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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is deja vu doos live from berlin a shooting at a high school in florida leaves seventeen people dead the suspect a nineteen year old former student there had been expelled he's now in police custody to cross over to washington for the very latest. i have on the show no way but out under pressure from his own party south africa's president jacob zuma steps down. i have the four count. to the decision to resign as president or for that
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a public with immediate effect leadership crisis in one of africa's biggest economies appears to be over a look at what comes next. and berlin prepares for its annual film festival we preview some of the films that ask about the impact to me to movement is happening here in germany. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show we begin in the u.s. state of florida where a community is in mourning at this hour after a gunman killed seventeen people in the latest school shooting to shake this country the suspect is a nineteen year old former student at a high school north of miami former classmates have described him as troubled by lent and obsessed with weapons. children fleeing for their
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lives students and teachers tried to escape the high school campus in parkland florida swat teams poured into the area with the shooter initially feared to be still at large the school day was drawing to a close when the attacker struck reports say he set off the fire alarm in an attempt to draw students into the holes he then opened fire twelve people were found dead in the building three more outside two died later in hospital. there were emotional scenes as parents arrived reunited with their children through . this evening fell the survivors told of their ordeal if you like is a normal day at school you know it's like you elect don't like to come in being that you're going to she did it right you realize it is like you never know you
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like started taking a family i love you they never know a biggish are killed right then it was dead body there on the floor and blood all around the floor how many people died five of their floor. look like students. one teacher for student. the suspected shooter was arrested shortly afterwards nearby he's a nineteen year old recently had spelled from the school president donald trump tweeted his condolences he said no child no teacher should ever feel unsafe in an american school. this is the kind of weapon the attacker is thought to have used and they are fifteen rifle with multiple magazines this incident looks set to again raised serious questions about america's gun laws. each time in these mass shootings occur wherever it is in the country we say enough is enough and then it
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happens again. and the long and short of it is here in the senate we cannot even get senator feinstein's bill. that would prohibit people on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun. since twenty thirteen almost three hundred shooting incidents have been reported in u.s. schools that's an average of about one every week. our correspondent kelly is following the story for us in washington d.c. carolina can you fill us in on the latest details. and well most of that has allergies were inside the building as we already heard the authorities say the suspect opened fire outside the high school which rolls more than three thousand two hundred students and then he continued shooting inside the building as all twelve of the people who died were found inside the school building
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a three or line outside and two people died at the hospital. sheriff in charge scott israel and identified the suspect as a nineteen year old former student of this high school named nicholas cruz who was found off campus and was seeking into custody also all classes and activities at the school have been canceled for the rest of the week and the district will provides grief counselors for students and their families as well as far as staff members starting thursday morning carolyn it looks like this shooting was very well planned do we know anything about the shooter's possible motives. while authorities have not yet identified a motive for the shooting but classmates and teachers have described the suspect as someone who had an obsession with guns and also a math teacher said that they were told last year that cruz wasn't allowed on
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campus with a backpack on him because there had already been problems with him last year tightening students and this was the reason why he was asked to leave the campus and the other side of the police has that they can't confirm yet the specific reason for cruz expulsion off the campus he says the fact that he was tied to a disciplinary issue ok now president trump is monitoring the situation what's the white house saying about this. well the white house canceled its ailie press briefing on when say because of the shooting and tramp. a while ago we are working closely with law enforcement on the terrible for a florida school shooting and this would of course refer to more armed security in schools today the way schools prepare for active shooters on campus is quite different from school to school some practice a lockdown as others plan to ever create students and then they're also efforts to
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train school officers and even teachers to carry arms but according to pew study from last year fifty five percent of adults in the united states are against allowing teachers and school officials to carry guns in schools or lynch why first the latest washington thanks very much kelly well reactions and don'ts and of course been pouring in from around the world including from the german government sending its condolences over the shooting chancer on the american was a spokesman stuff and cyber tweeting horrifying news of yet another. our hearts go out to the victims their families and all those affected by this terrible crime. now for some of the other stories making the news this hour the save the children charity says more children than ever before are living in conflict areas and are at risk of death and violence syria afghanistan somalia are among the worst countries were a young person in a report the global charities as more than three hundred fifty million children
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that's one in six worldwide are living in conflict zones. at least nineteen people were killed after a truck filled with african migrants crashed in the libyan town of bani walid more than three hundred people mostly from somalia in a trio were on the truck on their way to libya's mediterranean coast. colombia says three thousand troops have been deployed along the border with venezuela to stem the flow of venezuelans trying to illegally enter the country heavy machinery is being used to destroy parts of dirt road crossings which are often used by margins to illegally cross into. its two south african our president jacob zuma has resigned he made the announcement in a televised address to the nation his decision comes after his a.n.c. ordered him to step down by end of the day or face a no confidence vote in parliament he leaves behind
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a legacy of corruption allegations and a country ready for a new start and the end of an era for south africa. as a showman. began the final address of his presidency with a typical moment of humor injection. i think you'd have serious you kind of in six different. seventy. yet when the smiles had passed zonal count a weary figure abandoned by the a.n.c. which he'd served for over sixty years he said violence and party infighting that swayed his decision to step down. and see should never be divided in my. i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect. zuma became president in two thousand and nine with the a.n.c.
