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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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darkness city's war. starting march turns on t w. w w news live from berlin tackling global security threats world leaders are gathered here in germany for a day two of the munich security conference british prime minister theresa main stressing the need for good ties with europe after brings it all germany's foreign minister says europe and the u.s. should look to their historical times also coming up the turkish and german
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journalist down in dujail says he's glad to be home after a year in a turkish jail but he expressed concern for the many jailed journalists still behind bars. and live from the red carpet of the berlin film festival all hot all the glitz and glamour coming up for you later on the show. hello and welcome i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us. we begin though with the munich security conference taking place at a time when alliances that kept the world stable for decades are under strain for its part germany is unsure about the direction that the united states is taking in syria the u.s. and turkey support opposing sides and in europe there is brag that and the rise of
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right wing populism. less armament fuel wars protesters want to make their message loud and clear to world leaders attending the munich security conference now in its second day the conference is taking place under tight security a mirror image of global uncertainty. for us european said must be clear that in order to maintain our values our prosperity and our security in the world of tomorrow we have to stand united. and appeal against nationalist unilateralism protectionism and for a joint european defense policy in a time when established security structures are under strain the war in syria tensions between the u.s. and russia disagreements between key nato allies and within the european union breaks it for example is raising questions about the future of defense policy
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without britain but prime minister theresa may try to allay fears calling for a new european security deal. europe security is security and that is why i have said and i say again today that the united kingdom is conditionally committed to maintaining it europe discord on the inside a united front on the outside it may be a far off dream but a european defense union is underway even if some view it as competition for nato. yes we want to emancipate ourselves but not against nato or the united states. the message from unique for europe can only be strength in unity. and also in munich turkish prime minister benelli yielder him issued a strong defense of his government's right to defend itself he said turkey was
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a constitutional country where the rule of law is strong and said no one has the right to questions turkey's government he also said relations between germany and turkey were proving this a day after ankara released a turkish german journalist after a year under arrest. touching down at butlins take the apple it done as your child was once again on safe ground freedom at last after one long year in prison the german turkish journalist spoke his first public was in a video posted on twitter last night. i think everyone who supported me all here three hundred sixty seven days if i remember correctly my lawyers my paper my friends from the president his campaign my family the german government for its efforts and of course most of all my beloved.
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and it was his wife elect who was the first to embrace him outside the prison walls . you child was held in istanbul's high security syllabary jail with months in solitary confinement. the correspondent for devotes newspaper was detained a year ago on allegations of spreading terrorist propaganda. until yesterday no formal charges have been brought against him. nothing to explain why he was kept on the pretrial detention for more than a year or. judiciary is not independent at all. now prosecutors this seeking up to eighteen years imprisonment say you shall but they ought to free him ahead of a trial german diplomats score to ten from jail german chancellor angela merkel had pressed for you child's release. because for him and his wife.
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we know that there are also other cases of people perhaps less well known who remain in prison in turkey and we hope that their legal proceedings will also be resolved quickly. start the kind of as you charles release was announced a court in the same building sentence six other journalists to life in prison without parole among them the prominent brother mehmet an homage both accused of being involved in turkey's failed two thousand and sixteen coup attempt . and to learn more about those journalists have been sentenced in turkey you can read our interview with him at all times sister son i'm on our website just go to detail dot com. now to some of the other stories making news around the world and pope francis has renewed a commission on clergy sexual abuse the move comes as francis faces heavy criticism
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for his handling of scandals involving paedophile priests he named nine new members of the sixteen member commission which includes abuse survivors the commissions initial three or mandate ended in december. a pakistani man has been sentenced to death in the case of a six year old girl who was raped and left to die in a garbage dump or murders park violent clashes between angry protesters and police prosecutors said the attacker confessed to killing eight girls in total. in northeast nigeria at least twenty eight people have been killed and dozens wounded in a suicide attack at a busy fish market three attackers were believed to be behind the blast just outside the state capital by degree the city is the birthplace of the boko haram extremist insurgency. turning now into the united states where a grand jury has indicted thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies
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for allegedly meddling in the twenty's sixteen presidential election the charges are part of the probe into a legit times between donald trump campaign and russia russia denies trying to sway the poll and president trump says his election campaign did nothing wrong. fake news is how do trump scene here with the russian president vladimir putin in hamburg because it was dismissed accusations that his campaign colluded with russia during the race for the white house. the thirty seven page indictment sets out an alleged conspiracy by named russians hiding behind hundreds of thousands of fake online identities to smear trump's opponent hillary clinton sama said to have held political rallies in the u.s. while posing as americans. the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general among the
