will come to nothing. i'm sure it will really i will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully for as long as you know the citizens of israel jews me to lead you well the prime minister has
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been questioned a number of times over the past year and as a suspect in two separate corruption cases. israel's prime minister benjamin bibi netanyahu has held the post the ninety years but now his political future seems at best. for many months a special police unit has been investigating serious allegations against the prime minister these probes known to israelis as cases one and two thousand. case one thousand netanyahu and his family is suspected of accepting lavish gifts from business people and rich friends champagne cigars and other items with tens of thousands of israeli shekels in case two thousand and the prime minister allegedly trying to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper in order to receive more favorable coverage netanyahu has built his career on the image of mr security according to surveys he's still the favorite
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prime minister of many israelis but in the last few months some israelis have gone out to protest. it's now up to the attorney general to decide whether to follow the recommendations of the police netanyahu himself has denied all accusations and called the investigations a witch hunt against him and his family. so what are the next steps for netanyahu and for israeli prosecutors for more let's bring in did every is middle east correspondent tanya kramer tanya how strong is the evidence to get against that yahoo that's been handed over to the prosecutor's. well they sort of police things they've been working on this on these two cases whole most over a year and they're thinking to have a solid case against a prime minister so they say that the recommendations are for the prosecution now to indict the prime minister in the two cases that we heard and the reports in case
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one thousand pertained to that he allegedly had to beseech gifts from business wealthy businessmen and close friends as netanyahu family always says the spec close friends is but just friendships it's gifts and what is important here is that the police could establish a link that not only that they receive gifts in terms of champagne and jewelry cigars but also that he did something in return for example advancing the business of one of his partners they mentioned there to a business partners mentioned and also advancing some legislation case two thousand was a bit of a surprise because nobody thought that there will be a strong enough case but again he also. did police three commanded primary forward and priest of now it is up to the attorney general they will be looking at the evidence said was given by the police and they will have to decide to induct it and
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on which charges tanya this isn't just a question about benjamin netanyahu this is a question about israel's political culture and netanyahu succeeded a hood over his prime minister who himself went to prison on corruption charges what are israelis saying this morning. well it is a bit of addition ten years ago now almost there was the same drama cicotte it in both was st this is where the residence of the prime minister is and at that time also the then prime minister olmert said he doesn't want to step down he wants to continue to leave the country he eventually had to resign because one of his commission partners. didn't stay in the coalition saying they couldn't stay in with the prime minister who's on just suspicion of corruption and now he eventually was indicted and searched some prison time now whether the israelis will believe now mr netanyahu he's always saying he said that again immediately last night in an
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address to the public yet saying he wants to stay on and he repeated his month that there will be nothing because there is nothing but now there is something and people you know that he's politically also weakened so you have to wait and see how this food play out in the coming weeks talking crime with thanks so much for that from jerusalem this morning. now to some of the other stories making the news at this hour denmark's royal palaces prince and rick has died and wreckless the husband of the second the palace said he died late tuesday in a sleep having earlier been hospitalized along faction he was eighty three years old. the former guatemalan president. has been arrested in a corruption investigation and nearly his entire former cabinet was also detained prosecutors and the united nations any corruption body or looking into a public transit deal is
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a financial benefit public service. in new york a judge has sentenced a man convicted of planting bombs in downtown manhattan to life in prison plus thirty years. a naturalized u.s. citizen was captured on video depositing pressure cooker bombs in september twenty sixth seen no one was killed but thirty people were injured while it was exactly one year ago today that the german turkish journalist and his huge al was taken into custody by turkish authorities they're holding him on terrorism and espionage charges and yet there are still been no indictments no trial the german government is again calling for his release saying his the tension remains one of the biggest hurdles to improving relations with ankara. his colleagues in berlin are not giving up. they've been campaigning for dennis regions released since he was imprisoned a year ago the hash tag free ten is in place and on the roof of his newspaper's
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offices. hugely seen here on a talk show surely before his arrest because according to turkish authorities he's been held on suspicion of producing terrorist propaganda and incitement to hatred. but no charges have been brought and so far no court proceedings spent months in solitary confinement and has only recently been moved to a normal cell. the relationship between berlin and ankara has been tense for some time and is huge as imprisonment is a big point of contention between the two countries. to free a terrorist agent supposedly journalist who was hiding in a german consulate for months i told her we have a justice system and he'll be put on trial and won't be released before that. germany has managed to gain consular access to you but insists that detaining him
