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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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one hundred here or so in. starting february. this is the w. news live from bird lane a year and a turkish prison without being tried or charged and the turkish german journalist denis you child has been released his wife was there to beat him. but six others get life sentences and more than one hundred still remain in jail as turkey's crackdown on the press continues also coming up nato secretary general
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talks tough on north korea he says that maximum pressure should be applied to force it to abandon its nuclear missile program. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us the turkish german journalist denis you child has been freed after a year in a turkish prison but on the same day six turkish journalist and a newspaper employees have been jailed for life for their alleged involvement in the failed coup in twenty sixteen as for you tell you now faces charges of spreading terrorist propaganda in turkey for the time being however he is free. dennis you joe's last minute some turkish soil before boarding a plane back to germany freedom at last after one year in jail earlier
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germany's foreign ministers a good job real was the bearer of good news speaking at a press conference at the headquarters of dennis you just employer the german daily developed gabriele told reporters that you just released was a victory for diplomacy. we talked extensively to our turkish partners yes that started with me asking former chancellor gerhard schroeder to. should i went there twice for. it was always of particular importance for the turkish government not to politically influence a court decision not to infringe on the independence of the courts. this photograph of future in the arms of his wife was released earlier in the day by his lawyer and it quickly made the rounds on social media. one year ago dennis you cho was detained in istanbul turkish authorities accused the correspondent for
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developed of terrorist propaganda among other things but until today he had not been charged with any crime. in berlin and friends and supporters gathered to celebrate his release but many said the news was bittersweet. but it wouldn't die today three of our colleagues in turkey were handed down life sentences reporters without borders sees that as a very bad sign because there are a number of similar cases being tried in the near future that means that while we celebrate today there really isn't a reason to do so. the german government campaign vigorously for the release of you jealous well as other journalists imprisoned in turkey many civilian organizations also demonstrated through his release you joe may have been released from jail but in their indictment turkish prosecutors have demanded up to eighteen years imprisonment. and we have been told that you tell in
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fact has just arrived in germany at berlin's table airport where g.w. correspondent frank hoffman is standing by with the very latest so frank again we have that news that he is back on german soil what have you been seeing where you are. yes since eighty just about fifteen minutes ago we saw the that a plane he boarded about three hours earlier that is our plane has been landed has landed here at ports in the lens and it later there was a second plane coming and since then there was some rumor was coming going around to that the second plane mights leaf again take a clock flying seats away but that's only a room of this is not confirmed yet if so it looks a bit like that he wants a rest and maybe in italy but i can't be more precise it's a room. indeed i'm sure he has a lot of thanks to you now that he is back home you spoke earlier with close
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friends and supporters of huge house who really must be ecstatic tonight what's the reaction to his release there in berlin. it was makes the first place of course people very very happy very glad that finally they're the last friend these were very close friends did of short very short and small demonstration in the center of this part of the city and the objects on the plates and these people were on the on the one side very happy joyful but then on the other side of course they were saying look but we have a problem with press freedom in turkey and elsewhere and in the world there was one percentage of of reporters without borders an organization representing us journalists he was saying look there were another of about four people. of another full verdict today in italy where people were obviously accused of that literally the same things like shell and dave are they have
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a verdict three of them of life sentences and this is what these people brought up and really sad we have to work on and this is not the end of this campaign freetown is hashtag feed and this is the one that was became very old famous people were carrying posters lot tonight with this with his whole tray profile with his photograph and also with this hash tag. yes absolutely and in addition to those individuals who were handed those life sentences today there are also we have to remember more than one hundred other journalists who are in turkish custody at this hour also as part of this post who crackdown on free speech in the country you know they are facing very serious charges as well frank a new trial for his part he is still facing charges also in turkey even though he has been released tell us more about that well that say prosecutor
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brought up. he was in court today saying that he is demanding for eighteen years imprisonment in turkey of course is not going to happen as he is in germany now and undoubtedly he's not going to go back. it's by the way not only a hundred but one hundred fifty journalists imprisoned then turkey and this is something the world probably will have to focus more in the weeks and then in the months to come off to dennis excel and as far as his friends told me he said type of character that's really wants to move on with us and continue to talk about this and put on the lights of the situation off journalists especially turkish journalist back there in turkey so some joy today here in berlin with the arrival of dennis you chela back on german soil but again as you mentioned there tempered by those concerns for those who are still in custody there in turkey without due