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i call the human talent looking on zuma had been jailed alongside mandela in the apartheid years but his rule was soon dominated by economic stagnation and corruption scandals. i. assume i insisted he done nothing wrong i have a feeling that the leadership is unfair. it's not even helping me to understand what is it that is so critical. it doesn't you know you must go you might just have got a problem with that but the allegations of corruption aren't going away on wednesday the police staged a dramatic raid on the home of zuma as close associates the wealthy gupta family. it's alleged they unfairly won lucrative government contracts and even influence the choice of ministers in zuma as cabinet. with zuma now gone many
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south africans are hoping things will change. because it's about sports. people get some. people get their support and i think they can see what was used for the a.n.c. and you just use for the country and i think it can only get better. in c. and g. major battles lie ahead for jacob zuma against the scandals hanging over him for the a.n.c. against south africa's economic hardship. our southern africa correspondent christine milne joins us now for more good morning christine what lies ahead now for south africa well it's just come in in the last few minutes that the pot image will elect a new president today we expect that to be several from a policy he will ban go on to be sworn in we understand that the a.n.c. once i'm opposed to to give the state of the nation a trace tomorrow evening soon after that he's got to build
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a new cabinets because with the resignation of president jacob zuma when a sitting president resigns deputy ministers and ministers have one of us and you know looking back at zooms presidency we have a lot to look forward to in the days ahead you know it was beset by scandal corruption allegations to walk us through some of the i think one of the most poignant was the ganga scandal as was really when taxpayers were told that the president had used state funds to upgrade he's personal home and the amount was really staggering there was also the eight hundred charges of corruption that's often cited around president jacob zuma these were charges that date back to the arms deal but what makes them so scanned this is the fact that they would dropped just days before he became president people saw that as political manipulation those charges bryant have since been reinstated and he is facing those charges in the future if he's laugh off the presidency the number staggering eight hundred isn't it is a staggering number you know and he's also been tired of course for a long time to the gupta family their home
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a number of their residences locations were a raided yesterday we understand that one member of the group the families and during in court today are we see the beginning of a concentrated push now to clean up corruption in south african politics and i think that people are looking at this as the so-called drama polls a fake people think that this has to do with the fact that soran the polls that has made a commitment to tackling corruption the timing of all of this the raids that took place at the gupta compounds yesterday was very interesting. it looks as though it came across to south africans that president jacob zuma had put a veil of protection around the group has that had been removed yesterday when he's part was we significantly diminished and so people are looking forward to two more such a wrist more such raids they all several of the people who have been accused of having access to the state's cough is because of paper it's a proximity to present jacob sevenzo south africans all waiting on what because the state captured inquiry that's looking into those allegations and people accused in
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the case and in them so we can expect more arrests just sprang ok as you mentioned from opposable be sworn in tomorrow evening we can express expecting them to address the nation what does he need to do in his first days in office to reassure the country that it is now on the right track i think one of the most pressing things for for south africans all the most pressing painful signficance would be the economy we know that plus of africans are getting even poorer that's what the numbers are telling us that the country is pretty much stagnating there was a bout of recession in the last financial year those are the pressing challenges a lot of south africans without work we also are being told that the business community has not been investing in the economy because of this in the presidency the corporate seek to saying we don't trust the policies of the chicken soup administration and we're not going to invest in the country and so when markets welcomed so ramaphosa coming into office a lot of south africans took that to mean that this person is going to be the
