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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2018 1:02am-1:31am CET

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the. south african president jacob zuma resigns effective immediately after nine scandal plagued years in power the nation appears poised for a leadership transition i'm sara kelly in berlin this is the day. with. no way but out under massive pressure from his own party and facing a no confidence vote in parliament south african president jacob zuma announces that he will step down the leadership crisis in one of africa's biggest economies appears to be over we will look at what could come back. south africa's president jacob zuma has announced his resignation he made the
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announcement in a televised address to the people of south africa on wednesday night the move coming after an order by his a.n.c. party to resign by the end of the day or face a no confidence vote in parliament who will fill the power vacuum now that zuma is leaving and can his successor clean up after nine years of persistent corruption allegations more on that in just a moment first let's listen in to what zuma has to say i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president or for the public with immediate effect. for more let's bring christine one who joins us from more departure so christine what comes now because i mean when we look at zuma he was really a larger than life politician there's certainly quite
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a big power vacuum to fill the city in fact he was dubbed by the media the to front president on many occasions useful for instance the opposition table motions of no confidence in proceedings against the president all of which he survived at least seven of them now what happens is the procedure that needs to take place is he has to officially give the parliamentary speaker he's resignation that has to be followed by the resignation of all of the ministers and defeated ministers in his cabinet now the deputy president takes over and the national assembly that is parliament has thirty days to elect a new president now we've listened to the a.n.c. parliamentary caucus this morning they want to move quickly they're not going to wait thirty days we expect that tomorrow the parliament was supposed to sit for example to debase a motion of no confidence against present to the head you not resigned that will probably be changed to the procedure off electing
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a new president we understand that the country's chief justice is available and. who is the deputy president could potentially be sworn in tomorrow it seems as if everything is in place for a successor but do you think that the political drama is really over. judging by. there is a lot going on in terms of the project think what a lot of people will be looking at is how this is going to lead the a.n.c. zuma reiterated that he feels that he has not been treated fairly by the party he talks about the fact that the party had not given him the reasons as to why he has been record he said it in he's long televised interview with the public board caused he reiterated those call. it's again before announcing his his resignation in that address people are now looking at the party and thinking the last time we had a situation where a president was recalled it was pretty big we saw a huge number of people leaving the party we even saw
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a breakaway opposition party emerging from that so people will be watching that closely to see what this does to the african national on a lot of talk a little bit more about the language that he used in fact in his resignation speech this is a direct quote here he said that no leader should stay beyond the time determined by the people that they serve course the people determined that he should serve until twenty nineteen what do you make of that all that was once again taking a jab at the party and the party leadership to say why is this such a rush to get me out of office he said at some point he agreed with the state party president sorum opposed that if he's going to resign they should at least be a transition period where for example he would take along to the brics summit for example the african union summit and presenting to the other leaders as the person who would be taking over he said that would have been in the interests of the party because people would have seen a united party to lead us working together he envisioned
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a period of at least three to six months where they could share duties between the two of them as a sort of hand of we know that that was rejected by the party and of course the parts you said that he has to leave today or he would be facing a motion of no confidence in parliament tomorrow talk to us a little bit more about what a rama posa presidency could look like first of all how likely is it that that will indeed come to fruition and second of all i mean he's inheriting a whole host of challenges and the nation is in a war of with his presidency is pretty much a done deal at least we know that he will be president of the country he will finish as soon as term which comes to an end next april and that's when south africa will hold a general election one of the things that. needs to happen is he's going to have to appoint a new cabinet and people are watching closely to see if they are any opposite people so to say who will make it onto that cabinet of course it would be important for him to signal through cabinet appointees that he is serious about corruption a lot of ministers in soon as administration have corruption allegations facing
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them potentially that would be a key thing corruption secondly of course is south africa's stagnating economy a lot of things have been going on that government has not been very much helpful to fix people are looking at soran the post and hoping that he will come in and address those immediate economic challenges so if you were a zuma ally are you afraid today because we saw for example just in the past twenty four hours police swooping in on the group does for example one of south africa's richest families should we expect more arrests here and do the people of south africa want to see that well sort of the timing of office was all very interesting just to give you a bit of context the as you have the gupta family as you say it has been found to have ties with prison jacob zuma we know that for example one of the president's sons design is a business ally off the group has and it has been reported it has been alleged that
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this family has benefited from state resources from close association and so these raids coming a day off to the president has been recalled by the party and of course the hawks the body that carried out this raid indicating that more such wrists and raids will be taking place in fourteen out of the bracket of what is a state caption wiring in south africa right now christine one reporter with the very latest on south african president jacob zuma resigning effective immediately thank you they're just there. well germany has renewed its call for turkey to release the dentist you chel one year ago the german turkish journalist was detained without charge and has been held in a turkish jail ever since the case is just one of many that have further soured relations between the two countries turkish leaders have accused of terrorist propaganda while his supporters say that it is part of the turkish government's
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post-coup crackdown on free speech on wednesday germany's foreign minister once again called for a fair and speedy trial and the chancellor is likely to bring up the topic in a meeting with turkey's prime minister in berlin on thursday our coverage begins with this report. this maximum security prison in istanbul is where denise is being held one year after the journalists arrest and no formal charges have been made so why the state nation it's a question for which turkish prime minister. has a simple answer. on call. that it is not my decision to make but the courts. have both called and i hope that he'll be released soon. and i'm confident there will be development soon. critics are don't feel that the judiciary will treat you case fairly.