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without charge is a human rights violation. let us make no mistake it is not in accordance with rule of law if an executive in this case turk is executive pre-judge as an individual as has publicly done to dennis you tell me then is. dennis you jealous one of dozens of journalists currently being held in turkish prisons reporters without borders ranked turkey one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty countries in last year's world press freedom index interviews during jones has been following the story from the very beginning he joins us now from istanbul dorian what can you tell us about this huge oil and the conditions of his imprisonment. well it's been very difficult for much of the year he's been held in solitary confinement in a room for sixteen square metres he spoke spoke to us in the statements to his
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lawyers he described as almost torture only thing he could see through the window was a brick wall but now he has been now put into the general circulation he is now able to have contact with of the prisoners but undoubtedly this is being extremely difficult year for dinner and the fact that he knows he has no idea when this particular will end during other german citizens also arrest the roughly at the same time on political charges of now been freed what's different about the you. what i think is for several factors one is that the turkish president. has personally singled him out at the time of his attention even labeled him as a spy and he made it clear that he would never leave turkey while the president remained in office has certainly raised the stakes also the
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ok we've we've lost our connection to dorian jones in istanbul we're going to move on to other news we'll see. later in this program again. coming up in the show is martin scholtz resigns germy social democrats and doors and ryan also has a party leader what can she do for our very fractured social democratic party. both and all about cash in kuwait mark is here now with the latest from an international fund raising conference for iraq right brian iraq is open for investors that is the message officials up pushing at an international donors conference currently underway in kuwait iraq is hoping to lure major investment
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from its allies aimed at restructuring the country after decades of conflict the united states has already pledged a loan was three billion dollars from ex-im bank but that's only a fraction off what is needed numerous iraqi cities were reduced to rubble in the war against islamic state it will take time and lots of money to breathe life back into iraq rebuilding a country that looks like this doesn't come cheap iraq estimates the cost that close to ninety billion dollars and these are some of the people the iraqi government hopes will help finance it high ranking officials from the world of politics and business here to find out what part they might play in the reconstruction of the country. the government is offering projects in almost every sector of the economy including the energy industry. seem in
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c.e.o. joe kayser told d.w. his company is renovating for power plants and that securing electricity is iraq's biggest challenge at the moment. and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson announced a three billion dollar loan from ex-im bank to help the country rebuild the funds that we've announced that we've already committed in the additional money that we announced today there were are committing are all around the stabilization in iraq and syria this is the first step that then provide the conditions for reconstruction. we have to restore the basic utilities and keep the area safe and secure in order for reconstruction to begin the conference is taking place two months after the country declared victory over the so-called islamic state it's an achievement the government is hoping will convince international businesses that now is the time to invest in the country earlier in the day tillerson laid
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a wreath at the gulf war memorial a reminder of just one conflict iraq is hoping to leave behind as a braces itself for what it hopes will be a more prosperous future. for more on the rebuilding efforts in iraq and what role did the companies are playing check out our web site it's t w dot com slash business way you can also find the entire interview with siemens c.e.o. joe case at. well how about free public transport well the german government is promoting just that radical solution to cut down on air pollution the idea is to get people to leave their cars at home and take a train to work a letter to the european union's environmental regulator laid out the plans to test it on five cities germany is facing fines from brussels for not doing enough to reduce emissions to meet standards. the scheme
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anticipates making public transport free and testing it in five cities but transport companies say they are skeptical about the plan because it is unclear who will pay for the extra vehicles to handle the rush of new passengers there could be other problems too this is something that has been tried and tested in other cities around the world melbourne for instance but also in tallinn and there's sometimes there was the hope that more people would basically leave their car at home because also what some of those examples did show is that people are also reluctance to leave that comfort zone of their own car behind but if it's for free certainly here and really there's a broad wide expectation that people would go for it germany does not have too many other options big cities have emission levels that have exceeded the e.u. limits for years if the european commission believes germany continues to ignore the problem it will decide next month about prosecuting germany at the european
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court of justice. it's been more than a year since pharmacy new south wales and australia have seen a decent drop of rain dams across the area have completely dried up water is scarce and so is cattle feed leaving farmers in a precarious situation. these cattle used to graze on rich green grasslands but after a year without rain the pasture looks like this farmers in australia's hunter valley are forced to hand feed their animals if they can because the ongoing drought has dried up dams and creeks the situation is growing increasingly desperate. it's very depressing to go out to a paddock and find yet another cat. some farmers or even making the tough decision to kill cattle that have grown too weak others are offloading their animals at the region's capital auctions. there's going to be long term repercussions in this area
