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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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bialik asked to transfer. managed by from. this is v.w. news live from berlin it's been a roller coaster ride but today south africa has a new president and thank you all for this great or fortunate to you. and i would try to work very hard not to disappoint the people who have sold off you go thank you very. much so what can south africa and the rest of the world
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expect from ciro ramaphosa also coming off. because layover noxious sludge marsh leaving for the international film festival begins with a more bang this evening with an animated feature set in the future we will bring you the latest from the berlin alah and their reaction to the need to campaign. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us his appointment has been welcomed with singing dancing and a standing ovation in parliament cyril rama poso was sworn in today south africa's new president his predecessor jacob zuma resigned barely twenty four hours earlier after being ordered to stand down by his party the a.n.c. ramaphosa will set out his plans for the country in detail on friday evening but he
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has already said that tackling corruption will be a top priority. i do class. the only. poll said that in part because some of the things the moment the nation had been waiting for the new leader promising a break from the past thank the issues that you have issues that have to do with corruption issues of how we can straighten out our state owned enterprises and how we deal with state kept is issues that are on our worry discreet and i would try to work very hard not to disappoint the people of south africa thank you very much. cyril ramaphosa this political career spans more than four decades he was a close ally of nelson mandela and played a key role in south africa's transition to democracy later overlooked by mandela
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from a person focused on his business interests said to be worth around three hundred sixty million euros now in the top job in failing to tackle corruption there are many challenges ahead. my expectations were slim it's not worked out a collapse you expect change. a lot of stigma has been associated with something more so with foreign investment. it's going to look better. south africa is rich in resources but many live without electricity or running water health care and schooling remains rudimentary in much of the country eight out of ten nine year olds are illiterate unemployment remains alarmingly high more than two thirds of young people are jobless. a lot has been lost and it's going to take several years to recapture lost ground without to go. but
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hopefully be under new leadership especially in the realm of course that we would story corps in baghdad some of the most. and in the longer to the sky's the limit with this country. the task of reconstruction has now begun. to change and yes south africa's new leader will set out just plans in more detail in a speech on friday evening. and journalist alice van gelder is covering the story for us from cape town thanks for joining us ls it has been quite a busy twenty four hours zuma out ram opposed certain now in how is all of the change big perceived by the people of south africa. was in parliament today and there are people who are deathly certain bracing on the stairs of armaments they're saying we need a change in our what we've basically given up hope were good old unemployment prices are rising
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a lot of people are not managing to to get kids through school they're saying something has to change the name hope that soon the process is going to get out. and one of the things that they want him to do is to fight corruption and he mentioned that that was one of his biggest priorities what else is on his agenda and does he have that legitimacy to fight the corruption. well he came into power in december as a party leader saying that that is exactly his agenda fighting corruption also probably going to see is that he is going to make sure that some very important institutions in south africa like the national prosecution dorothy and will kind of become more keen again we know to add to this national prosecution authority there's a boiler subsume out and that's one of the leaders and also of course for state owned enterprises there's a lot of state businesses where there's nothing the way it is so i think that's also where he's going to start he's going to look at the state business is he going
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to get the sea state into institutions and see if he can replace people there to move ahead agenda that he has anti corruption and better ministration and what happens to zuma now when a lot of people hope that he will get is the imports i mean they're still a lot of corruption allegations against him and as a eight hundred allegations even going back to the late ninety's and they were about. ten or the government of buying weapons and us from there is reckon tearing this corruption and still a lot of citizens do feel that now he should face justice and he should be able to get away with this. alice van gelder from cape town thank you. in a surprise move ethiopia's prime minister has announced that he is set to resign seen here in twenty thirteen helen merriam dissolve said that his resignation letter
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said in his resignation letter that he would continue in the role until the transition of power is complete this comes amid ethiopia's worst anti-government protests in a quarter of a century hundreds have died and tens of tens of thousands have been detained after months of demonstrations calling for government reform and an end to corruption hope. and the united states president donald trump has been speaking about yesterday's mass shooting in florida where seventeen people were killed and many more injured when a nineteen year old gunman opened fire at the florida high school where he used to be a student the suspect named by authorities as nicholas cruz was arrested and now faces seventeen charges of premeditated murder here's an excerpt from president trump speech our entire nation. with one heavy heart is praying for the victims and their families. to every parent teacher and child