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but you drams remarks have given germany renewed hope. that people in this time of the mystic that there will be a judgment by. you or since i don't quote more and i hope you will be a dentist you chose a favor we've been working for weeks to ensure that happens in their lives i'm talking with call from it is now up to turkey's high court to decide if one year will mark the beginning or the end of you just incarceration. and to mark the one year anniversary of his detention dennis you child has just released a book the text of which was smuggled out of his cell we spoke with doris a crop a journalist and close friend of you charles who published the book and we asked her if she expects you to tell to be released given the turkish prime minister's statement that he hopes the case can be resolved soon. would be nice to come true at the end but he also said that he hopes for his release which is i
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guess very funny because we are hoping that for the first lower we heard that the news was in prison we had this hope that he would come free so hoping for getting somebody free a little bit funny for a government for more let's bring in d.w. correspondent yulia hogg who is standing by with the latest from istanbul and yulia turkey's prime minister says that there will be a development shortly would you say that that's just a negotiating tactic ahead of his meeting with merkel or could there be cause for hope here. well sarah i don't think it's just negotiating tactics here because after all did his usual case is the most important obstacle when it comes to improving german turkish relations and that's what that's my impression they want to mend ties with their german partners and that's why the
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room will be speaking to chancellor angela merkel on thursday as well maybe in this meeting he will be more precise because he didn't really say what he means by saying he is expecting developments shortly again he was referring to turkey's court see set in the end the judiciary has to decide what will happen today in his you joel ironically the same judiciary who couldn't come up with an indictment or any formal charges in the past year which led many people to believe that there indeed is not enough evidence to come up with such an indictment so what can be expected i really don't expect in his usual to walk out of the jail here in istanbul any time soon as a free man but state prosecution might come up finally with an indictment so a trial can finally starts that's the more likely scenario here and yearly i'd like to just you know touch on what you just said bear about claim that the turkish prime minister made that this is
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a matter for turkey's traditional system and that it's out of his hands is that really correct. well we have heard this sentence over and over again but then on the other hand president added on himself publicly blamed today in his huge show as a foreign agent and a terrorist supporter and he said as long as he is in office then his usual will not be released so this for sure has an impact on turkey's courts and we've seen in other cases as in the case of the human rights the german human rights activist peter that if there is political willingness suddenly judicial procedures can be speeded up considerably no was released after spending a certain amount of time in turkish detention he was released a few months ago so in dennis's case similar developments might happen this is turkey we never know we can never be sure and presumably i mean there are. ongoing
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to speed up that release but yourself for his part he has said that he does not want any so-called dirty deal what could turkey want in return from germany in return for his release. well i'm sure there is a political bargaining going on right now of course that's happening behind closed doors so we don't know anything for sure i can just speculate here but many observers say turkey will not release dennis you joe without getting anything in return economical political concessions ankara has repeatedly asked to germany to extradite suspected members of the glenn movement these are the people i think's have masterminded the failed military coup here in some of twenty sixteen but then again turkey also threatened to reintroduce a death penalty for these people so germany conscious extradite them without breaching international human rights of legation so i think this is not an option
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but then there are other people turkey would like to see return for example in secret service employees there was another talk about a potential deal between germany and turkey when it comes to germany modernizing turkish tanks that has caused quite some irritation in germany in german media as well i think germany will have to pry it pay a price for danny's usuals freedom the question is just how high will that price be and of course here charles' case i mean it is a very prominent one it's making all of the headlines at least here in germany but it is one of many cases walk us through the situation in turkey at the moment for those who have been detained without charge. well we don't have a figure of how many people are behind bars without official charges but since tens of thousands of people have been detained or arrested after this failed military