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present that will be creating the jobs and of course tekken corruption so i hope for a new start for cells africa christine one what thanks very much a surprise monica is here now to take a closer look at the south african economy. well that's right brian and as we just heard from christine there is a lot to do there with jakob suma gone as president of south africa it is time to focus on the country's economy and hopefully turn it around africa is the only african nation included in the elite group of g. twenty industrial and to developing nations but its economy has fallen behind other emerging markets unemployment is at almost thirty percent its credit rating has tumbled to junk status and corruption is rampant now the country's hopes must success. south africa's economy has taken a beating on the president jacob zuma it has fallen into recession the country's bonds are rated junk and its political elite is no longer trusted and due to
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political mismanagement its second largest city cape town is running out of water fast growth has declined steadily from more than three percent seven years ago to less than two percent in recent years one of the weakest rates for all of sub-saharan africa as the economy is really pushing at the moment of stability is very difficult so your guess is that he can be just an efficient vehicle before the bit say the country's hope is resting on this man's shoulders cyril ramaphosa is a former union leader who has become a wealthy businessman. since he was appointed head of the african national congress in december the country's currency is served by ten percent. remember during the time of. the conference when the. who are doing the election away and do what did for the boys that's a good sign that investors are banking on a change in south africa's fortune. now everyone knows hollywood
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and i'm sure you've all heard of bollywood to buy now the nickname for the indian film industry based in mumbai but do you also know nollywood what now that term refers to nigeria's film industry and to bollywood it is now the second largest in the wilds nigerian films and series op popular at home and abroad many are being viewed on the on demand streaming website i roko t.v. which has been dumped the netflix off africa. increased reports. you don't who read bond is in his element here the film editor is working on season two of the nigerian series single ladies he cuts up to two episodes a day single ladies features love dating marriage family dynamics all the ingredients for a hit. this is one of the
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series us fix this series speaks for ladies ladies because it covers everything about their relationships with men. men who are married men who are not committed. it is about friendship with men too for she could be. mine i'm a single man. and i learned some things from the series as well. from the season. one hundred people work here and iraq office in la goss here everything is about film. the company started as a streaming platform providing nollywood films on demand for the equivalent of five euros a year users can access thousands of films on the site. to avoid paying nigeria's higher mobile internet fees customers can go directly to the iraq war stand and have films sent to them at no extra charge. iraq zero co-founder jason
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a joke who is a respected figure in the lago start up scene he's often invited to be a speaker at conferences his portfolio now includes his own t.v. channels in nigeria and abroad. the company also produces most of the films it shows that the big challenge for us is how to build up not in a market where it's that option is that well there's a widespread education is still a challenge people still have a lot of money i'm still on the back with things which we go against our belief that they would have bought food but in. we feel the evidence fifteen twenty years will be really big life will be really important and the hope is obviously that we can kind of find out ways to drive value from that going forward it's a model that resembles netflix which is now available in nigeria and has been offering more and more nollywood films but far fewer than a roco and usually only films that have done well at the box office the joker thinks netflix still has bigger priorities than squeezing out smaller platforms
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like his i think the average done in india they've just released i do not think about there's like other big market for them to approach i think if it's looked at one hundred seventy million subscribers like. even the fact you compare them to us as a sort of the let's call it a sure thing is is it's it's it's amazing in my mind's eye hey we did it we made it . well not quite a ruckus streaming platform is in its seventh here and it's still burning through investors' money the company hopes to make a profit next year but the happy ending that is a must for every good nollywood movie is still in the future. while talk of happy ending a lot of happy women took to the streets in brooklyn yesterday i believe i missed that on my way a lot of the ninety's and it's not it's not monica well valentine's day is down fast and in addition to the usual chocolates and flowers you might have noticed something else groups of women dancing in the streets of major cities around the
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world dance flash mobs have been a tradition every february the fourteenth since two thousand and twelve when they were started by the one billion rising movement now it calls itself the biggest mass action to end violence against women and this year berlin was no exception. a dance against rape and sexual violence. it's below freezing in the german capital but that hasn't stopped these activists their message enough is enough. to flash mob is just one of many around the world organized by the one billion rising movement the name is a reference to the number of women and girls who be raped or abused in their lifetime. one of the participants is eighteen year old reka herself a survivor after a night out with friends she was attacked by tune in. it's kept me i felt as though
