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tv   Doc Film - Silk Road 2.0 - Chinas Way to the Top  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2018 2:15am-3:00am CET

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lakes a town is situated in china's far west on the border with central asia for centuries this mountain lake was a strategic transit point along the legendary silk road that ran between europe and the chinese empire. for the nomads living around the lake the opening of the new silk road is in some ways history repeating itself. the trucks have replaced the caravans of the past on the newly built highway. the ambitious project was launched by chinese president xi jinping during a visit to kazakhstan in two thousand and thirteen. remission only arc of what's being. shown will cause all.
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father and. jaguar whore well monthly young trunks in the film was. search whole journal back trisha it's all for you and. the void in meaning that. the new silk road planned by xi jinping runs for ten thousand kilometers on road and on rail it crosses western china kazakhstan russia and will run all the way to europe it's a huge construction site. but what are china's true intentions behind this mega project. the many by the way in my opinion this project will change the development of the economy and society but it will definitely have long term geopolitical implications to judea. the new silk road crosses central asia the russian sphere of influence. the near putin and the xi
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jinping regularly affirm their geo strategic alliance but this new chinese project could have a massive impact on the relationship between the two countries and in the long term it could do the same to the power balance in the whole of eurasia. group in the past the silk road was called the axis of the world if you control that road you control the world.
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china has. chosen the city of chong shing as the starting point for its new silk road. with a population of around thirty five million almost as many as beijing and shanghai combined chung xing is china's largest urban area. few people in the west have actually heard of chang xing but this mega-city on the young sea river is a symbol of the economic boom the country has been experiencing for the past thirty years. while growth is tapering off in the major industrial centers of long show and shenzhen chung xing is proving every day a new that it's one of the future engines of china's economic development. growth has long been based on heavy industry with cheap labor from the countryside
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. but in recent years the megacity has put all its energy behind the giants of the electronics industry. thanks to this transformation can now boast a growth rate in double figures. that our laptops are launching he produced in chongqing the one doc company has three factories in china chain with around fifteen thousand employees feels like this factory has three thousand two hundred employees. we mainly produce a select ops the people. get good at the laptops you buy in france and germany are all produced a. body they made to those documents and. on
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their journey from changing to europe the computers have to to travel. thousand kilometers over land to reach the coast then they'll be at sea for at least a month on the south china sea the strait of malacca and the suez canal. but in practice two months often go by between the time a computer emerges from the factory in china and is sold in europe. that gave rise to the idea of reviving the overland route of the silk road that once ran through western china central asia and russia. the shortening of the transport period isn't the only goal of this new silk road tensions are growing in the south china sea between beijing and its neighbors taiwan japan and the philippines and even with the unpredictable united states of donald trump an alternative route is becoming vital for china. the us functions i.e.
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change president xi jinping has emphasized the great significance so chong ching for global and asian pacific logistics chongqing is to become a hub for inland logistics that will be open to the outside to. follow. chung shing has a clear directive to turn away from the sea and look west. that's also symbolized by kilometers erode which marks the starting point of the new silk road in order to supply this new route to the west with goods the city has built logistics facilities to replace the container ports on the coast. well known for its harness but. at this central freight terminal we send around a thousand containers every day to other chinese provinces and to other countries. and we're responsible for the safety of these operations there are made here
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on everything. week three for training sleep for do spill up in gemini and wonders . carrying around forty one can say he's. fishing it out sounds on. the electronic goods loaded onto the trains here arrive in germany after just twelve days instead of traveling eight weeks by sea. however transporting goods by rail costs twice as much two hundred and fifty trains like this one are necessary to carry the same volume as a single container ship. at the moment this train to germany has more of a symbolic significance but it's a symbol that's important to a china that's looking west not least to put
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a convincing case for xi jinping this project to both the domestic audience and china's economic partners with european elderado as its end point the new silk road that travels through china for more than two thousand five hundred kilometers will also help develop the country's infrastructure or so it's hoped. this new transport route that combines road and rail will connect and boost regions in western china beyond long joe. a wild west of huge expansion and one that was left behind by the economic reforms of the past twenty years. the city of london joel is the gateway to china's wide open west here the new silk road is taking on the characteristics of a marshall plan. the new oversized neighborhoods empty as yet suggest