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coup attempt here in turkey it's safe to assume that didn't is this case is by far not the only one these people you have to imagine are living in a legal limbo because they don't know what the charges are against them so they can't really come up with a defense and there's one sentence i keep hearing over and over from people here they say in a democracy it's up to the state prosecutors that to prove that someone is guilty but in here in turkey it's up to the people themselves to prove they're actually innocent and that's what seems to be impossible for many people yulia han in istanbul thank you. the annual berlin film festival the berlin olive begins tomorrow filmmakers and stars from around the world are descending on the german capital it is the first international festival to take place since allegations of rape were made against
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a film local harvey weinstein and other hollywood big shots as the ws on your call reports the me too movement countering sexual violence has also reached the red carpet here in berlin. where the red carpet will be it still looks like a building site. construction crews here are racing against time with just a few hours left until everything has to be ready for action. during the burl in film festival the red carpet right behind me is the most glamorous place in the german capital it's where actresses from all over the world pose for the proper i'd see in high heels and low cut dresses at least they normally do this year though things could be a little different the debate about sexual misconduct in the film industry has reached the belly not some women want an example set right here on the red carpet. no high heels but relaxed natural beauty that's one actress and direction once she
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supports the initiative nobody stops the dress code on the red carpet she says it's part of an outdated view of the world. via his ability to matter very much is that the cameras capture have a huge effect on people all around the welt on women on children on everyone who sees them as. a lot. and women are portrayed as though they can only be attractive and successful if they have a certain look. on the scale we sniffed just then. festival director dieter karslake has its own take on the debate. there are lots of initiatives and this is one of them and it's an important one. are you not for him i can only encourage every woman to wear whatever she wants. doesn't mean there has never ever been
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a dress code for the belly nala i'm not about to reject anyone and i certainly won't be rejecting a woman wearing flat shoes you know what i'd be turning away a man wearing high heels. thank you. most likely the opening film will be without any here to whatsoever acclaimed director wes anderson is showing isle of dogs the first and you may show ever to open the betting on. get out of here and don't come back. to the belly nala would be unthinkable without an iranian film. the concept of it which is a club with. this year's director money huggy looks at states elect listing film directors pick is an ironic turbulent comedy. refugees and migration will be true in themes at this politically charged film
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festival gemini's christiane pets sot tells the story of a refugee if you win world war two reflected in the fate of those who are fleeing today. movie lovers can choose from a total of three hundred eighty five films over the next ten days. with it serious . on entertainment standing in line for the tickets it's more than worth the wait. let's get more now on the berlin wall and joining me here in the studio is my colleague sara harmon who is following everything as always you are always down there at the red carpet what can we look forward to when it when it opens tomorrow yes so plenty to look forward to retouch on that there in the piece i love dogs as animated feature from wes anderson is opening the competition category and this is really interesting sara because it's an animated film as far as i can remember has never opened the berlin film festival it's a bold choice wes anderson of course is no stranger to the festival i believe he's
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had four films there he's very beloved here in berlin viewers will remember grand budapest hotel the world ten involved this is a little different you saw a taste of it in the. court it's an animated film about this group of dogs that go to japan but it's also quite serious so i don't think it's fair to say this is a film intended for kids we're going to get our first taste of it tomorrow everyone of course hoping to see the star studded voice cast turn out on the red carpet. that looks really different i feel like i've never seen anything like that before and that is exactly what berlin now is going for they love to find those films that surprise you that make you go oh what is that we heard the organizers mentioning me too as well are we likely to see anything different on that front of the berlin ellis specifically it's a question a lot of people are asking right now we've heard so much about me too in relation to the film industry over the last couple months the thing about me too is it's really a grassroots movement so it's one thing for the festival directors to say we're
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going to make this a focus but it really depends on how people participate and gauge with the films now for his own part the film festival director did her cause like you said there's going to be counseling made available for people to talk about their experiences with discrimination in film there's going to be panel discussions are going to try to highlight the issue. of women and the challenges they face in the film industry and also went to great lengths to try and have more gender parity among the directors and love your member of the golden globes where there were no women directors nominated natalie portman famously said here are the all male nominees will bruno has four female directors in the competition category this year it's not great but it's better than it's been in years past. the stars generally tend to come out for this one of the big surprises this year yes so here's a surprise for you ed sheeran viewers will know his ginger hair he's a singer not an actor but he is the star of a documentary which is called songwriter appropriately and he's expected in berlin