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because to get back in is. really significant in the past droughts have triggered assistance measures like transport subsidies from the new south wales state government but that's no longer the case. i don't think handouts but i think when you when you've done everything possible yourself and. your property. and you still can't manage. with the soil growing draw every day farmers are left to fend for themselves and look out for their neighbors true relief can only come from above. two isn't europe now way a political drama quite a we had one actually is unfolding it is continuing monica train opposition leader mikhail saakashvili says he will continue his fight against corruption and rally people against the country's authorities that despite being deported on monday he
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was dragged out of kiev restaurant forcibly detained and sent to poland his lawyer says he was kidnapped. a day after his deportation to poland saakashvili remains defiant speaking to deal to keep up pressure on ukrainian authorities and called on western governments to confront officials he accuses of corruption head on. here message. that in ukraine there are mixed opinions about the former georgian president. really didn't do anything good in ukraine anyway he would destabilize the situation in georgia he didn't do anything good. that the police acted in
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a bad manner but at the same time saakashvili should return to where his roots are and ask questions there. i'm starting to see. that he's a man capable of breaking the backbone of our corrupt government he was deported because they're afraid of him. officials say this surveillance footage shows the moment border police detained saakashvili at a kiev restaurant on monday he was then flown to warsaw authorities say he was residing in ukraine illegally after being stripped of his citizenship in july. really had been a friend of president petro poroshenko arriving in ukraine as his advisor in two thousand and fourteen he became a ukrainian citizen and was picked by poor chicago as governor of the odessa region but saakashvili later turned into a fierce critic of the government and anti corruption campaigner in poland saakashvili said he would find a way to return to fight against what he called the nation's corrupt elites.
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while here in germany the country's second biggest party the center left social democrats are. shortly ahead of a crucial vote on a new coalition deal which passed all americans conservatives party chair martin scholz has officially resigned now a move he hoped would help calm tensions bought his plans to install as a successor at a snag with party members accusing him of breaching protocol now that has triggered a leadership battle and the outcome is anything but clear. martin short sleeve same tea handed just a week ago it looked like he would become foreign minister in america's new government now he's given up that in bishan as well as he espied leadership and i'm not so much the only people to have given up my s.p.d. post in any position in the future government because i want to help end the debate
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about individual members of the party so members can focus on the coalition agreement. s.p.d. members will vote on the coalition deal between the social democrats and conservatives in the coming weeks supporters of a new coalition worry that all the party infighting could hurt the deals chances are they hope this woman under the analysis could now reassure the rank and file and help rejuvenate the party she's been endorsed to show successor but the party won't formally elect a new leader until april special conference. committees if i'm told to the end i want to take on this issue it's a responsibility to the country because i will endorse entering that grand coalition. i will campaign for it and do everything i can to make. finding this out killing it. scholz shot to the top of the s.p.d.
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just a year ago but since then his popularity has hit rock bottom. but come on wouldn't admit of course you get hurt but time heals all wounds and i'm sure the social democratic party will get back to its form a strength in government with and to nonis at the top and with the members support in the fullness can you know so i was not cuffed so we couldn't understand nala says until march to convince the s.p.d. four hundred sixty thousand members to approve the grand coalition with merkel's conservatives. like us. there's a lot of convincing to do our political correspondent nina hawza joins us now in the studio good morning nina can you walk us through the events of yesterday unbelievable s.p.v. meeting it is quite astonishing brian just before the meeting we actually had a few notes from leading s.p.d. members who said no problem and then others will become the new party chairwoman
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we're fairly convinced and then at me saying we saw that actually party leadership seem to have bowed to the pressure in the rank and file that had been building up not just in the last week of amongst you must say that martin shows and on this have both underestimated chrysis criticism within their own party and so yesterday and this was nominated as the designated challenger in off the party but she will have to be elected formally at the s.p.d. party conference in april and the man who is now going to be leading the party as an acting tat person is all off sides who's the matter of him yes we were looking at andrea's becoming the first woman in one hundred fifty years to head the s.p. day the party is an incredible disarray why what's happened i think you have to really look back at what's happened in this last year you really have to look at
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the elections in september where martin shows who was once the hero of the s.p.d. have been elected with one hundred percent support after they failed to win enough votes after a disastrous result in the federal elections in september much in shows that i will not enter a government with until america and i will not become a minister so now he's broken two promises essentially he then has to convince his party that basically they will do both the fat that a they will enter a grand coalition with angela merkel and b. he wanted to become a minister and that just appears to have been too. much for the party rank and for the party's rank and file who then put up pressure on the leadership to stick to promise is and we've got a really massive movement that is still campaigning against a grand coalition with uncle matt ok let's take a listen now to one hundred miles had to say about the challenges of potentially becoming the first woman to head the s.p.d.m.