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who is hurting so badly. we are here for you whatever you need whatever we can do to ease your pain and for more let's bring in our u.s. correspondent carson phenomena who is standing by with the latest from washington and karsten one thing that the president did not mention in his speech was gun control remind us where the debate stands today. you know it's every time something like this happens and it happens a lot here we hear the same empty words from politicians this is horrific this is a tragedy our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and then nothing happens i mean yes the democrats and a few republicans at the could tougher gun laws but even they are quite cautious because they don't want to be labeled as anti gun and gun rights the right to bear
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arms is sacred to many americans so they're very cautious there and the republicans or most of the republicans who control congress and the white house they won't even discuss any tougher restrictions on guns it's always the same first they said this is not the time for political action does a time for mourning then they say we need all the facts and they talk about this as a mental health issue they talk about guns for schools or bus stations or whatever something that this happens and then nothing happens because time goes on until the next tragedy like this and it's mind boggling for a european i mean you're fifteen times more likely as an american to be killed by a gun than as a german in germany so this goes on and on and nothing changes of course and tell us a little bit more about why there is such
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a resistance to gun law reform i mean that is something that is really at the core of their belief system for many in the united states. that is true actually i put that question why is it so difficult for you to get anything done to a group of bipartisan group of district attorneys and police chiefs a few weeks ago there were lobbying in congress against the further relaxation actually of gun laws because the republicans had introduced that and they were all shrugging their shoulders and saying well we can't quite explain it to you i think one cynical answer maybe is that the pro-gun lobby especially the national rifle association has many members of congress in their pocket with their complaint contributions we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars every year but it is also true that many americans really believe in the right to bear arms it's
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part of their identity and so this might not mean the majority actually a majority of americans supports tighter gun control spots the pro-gun lobby is very determined and they have enough power to put pressure on candidates and politicians in nuff districts to make sure that there is no change they feel if there are only a few changes this might start a process where you have in the end really tied to gun controls and sold they oppose any change at all carson phenomena in the united states thank you. in germany chancellor angela merkel has welcomed the turkish prime minister to the capital berlin for bilateral talks high on the agenda is the fate of a jailed german journalist that has chilled relations between berlin and ankara the prime minister of turkey in alejandra told merkel that the turkish government would not be able to release reporter dennis you child for the time being he's been in
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turkish custody for a year since his arrest on suspicion of terrorism related offenses but you cho has yet to be charged with any crime. called for a fast and fair proceedings against him. it's that time of year again berlin's international film festival known as the berlin wall it begins tonight it is ten days of screenings talks workshops and more the berlin ballot is known as the most political of the major film festivals but that doesn't mean there is no glitz and glamor on the red carpet down at potsdamer platz the main screening venue. just a short time ago we saw. a belgian star. who happens to be on this year's jury awarding the coveting golden and silver bearers the panel this year is headed by tom tiger one of germany's top international filmmakers this year's opening film is isle of dogs it is the first time that an animation has opened the
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berlin film festival. called i love dogs is set in the distant future japan that due to a dangerous dog flu the canine population is rounded up and banished to trash island on the tare is a young boy whose dog is among those seized he goes to the island in search of his beloved pet spots and he's helped by the other dogs a whole because way over not just sludge marsh leading to radioactive landfill goodbye toxic chemical garbage that's our destination really got a good ritual. i should because he. will find a. fisa law. to find your dog during his search he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the city's dog population for ever an atari in the canine crew save the day or so many supporters langridge.
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and reporters at the berlin film festival my colleague sarah hartman and david levitz were down on the red carpet is what they have to say. well right outside of the world premiere of wes anderson's new movie the isle of dogs this is a really fun movie and the red carpet has been really fun as well there was even some drumming sara yeah that's right they had this movie is set in japan so for the red carpet premiere they brought out some traditional japanese drummers and as the director and the voicing cast arrived wes anderson and bill murray jumped up on these drawings and just gave a little impromptu concert it was so cool we tried to get video of it for you but it just it all happened too fast but that's the kind of thing that happens on the regular girl an hour and the crowd out here just went crazy for there's a lot of berliners out tonight hoping to get autographs hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite stars who we have i mean are there a lot of stars so people getting autographs from tilda swinton she's also one of
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the voices in this movie. django ranson jeff gold bloom very tall man yes he was one of the few you could see over all of the heads actually so we were really thankful for that it pays to be to also credit garrett of course who's nominated for an oscar for her own film and lends her voice to this film aisle of dogs one of excitement and it's kind of cool that they're opening with an animated feature that's never happened and ellen history. you have to date and. thanks for watching i'm sorry. state. the most traditional. any time. special. take a tour of germany. dot com.


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