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affluence. between the life sized rubble. because of the sphinx and the parthenon the government's propaganda is regurgitated by all. being i see this little girl off the new silk road will fuel the economy culture and gus stronger me the city of leisure will become more attractive as will be proven seven dems. and the little dude s. was the new silk road is a collective and therefore a political project that's very promising was a knock on the ball in light of the stagnating economic growth that official figures say it's seven percent but in reality it's four percent the chinese government needs a new impulse to prove that it's in control of this major project as. the world's second largest economy china is in reality
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a colossus with feet of clay and threatened by uncontrolled social developments. only an economic success story benefiting the entire country can keep it together. but this growth is based on the export of products that are made in china and these seriously declined since the global economic squeeze china has to change its economic model and that means it has to develop its domestic market. it has to invest in the infrastructure needed to promote the exchange of goods in just ten years china has built eighty thousand kilometers of highways. the rural road network in the east is impressive but to open up the market to the
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west there is just one possible route between the foothills of the tibetan plateau and the gobi dead. that's exactly where the new silk road rubs. it's a unique transport link and indispensable when it comes to connecting the province of shinji young which means new border to the rest of the country in the arid semi desert expanses of western china beijing and the central government were always very far away. but today the new silk road is creating change it's altering the concept of time and ultimately it will change the lives of the people here. go that route they come from all over the country from change on change on shanghai. beijing and even from the northeast we're in a favorable transport location which is good for business in every regard.
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just ten years ago we were still in our home village but we moved to the city to make money when the economic reforms came. from the streets and it didn't minister china is undergoing a radical shift particularly in the west of the country and inching jang all these cities being built in the desert are cities with skyscrapers anywhere as they're moving. and there's a lot of activity everywhere with lights and even music and car oaky vast images that are war theater that are working around the x.-ray it's a message to the chinese population is to attract people to these remote areas of the earth a very rich and so answer. to make it possible for people to move to the remote province of shane jiang or to
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trade their beijing has extended its high speed train along the entire. new highway . the travel time for the two thousand kilometers between launch zero and room she is now at just ten hours down from forty. eight is. the first event. that. china now possesses the largest high speed rail network in the world with a length of twenty thousand kilometers three hundred billion dollars was invested
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in ten years that corresponds to almost the entire annual budget of a country like france. the route of the new silk road is among the newest it's been in operation since two thousand and fourteen. the high speed route to sheen's young swallowed a lot of money and it'll never be cost effective but for beijing the benefit lies elsewhere firstly it's political because this route really affirms the desire to connect shane jiang more closely to the rest of the country. and it also sends a message to neighboring states because china sees itself as of the builder of an international high speed network to run from russia to central asia and iran. the route currently ns at the cutting edge railway station in autumn cheat the provincial capital the station has very strict security measures in place.
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that's because she is not a conventional chinese province there are frequent tensions between the leaders the local muslim minority and the han chinese who make up the vast majority of the population in the rest of the country. in the tax violent riots and economic and religious imbalances the region combines all the ingredients for a highly explosive cocktail police roadblocks and military checkpoints secure the new silk road here with strict controls. moscow. beijing believes the two cornerstones of peace and change young are domestic security and massive growth without peace this province cannot
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become a springboard for chinese interests in central asia. with the support of the government the plan is for room she to become a regional center every two years a large trade fair is held to promote the new silk road. the stands are all tailored to attracting visitors from neighboring countries and all dutifully recite the official text to sell the chinese dream. just such as this model shows what our economic zone will look like when the project is complete let you since. this is how it will be done it's our goal to get businesses from the five countries of central asia that surround us to come here at the start of the year we presented down project in russia and kazakhstan many companies signal their interest in our free trade zone it was easy to get c.c.'s.
