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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is the news live from berlin the corruption probe surrounding south africa's embattled leader deepens police in south africa raided the home of a prominent business family at the heart of the scandals involving president jacob zuma that as zuma fuels expectations that his resignation could be eminent. israeli police say benjamin netanyahu should be indicted on charges in two separate corruption cases but the prime minister is hitting back saying the claims are
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baseless we'll get the latest from jerusalem. and it is exactly one year since the german turkish journalist done as you joel was jailed in turkey and still there's been no indictment and no trial we'll take a look at how this case continues to affect relations between ankara and berlin. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show south african police have arrested three people in raids on a business family with close ties to president jacob zuma and now the raids on a number of properties in johannesburg included this compound belonging to the group the family there accused of corruption links with the embattled president both sides now deny any wrongdoing the raids come just a day after the governing a.n.c. demanded that president zuma step down from office.
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our correspondent christine manuel joins us now in the studio for more good morning christine can you tell us something about the gupta family and why police really raided not only the family home but a number of other of their locations. because of the fact that the glimpses all closely related to the president all closely linked to the president for example one of the president's son is a serious business partner to the protests there have been allegations in reports and also in the public domain that the good times have access to state funds to state resources because of their proximity to the president now there has been an ongoing probe into that various civil cases of corruption which allude to the fact that they've got access to state funds because of their proximity to the president now we understand that this morning those raids are tied to that one of them specifically having to do with a dairy farm project when money that was meant to go to black farmers was siphoned
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into a concert belonging to the group has so we understand that several occasions of being raided city and the hawks have alluded to the fact that there is going to be a high profile arrest later today we understand that one of the brothers has been taken in and other family members are going to have themselves over voluntarily what does it look like does it look like police are gathering evidence to move forward with their corruption charges possible charges this probe against the president does this is exactly what this is the state capture probe was launched a few months ago off to for example civil m.p.'s came out and said we received telephone calls from the group was being offered cabinet positions if we will willing to sign off and said deals and give their companies certain lucrative government contracts and so there has been a pending investigation and we know that the hawks have been looking into this matter but the timing is all very interesting and now that the a.n.c. has recalled president jacob zuma the hawks have moved on to carry out these raids in a very dramatic fashion so to say people are thinking that this has to do with the
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fact that prison. if it is it essentially does not have the power to protect the groups of family anymore hence the hawks have gone ahead to to carry out these three it is all about the timing of these raids now the a.n.c. has called on president zuma to step down and we're going to go to some live pictures in south africa right now where he is expected to address the press sometime today you know christine with the a.n.c. calling on zuma to step down was that a number of days ago we saw or heard from him is he going to do so we were made to understand e.s.a. when the a.n.c. told the public that they have recalled the president that the president had any effect a breach to resign the issue was when he was going to do so he went as far as saying we didn't give him a deadline but we expect that he will do the right thing today we will hear from president jacob zuma on when he's going to resign so there isn't an issue of if he's going to resign according to the a.n.c. secretary general statement yesterday ok that's according to the yesterday what if
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he fails to resign what happens then if he doesn't resign remember the recording has been done through a party structure and he does not have to abide by this he's not bound to do so constitutionally so if he refuses to resign and it's very much possible that he will do that then the a.n.c. has to do this through the constitution and the only way they can do that is through parliament they can either opt for an impeachment which takes long and is difficult to to to get through all they will go for a motion of no confidence and that's more than likely way agency in these will effectively be instructed by the party to table a motion of no confidence against the president it will get the backing the a.n.c. has the numbers in parliament but we can almost decision that certain opposition parties would support that too and then in that instance it's not his decision on whether he wants to resign the constitution obliges him to do so ok so you're saying there is a likelihood that he will do so in the coming hours as we are looking at that location in johannesburg where he's expected to do that ok christine manuel thanks
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very much for that. it's to israel now where prime minister benjamin netanyahu is future is very much in doubt this morning police say there's enough evidence for him to be charged with bribery fraud breach of trust israel's attorney general must now examine the police recommendation and decide whether or not to file charges in a live televised address netanyahu denied any wrongdoing. in my years as prime minister i have been subject to at least fifteen inquiries and investigations with the aim of toppling me from power the motion to those attempts resulted in nothing and this time too they will come to nothing. i'm sure it will really i will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully for as long as you the citizens of israel choose me to lead you well the prime minister has
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been questioned a number of times over the past year and as a suspect in two separate corruption cases. israel's prime minister benjamin bibi netanyahu he's held the post fanaa and years but now his political future has seemed the best. for many months a special police unit has been investigating serious allegations against the prime minister these probes known to israelis as cases one and two thousand case one thousand netanyahu and his family is suspected of accepting lavish gifts from business people and rich friends champagne cigars and other items worth tens of thousands of israeli shekels in case two thousand the prime minister allegedly tried to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper in order to receive more favorable coverage netanyahu has built his career on the image of mr security according to surveys he's still the favorite