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one hundred fifty years or so give it a listen. mind afforded to him i want to express my joy about the high level of support i received today in the party executive. it's a duty that i now want to carry out. its a responsibility for our country because i will endorse entering the grand coalition i will campaign for this and do everything i can to make it wack for the finding. and will the decision to to nominate. is nominated now to be the head that votes coming up in in april is that going to ease the tensions in the s.p.d. or make things worse well yesterday leadership had promised its rank and file that they would be able to vote on the grand coalition dio actually brian the deal was really good for the s.p.d. we saw last week they took away three important ministries they had a lot of policies that they pushed through in the negotiations with the
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conservatives but they've said ok rank and file you get to vote on whether or not we want to go into government so the fate of and they are not as well depends on whether or not the parties francophile say yes to the grand coalition deal on march the fourth ok we'll know more in march what what about more broadly how are germans responding to this projected search for a new government but it certainly hasn't helped restore faith in minnie's traditional parties you said the s.p.d. is germany's oldest party one that is proud of its tradition etc but it is in a downward spiral one must say not only since martin shows and at this stage but definitely he hasn't helped germans only at current rates give sixteen would give sixteen percent of the vote to the s.p.d. in a sort of low for the party a historic low almost close to the a d.
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which has entered the political stage which ended a few years ago but that and its parliament for the first time in september nina thanks very much for all those insights this morning. well we have more news straight ahead here on. live from biloxi. on this fifth has been pepped up. after a facelift it's now a snapping city car. and here it is along all you say klaus kinski and jam packed with high tech the babies band says new standards for compaq's. trying to get sixty minutes of.
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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something new in peace time do what. if tolerance and reconciliation or just in the. cities. starting march tenth. welcome again this is date of you news live from berlin our top stories at this hour israeli police are recommending that prosecutors charge prime minister benjamin netanyahu with bribery and breach of trust in a live t.v. address he's the night any wrongdoing. and germany has renewed calls for the release of german turkish journalist and he. has been held without trial for a year now by turkish authorities on terrorism related charges.
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in kenya opposition groups are choosing the government of cracking down on the press and trying to stifle dissent after a contested presidential election opposition leader raul odinga staged a mock and all duration of himself as president and the government closed down t.v. stations planning to air that event now most are now back on air but as catherine amano reports the political crisis is far from over. for a little over a week katie and m.t.v. and citizen t.v. will be pulled off from pay t.v. platforms by the kenyan government the crime giving opposition leader rhino ding at time there was verbal instruction that media houses should not like that event and as editors we felt that some of the root tech how about that is an editor does it it was a decision that cost the outlets millions in losses the secretary general of the ruling party rafael today defended the switch off he said the media have
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a history of stookey tension it is work in progress and all of us have a role to play but in the heat of the political process you know all caution is that we don't become part of the excitement we become part and parcel of propagating. ethnic polarization. reports indicate that a section of the kenyan media helped fuel violence that erupted following disputed elections in two thousand and seven. t.v. stations and incendiary political ads and broadcast hate speech over one thousand people were killed. during the election in two thousand and thirteen the media tuned down their content but some say they pleaded to see if and in doing so lost their credibility but is turned if the team was informed heavily by what had transpired in twenty zero seven two thousand and seven the country broke down to pieces basically and the media had to be more careful there was
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a lot of cant to can buy it it was a media houses not to be the key go whatever may go wrong about the election since two thousand and thirteen the kenyan media has been trying to regain the trust of their audience but it would seem that mistakes of the pos continue to haunt it some accuse the government of exploiting the media's credibility crisis to dictate what outlets should report on the ruling party rejects that accusation. i don't think is about controlling information i think support professional conduct but all of us. one media house is sued the kenyan government is encouraging the nine day switch off many feel the fight between the media and government is far from over especially in light of the un result political crisis in kenya. is that fight over catherine along with that report together for us joins us now from the kenyan capital nairobi good morning catherine what are people saying right now
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about the media about the government's decision to close down t.v. stations saying media reports lead to violence. well it is it's a move that hasn't been received well by a majority of kenyans and also kenyans who support the ruling party and the government they say that it was a move that was a bit too brazen and reminded them of the ninety's but then you have a section who say that this is not a surprising move by the government since two thousand and thirteen when the government came into power this there seems to be have been systematic attempts to weaken the media over the last couple of years and you know why is ryan. continuing to refuse to accept president. as the legitimate head of government.