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modern cian jiang is having positive effects on the development along the new silk road beijing wants to exploit this to prove its competence and experience in building up infrastructure economic zones and the important energy sector. to do that big chinese companies are needed such as gold wind the number one when it comes to wind energy gold wind is run by will guns. and there will missions that course we ended up on chang wind farm inching jiang it's one of the best wind farms in the world it's twenty to thirty kilometers wide and
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eighty kilometers long says the special thing about this place is its constant wind speeds feed. it's ideal for a wind farm five issues of only if i don't see a reason that. the success of gold wind is a classic example of the chinese economic miracle who is a pioneer who built his first wind turbines thirty years ago he bought a german company which resulted in a cleverly negotiated transfer of technology today gold wind is the biggest maker of wind turbines in the world. at a time when the energy market is in a state of completely unprecedented transition his business is perfectly placed. situ the many sources of renewable energies along the entire new silk road concession in kazakhstan or pakistan or even turkey which will be on the surface
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a time. there's wind and solar energy everywhere how to pay on the phone and that's the end sure feet out. there is no pity or yeah developing wind energy further costs a lot of money the chinese plan on a completely different scale we've seen that with their solar panels everything's a big. they have a real strategic vision we're lacking that in europe. or. one thing's clear long term strategies are easier to implement if you're an authoritarian stable government. the new silk road follows in the long tradition of a planned economy pursued by china's communist party. powers alcohol at first glance the politics beyond the new silk road have the mark of xi jinping in its strength news's power and his reputation in the budget in the long term it
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stands for it changing china just lets you see debates about those have been going on in economic circles since two thousand and eleven seasons to go on this project will have consequences far into the future and implementing it will take decades so yet again this doesn't just affect she jinping when it affects his successes to actually get them a g.p.s. unit that's an interesting few know she and. her it's another five hundred kilometers from the room she to the cars a border. the border town of quarter goss is situated at the end of the highway. goss has an old custom station and riders who aren't fazed by anything. but
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china wants to give its new image a visual representation in the form of a huge arch under which the new silk road will soon run. beyond this triumphal arch is kazakhstan that's where the international dimension of the chinese project begins. here the new silk. road is still a construction site but just three years after she ging ping's proclamation the continuation of the chinese road is easy to imagine he shan bell machine is one of the main players in this ongoing project he's a frenchman of moroccan origin and an employee of d.p. world a group of companies based in dubai and one of the world's leading logistics organizations guy on wall china is behind me almaty in kazakhstan is in front of me i'm mighty to the left of me is kyrgyzstan and beyond it was becky stan i have russia to my right
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called goss's at the center between all of these countries this is where everything is happening. that i was just. the sham belmarsh she works for the cause a government which is hoping to get a lot out of the new silk road. it's a road that could turn this middle of nowhere into an outpost of globalization. zero and on the often if there's any place that symbolizes the meeting of east and west it's this one. or that is all the while the chinese tracks and behind me at. the kazakhs tracks start to my left like it emma don't defeat from here you can get to beijing shanghai eon young young and ningbo and from here you can get an almighty a stand out of russia and europe. included
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goes the chinese containers are loaded onto cars a freight trains which run on a narrower gauge the russian gauge a leftover of the soviet era from here the goods can reach anywhere in central asia home to a number of countries the size of europe with a population of just seventy million kazakhstan is the big. just among them. for both of you could set it off we mustn't forget that the border between the former soviet union and china ran along here for a very long time there was almost no contact between the two countries if the border was closed thanks to the new infrastructure a lot of passengers and goods will come through here on it on the way to target because goss is the starting point for a revival of the silk road wanted it to settle in it's a little dust off. the
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new silk road still under construction in kazakhstan once complete it will cross the entire country over a distance of two thousand four hundred kilometers the construction work is largely being paid for with loans issued by the world bank but also by china itself via its new silk road fund. that's a state fund running to more than forty billion dollars this new strategy has allowed china to enter the exclusive club of major creditor nations. until the new silk road opens and china arrives the cosmic steps still live in the old world a world that dates back to soviet times a world that has been governed by president not out of by with an iron fist for the past twenty five years he recently called the new silk road the project of
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a century. nothing has changed here since the fall of the soviet union especially not the old rural road connecting quarter costs with the rest of the country. because i want to get back i have goods from china i'm heading to almaty i've been travelling since yesterday so now i have a flat tire i normally have to complete this stretch in a day. the chinese side is much better at that time i'm. just very much feel the road is very good it's well maintained there are no potholes why who is it will improve here to launch a birth of my. news of the imminent opening of the
