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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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prison this is big news just coming out your child was jailed on suspicion of spreading propaganda in support of a terrorist organization and inciting violence he denies the allegations and in fact was never charged with any crime his detention has strained relations between germany and turkey usurers impending release comes a day after german chancellor angela merkel pushed for improvement and movement on your just this in a burning meeting with turkish prime minister them joining me now for more on the story our correspondents dorian jones in the stumble and nina in our parliamentary studios here in berlin during turning now firstly we've got confirmation that the announcement has been made about denis your cheers here in berlin what are you hearing about this there in istanbul well yes his lawyers have asked confirming that
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a release order has been issued by the charges but it does appear that he will be pending any legal actions against him and there are some reports of them has already been prepared against him as usual which could possibly call for up to eighteen years in jail now that is just reports that are going across social media but it does appear the nature of this release order doesn't seem to be linked to any future legal proceedings so at the moment things are very unclear and the situation is an ongoing developing situation but it doesn't appear that he is completely free of all risk of charges at the moment according to the nature of this release order that is being issued today by charges you know here in berlin what do you make of the timing of this announcement that dennis is to be released. it's very interesting timing indeed especially for the security conference that we've just heard from. our correspondent there of course the german government went
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to the security conference in a weakened position because as we all know almost five months after the elections here in this country we still don't have a new government and so all the ministers and uncle americal herself are in weak positions and to be able to go out and tell the world that they've managed to achieve one of their most pressing goals in the relationship with turkey i.e. get stoned as you tell relieved is something that. foreign minister at the at the moment is very proud of and i'm glad america as well in fact my god will has already reacted and he is expecting then is your child to be released according to his statement he says he's thanking the legal authorities in turkey he thanks the turkish foreign minister for helping to speed up the proceedings as he calls it and he also thanked machall for helping him in this affair and he says it's
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a very important day and he's happy for dens you tell and his family so from the german perspective it seems pretty certain that did this usually is to be released give me a sense as to why this case was so important because it had begun to weigh heavily on galatians between germany in turkey. well. as you tell became the face and the name of everything that. authorities are criticizing about what's going on in turkey at the moment there is a lack of rule of law this. those laws that allow the president to arrest people and hold them in prison without charges that was something that became something like a synonym for this grip on the executive powers that the president pushed through last year in this controversial referendum so this is one of the reasons why the name of dennis you chel considering that he's a very famous journalist here in germany. that he became the face of all these
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failings in jordan and this case was already seen as politically motivated at the address of detention. was a political maneuver give us a turkish perspective as to why they put in jail despite knowing the budget was very unhappy with the move. from the very beginning is insisting the legal authorities are completely independent from any political interference they say that the prosecutors will take their time it's up to them whether he is prosecuted if he's in charge of them will go to court this is nothing to do with politics although it has to be said that. the fact that he's been held for over a year without being formally charged did fuel speculation that it was very much he was a victim of the ongoing tensions between. that was always robustly tonight by the prime minister and president but i did to that there is the fingers of political
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and interference at the fact that the president. accused you of being a spy before he after he had been detained in place that he wouldn't leave the country while he is empowered so that only fueled the speculation of political involvement in this case as with a number of other prominent cases involving foreigners but going forward i think. this is again a decision of the charges this has nothing to do with the mattick efforts between the countries but i think that there will be a relief it in issue is released and crucially allowed to leave the country. relieved that this is a seen as a major point of tension between that had been removed for the process of a more normalized relationship between the countries so during jones in istanbul and even the house at our parliament you said yes thank you very much for that update on that story. and let's get more reaction from michelle acoustic she's at the munich security conference and monitoring developments there michele you have some more reactions on news that that is your chill has been released. is
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absolutely with me now as you can heart the foreign policy spokesman of the c.d.u. c.s.u. angle on the ackles party here in germany so mr howe let me ask you straight away is this it is this the breakthrough in german turkish relations after those very rocky tense months that we've seen so release of dentistry jealous a positive signal for the german turkish relations following up to several talks german government officials and turkish government officials had the last time we didn't pay any political price for that and we appreciate the decision of the turkish state but the reason for the crucial situation in turkey is i think the state of emergency which justice and media are to be free and independent and we have what we expect is that the turkish government is also thinking about the release of that state of emergency coming back to normal