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well according to the opposition leader right he won the election on august eighth that was the first election that kenya had in two thousand and seventeen according to information that he has he says that he won by eight million and president who can yet you know took about seven million votes. this this has not been supported or substance tooted by the electoral commission we went into a second election which he boycotted and we saw a really reduced number of voters going into the voting polls and he insists that there has to be a lecturer justice in this country for this country to actually move forward. electoral justice is one of the reasons why kenya went into the post-election violence in two thousand and seven so there is a feeling not just for him but a majority of kenyans who feel that there has to be some end to the political crisis that kenya seems to have every five years ok the worsening backers of can you have been sending on voice or nairobi they've been sounding out on this
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including those from the u.s. and britain and they're calling on the day to drop his opposition are they likely to to achieve that goal. i don't think they are likely to achieve that goal in the sense that right loading over the past couple of months has specifically towards the west to step out or to not get involved in this particular issue we have to look at the fact that who kenyatta and william ruto were you know i see suspect and during that time they were very defendant or defending of you know domestic politics so it feels like a rock and a hard place for diplomats to actually say something and actually have something that they say listen to katherine i'm on those thanks so much for your report catherine and for joining us this morning with those insights
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overstaying in africa in the south african police have raided the home of the family wealthy friends of president jacob zuma the raid comes as part of an investigation into influence peddling allegations in the government the family and zuma are both denying any wrongdoing zuma is later expected today to respond to a recall order issued on tuesday by the governing a and c. the a.n.c. has threatened to use parliament to remove zuma from office if he refuses to resign but it has not given a deadline for his removal. well for many around the world today it's a day of love and affection as millions mark valentine's day but what about the growing number of people especially among the older really in western countries and suffer deeply from feelings of isolation we'll talk about that a bit more with psychiatry in a moment but first we have a look at how one group of seniors in sweden is trying to make loneliness
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a thing of the past. oh my god. hello everyone i know i have seven minutes with each person. and i'm setting the timer to say oh oh. seven minutes not a lot of time to win someone over but maybe enough for first impressions. this is speed dating for senior citizens. the limited time frame for each conversation means there's no time to be shy. mahseer madness of the cult when you see how eager people are to converse with each other so you hope to want to meet up again sometime oh that's what we're after. everyone wants that. when the time's up some of the speed gators are surprised how
7:39 am
much they've revealed in seven minutes. or more of. it was really easy to engage in conversation that's not what i expected so. it was wonderful. time for another round it goes by pretty quickly. soon it's time for some refreshments flirting can stimulate more than one kind of appetite bringing people together like this is no small matter more than half the homes in sweden are single person households many elderly swedes find themselves alone if their children live far away and friends die i hope my son so it's not easy to make new friends once you've reached a certain age. and it's hard to break into existing groups only have to select the three or the a walk so it finding a man a partner is
7:40 am
a problem. especially finding one who doesn't just want you to cook for him so are you a rock i'm not a star it's. seen your speed dating is not necessarily about finding a sweetheart for many here making new friends would suffice. women outnumber men here by a big margin. over the course of the session the new becomes lively and people let their guard down some admit they're out of practice conversing with others. of their national after my wife died i lost all the friends we had in common. a few friends i still had said they would get in touch but they never did. the speed dating takes place once a month. there could have been blood and her
7:41 am
friends post the gathering. she raised four children on her own. they've long since left home and they're going to says she's fortunate to have her new friends. it's no fun growing older in isolation. good. stuff going for it can tell you how people meet up because that's how we got to know each other right off how was a good read on it. but it's ok it's ok it was really nice. i was only here a couple of times the other ladies were part of the package so to speak but. now they keep in touch all the time they say that's much better than sinking into a dark and lonely thoughts. they often meet for coffee and find solace in each other's company. especially since they've all lost members
7:42 am
of their own families. or normal good for. some of my friends and acquaintances died much too young and. it's very sad. and some recently i've been feeling very lonely. i loved meeting like this through. a recent survey suggests nearly fifteen percent of elderly swedish women have no friends and for elderly men the rate is twice as high. with a little luck the speed daters find others with similar interests or hobbies but first they have to engage in conversation that's the key to bringing people together. in the n.t. and it was very nice it turns out we're both interested in electronics.