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highway is spreading slowly in the step. but for some the new silk road is likely to be bad news. more years do but it's most lorries that stop here have come through russia or europe we clean them before they head into china it appears it seems that we're doing a good thing for people there are not many car washes here. most of the q. more of course the model of when the highway is open and the old country road will probably be closed there won't be a single vehicle coming through here that i think i will be here another two or three years after that no cars will come through here it will be dead quiet just. this month. all this is seen with mixed feelings in the villages through which the old road runs they're hoping for
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a better future and are dubious about what will happen next. i'm sure some of our president as are biased signed his contract with china there's already a functioning train a freight train that goes to it was just one of that's what i wanted that would. even let you use it. took us a decision today the inhabitants of the small towns near the chinese border are generally happy with what's happening right now and they're not stupid they think of the business side of things and the immediate advantages in the ideas which is that all they really thinking of the future is this with it's that i think that they're going about their business but they're not pursuing a long term strategy. of will appear. behind the new silk road that leads to kazakhstan's economic capital. behind the trains that run through the steps china is pursuing
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a strategy. the opening of a new export route to absorb any excess industrial production but the main goal is to intensify china's economic and political influence all across central asia a region that historically has looked towards russia. move forward to the kind of made the largest of the generous roads them. the wrong way lines. for preschool new transport options are an advantage to those located on this line in kazakhstan and elsewhere in central asia in this case is it to leave a central nevertheless it's largely a chinese project let's aiming to solve china's problems that could take a years the three for china's constantly trying to find new space for its population. to the credit of course russia has
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a lot of empty land but russia is still strong central asia is weaker it's the weakest link in the chain and. as so often china's population figures are a cause for concern the fear of the yellow peril is always there below the surface a region with such a low population density like kazakhstan is always very interesting for china not least since it's very rich in oil and agricultural land an oil are two resources that are absolutely vital for china's growth the new silk road which goes right across kazakhstan and a north westerly direction runs right past the big oil fields as zone of the greatest strategic significance to russia. but these days china is gaining in power thanks to its state run oil company c.n.
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p c it's pipeline now transports twenty million tonnes of cars to the chinese province of sheen junge every year there's just one up in medicine we go to within central asia the west is the most important region at the access to the west has to be secured for that because that's where the huge energy source is lightish i mean that if we had a source of each china once you go beyond the mean exploitation of resources by acting that's why. has offered an economic and political partnership to kazakstan with the concept of the new silk road and i mr bush will call for to. so the new silk road is also an oil road for china in return beijing is building the infrastructure necessary for kazakhstan's development. it.
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but in the village of kinky uk near the oil fields of the chinese oil company the promise of affluence made by president nazarbayev has already been moved back to twenty fifty. clearly not much of the money for the new silk road gets as far as the small towns in the steps. actually go that's one of the others there's money here but nobody will give us work the all goes there it's not easy for us in the village they're not doing anything for us cane told him not among their final you can see the state of the road over there is the chinese don't employ anyone from the air they employ other people how can we be satisfied with not as i'm as an invalid i don't manage to.
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end up today the regional capital the headquarters of the chinese oil company occupy the most impressive building in town. the style of the building marks a break with the typical restraint displayed by chinese investors. at the seedy sector gemmell in the c.n.n. p.c. came here they brought in workers from china in the quarter they should have had quotas to follow up because of corruption and wangling more and more chinese workers came here would. it would appear there are a few and fewer catholic workers in the oil sector has put. in a cause of stars they have the same problem in russia used in the. usa does about some of the newer jokes on television already that you find more chinese than russians in russia's far east as just you need to buy them or yeah. i think if they come here they'll stay and settle on
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a new build. kazakstan is responding very negatively but so do several other countries in central asia on the one hand these countries want investors in the other they have their own economic interests that they don't want foreigners to own greater shares in their companies than they do powerful use we have to create a win win situation that countries invest in and that allows the population to participate financially to and you know involved in the whole year. in two thousand and sixteen a law on the sale of agricultural land triggered anti chinese demonstrations of first in a country in which every kind of protest gathering is forbidden following the demonstrations to tell you off was arrested because he filmed the event and disseminated the footage. cillian the fact that most here wolf is here to make peace is you because you cannot get there because you know.