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democratic and legal structures and the country and this is not yet decided the case then is just jail is now positive decided but it's not the situation is so clear that it is each of course you mentioned it was highly symbolic for this these tense relations that there are other there are five other german nationals believed to be held on political grounds of some of them journalists what would be your expectation now what would have to be the next step for mark the next step is that. all those prisoners that are sitting in jail without any trial needs to be released and also those for example germans that were released from jail but not allowed to leave the country. has to be allowed have to be allowed to leave the country. for example and the reason for the situations the legal
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situation in turkey now which allows the turkish government and the turkish justice to take put people into jail without any trial is the state of emergency the president other one announced over one and a half years ago and we think that now it's the time to lift the state of emergency and with that also those also those prisoners need to be released what kind of an ally is turkey at the moment we heard add one speak in relations to the united states who has troops potentially confronting turkish troops in northern syria that they might feel an ottoman slap in the face there is a very tough talking these are all nato allies how much business how much security business can currently be done with this tucker stage and to add a line i think that we can trust on turkey concerning our nato commitments turkey is a strong nato ally in a crucial situation in that region turkey has to face terrorism on its ground
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coming from countries around turkey and from turkey itself therefore they have a right to fight against terrorism but they have to be aware that they do that in line with international law and international law says that you are probably allowed to fight against terrorists but not to occupy countries and therefore i think we need to debate in the council of nato and also the council of europe for example about what is. potentially harming of international law by that that post turkey is now doing in syria you can have a foreign policy spokesman for the c.d.c. as you party here in germany thank you very much for talking to us and back in studio with that. ok michel. security conference thank you very much for being us that reaction. a from there now. let's return to a story we're talking about the german decision to dig german announcement which
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has been made that the german turkish journalist dennis is to be freed let's down take a listen. to this correspondent about this chorus and why is important he was a correspondent for the jail and brought the vet but he was arrested one year ago he was accused of supporting terrorism bill and cordy's the rest politically motivated leading to a vigorous campaign to free him. his colleagues in berlin never gave up they've been campaigning for dennis yourselves released since he was imprisoned a year ago the hashtag free tinnies in place and on the roof of his newspaper offices. you surly seen here on a talk show shortly before his arrest according to the turkish authorities he was held on suspicion of producing terrorist propaganda and incitement to hatred but no charges were ever brought and there were no court proceedings yourself spent months in solitary confinement before being moved only recently to
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a normal cell his imprisonment put a further strain on the already tense relations between turkey and germany. america wants us to free a terrorist agent supposedly journalist who was hiding in a german consulate for months i told her we have a justice system he'll be put on trial and won't be released before that. germany had gained consular access to your cell and insisted that detaining him without charge was a human rights violation. it is let us make no mistake it is not in accordance with rule of law if an executive in this case turk is executive prejudged as an individual as has publicly done to dennis you. and his roots are. dozens of other journalists are still being held in turkish prisons reporters without borders ranked turkey one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty
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countries in last year's world press freedom index. before i leave you here's a recap of the top stories that we're following feel turkish and jim mythologies have come to an agreement on the release of turkish german journalists and then a spiritual huge has been held in custody for a year without being formally charged after turkish authorities accused him of supporting terrorism the move follows talks in berlin the train anglo-american and the turkish prime minister. we have more news on that story and other news coming up for you in half an hour and do remember you can always find more on that story as well as other news on our web site that's dot com you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook from me on that that she and the entire you dobbin you steve thank you for your company.
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cut one tree international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week the u.s. and russia both threatening said upgrade their nuclear capacity china is expanding its own snow does north korea the world on the brink of a new nuclear arms race find out which one country. quadriga in sixty minutes. already on the verge of a new world order. and who will defend europe. this year's munich security conference takes place at a time of great insecurity international bank robbers will be there to cover it all the munich security conference on being able to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful folks something challenging those in ca asking tough questions from mounting up. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players
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on the ground in the sense of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the populous how fast the conflicts. conflict zones confronting the powerful on g.w. . when you. go defensive stallworth a minute and for nigeria and the world cup he'll be up against leo messi. plus kickoff reporter ed mccambridge.


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