7:43 am
then he gives her his phone number. they plan to talk again soon or maybe they'll become friends. then this afternoon's meeting will have been well worth the effort. or as a good morning thanks for being with us good morning daryn thanks for having me on do you get a lot of people battling loneliness oh yes it's growing it's really a growing problem especially in the larger cities but also in the rural countryside and these pay people are suffering mostly from you know low mood and even clinical depression those people who just don't have the chance to talk to anybody during the course of the day so it's all about talking to people it's a lot more lead to share feelings exactly to tear feelings and thoughts to to engage to feel in somehow connected to somebody and the effects are not just
7:44 am
psychological they're also physical oh yes we know that for a long time now that you have the physical effects of high blood pressure which might lead to strokes and heart attacks. if they have more of inflammation in the body which then can hasten the development of. decline so there's a real. ical effects of loneliness normally in us is not only a feeling it is also a physical condition if you will know this is something that mainly effects the elderly older people as we saw in our report are or does it affect the young as well well it effects both groups but the young since they are mostly going either to school or to have working they have more of a chance during every day life to engage in conversations to meet people which is might not be true for elderly care what's behind this it's social this is the
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breakdown of the family you know how we live in cities was spotless well a bit of everything i would say first of all we don't have the large families anymore then families are scattered apart you know all over the country zero are countries even and so we don't have the big houses anymore we can where we can live together we have tiny little apartments one or two bedroom apartments where we live in little boxes especially in the cities and so that's promotes of course some sense or some that promotes loneliness a because it's valentine's day where you have to talk about expectations or expectations too high that relationships should deliver so much well we have this. i think crazy notion of that we always have to be in a romantic relationship that we always have to be perpetually.
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infatuated have that rush of love i mean that is not what what that's not realistic it's a teenage expectation a teenager carried over into action exactly and sometimes it even feels you know ridiculous when older or mature people try to engage in the whole dating game and everything it's in them with sure relationship or in mature people it's not about that infatuation romantic kind of of of relationship you want companionship you want some what will do what you may call like deeply love that you really rely on somebody that you know you can rely on somebody something like that what are some of the ways that people can to move out of loneliness well i think for example even especially in the elderly social media could help and we are now having a generation of elderly who do know how to use smartphones so that could help but
7:47 am
they have to get out leave the house physically house physically and connect with other human being that's ok thanks very much and there's so much more we could talk about hopefully we will have an opportunity some point that's the head of psychiatry in psychotherapy at the insurance a hospital is a hoarder thank you very much you're welcome and we're staying with valentine's day we're taking a closer look at relationships in the way they're changing in the twenty first century in our next report we meet an indian man who moved to germany and we're seeing now how he deals with being so far away from his wife who stayed behind. anyway self-love flights to inner cities every temporary fourteenth get spawn time stay again. mohan rashness never really cared about it but since he moved to germany thanks left changed. his day off for months and more than any other day and his wife's thousands of kilometers away from him in tonight india. actually
7:48 am
been she was for one month with my daughter we were like walking in many places we were doing shopping so i know what i go want to displease us. oh she a hoe existed she was every day in my truck says sharon yeah and their three year old daughter on the phone. or. i could see maya. it has been four months now that they have seen each other in person. because you know you. know
7:49 am
hanging up a cell was hard because one time. the most i don't want to discuss the call. but we have to do it. wanted to be with me. one hundred. have known each other for nineteen years now they got married eight years ago and then moderates moved to germany for studies in twenty fifteen he had to leave his family behind he now has to find a job before they can churn him accomplice not the only one suffering on valentine's day. more than one eighth of all expats in a relationship have a long distance relationship a recent study says and one fifth of them said they're not happy loving landis dense in comparison only five percent of couples who share their daily lives together said they're not happy indian cuisine remind smile on rush of his daily life with his family. but sometimes. this
7:50 am