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that this is the world we live. for most of all it's it is force a lot of us all our resources can be sold our people know this but turn a blind eye kazakhs are patient they say never mind let's wait there's no war at least we have food this attitude will be our ruin. soon we used to deal with humans we understand everything is being. sold but we also see that this money is going into the pockets of a few people at the top our limit is reached when they take our land because it people will never permit their land to be sold. for the new possible. the chinese expansionism that banks on when when conditions is threatening to fail as a result of domestic corruption something that undermines a country like kazakhstan. in the parks of iraq to buy the only sign of public
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investment in the town many seem to have accepted that they're just pawns in a great game. that it looks like if you can say the chinese are conquering our country because we live in peace. they've been getting oil from a since the late ninety's been divided we have enough oil equipment and help themselves it was the problem. but there's not just the chinese who are here. we have french american british german and italian people here too if the whole world . if that. is what you see as expansion depends on the context if you are referring to the globalization of investment and economic exchange different than globalization is undoubtedly except of poles but if you take it to mean domination or he get money
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man it isn't that it doesn't fit china's culture is much lower on the lyceum little version. in two thousand and fourteen kazakhstan became a member of the eurasian the economic union the free trade zone desired by moscow on the other hand the chinese have invested twice as much in kazakhstan since that date. to bear has become a new outpost for this chinese presence just a hundred kilometers from russia and the border station of jaison. at the moment russia is still thrilled by the chinese project of the new silk road because it's in line with its own eurasian ambitions. russia's advertising spots also promise affluence and cutting edge infrastructure.
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but the reality reveals that moscow simply isn't capable of keeping up with this rhythm as soon as the lorries from china are central asia reach russia. they follow a zig zag course in order to avoid the huge post soviet potholes. built them couldn't nobody with it rugged advances in central asia china is demonstrating its strength to russia that lessens the russian influence in the region that the chinese have used the opening up to capitalism and growth to build firm foundations with that infrastructure more than to see what we still could be the least interest chordal stuff so economy could look there's nothing like it in russia lower their costs that want to change anytime soon because there's no money
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left liberation would be genial it wouldn't even if the woman it wouldn't be invested in infrastructure. predicted. on the map the new silk road leads to the russian town of or inboard. in the days of the czars it was the gateway to asia. at the entrance to the town lorries and trains cross the euro the river that marks the geographical border between the asian and european continents . instead of just historically speaking the ural has always formed a natural border because this is just the big rather look at that in the post caravans coming from asia always paused here in the couple of the river was a barrier in the book. today the chinese efforts once again seem to come to a halt at the symbolic border. from here the project of the new silk road
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depends on moscow's goodwill but does putin's russia even want it. watered down to eighteen but i'm skeptical about the relationship between china and russia as your russia is facing a laborious rethinking process actually she had. russia used to be china's big brother today it struggles to accept that china is superior and she is also mentally we're told that of course china and russia are cooperating on military terrain is a full geopolitical reasons but the new silk road has little support in russia because russia has its own eurasian project and with the shah should have housing it all yeah it's a fine and dandy they. couple stolen for putin as for stalin before him military strength is the primary factor position but that's just not enough in today's world and if acutely you need an
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efficient economy technology science if you were to witness putin's russia has none of that kazakstan and his backers stand are already turning towards china while trying to maintain a balance you know that russia's all talk with it was go order china has the money all russia has is memories good glorious past it was in one overly copple for. people like to come to the bridge of orenburg to enjoy the sunset looking west towards europe but many confess that they're looking the other way more and more often. at this moment i'm sure their house ager will be our future because china and other european are other coalition countries sour grapes developing their influence
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a wife our culture well that's why injuries our future. may be the new silk road will cross the ural river tomorrow and in the end a modern highway will connect china to europe as the railway already does. it will be a europe that's currently coping with many crises and that doesn't seem to have yet grasped the extent of she ging pings project. how can your up counter the power structures china is building along its new silk road. how will europe respond to this new soft imperialism based on economic growth and imperialism that's redrawing the map between europe and asia.
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he takes it personally with a wonderful people and stories that make the games so special. for. barbosa. play by play. the globe. thirty minutes on d w. z w come july from but it does go right to our correspondent who is in central istanbul i'm joined by the show a couple of you know whose political correspondent on those stories in just
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