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process we want to thank you very much frank hoffman for the latest reporting there from table airport. my pleasure. well meantime german foreign minister gabrielle has been in munich for the annual security conference there and political correspondent melinda crane spoke with him about dennis you chelles release. foreign minister gabrielle dennis you child after a year in detention finally released according to investigative journalists here in germany very much in your success you traveled we're told to rome to istanbul to meet with president. what kind of deal did you do with president after one no deal the only thing what we did is to try to convince the turkish government to speed up the process of the turkish government always rejected every idea to intervene and the result on the decision of the court and i really could understand that this was
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a case but they they did everything what was necessary to speed up the process starting by bringing him out of this isolation situation in the prison to better conditions and then to to give us sort of give him the indictment and then of course at the end to come to. these hearing in the court. i think it's a good signal that even in difficult times diplomacy can reach results i mean we are in the security conference in munich year there are much more difficult issues around the globe than this special case but it shows that to speak to each other to to to patient to to trust each other that we are not going to have to get deals only to use the instruments of diplomacy i think it's a good signal of course it is a tricky case when relations are tense between two nato member countries like
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germany and turkey but of course also like the u.s. and turkey what extent do you see that this could represent a real shift on the part of president out of one of turkey is this an opening or simply one ad hoc success i would say it shows us that. there is an atmosphere of cooperation but we do not we should not overestimate this special case because if you look to syria and the debates between the united states and turkey by the way also between the united states another partners in the region we see that's much more difficult but i mean what is what the only thing we can do is to talk very blunt and very openly together not to do it on the market place to use. the instruments of diplomacy but we should not underestimate the
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difficulties specially in syria now it's necessary to come to a bit of a process in geneva after such easy we need of a clear framework for new elections for a constitution and therefore i think we should respect the turkish interests. to have safe borders and not to be in a conflict with. its neighbors and the other inside be we need turkey for and for a peaceful development in syria and whatever we can do as germans or as europeans we would support every peaceful solution in the region. foreign minister if we could briefly speak about transatlantic relations. and that was it my gabriele speaking a short while ago to our chief political correspondent linda crane at the munich security conference we're going to turn to the united states now were a grand jury has indicted thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies for alleged meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election deputy
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attorney general rod rosenstein and now to the charges that the justice department will seek he said that the defendants conducted information warfare with the goal of selling discord in the us political system the charges include conspiracy fraud and identity theft the indictment was brought by the office of special counsel robert muller which is probing alleged ties between trump's presidential campaign and russia president trump said the indictment proves his campaign did not collude with moscow to tip the election. on nato secretary general young stoltenberg has called for maximum pressure to force north korea to abandon its nuclear missile program but he said it should be done using diplomatic means and economic sanctions berg was speaking at the annual munich security conference. security here is very tight understandably the world is a dangerous place the munich security conference is chairman. believes it has not
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been this dangerous in a long time his warning today's international conflicts have the potential to escalate very rapidly so i'm boring i think the global security situation is more unstable today there has been at any time since the demise of the soviet union the new tensions between russia and the u.s. the syrian conflict and the growing threat from nuclear weapons nato secretary general pointed out that europe too has to adjust. within range of north korean resorts. sean young is closer to munich than appears to washington d.c. . european countries have to work more closely to counter the dangers the permanent structure of cooperation or pascoe agreement reached last year by twenty five even countries is a move towards this but it must not be seen as competing with nato
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a point stressed by german defense minister orsillo funda lyon in munich. to a few months q it wasn't able to act at all because we didn't have neither the procedures nor the structures now we are establishing of those with the military command with the european defense fund just to name some examples so that we are able to act for our own security to a central pillar of european security as close cooperation between germany and france french defense minister flawless pylea mentioned existing structures but sees joint armament projects as the next step. on this cd we have decided that in the future we would also have shared drones shared weapons and shared fighter jets. these are you want to show us. all in attendance at the munich security conference are agreed on one thing military solutions alone are no guarantee for
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security in europe or in the rest of the world trust and dialogue are the key words the conference is meant to be a forum in these especially in secure times. and with that you are up to date now on t w news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching and don't forget you can follow us on social media i hope to see you again soon. they make a commitment. they find solutions. and stronger.


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