is exactly my wife's who disappeared so it's ok sometimes. she cooked but still he hopes to find a job soon so his family can charm him in a couple of months. it's still the winter olympics now the man they call the flying tomato is done it again in the mountains of the winter olympics so border sean why its final run in snowboarding competition was just enough to propel him past two much younger rivals to win gold white also won in two thousand and six and two thousand and ten but he missed the podium completely and salty now the american a sturdy one years old and once again at the top. well in football the champions league knockout stages underway to tell us more about last
7:51 am
night's results on joined by jonathan crane from the sports jonathan what's it look like it's looking very exciting brian this is when the competition really starts their hearts out for taking place this week for more next week that includes by munich's clash with basic tasks but it was a. whose side stole the headlines last night ok they did didn't they in manchester city one four nil in basel just how good were they i think for the rivals in this competition scarily good because this game was pretty much over badly of course for the way in a month since the city were three. about twenty three minutes three goals in the space of nine minutes now a basel a no slouch is in the champions league their opponents they actually beat manchester united the city's great rivals of course in the group stage but city just. barely got a sniff of the ball last night manchester city so ruthless in attack. agrarian
7:52 am
getting amongst the goals and good news for the german national team because. i got a brace now going to gun missed much of last season through injury his coach. praised him off the match and said it was good to see him getting back into the side manchester city could feasibly got a core drupal this season three domestic trophies and the champions league or is trying to play that down the best so far ahead in the premier league you wouldn't bet against them doing that clean that's a lot of hardwares and i mean you know there's another english side the action last night but they didn't have an easy time of the day they did and they were playing eventis ensuring and. got off to a disastrous start because events just want to know up inside the first ten minutes comes other it grain with both the go with and against the side events has probably would have run away with it from that but credit to spasm and see a pretty no they're really really tough side and decent actually for the last. two months harry came pulled one back just before halftime and it wayne missed the
7:53 am
penalty which really then could have prevented further head came back off the crossbar not surprising if not for about two of europe's prospects two great strikers and then christian erickson in the second half equalized the spreads they really dug their heels in crucially they've got to wake up with that effectively adds an extra goal on top so they really are now the favorites going into the second leg in london ok this is a big game tonight real madrid will be locking horns with paris on jermaine in the first leg of their champions league tie much of the media attention is focused on whether p.s. most prized asset neymar will eventually make a sensational move to the spanish club let's let's take a look. neymar was the most expensive player of all time when paris sanjay man signed him from barcelona last august it's no secret real madrid have had their eye on the forward ever since he was thirteen and they still interested in bringing the brazilian to the spanish capital despite him scoring twenty eight goals in all
7:54 am
competitions this season he hasn't always been happy in paris but for now he and his team mates refocused on stopping ralph from winning a third straight champions league title. historically with twelve titles but they've made a trajectory that we all admire and we want to get to that level you know it's an opportunity to show where we are and where our progress can take us. down the first coach to ever successfully defend the champions league trophy star studded madrid. last season but now he signed a seventeen points behind league leaders. and the coach finds himself on the hot seat still he's not letting that into a distraction. what i can control is what we're going to do on the pitch we're just going to prepare a good match and play well. for. success in the champions league for real madrid
7:55 am
would go a long way towards guaranteeing job security facility and sit down. johnson this promises to be a fascinating clash how do you see it going to real big interesting story lines for this one firstly neymar who's constantly been linked with the need tents the fights its two hundred twenty two million euro move in the summer and then. under pressure area chief so much last season how we could deal with a name in his side right now i think this one is going to be close tonight i can see a draw but i do feel powerless as probably have the edge over the two sides a draw or an edge for persons or they will be watching very closely johnson crane thanks very much your line in our top story at this hour here. zeller police are recommending that prosecutors charge prime minister benjamin netanyahu with a bribery and bridges crossing a live t.v. address is denied any wrongdoing. we have more on these and other
7:56 am
stories or website w dot com for now though from all of us here in berlin thanks so much for being with us.
7:57 am
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this is deja vu news live from berlin is it game over for israel's prime minister israeli police say benjamin netanyahu should be indicted on charges in two separate corruption cases but he's sitting back saying the claims are baseless we'll get the latest from jerusalem also coming up. it is exactly one year since german turkish journalist that is huge oil was jailed in turkey and still there's been no indictment and no trial we'll take a look at how his case continues to affect relations between.


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