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prime minister of many israelis but in the last few months some israelis have gone out to protest. it's now up to the attorney general to decide whether to follow the recommendations of the police netanyahu himself has denied all accusations and called the investigations a witch hunt against him and his family. so what are the next steps for netanyahu and for israeli prosecutors for more let's bring in did obvious middle east correspondent tanya kramer tanya how strong is the evidence against netanyahu that's been have it over to prosecutors. well that called the police and they say they have a son it evidence but now it's in the hands of the attorney general and his team to look at this evidence and then to decide whether to file the indictments against the prime minister and also on what charges and that could take really some months
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some could be a very lengthy process what people are looking at you know his father what's happening on the political arena right now now last night when the recommendations have published the opposition already cold for mr prime minister netanyahu to resign because he has a lot of support from his only could ministers saying this is just a move to oust the prime minister that you can whence a fine saying this is a coup but what really matters now are his coalition partners two ministers in his government coalition they have said in the father recommendations for a popular state they were wait what the attorney general decides but they will look at this very closely and we'll see whether they have to leave this ship that before it saying so whether they will stay on this coalition ok this is also an issue of israeli political culture isn't it netanyahu succeeded a who overheard as prime minister whom self went to prison on corruption charges is
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this a case of political deja vu for israelis. i think for many it's very it's a bit like that it's a dish a real although it was expected because these and you see geisha have been ongoing for over a year but they remember very well that also then prime minister you had all much less addressing the public saying he wanted to stay on your bench he had to resign and was indicted and later also served as some time in prison but what's very ironic here and some of the israelis have been talking about that is that at the time netanyahu was in the opposition then had also criticized prime minister olmert that he couldn't stay on as a prime minister that he should resign so now he's in the same position and these so those israelis who would like him mother to leave his post they remember that time very well can netanyahu and will he continue on as the nation's leader while the case against them moves forward. well i think the israelis hear that too
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can could simplify it that way i mean that those few of you saw it in the report they have been going out to protest they wanted to speed up these investigations and really put pressure on the attorney general to move forward they are the ones that want to see the had enough they're fed up with prime minister netanyahu they have been always scandalous around his family and they say enough is enough he should leave but he also has a huge support still within his coalition is quite stable coalition. in his fighting government and people would like him to stay with us one of their favorite prime ministers so i think he is certainly politically weakened by now it will matter what happens in the coming days and weeks. but this will decide certainly his political future talking kramer thanks very much for that tanya from jerusalem . now for some of the other stories making the news today denmark's royal palaces
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prince henry has died and rick was the husband of crete the queen margaret the second the power said he died late tuesday in his sleep having earlier been hospitalized with a long infection he was eighty three years old. termes social democratic party is in turmoil after party leader martin scholtz stepped down amid the moves there was a coalition deal which answer all americans conservatives into doubt after almost five months without a new government in the country and all us has received the official endorsement of the party's executive but still needs approval from the party membership. was exactly one year ago today that the german turkish journalist and as you joe was taken into custody by turkish authorities they've been holding him on terrorism and espionage charges and yet there's still been no indictment and no trial human rights groups say the charges are politically motivated the german government says you chose detention remains one of the biggest hurdles to improving relations with ankara and has renewed calls for his release. his colleagues in berlin are
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not giving up. as they've been campaigning for dennis regents release since he was imprisoned a year ago. the hash tag free ten is in place and on the roof of his newspaper's offices. hugely seen here on a talk show is surely before his arrest because according to turkish authorities he's been held on suspicion of producing terrorist propaganda and incitement to hatred. but no charges have been brought and so far no court proceedings he just spent months in solitary confinement and has only recently been moved to a normal cell. the relationship between berlin and ankara has been tense for some time and is huge as imprisonment is a big point of contention between the two countries. america wants us to free a terrorist agent supposedly journalist who was hiding in a german consulate for
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a month i told her we have a justice system and he'll be put on trial and won't be released before that. germany has managed to gain consular access to you but insists that detaining him without charge is a human rights violation. let us make no mistake it is not in accordance with rule of law if an executive in this case turk is executive pre-judge as an individual as has publicly done to dennis you jel then is. dennis you jealous one of dozens of journalists currently being held in turkish prisons reporters without borders ranked turkey one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty countries in last year's world press freedom index. well before we go america has a new top dog the champion of the westminster dog show in new york is a fluffy pup named flynn he's
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a purebred. triumphed over the other finalist after nearly four hours of competitions a tough run for him this year's westminster show included nearly three thousand dogs from the united states and around the world. that's your thanks so much for being with us. the whole g.w. . for global insights. for local heroes. made for mines.


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