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i had been abandoned at that moment it sounds strange but i felt abandoned to great and not taken seriously reka is now active within the one billion rising movement she's organized a campaign on instagram the aim is to get other participants to post their pictures on the platform she wants to raise awareness like many others who came to dance this kindness out it's not just something that affects women who've experienced violence it's also about men taking a stand and saying no nine is a very serious subject but i think it's great that people can come together to have fun a demonstration should use music and be fun to send a message. that newborn we're here to join our voice with all the other women around the world who have suffered from violence and with the participants perform a special dance called break the chain that's what the one billion rising aims to do to call time's up on raking in violence against women. or where
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innocent sexual violence and the harassment that's also figuring very prominently at berlin's annual film festival the belly dollar begins tonight it's the first international film festival to take place since the flight of allegations of rape and sexual misconduct against so more war harvey weinstein and other big hollywood names did have years on your cock as this. where the red carpet will be it still looks like a building site. construction crews here are racing against time with just a few hours left until everything has to be ready for action. during the burl in film festival the red carpet right behind me is the most glamorous place in the german capital it's where actresses from all over the world pose for the proper artsy in high heels and low cut dresses at least they normally do this year though things could be a little different the debate about sexual misconduct in the film industry has
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reached the belly no and some women want an example set right here on the red carpet. no high heels but relaxed natural beauty that's what actress and left shin once she supports the initiative nobody stops the dress code on the red carpet she says it's part of an outdated view of the world. via his ability to matter much as the voice. festival director dieter karslake has is own take on the debate. there are lots of initiatives and this is one of them and it's an important one. for him i can only encourage every woman to wear whatever she marks. has never ever been a dress code for the belly nala i'm not about to reject anyone and i certainly won't be rejecting a woman wearing flat shoes you know what i be turning away i'm wearing high heels.
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thank you most likely the opening film will be without any here whatsoever acclaimed director wes anderson and showing i love dogs the first any mation ever to open the. get out of here and don't come back. not spit the belly not a would be unthinkable without an iranian film. the concept of it which is a closet at. this year's director money huggy looks at states elect listing film directors pick is in an ironic turbulent comedy. refugees and migration will be true in themes at this politically charged film festival gemini's goes down pet sought tells the story of a refugee if you win world war two reflected in the fate of those who off leaving
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today. movie lovers can choose from a total of three hundred eighty five films over the next ten days. with a serious art house or popcorn entertainment standing in line for the tickets it's more than worth the wait. let's get you a minor now of our top stories at this hour seventeen people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a high school in the u.s. state of florida the suspect a nineteen year old former student at that school is now in police custody. and south africa's president jacob zuma has resigned the move came a day after the governing a.n.c. called for his removal following a string of corruption scandals. you can always find out more about these and other stories on our website dot com you can also of course follow twitter and facebook for now though for me brian thomas and the entire news team
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thanks so much for being with us today.
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and no matter how hard you look many species of mushrooms are disappearing from the forests and. environmental researchers are creating protection zones for fun. which are fido of the ecosystem and could also soon play an important role in food production as a nurse envy can substitute for meat. oral tradition next g.w. and. ensure the conflict zone with mission food on from the treatment of migrants to freedom of expression to and to terrible style standards of human rights across you're all slipping my guest in vienna is michael flood the director of the agency full compliment to the gods does he believe you up is doing oh it's ten to protect human rights. in sixty minutes on g w.
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