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accused or this man you have kenny precaution once a humble sausage stand proprietor and convicted mafia member now he's known as putin chef and the owner of one of st petersburg's most exclusive restaurants precaution is said to have helped fund the so-called troll factory an internet agency in the same city alleged to have been behind bogus social media postings this indictment serves as a reminder that people are not always who they appear to be and the. indictment alleges that the russian conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence in democracy we must not allow them to succeed. trump himself is not named in the indictment but took to twitter in response the
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russian activity began in twenty fourteen he says before he declared he would run for president the trump campaign did nothing wrong no collusion nonetheless the president remains under investigation for possible obstruction of justice. and shadowy russian meddling in u.s. affairs remains a pressing concern trolls are also likely to target november's midterm elections according to the combined heads of the american intelligence agencies. all right some sports news now in the bundesliga is magic day twenty three is well underway so let's take a look at all the results so far this weekend leader is buying munich fought back from one nil down and was forced to win two one thanks to robert leavened of games late penalty by oliver couzin or up to second after a two one victory it happens hamburg bottom side cologne and drew one one with hanover and freiburg defeated verda braman one nil on friday night mind speed had
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time berlin kicking off soon shall co-host hoffenheim and on sunday alex for a take on gart and gladbach battle dortmund on monday night frankfurt face life. now they're calling it one of the biggest shocks of the winter olympics a check snowboarder has won alpine skiing a super g. event her name is esther let it go and she took the fast super g. course head on let it go has won the world snowboard gold twice but after her final run down the count chong course she found herself winning skiing gold one one hundredth of a second ahead of defending champion on a fight of austria american skiing icon lindsey vonn seemed in line to challenge until a massive air at the bottom left her tied for six place. and japan's new zoom rouhani who has become the first men's figure skater to defend his
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olympic singles title in sixty six years heinies record setting short program made him the favorite going into the long program the twenty three year old led a one two japanese finish as compatriot show no took silver. and the gens of this year's european cinema are in the spotlight as berlin's star studded annual film festival gets into full swing sarah harman has been taking in the day's big films for us and she joins me now from the red carpet at the berlin last sara good to see you so a big german film is premiering today what can you tell us about it. well that's right marianne and today the press got their first look at the german competition and sheree transit comes to us from director christiane petzold and it's based on a novel that was actually written in one thousand nine hundred forty four by anna zegers it tells the story of a young man who's fleeing the nazis playing out in the city of marjah say
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a leading passage on a ship that will take him to safety he begins impersonating a dead friend of his and let's just say things get really complicated the really interesting thing about this film mariane is that it's set in modern day marsay and the effect of watching the story they were all quite familiar with the people fleeing nazi persecution watching that play out in a modern day setting is absolutely chilling now we have to remember christian petzold is a four time girl analogy rector he's had films here before so he's very much playing to a home crowd but i got to tell you this film went down really well and i think transit is one to watch when it comes time for golden bear nominations are i did also a big day for a number of european heavyweights can you tell us about that. yeah that's right if you take a look behind me you can see that the crowds are coming out there hoping to catch a glimpse of is a pair of the french actress she's here with a film called ava it's her fifth collaboration with director of ben was and it
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tells the story of an older woman who's playing with her sexuality while a younger man's believes he is trapping her it's a really strong role if you like isabelle a pair you've seen her in these kind of roles before not much of a departure for her. it's a classically french film quite dark but of a thriller i think a lot of people will go in for this it's definitely a fun way to spend two hours and that's what people behind me are hoping for of course is a bill of fare is a huge star here in europe she's been in berlin alan many times and she's got a lot of oil fans behind me hoping to catch a glimpse all right theron just briefly tell us what else they can look forward to . oh my goodness so much to look for and you've still got another week to go mariana tonight will see a swedish film called the real estate so rounding out a day full of big european films later we'll see a biopic about ed sheeran ed sheeran up close and personal that's getting a lot of hype especially because ed sheeran's expected on the red carpet so
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a lot left to look forward to the competition here is really still getting underway but i think that most of the people out here what they're looking forward to is just a glimpse of the glamour as the stars make their way down the red carpet all right we will go forward to it as well thera hartman reporting from the berlin airlift thank you. and you're up to date now on d.w. news will be back again at the top of the hour thanks for watching. take it personally you read it with a little wonderful place to make the dream so special. for all truth. more than football.


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