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this weekend a lot of people getting very excited especially in the teenager age group you can see him there and some behind the scenes footage from this documentary songwriter that's being debuted at the berlin allan not in the competition category which is a special thing. that mary is wearing a shirt that's not very nice to have him but. certainly from a lot of people are looking forward to it and sharing really popping up everywhere these days i remember when he just suddenly popped up on game of thrones as well love them or hate him you can't get away from it absolutely absolutely what are the films should we watch for ok so here's an interesting one this film is called damsel and it stars robert pattinson who we all know from the twilight series but he's in a western role and this is already being compared to blazing saddles it's a western comedy robert pattinson starring a young man who goes out in search of a woman who maybe doesn't want to be found that's premiering on friday and a lot of people obviously are excited to see robert pattinson on the red carpet
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it's a really different role it sounds like from from the typical heartthrob roles that exactly as he's trying to move away from that image but it's really hard when you've been the star of this really popular series to let that go and you know speaking of differences because it's a really unique film festival for those who haven't been here yet just walk us through. what is so unique about this so the great thing about berlin al is that everyone can go it's not like kung or venice where you need tickets you need to be someone to even be invited even for press it's can be tricky to get in bruno is completely open to the public and there are four hundred film screening this year and anyone can walk down to the box office your own plus some up lots and buy a ticket they're not expensive they're run your bow ten euros and this is it gives you a chance to see a film that's not going to go into wide release in your own area so maybe an art house picture from the philippines or a biography from panama something that you would never otherwise see not even in the deepest values of netflix you can see on the big screen and that's really what
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makes it so very accessible very berlin absolutely in terms of the spirit also sometimes gets gets political doesn't really likes to get political and i think it helps us think about where berlin in the film festival calendar it's after the oscar nominations before the oscars so they're not going to get those big pictures that were directors want to be nominated for an oscar and they're trying to make a thing out of finding them or house pictures to under-represented pictures and pictures that have a political theme they go in for that that's very much the berlin style we saw about last year with the refugee topic and we might see it this year with me too but we'll have to wait and see when the festival actually starts tomorrow our year on the red carpet so right so head towards her fair harmon all week on the red carpet at the berlin allah thanks so much for joining us this evening to give us a little bit of a preview my pleasure. while the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on social
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media either at news my handle is at sarah kelly t v and don't forget as always you can use the hash tag the day and finally as it is say valentine's day the show to show that the ruthless news hounds of g.w. do have a heart we believe you now with some images of romance from the city of romance where else paris enjoy to see you again. i'm so. nice. but. all. the all right in the. mood. to. make me to. put in the boob.
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cool. clothes. shop and duck. drones in the bulge and down again. we take you to europe's most famous neighbor underage and i am this one tough some old fjords highest peak. because the winter is at its best right.
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corner of the mom should fall series this week few moments to finish off the field. this appeared thousands of people kidnapped tortured and murdered until nine hundred ninety six. victims of the guatemalan military dictatorship. their loved ones are still fighting to get justice for them. is their film. going to mana against forgetting in forty five minutes on d w. barely feel. the scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities edged by more. they have survived but do they also have
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a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something new in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to start this city's after more starting march tenth on t w. i read body and sunday's show will be traveling across europe from northern france to southern greece is what's coming up. magic of long long we
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travel to the top of the alps. callup in these in paradise a stylish holiday home in greece.


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